A Book Review To Remember?

So I have of course written here historically, giving myself a kind of note taking ability and habit of writing and seeing various awareness & enlightenment issues coming to the fore as I have progressed with the meditation technologies, and indeed tried out various affiliate courses and of course also monitored the Wider World and begun once again to trend to a certain extent in the sense that when I began meditation and Holosync, I communicated mostly on the Holosync Blog having abandoned usage of multiple social media’s that I may or may not have had accounts with though was typically not using. To all intense purposes it could be stated quite honestly that during the early years of Holosync usage I optioned the become an isolationist approach to progress.  I think Bill Harris had stated something along the lines that “you are in a boat in a lake that is taking on water, what do you do?” Then explaining that some people perhaps seek to plug the leak, whilst others potentially bail the water out furiously, whilst others again possibly seek to do a bit of both.

Given my own history in the preceding years to taking up usage of the Holosync Technology, I personally felt that a kind of Isolationist, plug the leak and reduce the detrimental, malicious input of others as much as possible, was the way forward for myself, at least until I was at some point where my Threshold was raised sufficiently to feel like I really did have greater choice & options and of course, one of the underlying themes within the Holosync Brand & Literature is that each and every individual is, responsible for all the events and everything that happens and occurs within there own life, the overall suggestion perhaps being that you can become aware enough to see how you are doing something and when you realise it does not serve you it will fall away, so that also goes hand-in-hand with the “like attracts like” vibrational issues, and of course possibly the “make friends with your demons” issue, though in complete honesty, in many ways the jury is still out in terms of judgement on that one, and that leads nicely into the issue at the top of this page, where I have given the title A Book Review To Remember.

So what is that all about?

Well in complete honesty I am not going to give a complete book review (so to speak) so much as wonder upon an issue that I have experienced again & again as I have progressed with the meditation and affiliate courses.

So I have been (I feel) quite loyal to the Centerpointe Brand having made the Meditation quite a central part in my day-to-day life, it is almost a kind of Habit & part of the routine I have within my life.  I have also during the 7 years that I have been meditating also done the LPIP course and anyone who thinks that Holosync alone is pretty damned amazing (which it is) the LPIP course literally seemingly blows your socks of, in terms of taking your reality to a whole other level,  in terms of the way  your mind and brain and so on is reorganised and you genuinely get a kind of clear vision, as though the mental map you have existed with your entire life was some small piece of your brain and the course opens up the rest of your brain and so on. It really does have to be experienced.

So since taking up Meditation, and the stimulus & technology leaving you in no uncertain terms or doubt that just about everything in life the universe & everything is a Technology or jigsaw  component of some sort that you can have choice about (with regard to having within your own life) , you kind of come to view, very many areas of life the Universe & Everything in a whole new fashion.

I grew up in a household full of books, very many of which perhaps demonstrate the variety & spectrum that is available in your average library, I watched and enjoyed any old movie and TV series that was placed in front of myself or was on the TV or at the Cinema, likewise in many respects, early on within meditation, you still perhaps have those thoughts feelings and so on as to a “get out of jail free card” as to whom can be blamed for leaving you in front of a horror film when you were a baby and too young to have choice, or some radio blasting out in some car from someone giving you a lift and so on.  The desire or finger wagging and point “anyone but myself” blame culture or debating culture is of course absolutely encouraged when you think about your schooling and courses you may have taken or work environments and peoples & populations you may have found yourself amongst.

So I have yet to tell you the issue.  Well I, after several years of meditating and then only writing here, began of course following various societal realms on media outlets such-as Twitter, and interestingly for myself, I often came to find myself following output from childhood interests or fandoms and so on.  Some obvious perhaps such-as Star Wars related outputs and others not so obvious such-as the work of Ray Harry Haussen, famous perhaps for the stop motion Special FX within cinema classics such-as Jason and the Argonauts and Sinbad movies and so on. I might follow the Twitter briefly and see what the output is like prior to deciding to continue, as I found over and over again that some sites or individuals seem to have automated systems that Feed or Stream Hog, they often churning out retweet upon retweet upon retweet and you typically tire of such things, so unfollow.

I whilst at the Guardian online and the Cartoon Corner (for example)  would often find my attention going to the ongoing sports realms, and that paper does have sports pages, though more often than not it often seemed (to myself) that preferred sports of those within that site were perhaps not my own preferred sports.  They perhaps had a leaning towards Rugby and Cricket and F1 at the weekends or maybe some Boxing, the usual middle England styled sports, whilst I was perhaps more interested in World Touring Sports such as Golf & Tennis, I felt that more confidence could be achieved by selecting literally a couple of sports because as you progress, you really can find pointers and clues to just about everything and lack of concentration & focus means that you likely have to many plates in the air.  So I said previously as a TEST select one ongoing sport to follow and apply all clues to only that sport and its tour until you feel knowledgeable and so on, perhaps adding an extra one Sport at a weekend, such-as F1 or Boxing that might only have an event on any given weekend.

All that digression of course.  So I have been around the block, so to speak with the Holosync Technology and indeed Technologies from affiliates and the one big issue that perhaps re appears again and again is this one of a BOOK, FILM, PROGRAMME (entertainments) as an Entertainment Vs As a Technology.

A good example is the Photo-reading Course and indeed the Future Mapping course from Learning Strategies, that both lead you through multiple stages of translate the information you receive into an alternative format, and typically leads you into the realm of all these entertainments we view and watch and listen to as Technologies.

So as I have progressed with Holosync it has become clear that just about everything is Technology and that often does not necessarily “sit well” with the simple activity of wanting to be entertained, we would all potentially want to know exactly what these things are doing to our brain before taking them in or watching and viewing or listening etc.

So I joined the Holosync inner circle after a couple of years usage (I think) as part of the package that I was given for LPIP or maybe making a long term commitment to Holosync in terms of some larger investment paying off of future levels early, likewise more recently after a break of direct contact with the Company, and doing this blog or doing my own independent witnessing etc. for a year or two and trying affiliate courses, Centerpointe contacted myself with regard to “Holosync Brain Club” and indeed I thought why not having become somewhat adrift in the wilderness once again.

So as part of the Brain Club we are given a suggested or recommended Monthly Book to read and for the most part I have found them interesting and informative, though also had in the back of my mind that having meditated for several years and indeed having taken the Photo-reading Course, that they are also potentially Technologies.

So what I find myself asking or wondering is What is this technology about or going to do to myself (beyond perhaps being an informative or entertaining read).  Many Writer and Guru Networks of course, review and give each reviews of each others works and outputs, and this was something I saw complained about recently by none other than a Man Booker Prize Judge, regarding book Sleeve Blurb whereby the quest for superlatives and recommendations for some authors work is not necessarily matched by the audience and reader who typically wants to have such judgement experience for themselves, or indeed is out of alignment with the level or knowledge & awareness of the writers (perhaps).  So I am not saying that Bill Harris and Paul Scheele and so on should all be slandering each other like primary school children, though given that general population do not relate or understand the “you get more of what you focus on” teachings, unless they themselves have also meditated for years & years and gone through all these La-Di-Da processes, the Hype and self congratulatory language toward “my gang” is often a complete turn-off to the Audience potentially causing as much loss of sales, as sales gained, (yes we can ask “is it true?” at this point of course because the population is always growing so taking such things into consideration (for many an individual and business is irrelevant)).

Anyway I have gradually come to understand the Book or Any given realm as a Technology Philosophy, though also of course, I have my own life experience and sometimes when a book, film, entertainment is recommended from any realm not just these Centerpointe Related Realms, I sometimes get them and am completely out of alignment or off-message with the “my gang” or group when I take on board the given book or story etc.

So the book in question? is called “Success Built To Last: Creating A Life That Matters” and is a collaboration by some chap called Stuart Emery (who was also this months Worlds Greatest Teacher) and a couple of other authors, the book has a very nice Graphic demonstrating three overlapping circles titled THOUGHT, MEANING, ACTION with a central overlapped area titled SUCCESS BUILT TO LAST.

So I thought well that is great, as I have progressed with Holosync I know that it raises Threshold and enables you to stand back and have a choice.  So A Thought Appears in your awareness and you have a choice as to what meaning you give to that Thought and then a choice as to the Action (if any) you take in regard to the Thought, please bare in mind that much Meditation is about “Letting Go” the thoughts that appear within your mind as you progress through the levels so, the stimulus stimulates thoughts and you seek to stay focussed on your nose or some mantra chant, letting any thoughts that appear move on or drift back out of your consciousness (so to speak) when we chase a thought we are typically being pulled out of our meditative focus, so the idea is to simply notice, even have an AH-HA though let the thought go and return to your given point of focus & concentration.

That works, especially with Holosync more so than traditional Meditation Modalities (hence my own obsessive dedication to the Holosync Technologies).

So the Teachings are great I thought in terms of this CIRCLE GRAPHIC because they fit with the awareness & enlightenment of Holosync and indeed multiple other books that I have studied and was going to write an article about, especially related to- the usage of a particular kind of Graphic.  Over the years I have purchased countless books across all sphere of life that have some similarly related Circular or Spiral like Graphic, and it often seems to myself that they are potentially designed to wake people up (with enough HARD STARING & HEAD SCRATCHING & SO ON), example books? Stephen Covey wrote a couple, several related to Film Industry and Book Writing also have such a graphic that the rest of the book is based around, so very often we can wonder as to the requirement of all the chapters and literature if all we need is the stimulus and staring at a mandela long & hard enough.

So as a technology and teaching book it is probably great, though it included examples of individuals or business’ where my own person & direct experience of a given company was vastly differing to that of the glossy image or back patting official line and literature, so much so that I had a momentary flash (for lack of a better word) of incandescent rage or apoplexy as to reading the Wonders of this Company vs the very Real & most awful of experience’s I personally suffered at the hands of other staff who (in effect) to my mind gained power & position and so on through the misguided policies of higher up executives, and there policy decisions. Nothing wrong with internal monetary exchanges & competition within Corporate business for reducing overheads and improving financial management and driving down costs, however I at the time I joined the company was only joining for the money and what I thought would be a peace & quiet night job environment to recover from marriage breakdown, what I actually uncovered when I went for interview after interview in a vane attempt for personal advancement was a Company at war with itself, at all levels the company had pretty much divided into 3 dominant & squabbling factions, none of whom I personally could be in alignment with, due to I myself being a moderate individual and those factions were all (for myself) extremists, I was there more for the money, and wanting to do a respectable job and rebuild some self respect & dignity and so on, than giving a rats ass over the topics & subjects of the disputes between the warring factions (very often more related to there personal lifestyle choices, than anything to do with the actual function & purpose of the business).  Staff including manager having gained lessons & learnings within the business you would think would move on out and create business of there own etc. though the place was full of die hard so-called lifers, blocking opportunity for new staff and indeed old staff who had built there own informal bullying networks and fiefdoms (empires within empires etc.).

Many within the book are self made individuals with nothing to lose rags-to-riches stories and that is fair enough, though likewise I think one or two others are riches to riches stories, where examples given do not reflect the real life day to day World that a Policy decision causes for staff much further down the so-called food-chain.  IE you have to conclude that the patted back individuals have never worked in an environment there policy created and they themselves would likely not last fives minutes, were they ever to fall upon hard times or even experiencing some warped and magically twisted “Changing places” or “Trading Places” (movie) experience.

So yes, having meditated for several years, my momentary anger was not strongly registered though I was typically perhaps TRIGGERED and some of course might state that my ISOLATIONISM was not the SOLUTION that they were recommending because I was using avoidance or dissociation rather than dealing with issues and so on, though likewise that in and of itself is a lesson & learning in the sense that it (such critisism) can be a suckers hook, drawing you once again into topics & subjects that you really do not want any particular involvement in, I do not care particularly the usage many an other person wants to utilise these Tools for, though I know having sought to remedy the issues of my own life, or having interacted over and over again with some folks that lead to a bad experience for myself, that I really can be better of not getting suckered or pulled in or tricked in some fashion by people with less than honest positive intention for not only themselves though the audience or peoples they are communicating with, it perhaps goes back to this issue of a win-win vs a win-lose where it really can take several years of dedicated meditation and raising threshold to identify the so-called seed or equivalent benefit from any negative events that happen or occur within your life.

That was a Napoleon Hill quote of course, and it is a good idea to wonder, how might my life be differing if I take this situation or scenario and use it as a motivation toward my goal of…  Or indeed that what would my life now be like if I really could navigate all these obstacles and so on, carry out a REFRAME whereby you identify the potential future life positives with WHAT-IF questions.

Anyway some Golf Tournaments are on at present on both sides of the pond and of course a Boxing Match this evening, so I may well see if I can identify the best picks from the greater World at large and indeed the specialists who have made it there life’s work to study such realms and so on and so forth.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!


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