No Good Crying Over Spilt Milk

Yes, Yes I know, though this title is a record of an event.  On this occasion having finished a work shift, I get back to my lodging’s and there is a crate with some Freshly delivered Milk in it, so rather than leave the milk bottles out for the rest of the night I chose to pick them up and carry them. to the fridge, they being classic glass dairy bottles, the silver foil seemingly came loose on 1 bottle, and as I was holding it in a tilted position, the content began pouring out all over the doorstep and so on.

I then of course carried the bottles to clean before placing in the fridge, and then decided I had better not leave puddles of milk all over the front area of the entryway to the house, so returned to wash away the spilt milk, simply diluting it with a jug of water, this is all still in the early hours of the morning and typically, beyond the stragglers heading home from night’s out & from the pubs & clubs, all is quiet in the street, beyond the seeming  noise I may have been making.

Anyway after that occurred I found myself thinking on that title and wondering if its face value meaning and often quoted “old wives tale” meanings had any value to them, I cannot really decide to be honest.

What else, well as per usual I noted that The Euro Lottery has grown & grown and is rather a large sum of money at present, we often convince ourselves that you have to be in it to win it and obviously purchasing more lines means more potential for you winning, so I thought okay in this occasion I will purchase another line or two, & in the morning I got my mail saying “News About Your Ticket”  thoughts raced through my mind, could it be, finally, etc. etc.

So I had a small win from a couple of numbers, where normally I would likely have lost as they were on one of the extra lines I bought, though much like my lack of success in sports gambling, the investment vs the return on investment, leaves myself with an emptier pocket, than if I had simply not bothered. Strange though true this is a kind of truth I experience over & over again, despite having invested in products that are supposed to CHANGE my luck and capabilities and so on through changing my vibe.

So what else have I noted in recent days

Aside: I often find myself thinking in terms of WINDOW ZONES OF NOW that are usually kind of spread over several days, although it often does seem apparent that experts or people who have studied such cycles & patterns far longer than I, are far more big picture accurate and indeed small picture accurate at the same time, chunking up and down at will (so to speak), maybe that is part of an illusion though it does appear real to myself as an outside observer anyway.

So another Calendar I have perhaps not mentioned though is well worth being at least AWARE of in some manner is actually the World Fashion Calendar (yes you can look it up).  I am not hot on fashion etc.  Though many major Cities have a Fashion Week of some description and again it kind of operates much like Sporting Tour Calendars.  The Fashion World of course wants Celebrities from Film, TV, Music and Sports and so on promoting there wears, so they kind of have a finger in many a Worldly Realm Pie.

So this week I noted some report on UK baby names, and happened to note what appeared to myself to be a rather large increase in births, more than half a million in fact for 2016, and of course I have not checked year in and year out figures, though obviously given my own History I do wonder as to who is going to be paying for all these new kids etc.  As someone who was refused “Social Care” assistance in terms of housing and benefits and so on for multiple years even as a TAXPAYER,  when I was most in need or requirement of such services, it does kind of bring out a certain level of resentment, at how easy it is for some people to seemingly abuse all and any benefit systems that the Country has to offer. Many Government bodies and indeed Private Companies have alleged EQUAL RIGHTS rules and safeguards in place, though time & again you see FIRST AMONG EQUALS interpretations and skewering’s being given priority, over what to myself can seem quite obvious as to unfairness and so on.

Where once an elder generation fought wars, and then rebelled against the Countries Establishments to get wide spread social housing and a better society and some social provisions, the children of that war generation typically todays pensioners, voted quite selfishly  over multiple elections to do away with many of the things they themselves had benefitted from & taken for granted, housing stock all sold off or indeed now occupied by the children of the children of previous original tenants and so on.

Now of course the landscape appears quite skewered in terms of where you might place people on societal ladders or classes, though clearly gaps still exist where people such-as myself fall through, with little way back in terms of life progress etc. & indeed perhaps a hardening of our own attitudes towards such systems that failed us ourselves when we most needed them, bias exists from region to region and population demographic to population demographic and cry-wolf group to cry-wolf group, though again & again I have found myself preferring to not be in alignment with many such groups, the potential negatives often in my own judgement outweighing any positives.

Whilst I have believed that Raising Threshold has been fantastic and I am grateful to have found the meditation technologies, having threshold does not necessarily mean you should “go with or be in alignment with some corrupt system  or grouping or peoples” just because you are better able to tolerate or cope with them etc.

I recently completed a survey from a company asking for guidance on what future products I might be more inclined to purchase from them “make shit roll uphill” was not on the list, and though it might have to be renamed “all-directions auto-correct” or some such I do think that given many a teaching being about Head to Toe Policies (taken to mean from the highest Lords & Ladies to the lowliest of the low) you do often think that an automated “make shit roll uphill” would be fantastic for put upon workers in lowly positions, who have bosses that are typical examples of the “fuck this for a game of soldiers” mentality who scarpered from working as fast as they could into gaining promotion, or of course ego power mongering, bullying & social alignments (over Officially Stated company policies and Directions)..

As you grow older & wiser you often know of course, though when a young starter in a company you may get to hear the Bosses Version of how they progressed Versus some old timers Version & they rarely correlate.  Though  stay around a few years and you see the same over & over again.  Sayings such as Shit Floats, and where there is muck there is brass often hold common law seeds of truths within them.

So why would anyone want a make shit roll uphill product, and I think quite simply it is more with wanting COMPANIES whether large or small to be able to stay congruent with the Business Model and AIMS & GOALS Purpose and so on etc.  Rather than some untrustworthy “interpretation” from some dodgy chancer unscrupulous manager type who happened to be married to someone else relative within the Company and gets first dips on new job opportunities and so on  or makes the Company Policy appear to bend to there own Agenda rather than they be in alignment with the Company’s stated policy.

There a major subtle differences in these things, and I have seen the behaviour go the wrong direction more times than I can count, sometimes in some instances, some things really do have strong mitigating circumstances that have caused some strange decision making, though we all know that once a foundational behaviour has been crafted in some fashion, that it will likely be repeated over & over again in “getting away with it fashion” until someone points it out, or indeed the individual concerned is given suitable rollicking from someone else even more powerful than they themselves, as much as some folks like to consider themselves the judge, jury & executioner within some realms, especially if they created them, there are always higher powers whether Government or Police or Law & Order and so on that can catch up with them at some future point in time if they do not put there own house in order or get there act together first (we can all make mistakes in our lives and we can all change, though some truly do not unless forced to in some fashion), that is especially true of some bullying types I have encountered, who rarely ever change, irrespective of consequences for themselves or the people caught up in there unhealthy circles of influence & manipulation.

When you consider the harmful or detrimental effects that building poor business & management skills can have in the long term upon businesses, it can often be better to get rid of some types of staff or individuals rather than seek to protect some pre-existing “investment” that companies often cite as to reason to keep bad apples.

So what will America do now regarding there Health Care?  As an outside observer, I think they should stick with Obamacare; good or bad it is better than anything America had previously or is likely to gain in future, the downside of course that just like the UK, Health care is a financial bottomless pit and in America they have so many Companies & states all with differing provisions and healthcare providers and pretty much like our so-called postcode lottery there’s is a lot of fighting over where money is best spent and so on.

So I am unsure as to the motive behind Trump wanting to do away with healthcare for workers and the lifelong ill health sufferers, though clearly in focus & attention terms, he could simply be making it a hot enough potato that no-one in future will want to touch it with a barge pole, either for vested health insurer business’ or indeed any other vested interests, let us not forget that  Originally the Government of the UK had to bully bribe & coerce the Health Professionals into participating in a Health Service at all, and America could well be simply going through that process. albeit they still a health insurance based nation.  People inside & outside of those professions are not necessarily going to want to be on the wrong side of the neighbours & population at large.

As a former NHS worker who was a department administrator, it was often easily demonstrated to myself how much of an equalizer Health can be, whether I was dealing with the wealthy or people of higher society or indeed working classes & the poor, many were grateful that such services were available and indeed the attitudes of patients could not really be separated in the importance of how Health can pretty much affect all aspects of “Quality of Life” irrespective of how your life has turned out in other areas.

So what next then I can wonder.  Well many sporting events this weekend though of course as mentioned earlier I seem to usually lose more than I gain on such matters, even having studied them consciously or indeed non-consciously for many years, I think the problem is when you have suffered through accident & injury trauma for so many years, or indeed have been heavily bullied & abused by society at large or co-workers and gangs, and are then told you have to rely on external teachers & experts, because your own internal systems are so downgraded as to being useless, you have little hope of progress or success, because you have no where to turn, especially when you have also invested in raising Threshold and greater awareness & enlightenment products, giving you a very differing World outlook to even those who might be listed as biological family & friends, quite simply the disparity between attitudes & mind sets and so on can seemingly be to big to bridge in many ways.

Yes sounds rather hopeless, though I do not physically feel that as I write, just laugh perhaps at the seeming merry go round of futilities that we invest our time and money in and so on just to fill time and have things to do,  and indeed how self important some things are to some folks, even though of course we all have our own crosses to bare.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well!



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