Night Sky Star Nerd

So typical of a weekend, I decided to indulge myself with a Movie and I happened to note that Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Vol II was available so decided to see what all the Cinema fuss was about from seemingly just a few short months ago.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first film as an entertainment and have to say in all honesty that to the best of my knowledge I had not heard or was not familiar with that particular group of characters within the Marvel Catalogue, although I have also seen some other works from Marvel that I had not previously heard of due to my daughter being a fan of several shows such as Agents of Shield and so on.

So I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this 2nd adventure with this group of characters and several 1980’s Box Office Big Hitters (so to speak) with there guest appearances or indeed starring roles. I typical of a somewhat nerd like character although I do not think the word was in the common lexicon when I myself was a young child watching futuristic TV & FILM such-as Star Wars and Star Trek and Dr Who and indeed much of the kinds of TV output from Aaron Spelling and Glen A Larson.

Anyway in a typical Nerd like fashion I purchased an edition with bonus features and happened to note a moment where Kurt Russell kept repeating Star Wars instead of saying Star Lord in reference to the Leader of the Guardian’s.  Strange though true although Kurt Russell was a big Film Star name I had to think in regard to what I could actually remember him from coming up with Big Trouble in Little China Town and Stargate, although a look at the wiki page actually gave an ah-ha in the sense of the movie “The Thing” that had been typical of the sort of things I was not supposed to see when I was younger though often did, and that is one of those movies that Stood out from very many others that were being churned out by the film industry in those days.

So nice seeing that film and indeed some fun performances from stars old & new.  The late 70’s & early 80’s was of course (at least for myself) a time I recall that anything that was big at the box office was being seemingly considered for TV series and Stargate was one of those, though unlike say Battlestar Galatica where cast & crew stayed the same from transition to Movie & TV, Stargate I think had differing actors, and indeed I think only came to UK TV far later than originally created.

So anyway that got myself thinking of course because it can be could to follow those old & new clue trails and of course there is when you think of Star Gate, a link to one of the most recent X Men films – Apocalypse – (Marvel Comic though not Marvel Cinematic Universe), in the sense that Star Gate had typically featured inter dimensional beings who traversed the Star Gates enslaving races and so on and of course X Men Apocalypse had a kind of similar theme, so you might have to traverse your thoughts from your youthful innocent viewer days to what is now more the present day, though typically the more you meditate and raise threshold and get used to the idea that, time does not really exist beyond the scales & measures and so on, you  come to see that much like a Christmas Pantomime might have the same script each year performed by differing actors and celebrities and so on, that very many TV & FILM are not all that differing to each other, beyond we ourselves convincing ourselves otherwise & compartmentalising & segregating them all.

That perhaps where things can be troubling, and perhaps why even when perhaps the lower levels of meditation technologies had done a fair bit of the so-called enlightenment work, I myself chose to continue, unsure if that was foolhardy or otherwise, though obviously I am sure some folks must reach a level where things fall into place for them and life sorts itself out and so on, so they stop, in my case I chose to continue because whilst I had a shift at every stage & level, things still did not seemingly fall into place for myself, so a wisdom advice might be to others is that if things have turned around for you at lower levels and you are happy with your lot and so on, then you may be better off stopping at those stages.  So I progressed (mainly due I think to knowing that having had major trauma & surgery and so on, that my troubles perhaps went far deeper than folks who may have not had such issues) and in many ways I feel better for having done that, because I figured I could always “go back” and learn any skillsets all over again and so on, though typically in many an instance, the allure of many a distraction or interest in many a Worldly Realm that I had when far younger does not necessarily appeal to myself in the way it did during those younger years.  As an aside, if I ever see some newly advertised affiliate course, I will often carry out an internal questioning of some description as to whether in fact I already did that or have the knowledge and so on.  Someone of my age, mid forties, potentially likely to have far more life experiences than someone in there teens and 20’s despite we all often thinking we know it all at that stage of life, and of course I did say “potentially” because I am quite sure many younger people who have not had the life, I have had, could well have had a far more diverse and exciting and wide ranging life and so on than anything I myself have had.

You do of course still have to live your day to day life and work rest & play and so on, and of course do many of those kinds of tasks that as youngsters we may have not been keen on, household chores and so on, (unless you are in some life role with staff) though potentially as more responsible adults etc. prefer to get them done & out of the way.  It can when considering history in some instances be thought that some folks only actually have kids, so they can train them up to do the chores, though I think that down to circumstance & gadgets, I someone who simply prefers to get things done as I go (so to speak), though I know older family members or indeed people I have encountered in shared accommodation, who can always talk a good talk around other people, though the talk is not necessarily matched by there behaviour in a routine day-to-day or week-to-week fashion, yes we all have those I’ll leave it for the morning moments and so on, though some folks really do seemingly have an aversion to the kitchen or the garden or whatever the particular highlighted topic or subject is.  Yes some folks have what might be regarded as a family life where roles are neatly cut up into his & hers & the children’s roles and so on, though likewise I think most or many a bloke or indeed woman from my generation is far more capable of knowing they have to carry out such roles & tasks out for themselves when single, so may as well make any undesirable activity a routine prior to moving on to your self-reward activity afterwards rather than a chore where complaint & discussion takes longer or more time than the activity could have been completed in., (yes the language can make all the difference perhaps), as can this idea of where you place your focus, and indeed finding or proving some level of consistency in words and action.

Anyway here we are on another Sunday and of course people typically seek to enjoy the weekends with other activities or entertainments and I am sure I can find some activity to fill my own time with.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!


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