Heroes Die, Legends Live Forever

Yes that is one of those kind’s of phrases you see from time to time as grab your attention headlines on Magazines and Comic Books, although in complete honesty I just noticed this one whilst carrying out some wiki research.

Typically of course I have spoken of how I went through multiple phases of seeking to sort my life out, get my head together & start over, and again & again many of these things bring us back to people who diary there lives or sell alignments and legends and so on that people can buy into and all that jazz.

So what is the most strange though true realisation that I have had regarding these so-called brain technologies, well I said that raising your threshold, you come to see greater connectivity between all the various stories and legends and of course, we often go in search of some kinds of foundational roots, in being better able to navigate the World at large.

So on this occasion that title came from some research I carried out going from thread to thread to thread after seeing mention of Jeremy Irons (actor) who recently had a birthday and was the source of a quote that I saw.  Interestingly as well as having a long & distinguished acting career performing everything from William Shakespeare to more recent DC-Warner Superhero Butler.

He also shares a year of , 1948, with Prince Charles and indeed my own mother and also The State of Israel, that Country of course provided the myth & legend & stories of my own given names. So what is the link cry the impatient ones?

Well I of course have utilised that Dave S Perkins as my name for quite some time now, and also last year whilst researching noted that a famed Hollywood TV show writer/director and blogger and Twitter Angry man also shares that name David Simon, and it is also similar to a character Dave S. Pumkins portrayed by Movie Legend Tom Hanks on popular American entertainment show SNL (Saturday Night Live).

And whilst mildly interesting, it is fairly obvious to most of us that in a World populated by 7 Billion people, that some of our names are likely shared or going to appear more than once in a phone book with more than 1 person having such identities.

So yes all of those things were interesting things that have consciously OCCURED to myself during the last few years with doing Holosync and meditation and indeed doing various affiliate courses from companies such-as Learning Strategies. Interestingly I think it is probably the Learning Strategies Courses that have put myself into the zone that I have been thinking upon, That of so-called Superheroes. Mainly because I felt early on with a number of Learning Strategies Paraliminals and so on that they were “taking the piss”, why?  Well it often seemed as though what was being spoken upon was deliberately geared toward particular characters in movie & film and people were supposed to feel clued up that all are actors and actresses (I think), although what do I know about the mind set that was behind those Paraliminal products etc.  The problem perhaps for International Consumers is that whilst I might recognise references to Star Wars and other big international hits, all the AMERICAN CENTRIC materials go straight over my head, I think that perhaps also part of the issue with some of my earlier Holosync interactions where clues and so on, simply went over my head, because of the having a common language, though not a common selection of resources or interests.

And yes it is quite obvious that a character such-as Superman has what appears to be a large S on his chest and indeed when I write my name out as DAVE S PERKINS, the only thing missing is perhaps U.  Although for very much of the last few years meditating and so on, yes I researched Comic Books in terms of drawing such-as Stan Lee’s “How To Draw…” series of books, I never really considered all these things bringing us continuously back to so-called Super Hero realms.

So I enjoy Super hero realms in terms of Entertainment, though my own experience of so-called “acting the hero” has usually met with terrible consequences for myself, hence taking up things such-as Meditation and Holosync to clear out all the so-called inner or outer mental confusions and conflicts and be more SANE and perhaps INTELLIGENT in decision making etc.

The research in connection with Jeremy Irons of course led myself into the Modern DC Film Franchise where Superman recently perished at the hands of Doomsday, Jeremy Irons portrayed Alfred (Batman’s Butler).  So anyway whenever I go deeper into researching the Comic Book realm beyond the basic interest in drawing and how the stories are told, you nearly always find that most of the stories are unhinged and incomprehensible, yes you can say I am not the target audience child, though even as a child many of the American Comic Books were beyond comprehension, hence British Publishers or importers being quite selective in what was able to traverse the so-called pond of the Atlantic.

Anyway I recently spoke of Robert Gilbraith Cormorant Strike & that character had lost his lower leg in an accident – his LEG END?

I myself strangely whilst not eventually losing my Leg end, as it was held together by some bits of skin that the Consultants decided to repair along with realigning the bones so they could grow back, did of course come to an end in many ways at that point in my life. Though that perhaps where the pre-established building blocks come to the fore, give how so much of the human race shares common history and mental facilities and sources and so on, fictions such-as being alive through existing through some Cloud or internet or indeed Dream Net are not all that outlandish. Especially if you have done Holosync a year or two and indeed perhaps EFT tapping in combination with ACIM, where you can typically realise or feel as though one side of your head is tuned up or connected in some fashion, another reason perhaps why I went deeper into the meditation levels and layers.  All well and good being alive, though if the only people you are attuned to are the dregs of humanity etc. it can well be argued that having a good & thorough mental clean-up is in good order, even if that means having to forgo being well attuned for many of those sporting realms I spoke of following.

That perhaps another of those double-sided coin issues, before Holosync my intuition was pretty rubbish and unreliable, post holosync the same, so it cannot really be argued that I have lost anything, apart perhaps from many inner conflicts/confusions that I am better of without anyway, and of course the money spent or invested on these products and so on, which all in all amounts to a fair amount, though likewise some things are priceless and I am sure whilst commonalities are shared with other peoples stories etc. that I must surely have managed some uniqueness and so on.

So yes, interestingly the Comic Book research also seemingly as well as Stan Lee almost always has one or two other artists, that I was less familiar with, one of those a guy called Jack Kirby and Jack was also my Grandfathers name, so the more you progress, the more you wonder as to how substantial any given individual persons physical reality genuinely is, beyond the so-called fictional content that we seemingly give ourselves. Just as my daughter has spent her holiday time on trains visiting myself here in Hereford, I used to spend time with mum & brother travelling on trains visiting Grandad Jack and Granny in Crewe in Cheshire.

Likewise progress also seemingly does lead to a kind of “you are never alone” mind set, because as you write regular and see all the connectivity etc. it kind of satisfies you, that you are indeed attuned and indeed less triggered by ideas of loneliness and depression and all the very emotive words that we cling onto as Materialistic Creatures, though not as spiritual beings living a human existence.

So most or many of these celebrated or famed people we see in news & media are often so for outlandishness behaviour and choices and of course those things can be debated, though it is good to remind ourselves whilst some of us are left to sit & stare they are out there living the lives that we may have wanted for ourselves, there are no prizes to clinging to being poor or in poverty any more than there are to riches & wealth though I am damned certain having existed predominantly in the former, that I would only want the latter for the future etc.

So what is going on with the World at present?

Well this does appear to be one of those Hell Yeah Oops Splat type moments in the calendar for some folks at least, in monitoring terms it appears that we are of course changing Season from Summer to Autumn and I can say I have also noted an increase in female activity as though they are the ones preparing family and households for the coming Autumn – Winter seasons and of course, in the realm of Sports where things were at one point seemingly EASY, they suddenly as suggested went kind of splat – How So?

Well take Tennis as an example, for much of the year you might see just one or two tournaments highlighted as happening concurrently and that is fairly easy to monitor and suddenly  kaboom there are 4 or 5 or more tournaments highlighted as presently taking place, so your ability to find distinctions amongst cluing systems becomes more troubling.  The same can be said for Sports such-as Football where many a person has a Premiership Side and a lower or local side, and they are often pitted against each other in some of the Cup Events, if we were looking to other realms, it could be suggested that in Building Industry it is the season of the Cement Mixer, or in Casino’s the season of Russian Roulette etc.  For the average person in the kitchen it might be equivalent to that idea of a food mixer or blender, where two many fingers in two many pies, ups all the potential confusions and potentials for conflicts and so on.

Almost like these giant storms that we are seeing, that are kind of like a centrifugal or mixing force.  So it could be suggested that it really can be wiser as you progress to not only raise your Threshold though also reduce the amount of manageable balls that you are juggling or coping with, yes the raising Threshold helps and is supposed to enable you to cope with more and so on, though I have found that just because such Technologies or there providers make such recommendations does not necessarily mean that you have to push and push past previous limits you set for yourself, that is especially true in the early stages, where I know I myself seemingly experienced overwhelm after overwhelm after overwhelm and was grateful that already having a relatively quiet life meant that I was better able to feel like I was finally getting some closure on much about my own life history and so on.

So I need new things to focus upon and perhaps break the eat sleep work repeat pattern, especially now my daughter is older and I feel better able to move forward in my own life.

This is of course now so typically as we all have our own calendars and things we are interested in or knowledge we hold within our noggin’s all information is of course DATA and should be considered as such when monitoring the wider World or indeed seeking to benefit from knowledge & awareness and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well!



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