Wow What A Strange Weekend

So at some historical point I took to daily writing my meanderings here in some effort to improve my mental health and so-called mental map and of course I have also continued with Holosync and with several Learning Strategies Courses as well as checking out the work of recommended affiliates and of course you come to see how networks are built up through mutual learnings and exchanges of ideas and so on.

I did of course historically for the most part reduce Social Media usage in general a part from here, that I felt was a personal outlet free of distractions and indeed something of a safe space for myself when the populist media realms were seemingly only having a negative impact upon my life.

I can of course say that I joined the Holosync Brain club and have interacted on occasion with other group members and at other times chosen to simply not get involved.  That I think is par for the course when so many differing characters & personalities are interacting and in honesty you have little clue as to what they are like beyond the social media image they have crafted for themselves.

So I on and off over the last year or two rejoined the populist human race via creating a Twitter account and indeed creating a Guardian online account, Twitter is great in the sense that you can happily post snapshots to your hearts content and be such a non-entity that people generally leave you alone, or you can follow celebrities and all that kind of stuff, if you have a need for such interaction.  I think I perhaps still unsure as to what might be regarded as sensible usage & interaction versus any kind of obsessive fan stalking behaviour.  you do often see particular individuals always in your feed that you are not all that interested in, whilst meanwhile you have to physically search for others within your lists who are posting though do not always make the feed.  It is a strange phenomena, though obviously I was somewhat naïve in the fashion & manner that I initially joined that social media circus in the sense that I had disconnected for so long, that it was all like starting again.

Likewise after joining the Guardian I enjoyed my time interacting on the Cartoon Threads though not so much elsewhere, I like to give thoughts & insights on some topics that have been written upon that interest myself, though very often others strangely want to DEBATE and or strongly disagree with myself with an opinion of there own, & I think, hold on a minute, why are you responding to myself directly when you can simply put your own thoughts etc. down independent of anyone else, the system & setup does allow for that after all.  Likewise the regulars on the Cartoons who were there prior to myself have often taken note of what I have said though generally leave myself be, I having explained my attitude historically and they mostly accepting of that position.

So at present all the major news outlets over this weekend have all gone “overboard” as to what & how they are reporting, it seems or appears that we are at some kind of panic stations and the World is not going to make it through all the crisis that are currently occurring or happening, unsure whether this is something that is a seasonal thing or perhaps every X many years or what, though clearly you have generational attitudes and behaviours and Society especially in the UK over the last couple of years has been put through the ringer in terms of Politics and Brexit and referendums and elections and so on.

Meanwhile as I said, The Guardian has published though limited the amount of where comment is allowed, perhaps historically due to knowing where such things lead, given all the scandals that have been widely recently reported.  Again it is often about where folks are keeping attention & focus. I know that with the Cartoon Corner that it has helped myself enormously with creative thoughts on meanings for the various visuals provided and how can I relate this to this other realm over here and so on, often going past the obvious to deeper every man or ever woman type interpretations and so on.

I of course wanted to get into the groove (so to speak) of following various World Touring Sports – Tennis, Golf, Formula, etc. as I felt they would lead to greater Global Style Awareness as do other realms such-as following Major Cinema & Music Awards & so on, though there really are rather a lot, so finding a sweet spot equilibrium can become all time consuming, & I still doubt my own capability & capacity for success, even after all this time with meditation & courses, I think I perhaps need to reduce where I am placing all that attention.

So this weekend is actually the closest to my Birthday on Wednesday 8th November and of course Sunday was the Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night for the UK with Fireworks Displays occurring up and down the land in recent days.  I myself went for a rare occasion out Bowling with some work colleagues.  Rather a lot in fact, I think a group of 55 had said they would go, although typically I being anti-social and keeping myself to myself at work perhaps knew a dozen by name and the rest by face, or they were from another area crew I am unfamiliar with and so on.  A good night out was enjoyed by myself and I think other people.  I surprised myself through getting a Strike with my first Ball and then my 2nd ball was also a strike.  That kind of carried myself through the rest of the game I was in and I went of the boil finishing 2nd after having had such a great start. Though it was supposed to be a letting the hair down occasion, and having started well perhaps made the evening easier in the sense that I no longer had a need to get strikes or over-compete (so to speak).  I am of course usually quite teetotal going for long periods without drinking alcohol, though did drink on this occasion and was perhaps a little affected by that in my overall bowling skills.

Yes so we went on to a pub and then I was asked to leave because I took photo’s in the pub, Dave The troublemaker, had I been asked to not take photo’s I would have not taken any, though a security guy came up and went straight to you have to leave.  We were leaving to go next door anyway, so we did, and the bouncer there was another work colleague, who has a long history working security around the city.

Anyway at some point everyone was splitting into various groups and dancing and so on, and as I had not initially intended to be in pubs and clubs decided to move on and head for home, leaving the younger generation to carry on with the partying atmosphere etc.

So I keep saying yes, yes, I am going to write more of these journal type pieces though it can be a little boring as a personal echo chamber, hence my trying Twitter & Guardian, having said that, given as suggested all the major media outlets are limiting the ability to comment or indeed heavily biasing people toward crisis & troubles, I am feeling an urge to simply retreat once again to my own little backwater corner of the Web and wait for things to settle or calm down again, whether they do or do not, it is all too easy to get some level of contagion, and I personally would like to remain more relaxed and calm and happy about life the universe and everything.  Yes I have historically thought that might be part of the plan that Politicians & The Media utilise get everyone so upset & angry & annoyed that they say enough is enough & turn off & tune out, in effect letting them within those realms get away with it.  They often of course have a vested interest in the success of there own brand, whilst us lesser beings & mortals perhaps have to learn to either find our own style and brand and stay with that rather than feel exhausted by getting dragged into “other peoples stuff”.

So there is of course the learning by example, and there is also the experience, the expertise & epiphanies that we can gain in viewing multiple realms, though when they go to what I consider extreme points on the map, I often get distracted from where I want my focus to be, so instead of thinking on sports I am thinking on the given troubling  topic or subject of the day.  So therein lies perhaps another lesson as to what is direct Versus what is indirect, as much as I would like to trust Direct outlets, I often find they are heavily biased and when I try to utilise indirect strategies I often get distracted by the indirect subject matter that was being utilised.

That perhaps why folks adopt the abandon faith all who try this system, instead setting up something that works for they themselves alone. Everyone wants a system that works for everybody, though we are so often tied to particular routines, behaviours and so on, that even after years of seeking to be different, the older patterns reassert themselves all to often when you would prefer for them to disappear completely.

So I do wonder what & how I can better make use of this outlet, I was thinking of doing show reviews or something, though then become concerned as to whether that is and of itself is another slippery slope.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

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