Not Ever Been Truly Sure About Dreams

So of course from a young age I typically had dreams, very often typical of various dream states that you can read upon from many a provider.  I am not sure exactly when my ability to dream shut down though I think at some point I kind of went through a phase where everything had seemingly turned to nightmare, and I kind of made a conscious I do not want to dream anymore kind of decision, and in effect whilst I may have continued having dreams I very rarely recalled them upon awakening and so on each morning.

I mention that of course, as since taking up meditation and indeed trying various courses and indeed one or two book recommendations including those that I have made myself, this idea is presented as to making a record of your dreams, much in the same fashion as taking notes during your waking hours.

Likewise there is also this issue of conscious or day dreams, and ideas such-as Lucid Dreams, though again in complete honesty I have struggled with many of these suggestions, because quite simply whilst I might be able to experience something with a course listen through and “practice” I would often almost immediately the following day or night or whenever I was asleep return to the not remembering dreams when I wake up.

So anyway one of the Affiliates of Centerpointe is Mary Morrisey and her Dream Builder Empire, that I think I have seen reference to over the last week or two and I also of course have her Field of Dreams book in my collection.

So what is the big deal?  Well I have seemingly started to dream again and indeed remember them afterwards, and that is not only post sleep dreams though day dreams and maybe even some lucid dreams etc. I am writing this down now, quite simply because of my own historical failure with courses to get any kind of dreams up and running again and on this occasion they (dreams) are seemingly managing to have kept going, the only issue then perhaps as to how many years of meditation it has taken and indeed how far back into my own life history they seem to be pointing myself, much of the dream memories often related to young childhood, more than anything else, although that is of course suggested to be the time in our lives when we are still most open to information and soaking all and everything sensory wise like a sponge.

Of course, one of the issues potentially (some of these things seem to be self fulfilling prophecies) is that issue of how much trauma we may have suffered that causes various mental faculties or facilities to stop working anyway, I know looking back that I suffered various bumps & bruises & dental work like most other children of my generation though I also suffered broken bones at younger ages as well as major accident during my mid teens, so plenty for my bodily systems to shut down about.

That is also an issue with some of the works of Learning Strategies where it is boasted of expertise in pre-conscious processing and so on, this idea that you can create your life before your life began, whilst such ideas are I am sure great as a therapeutic tool for some folks, for myself I typically have resistance to such ideas, because whilst I may have gradually come round to the idea that we all create our own realities, I cannot think in anyway shape or form that I would make pre-conscious decisions to practically kill myself (to all intense purposes).  Whilst some folks of course seem to “get off” on being able to boast of all there scars and damage, it is not something I personally would ever want to deliberately invite into my life, so that leads to an unhealthy conclusion’s as to whom is responsible for these things, if I have to look to externals.

So I recently spoke on this issue as to my Name David Simon Perkins and of course the issue of Vowels and Consonants.  The Letter U or u is perhaps the only one vowel not contained within my name, not sure what the creators of language were thinking when they came up with there original schematics for programming the human race, though clearly it can be pointed out that in EVOLUTIONARY terms of alphabets and so on that U & V and W all had a kind of shared or common ancestry, perhaps prior to the days of typewriters and printing presses etc.  The Religious sects handing down & trading knowledges could not always read each others writings so what looked like a V became a U or vice-versa, I mention that lack of a U because clearly there is a V so that kind of mitigates the absence of the other, especially if you happen to do the so-called research.  And that also perhaps why I again chose to go deeper into the Holosync levels, all the schooling and learning that I was really keen on as a young child, clearly failed myself, the further I went through the education system and experienced the World in a shared format with other peoples and persons and so on.

So do I like dreams now? well they have been pleasant enough and far preferable to the kinds of nightmares that led myself to condition myself to not have any recall etc.  I think the other issue was of course as to how the brain operates in the sense that I spoke as to having done early levels of Holosync and prior to that had done some EFT tapping kinds of work with ACIM whereby the one side of my brain hemisphere seemingly felt as though lit up (much like we see radiated images of prophets & sages) in ancient images, though in honesty the tapping was quite hard work, and at some point fell away from my routine as did that sensory feeling of having one brain hemisphere lit up, although that was of course replaced with feeling that I really was experiencing “Whole Brain Thinking” between the two hemispheres and so on.

Another aspect of course is this one of intelligence and keeping your brain active and so on, though again during my childhood and indeed adulthood I enjoyed quizzes and being able to answer questions made by show hosts etc on TV, though I could probably now watch many a show and have little idea as to some answers, even on topics and subjects I should know well through study etc.  It is troubling knowing what the sweet spot is in terms of trade-offs, feel better in yourself than you have for years, versus filling up on junk content in a repeat of your life, that did not really serve you in a sensible fashion previously.

So the other factor I think is of course that other area I mentioned, the work of Dr Amen Vs La-Di-Da teachers.  I think there is a place for some of the La-Di-Da teachers if they really are leading you through awakening type processes rather than just cynically exploiting you, though how can you ever know in many a case, whether supposed science or La-Di-Da as to that which is most empowering.

I spoke previously of my love of Technology (I think) though likewise believe that much about Science is of the exploitative kind, I do not want to name names, though clearly given my name and the strong linkage to popular religious figures, it should not really be a surprise to many a person, where I perhaps differ is that I genuinely also grew up a futurist type of person in loving space TV FILM & science fictions and engineering ideas and so on, where many a Card Carrying Science “book writer” is more about there own personal brand of Science as a Religion, than any actual physical World products.  Again you can of course say well you have to have Theorists and Lecturers and Mathematicians and so on, though I think even many of there positions is threatened by the advancement of some computerised systems and machine learnings and so on, because as is often concluded by Machines in Science Fiction writings from SCI-FI authors, humans and human decision making and BIASES are often the weakest link in many a circumstance of life.  There is of course a race to create and have driverless vehicles and so on, though I do not think many of us would willingly accept that, without some equivalent to airline pilots, people watching and monitoring the instrument gauges and so on.  Always strange when they give cause of plane crashes as human error, when further investigation often reveals most or many flights are automated fly-by-wire computer systems.

Anyway what else, well I have suddenly found myself thinking on the Star Wars stuff again, and am typically growing ever more impatient for a new trailer, even though they could probably be successful without one, in terms of brand identity and consumer confidence in that brand.  A quick research revealed that the 2nd big trailer for Episode 7 did not actually drop until October, although I think more mini teasers existed, whilst on this occasion we have perhaps had a main trailer and indeed a behind the scenes making of special and of course (at least for myself) more coverage in some of the press outlets I have monitored since being on Twitter (things like Empire Magazine and Vanity Fair) seem to have quite regular output on things worth monitoring, for film fans or followers of the Royals etc.

I also spoke as to how lousy my INTUITION is and then of course kind of proved myself incorrect in the sense that having spoken of Stan Lee (comic book guy) I notice Kyle Stanley won the first round of one of the Men’s Golf Tours that I follow.  Again being able to relate clues to person, is not always so easy and as Scientists often state, the act of monitoring can often change the outcome, that perhaps why all those gambling websites go to ever greater depth of bet, bet my the day, bet for the competition, bet for the number of goals or birdies or 180’s and so on.

Though in all honesty the best method is perhaps genuinely to create a blog & write or indeed get sponsorship or advertising or write a book and keep meditating and making notes and seek to not be greedy about what you think you know, again & again I have often found it easier to go for win lose or draw in football (for example) than exact scores etc.  Yes I will often see what I think is an exact score though when it comes to ideas surrounding Universal translators and methodologies, so many have been created that it is no wonder we end up with our heads spinning.

Yes I know I have often failed to speak on the Politics and so on, though really what can be said that will not offend someone somewhere. Most Nations it might be suggested have a Royal family or Leading Politicians Statesmen & Women that are supposed to lead through EXAMPLE, though in a World of 7 Billion people, we do seem to have found ourselves at one of those big points in History where the best laid plans may not be advisable to get involved with too strongly.

Where once the classical 10 Commandments served many nations fairly well (IMHO), I think it clear that some of the Richest, Wealthiest folks about the Globe have gotten that way through throwing such basics out of the window and to hell with the consequences for everyone else.

Where once I said to folks compare “The Witches Bible” with “On the Shoulders Of Giants” so you can SEE that both La-Di-Da and Science have common ancestral roots, you can of course just taking the Numerology course from Learning Strategies and that has those number grids etc. anyway.

Though going back to what I stated above, if the UK as an image appears to be that of a witch and of course London the Throne, most folks can work out various body part points, although I think Bill Bryson a popular travel writer, who has documented many such places about the Globe for folks to read about potentially a good source of information on locals etc.

So yes,  where once Global Leadership was seemingly about politeness & decency and having respectable peoples leading the way & so on, these days it appears to be the anti-ten commandments version, whereby you are only qualified if you are on your X marriage, XX Daylight Robbery, and you can think up the rest for yourselves, though I really do think that the spectacle that HIGH OFFICE has become throughout the Globe and indeed throughout very many spheres & realms of life, can only lead to things worsening.  Yes we have seen positive human action in relation to natural disasters, though those things are seemingly vastly outnumbered when it comes to the reporting as to where folks are choosing to place there attention.  Monsoon Season in India & that region kills hundreds year upon year is never reported in the West, though a couple of Storms in America and you would think Chicken Little has just had his first encounter with the Sky falling down.

Taking back control of where you place your own focus & attention has perhaps never been so more necessary than in this modern age, where we are seemingly headed into some great New Dark Ages or Biblical Times of Plague and so on.

So whilst many a person has said “Follow Me, I shall save you” and led followers on a merry goose chase, I do not say that, so much as suggest folks from whatever sphere and realm of life, could do far worse than take up meditation, and I recommend Holosync Meditation because quite simply that was the first product in 20+ years of adulthood that raised Threshold, cut through all the nonsense, whether Science or La-Di-Da, and enabled at least a greater level or awareness and perspective on many things in Life, the Universe & Everything, and as said previously, I myself thought I was pretty knowledgeable after the Hypnosis Tools and some of the early La-Di-Da awakening stuff, though those that continue for a few years with Meditation, will likely be amazed at some of the Awareness that come about and so on, and indeed just how much it really can seem like it has all been an inside job etc or indeed thoughts feelings and actions as to childhood nursery rhymes that end in phrases such-as <<<LIFE IS BUT A DREAM>>>

Whose rowing this thing anyway!

Thank you for reading, God Bless & Be Well!


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