So Why Do We Repeat Ourselves

Yes I was thinking on this topic due to the fact that when you think about many an area of life we really do or can often find ourselves “repeating ourselves” when in communication with others, be they family friends or simply audience or colleagues and of course children, repetition said to be part and parcel of the learning experience.

However that is also slightly differing when you begin say an awareness & enlightenment journey experience with these Meditation  Technologies, or at least it can seem that way within say the awakening levels, whilst not necessarily so within the purification or flowering levels, these things really are perhaps an individual experience, in the sense that I was initially more concerned in having a rather large mental clearing out of information and life lessons & learning when I began this journey, although of course at some point things became more of a trot or cantor as a routine developed and indeed multiple aspects of life and the World and indeed the environments I found myself began to change & alter.

There are I think no absolutes in life as to where any given individual is most empowered in the sense that whilst I myself was very much about clearing out many a mental “horror Story” for example, many another person is perfectly happy to continue being a fan of such things.

Anyway returning to the repeating ourselves issue, I think that as I progressed with various meditation levels and indeed affiliate courses and so on and so forth, it often became apparent that issues such as things I spoke of yesterday were more commonplace.

What issues goes up the Cry? Well most definitely one is this idea that when young we accumulate very many stories and learn to distinguish between movies and theatre and TV and radio and other more recent online technologies and indeed actors and actresses and other people within the Worlds we inhabit, and we most definitely regard each & every one as somehow separate segregated and compartmentalised, and the same is often true for the differing courses that we can take, where they very much seem different to that other course we took or paid for and purchased from this other provider over here and so on.

As I have progressed within the Meditation journey, and indeed experienced mental reorganisations and gaining ever greater levels of Threshold, you do often also come to see ever greater connectivity between everything, and that can of course be a help or hindrance, a good example is perhaps where we look at Identical Twins and consider them to be Identical (even though science experts usually find something such as fingerprints that can still make them negligibly differing).

However we are usually satisfied that outwardly all things are equal, and we can now consider that in many ways in terms of thoughts, feelings, emotions or indeed actions taken, that again many of us are only differing from each other in the sense of outward appearance (if you consider that we are predominantly thoughts or various identified processes in a body).

We can also of course say that in very many areas of life we like considering ourselves differing  from other people, some of the things may well be sensible in the sense that if someone is in prison for some crime against society or the law of the land, and you have not personally committed such crime, then obviously you want to be able to make such distinctions regarding yourself, and likewise the same can be said for belonging to some community & organisation or not belonging to some community & organisation.

We do of course have to bare in mind that our own purpose, for example, in using a Technology such-as Holosync could well be very differing from the purpose originally intentioned by the Company Creator & Founder, or indeed the people who led us toward such a Technology, some La-Di-Da person coaching EFT Tapping on Facebook might be considered differing to someone whose recommendation came from a Science Background such-as Dr Daniel Amen and his MRI scan brain science.

So in many respects whilst we often want need & desire to say, that what is preached or practiced and taught over there is junk and this is the one true Science, many an area of life the Universe & everything went through some particular invention, or creative AH-HA or research that then led perhaps to another developmental stage, that then led to another developmental stage, until in many an instance we end up in a Society with strongly disparate realms that some are now called Establishment, whilst others are Historical Belief related such as old Religions although still establishment.

So anyway the Meditation clears out many a seeming conflict and enables you to genuinely have a perspective from a higher place on the Mountain so-to-speak, and that is especially good, if some topics and subjects are of little interest to you anyway beyond your being triggered by them in some fashion, historically.

I know for example having trended (for lack of a better term) with The Guardian Newspaper for a while, after having meditated for several years and not read such press, that the year seemingly goes through particular cycles & patterns over & over, & over & over, and indeed so do particular individuals within those realms often dependent upon there own gang bias more than necessarily what the World is going through.

So much as a Cartoon Joke is that the old Hanna Barbara Scooby-Doo series used to have the characters performing a “chase” sequence every episode where they would run past a painting, a sideboard, a potted plant  and so on we can all make our own lists within our own lives and day-to-day World, in simply saying a painting, a sideboard, a potted plant, you are more likely to notice or become Aware of those things within your own life because they have been HIGHLIGHTED.

So imagine the multiplications of that function when you consider how many things in day-to-day TV, Movies, News Reports and so on are filling your head with content or potential HIGHLIGHTED TRIGGERS, that may or may not be good/bad/indifferent for you yourself.

Some may be fine and normal for you in your chosen selection of LIFESTYLES, though given my own experience and history and indeed how many Facebook Friends also took up Holosync , once I and indeed others demonstrated that all was not necessarily as it seems with the World and Science Superiority over basic human intelligence. I think it Is fair to say that quite a few people had seemingly spent there lives “searching” or as seekers of greater truths, lessons & learnings that they perhaps stumbled upon from time to time though were never able to maintain to any great degree, and clearly a Technology that enables maintaining higher levels of Threshold and so on, really is a Godsend.

So the best thing that can be said about many an area of life is that yes New Science can often be great as are many of the Worldly advances in Technology and Health and the creation of Cities and Empires and so on, though do not forget that for all the alleged advances, many have simply introduced New problems that someone has then had to come up with a new solution for. Things such-as overcrowding, and plumbing systems and clean water and vehicles that travel faster & further and on and on.

Each new advancement has nearly also come with its own newfound baggage (such-as Pollution or War or Disputes between pre-existing Societal Realms and the new upstarts and so on.

Again those things are great for being interested in if you are Academic, or Establishment  and accepted within the right circles and places and so on, though for those of us who are adrift from such spheres of life, in many an instance it really can be better to abandon all external distractions and nonsenses and “”other peoples stuff” and focus upon where you yourself of course have most power, within your own life and mind, heart and so on.

So as I have raised threshold, I typically wanted to get rid of multiple things, though also knew that I had to deal & or cope with certain ongoing things in my life, and the best way can often be to utilise those things in a new fashion.  So for example, as part of my divorce process, it had been agreed that daughter would travel & visit during School Holidays and so on and that quite quickly developed into a yearly cycle or process, of Spring Holiday, Easter Holiday, Summer Holiday, Autumn Holiday and Christmas Holiday.

Those are all things that most of us may have taken for granted in our own young unaware lives, and were perhaps on autopilots of a sort, though typically as I was Meditating anyway it became useful in wondering what I myself may or may have not been doing historically within my own life during those breaks within my own childhood.

So that was a kind of School and Seasons of the year Calendar to be aware of.  Likewise as said previously since I began monitoring the Wider World again, I optioned Monitoring various World Touring Sports that I recalled often seeing some weekly Grandstand or World of Sport show, when a young child, though now every realm whether Tennis, Golf, or any other sport has its own 24/7 way of maintaining audience.

I also remembered seeing occasional Award Shows throughout the year, so those too became something I decided to pay attention to, typically the older classics such-as The Oscar’s, The Grammy’s, The Emmy’s, The Brits, Bafta and so on.  Again not so much because I listen to lots of music or see huge amounts of film (quite simply I do not) though I see when they are within the Calendar Year and the stimulus from Meditation helps bring NEW AWARENESS & ENLIGHTENMENT & perhaps more importantly NEW AH-HA’s and CONNECTIONS between the seemingly disparate life realms.

That mostly came about through a reductionist process within my own life, so it might be suggested that I went through a life contraction, where I could then begin to mentally expand perhaps with more awareness and my own actions than simply those I inherited from family or social circles or relationships and schooling and society at large and so on.

Quite simply in building block terms, it could be suggested that the World is being partially led by those with greater awareness and enlightenment and contribution toward less conflicts and wars and so on, although you might not necessarily recognise that when you purchase a paper or turn on the news reports, or indeed have some over abundance of content from TV and internet and  colleague or friend & neighbour bending your ear about some event whether local or regional or national or Global, though more often than not and especially among those who continue with Meditation – a certain level of Connective Transparency can develop so that you really can kind of go from thinking local, regional, national, international in a new light and fashion.

Some local event or regional event or national event (potentially even within your own life) happens to give you a CLUE to a forthcoming National or International Sport Event Result  or Award Show Result.

Some folks have done fantastically out of such things over the years, though I myself have struggled with some of those areas, and that it partially I think due to the Teaching regarding how ATTACHED we are to wanting things to stay the same or for some result to occur.  Much like being a lifelong Fan of a particular Sporting Club and all the Clues that your new awareness give you tell you, your TEAM are going to lose, do you back the opposition?  I say anyone struggling should get over there pride and take the money & run if the CLUES are that STRONG, though I have again and again met folks who simply do not make the bet, such is the lifelong INTRANSIGENCE (something we nearly all have to some lesser or greater degree (depending on subject & topic)).  However we all of us typically have many day-to-day life’s that have grown over the years and many things can blindside us from having great INTUITION, hence once again returning to that place where you have greatest control.  within yourself and how you choose to spend your time and activities and so on.

Anyway this was a rambling Blah Blah, after realising I could not watch yesterday evening Emmy’s (from America), I found myself checking out IPLAYER and decided to watch J K Rowling (Robert Gilbraith’s) Cormorant Strike Shows, she another interesting writer for myself in terms of awareness & enlightenment in the sense, that with both the Harry Potter Realm and indeed this Cormorant Strike Realm, she has partially kind of told ELEMENTS of my own life back to myself, this was also something that perhaps got myself HOOKED with Holosync and Bill Harris when I first investigated Centerpointe and the Meditation products, so much of the Material seemingly told myself elements of my own life story back to myself or was close or comparable enough to stimulate further investigation.

So that perhaps demonstrable of how many, or all folks really do have some awareness & enlightenment and so on, though are typically sleepwalking through life or indeed not fully awakened enough to see how some of those things can be truly empowering, although having said that we can talk about IT, we can tell and teach and provide people all the building blocks of IT and so on, though again and again being IT (so to speak) in an organised and Wise fashion and so on really does seemingly take a while to get our heads around, I know I can often feel as though still a seeker, even though probably way more advanced or knowledgeable than your average person in the street. I also of course often feel adrift in the sense of not having any particular expertise than I can turn into a financial benefit (for myself) as opposed to others.  In DOUBT terms I think I am probably at a stage where I perhaps think I can never ever in my wildest dreams think of how a return on investment could be achieved by myself, given how I have consistently been unable to balance the income with outgoings.  That perhaps one area or group of peoples that Society really does not perhaps cater for-those who genuinely want to be comfortably single and boringly normal in a World where it is often demanded from external peoples, whether family or friends or the TV & Film Medias that you be in a relationship or marriage or Gang or Identity Grouping.  Even so-called Single terms such-as Bachelor (have in my mind) been contaminated or are smeared in some fashion through herd mindset’s of punishing people for no longer wanting to be in relationships or compromising there own lifestyle choice, when historically many such a compromise has created or potentially  been responsible for all or many of the issues that you have now spent several years seeking to eradicate or better manage within your life and World and so on.

Anyway this one has gone on and on so I shall leave it there for now

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well.








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