It Really Is A Strange Paradoxical Farce

Yes seeking to find the appropriate words, to express a given scenario is not always of course easy, if you are not someone who has maintained a quality standard of writing or language usage and meaning and all that jazz.

So what feelings & why?

Well I just Listened to a Podcast from Rian Johnson in which he basically stated that the script for Episode VIII had been handed in some 18 months prior to scheduled filming and that brings about multiple mental contusions as to what came first.  All though that does not really matter in the greater scheme of things, I am reminded of the Writing Course I signed up too take part in and indeed some aspects of the related conversations.

Even though I had shared what for many people was a high drama, high tragedy story; in terms of the Skype  “conversations” that I had with my designated “Mastermind Grouping” one of the earliest things that I can remember myself saying was that any book I wrote would likely have to contain Humour, unfortunately it can often only be to the External Observer “the humour” of some situations & scenario’s seen in “hindsight” that enables any of us to go through our own brand of therapy in relation to such circumstances, I did not really explain myself to that effect, though it did I felt confuse the peoples on the call somewhat.

I say that of course because having seen Episode VII and Episode VIII, you perhaps see a difference in how JJ approached Star Wars in perhaps somewhat overwhelmed tentative delicate  fashion, putting in a couple of “going through the pain barrier” of breaking Star Wars rules / cannon moments, whilst Rian has effectively gone the whole hog perhaps driving a truck through the so-called “straight jackets” imposed by intransigent Sacred Realm “Cannons” of how Star Wars must Appear & Be and so on. A cannon in that respect being some alleged rule that is not allowed to be broken, whereas Rian has expanded into the let us be FLEXIBLE about this, mind-set, realising that at some age or developmental stage, you can still be concurrent and adhere in Spiritual Fashion to cannon and ideologies without being overly Dogmatic Intransigent about such things.

Interpretation & meaning perhaps being everything.

The reason for my wittering’s is because even though little direct contact has existed between myself & the writers/creators etc. (At least from my side of the knowledge / awareness table), I do feel quite strongly defensive over this particular episode in a somewhat unexpected fashion of the Film abiding by or adhering or being in Alignment with many of the ideas, thoughts, feelings and actions that I myself laid out as a kind of FRAMEWORK.

So what was the over-arching framework involved?

Well Archetypes work for a reason because we all grow up around people who are acting, behaving within archetypes & stereotypes of one sort or another, and typically within our own lives we often want to sort wheat from chaff, good & bad and so on.

For myself a simple way to gain pattern & cycle recognition is to see the transfers between realms, can I identify Character Correlations within this movie, to characters within other spheres; TV; books ;theatre; game; and yes I can, not that you need to as The Star Wars Realm has a finger in every pie anyway, though as an exercise it can be fun. simply create a list that says name comic film book TV theatre and see if you can identify strong cross-over threads.

The Strength of Star Wars historically for myself was part & parcel of having Strong Identifiable Correlates that you could not quite put your finger on, similar though not the same, because each actor is also bringing part of themselves to the role, hence some thinking in terms of this is Harrison Ford being Harrison Ford in Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Bladerunner etc.  Whilst others throw how they believe themselves to be, into the background , the differing acting styles & threads debate.

Can you ever truly not be who you are unless it is a fine performance demonstrating otherwise.

Many actors/actresses relish “getting away with” behaviours in performance that outside of such realms & arenas they know would be potentially frowned upon or heavily debated as to merits and so on. How do you get inside a role.

So yes, I still clearly love the Star Wars Realm and that is somewhat strange given all the meditation I have done, reasoning coming up in the next paragraph or two perhaps.

Yes Christmas is almost upon us and I must admit to not having really invested in “Special Days” since taking up mediation, in the sense that we live in an invented World and every “special day” in the calendar is also invented and so on and I wanted to see how many “Special Days” I could extricate myself from, unwanted threads & other peoples stuff etc. and in fact apart from doing good Christmas for my daughter and immediate family and Birthday’s I have cut huge amounts of unwanted history nonsenses from my own life.  I myself did of course years ago, join Facebook during its relative infancy and all these million & one International special days all started appearing, International Day for Toe Nail Clipping etc.  In fact cutting out & reducing Facebook usage & friends (not real friends just mostly Farmville (The Game) acquaintances  & strangers) was a lifesaver in many ways, whilst Facebook has gone from strength to strength, I myself have zero regrets about “getting out” partly because I could see where it was headed and partly because I was seemingly experiencing the ill-effects long before they came up for popular complaint & debate. The issue is ALWAYS one of lowest common denominator topics & subjects & behaviours that I myself felt were more like “dragging you down” traps, than preferable lifestyle choices & options, some folks make themselves successful or simply comfortable & settled at such things, though it was not the appropriate choice & option for myself.

So I cut & reduced all the nonsense special days and junk time wasting activites from my life and also due to working life commitments & timetables found it quite easy to stop watching huge amounts of TV/FILM because all the best stuff was on when I was working, (this was prior to the days of IPLAYERS & STREAMING SERVICES, and that was also actually prior to taking up meditation technology, so yes I isolated myself in almost all directions, mostly focussing on immediate needs and then when I finally did take up meditation found that I had already done rather large proportion of many of the kinds of recommendations being made.

Yes I can go on and on in super boring Mr bland fashion.

Anyway meanwhile, I recently replaced my banking card after having difficulties for a couple of weeks, it worked fine on the payment scans though struggled with some ATM’s so I ordered a replacement to be on the safe side and then received messages saying we are sending you out another, I received a new card and began using it and then received a new message, we are replacing the replacement, What, so I make a phone call, and any time I have to phone my bank becomes a pass the parcel merry go round of switching to the someone who is going to transfer you to the someone who … if it were a rare occurrence (which it is in terms of how often I contact my bank) that would be fine, though every time I contact the bank this happens & suggests some lack or coordination & choreography as to how the banking world operates.

you walk into a Bank & it is all tidy smart & square and clean and projecting of a Quality Image, now imagine the image that comes to mind when you make a call to the bank and always get played the merry go round – all you can ever imagine is that they must exist in some funfair mad house and what have you.

Anyway I started writing with the best of intentions and then all that stuff happened.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be well!

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