My Own View Of The Oscar Nominations

So I recently wrote though unsure if I published #LetsMakeTheOscarsFunAgain . Once upon a time The Oscars offered up glamour & glitz and some escape from the day to day drudgery of peoples lives.

Yes it can be countered that they The Oscars are also representative of the cycles & patterns of time and also of course, various shape and form of “meaning” giving and particular demographics within Society.  I think one of the big complaints is that one, often spoken of as a wisdom in the field of romantic relationships, whereby A women falls for some guy and then changes him to how she thinks he should be and presto, he is no longer the guy she fell in love with in the first place and they go there separate ways etc.

Anyway that a digression, I have seen multiple cinema experts state that the Oscar Nominations are somewhat sterile and lacking in controversy and so on.  Well that is what many campaigners have campaigned for.  Change the Academy Voting Demographic letting in new members from lesser represented communities and so on introducing some new angles and perspectives and indeed representative balance, not only along the race, colour, ethnicity, sex lines, though also perhaps generational lines, for myself I think the GENERATIONAL lines has been the biggest block to progress, and whilst I think the Boomer, Generation-X, Millennial Model overly simplistic, you can certainly see in this set of nominations a far greater weighting of Generation-X and Millennial Choices.

Once upon a time for entertainment, people might have read or listened to radio, then along came Cinema and Television and progress has led to thousands of Online Channels and streaming and an exceptionally wide amount of options and choices.  The modern day reality is that many a demographic that has cried wolf and complained, does not have a genuine leg to stand on in most of the real World, the only real problem longer term Establishments such-as the Academy have had is in perhaps REFLECTING That new reality.

And of course from my perspective of Awareness and Enlightenment and so on, giving some genuine quality foundational base that larger numbers of people can utilise and operate from.

So all the usual suspects can complain in terms of race, colour, creed, sexuality, generation though they can also have it pointed out to them that there group, gang, Echo-Chamber Demographic is represented in some shape and form among the Nominations, even if it is not the representation of there own number 1 choice.  I understand voters are asked to nominate a 1, 2, 3 choice for each category and then a weighted averages system occurs, whereby what all agree upon “to some degree” will naturally rise higher in the percentages than those of lesser choices.  Outwardly that sounds pretty rational and fair to myself.

Echo Chamber is perhaps the most incisive Comment you will see from myself, because it is clear within this Nomination List that any breakdown of representation always breaks down into echo-chamber demographics anyway.  What I see in this nomination list is not so much a “community” as Echo-chamber Statistics.  As a BIG PICTURE OVERVIEW we can see a huge amount of DIVERSITY, though that diversity is via very many narrow focussed Productions.

The actual DIVERSE productions are perhaps potentially the ones that have missed out.  Example?

Well I am of course known for my Jedi Bias, though as a BIG SCREEN PRODUCTION “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is a Classic Example of a Diverse Production, men & women of differing generations, people of colour & ethnicity is represented and starred within the film “IN FRONT OF CAMERA” and yet Star Wars only gained Nomination within so-called Technical Craft & Skill Nominations and Music.

When you go to Period or Historical Drama – Dunkirk, Darkest Hour, you are effectively utilising a bias of the Story or Location or peoples and persons to introduce potential for Controversy.   Yes Dunkirk had multiple white nation peoples represented and yes you saw a couple of French Soldiers who were black, though for the most part those represented in front of camera were all white males, waiting on the beaches to be bombed by Woman’s rights groups and sex identity groups and so on.  I thought Dunkirk fantastic when I eventually saw it and was disappointed for the cast that an Acting Nomination was not there, I like Gary Oldman, though was less impressed with his Churchill performance than those of one or two actors in Dunkirk.

So overall I personally believe that a rather good balance has been achieved, whether that is through the new members or Societal Pressures & Campaigns remains to be seen in this day & age of Echo Chambers.

I read recently an article titled “Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply” that was about how few of those Social Media Creators utilise Social Media. The same can be said of course within Film circles or very many other a life realm.  For myself I think you are probably better off at the Platform Creator End of The Demographic than that of junk recycler at the user base end.

So yes much representation & Diversity is given via A Big Picture Overview of many narrow voice demographics and representations.

When  films such-as The Last Jedi that contain much Diversity “in and off themselves” are awarded by bodies such-as the academy then you might have greater faith for the Future.  Whilst the Academy has done the best it can in the circumstances, giving many new sectors a voice, other Awards such-as Empire Magazine that does award many populist Films within its nomination lists suggests greater alignment exist within the lower echelons of society than in the Echo Chamber Temples of the so-called ELITES.

Little More That Can Be Said Really, I stated several years ago that I believed 2017/2018 would be a strong year for Film and that in combination with changes to how the Academy operate and so on has perhaps produced one of the best populist line-up’s in recent Oscar History.

What other changes might one want, well if we are going ever deeper into subcategorization & echo-chambers then I really would perhaps like more populist films represented beyond the Technical Sectors, especially if an actor/actress has genuinely give a fantastic performance.  Having said that I think this set-up, unless some major upsets and nonsenses occur on the Day of the Awards, should stay in place for a year or two, rather than continuously acting in haste, repenting at leisure.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be well!


Oh That Is Interesting

So like any person writing a daily account of activities or thoughts & feelings, you can typically read back what you wrote on a previous occasion and think oh that was misleading or heavily open to misrepresentation and so on.

I think the problem can of course be one of personal circumstances Vs external response & interpretation.  Multiple articles have appeared today suggesting that being white, middle-aged is not a victim group, and of course as a high tier level, all encompassing LABEL I agree that it does not evoke thoughts feelings and so on of an oppressed sector or grouping of Society, that is at least until you potentially begin adding other LABEL’S, that perhaps demonstrate sub-categorisations that other folks & people can potentially or possibly relate too. There is of course the other issue that in order to play victim you have to buy into or think in terms of a victim mind-set and that is hardly rewarding an activity either, as many of the Meditative teachings often repeat, and why I usually seek to not go into those places, not through FEAR of what might be found somewhere about my brain, so much as ‘been there, done that’ already.

How many inner explorations and so on can you put yourself through.  So for myself when I see the current News Media Politic, I am unenthused, as some criteria can be placed in front of myself, as to does this discussion, put money on the table and food in the belly? clearly such things work for media personnel with the opinion columns and agenda setting Cartoonists, though for myself merely reinforce a kind of stuckness.  Yes I can contribute to others wealth, through making comments for others to INTERPRET, the meaning always coming from the individual, especially as someone relatively well attuned to ideas of NOW and being “In The Zone”, though even with Threshold, particular subjects or kinds of abusive, language & behaviours, simply Trigger thoughts as to why I adopted an Isolationist Approach to life in the first place.

I had a particular set of circumstance, akin to being in QUICKSAND where any attempted movement resulted in even worse circumstance,  I know this due to having earlier adopted the keep moving mind-set and something new or differing will occur.  Those preaching such things, are really only doing so from there own brain or mind-set, and that of course is not my brain or mind-set.

Yes I can do reframes and ask the how can I questions, though usually find that at some point in my life I can demonstrate a been there, done, that worn the T-Shirt, and of course, even reiterating that can become tiresome.

Now I also recently stated that I typically view Trends and that whilst I often monitor sporting trends and News Trends (you can rarely visit News Media Websites without being affected by the news) and of course Cinema.

So Just as quickly as the Golden Globes had finished we see a list of Nominations for The Bafta’s. The Bafta’s might of course be regarded as my Home Nation’s Oscars.  What were my first impressions?  Well overall I thought that a good range of productions and movies was visibly up & for a broad range of awards, popular films that many might struggle to complain about, such-as Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk , The Shape Of Water, or the Animated Pixar’s Coco and even Star Wars snuck in for a couple of Nominations.  So plenty for average Dave to say yes quality choices, I noted that as someone who has followed Theatre Release Schedules and That Industry quite attentively that even several lesser widely known movies (that I would like to see) were nominated.  Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, and The Death Of Stalin.

Any Negatives? well I of course have been the anti anti agenda activist in many ways shapes and forms of life, wanting to better reflect Reality and Truth,  whether that is Trending Now or simply what is best for my own life and circumstances. effectively wanting to be a positive example and so on.

So what might be regarded as Negatives or Controversial, Well the list of Nominations perhaps in several circumstances, breaks the connectivity between category’s.  Someone can be the best director without his/her film appearing within best movie or vice-versa and indeed that can be seen within Best Actor/Actress Category’s also.  That in several instances is a GOOD THING (from my own experience & studies), though will likely be reported controversially elsewhere, especially by those who live or exist on pretexts of justification for the justification and so on.  I personally think given how many differing sub-industry’s exist within Movies, that they themselves within the industry sub-category are a better gauge of knowledge of there subject matter, than 3rd party commenters such-as myself. Is Truth better found in Category Isolation, or some abstract Aesthetical truth about an all-encompassing Movie or Film?

Few Releases genuinely hit the check mark box across so many aspects of movie making, this years film, that perhaps does more than others is The Shape Of Water, perhaps a 50’s B Movie style film that simply through Craft & attention to detail and aesthetic and so on is propelled to dizzying heights.

The other Controversy is of course the issue of AGENDA movies, is this movie an entertainment or does it have a strongly associated AGENDA.  Yes some short films and categories are actually seemingly utilised  for delivering Agenda type messages year in and year out, that is especially true of documentary category, though what about Agenda within the so-called mainstream?

Well at first appearance you might scan the list and think 3 Billboards yep agenda, Call Me By Your Name, yep agenda, God’s Own Country, Yep Agenda and so on.

Of course in reality whether the maker or creatives agenda was simply to create an entertainment or otherwise, you can actually state that every film comes with some underlying theme or agenda, the question is perhaps delivery or BIAS.  I would prefer MERITOCRACY over Political Correctness, though also know that inherent bias, will see old behaviours & patterns returned to again & again without conscious attention being kept upon them.

So several films are in misplaced category’s (IMHO), Why do I say that? Well I think some story’s are great screen plays or visually good or directed well, though not deserving of best film nominations and so on.  As someone who has studied & monitored these so-called patterns & cycles for several years, it is extremely DISTURBING in several instances, as to how our day to day reality as reported in the media, is mismatched by how such things are portrayed or romanticised within Film or indeed books and other entertainment media, that of course always the source of dispute among differing groups anyway.  I read some long piece on Twitter about The Last Jedi being compared to a classic movie called RASHOMON, that I think I may have seen years ago or know the concept, or idea behind it, in terms of differing peoples narratives, though was not conscious that it had kind of been done already.  We can all have our own Narrative etc.

So Nominations are well spread out and broad and perhaps a Nomination might be regarded as equivalent to an award in and of itself, as only one within a group can take the final prize, though plenty of productions can say thank you for the nod or recognition etc.

What else, well I, on and off have wanted to be writing a book and story of my own, and some may think, we have already seen interpretation of your story on the big screen and I think you may well be correct in certain matching of a given set of CRITERIA.

However I really do have a strong & differing, back of the mind project, that I have thought heavily upon for years and years, this is one in which I have on occasion began writing out designs for and ideas for and identifying groups and patterns and individuals and themes and so on,  this has gone on for the best part of some 10+ years, and I have become distracted or wanted to have some alternate skillset for, or put to one side etc. And yes it is the kind of thing that those well versed in literature or straight forward storytelling or pattern & cycle matching might say have been done before etc.  Though that is of course like all story’s not my own unique World View or outlook & perspective of it.

I will not put much about this particular project here, as it perhaps best to work on such things alone or in private unless I can get some collaborators on board, something I had wanted to do on several occasions, as I had at one point thought the overall story better suited to graphic novel or even film and TV etc. (Who never thought that about there own work) and I myself struggling to find appropriate level of quality vocabulary or language usage etc. So the simply truth is I really may well have to be absent here and elsewhere, whether Guardian Cartoon Corner or on Twitter and Facebook or other Social Medias, as all these “other peoples stuff” often act as distraction, rather than inspiration, not that they are not fun, so much as if everyone has at least one book in them or story to tell, then I genuinely would like this particular project to by my contribution, rather than continuously putting it on the backburner as a non-starter and then finding myself returning to it several months or years later.  We can all of course have instances of thinking something a good idea & then run out of steam or place it to one side and start something else, though this one must really be strong because I keep finding myself returning to it and as mentioned above, this has occurred for 10+ years.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well!

Global Reshuffle Nuclear Fallout

So I recently wrote regarding my impression of the Golden Globes Coverage and indeed a recently published Book and of course also a Governmental Reshuffle.

So why might I desire to continue in the same vein?

Well I read multiple reports across a variety of publications expressing disappointment with the Golden Globe Winners, this often came as some kind of disappointed buyer remorse, journalists and differing factions and groupings disappointed that they’re own Winner of choice, was not the overall winner or that some faction or grouping was not represented within the given categories.

I however took a somewhat more Holistic Overview and believe those involved within the voting have potentially gotten it more correct, if we adjust our sights toward a more Big Picture Take on these events.

Historically we have seen early show awards such-as Golden Globes be quite intransigent as to there own power & influence within there own respective right, and what that has often created has been a ripple effect, whereby campaigns have appeared for those lesser choices or Politically “Hot Potato” like subjects & topics, that did not make the grade.

This year I would like to think something more Magical is potentially occurring, whereby The Golden Globes have taken a more Spiritual Industry Wide Approach much like Dick Van Dyke’s “Step In Time” song within classic Mary Poppin’s Movie.

I should of course write a DISCLAIMER at this point, given how often ideas such-as The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men come to the foreground.

However in awarding potentially Hot Potato’s such-as Three Billboards Now, it might be suggested that other awarding body’s might breath a sigh of relief.  They can adopt a mind-set of That one has been appropriately awarded already, or indeed maybe we might like to award that one too, to a lesser extent, likewise several others among the winners also fit into that deserving though not necessarily the best for a given award, or clean sweep of awards, this issue I have highlighted again & again of “The Justification for the Justification for the Justification” satisfying pre-existing & unhelpful historical “cause” groups that modern Technology and more widely known and accepted knowledge’s basically remove the justifications for.  A kind of ‘Let Us Actually Get Some Appropriate Foundation’s in place that can work for large demographics, not the most Vocal Extremist groups.

Last year or previous years, we had intransigent strongly selfish mindset’s of quite large numbers of award bodies, all determinedly seeking to set the AGENDA for what, for many, is a more Prestigious award that would soon be following.  And the nonsense that surround such things have typically been amplified to such an extent that a particular extremist demographic or dog was always been wagging the tail at the expense of  more deserving peoples or productions and so on.

Yes I look forward to the Oscar Nominations within interest as for myself I would like them to return to more populist & less  politicised Centre ground regarding ENTERTAINMENT as entertainment.

Plenty of widely viewed & popular movies have been released this year containing industry figures & celebrities from broad & wide ranging demographics that do not have undesirable & toxic agenda’s associated with them.  I genuinely would like to see a #LetsMakeTheOscarsFunAgain Campaign.  Rather than the year after year extremist high-jacking of toxic groupings.

So for myself “Dave’s Famous Last Words” are perhaps that the Globes has acted as a kind of MINESWEEPER in the sense of clearing the minefield of mines in order for the industry to be able to focus on more fun and widely regarded movies.

The reshuffle: Well the fallout could well continue for sometime regarding various appointments, as the journalists start investigating all these new Government Team Members.  I being a Dave of course, am quite worried that 4 David’s are in the higher tier of Government. Yes I would like to think well of all David’s everywhere forever & ever, though having gotten my own act together in later life, (although always fairly moderate anyway) and indeed rejected certain kinds of unhelpful behaviours and opinions & language abusers & bullying, their presence is one that can potentially do harm, where I personally have often sought to do no harm.  I can only hope they are people of integrity or well guided in there thoughts, feelings & actions.

Elsewhere regarding the non-David persons, well again it perhaps better to apply the everyman / everywoman ideology though typically we know, that I am being fair and life is not fair etc.  So in all likelihood several will not stand up to scrutiny in the short term and we are going to hear lots of talk of Now rather than the past & indiscretions and so on.  The fact that the Coverage of Government/Parliament has focussed so strongly on Conservatives is also concerning, leading to thoughts that we are already under a Police Authoritarian Dictatorship  State and so on.

Where are all the opponents and indeed what are they doing?

Yes we are also seeing topics and issues relating to Wages and Impartiality, the only PROBLEM if you can have a problem is of course that I am white middle aged man, and despite having been to University, currently work as a minimum wage Labourer and have lived in poverty for several years, this is predominantly due to a system that favours females at all entry points & gateways to help or advancement, whether housing or benefits or healthcare and so on.  What I do personally know from my own experience, is that female & women first AGENDA’s that are being Highlighted at present, have been there for quite a few years, and it is in FACT MEN & MALES that require greater representation & Rights when it comes to those areas of life.

Most of the STATISTICS used regarding INEQUALITY do not stand up to SCRUTINY for a male in my circumstances, typically once again they have been cherry picked for dramatic effect rather than representative of TRUTH.

you could take my income and profile and compare it against any minority or working person demographic you care to mention and would likely discover that I am actually the disadvantaged one, hence it being quite annoying, seeing so much FAKE NEWS in the news.

That perhaps goes back to what I wrote regarding the Awards above, The justification for the justification for the justification – mostly for a status quo than equality and fairness throughout all tiers of society and civic life.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

Globes, Books & Reshuffles.

So I as can recall that as a relatively young child I spent time watching multiple international award shows, such-as Oscars and Brits and of course we can see or demonstrate that particular realms have there own Calendar cycles and patterns, as to when & how such things take place.

At present we are now in the big movie/TV award zone and I – being a night owl – thought oh I shall see if I can watch the Golden Globes.  Unfortunately I do think that many years ago, many Broadcaster throughout the World whether Terrestrial or Cable or Satellite had collective spiritual agreements, whereby perhaps some small exchange of fee’s occurred and meant that Broadcasts could be made LIVE to International Audiences.

Now of course that spirituality has seemingly been ejected from the mind-set of modern entertainment media mafia’s, in the sense that they seemingly have there own Broadcast outlet and you either buy a subscription if you are lucky enough to live in the same Country or Continent, or perhaps you have a contract with a given international supplier that provides access, a lack of those things means you simply have to follow through all the secondary & tertiary reporting methods that exist.

I having been quite dedicated in my following over the last couple of years have perhaps found the same complaint over and over again.  An obsession exists where you have to follow a Feed on a News Media Wall or a Social media wall, typically lots of photo’s and later mini-clips designed purely for those who live life on the go via mobile phones and other gadgets.

Why in the Days of 3,4 or 5 Channels was I able to see far more Award Shows than I can now, when the World has thousands of Channels.  It is the most ridiculous scenario imaginable.  The Public Broadcasters in the UK can say, well you are one amongst 67 million and given lack of interest from that overall population we are saving funds & directing our money for our Social Media Audiences blah blah blah.

So then it is perhaps a matter of INVESTMENT, if I cannot watch the show I am perhaps better doing something else with my time instead, though my own reaction is that the Celebrity’s wanting to High-light a CAUSE and however are not shooting themselves in the foot so much as the Broadcasters are doing it for them.

My inability to watch live, and then also have to put up with Social Media Wall Reports & Mini-clips effectively RUINED the entire AWARD EXPERIENCE.

Any MESSAGE that the Celebrity & Stars & Industry Figures may have wished or desired to CONVEY was RUINED or perhaps REDUCED in its quality or ability to deliver a powerful message.

Overall I think that many individuals who were awarded were good choices in both Film & Television Categories, and Oprah of course, for many of us who historically watched her talk shows or have been entertained in other ways is well deserving of her Achievement Award, though as is hinted at, the Overall Experience was more frustrating than entertaining and any other forthcoming Award Shows really need or require to get a handle or grip on these Means of dissemination issues.

Books – So a recent publication from a Journalist or individual who spent time in the White House, early on in the New Presidential Tenure, has written a book said to be a kind of behind the scenes account of what was happening & occurring.  Much vocal high-lighting of all and anything that can be utilised for highlighting controversy or differences between those surrounding the President, and indeed some strange reports on his activities himself.

In language terms of course and with perhaps a little Scientific reasoning or rational we can pursue going ever deep into the spaces and gaps between the spaces and gaps and so on, almost into a kind of Psychological Infinity Point.

Unsure as to any long term benefit or value to anyone in doing so, beyond of course always demonstrating that language or signs and symbols and how they are conveyed can never genuinely give you a whole 100% experience of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Yes theoretically someone saying this is red, and having it agreed in definition as widespread Objectivity is EASY.  Though when you get into the realm of description of more complicated combinations of thoughts and feelings and actions – issues, how do you  break them down into any kind of genuinely relatable series of meanings. Some claim empathy, though for myself again and again these are more categorical headers than sub-descriptions of chemical or physiological reactions within the body.

Some of us who have had serious physical or bodily trauma, can surprise others in description of such experience because quite thin dividing lines can exist between so-called pain and pleasure.  This often described as the Bodily release of pleasure chemicals and so on, that in some instances are actually bodily pain killers and so on.

You can have the same physiological occurrence or response with this circumstance, as with this very differing circumstance. How do you know or indeed convey a separation or gap or separation or GREY AREA between them.   I think this is where some folks become confused and conflicted and indeed potentially easily led astray or groomed by less than savoury individuals able to put alternative SPIN on such things.  Hence some topics & subjects perhaps better investigated appropriately via Science than get drawn into unhelpful & unrewarding debates whereby neither side can claim objective certainty in un-investigated subjective reality issues.

Reshuffles – this is of course a day where we were told in advance, the UK Prime Minister was having a reshuffle of the Government Cabinet, and that up to a quarter of the present team might be moving on or stepping down and fresh blood introduced into the higher tiers of Government Policy and Decision Making.

I think that such things can be good for trainee’s young and old at any level of a Business in terms of gaining a little experience throughout multiple business workings or departments.  However there is an issue of rotating the deckchairs that can occur within any realm, whereby some group has  dominated and the rotation is simply some going through the motions exercise in pretence that something is being done.

In wider World Affairs of Spiritual Understanding, I am sure that rotation or reshuffles can also occur and be beneficial to members of a given community.  The problem of course potentially how well aligned or understanding of these methodologies any given person is within a given setup.  In some Business or Military you might simply accept such things as top-down reo-organisation with little questioning done as to reason or rational.  Though many Business and other Realms operate through feedback and return, bottom up and top down head-to-toe methodologies, so with that in mind there is the potential for entering a minefield.

Likewise of course those with vested interest in a status quo, whether regarded as mutually assured destruction or some other TERRITORIAL BOUNDARY  MAFIA issue, can do all and everything within there power & means to influence and manipulate things in a fashion and manner that best befits there own self interest or group rather than necessarily the greater World good, if such things exist.

I mention that because I did state of course that I follow Cartoon Corner at the Guardian Online, and mostly stay within that sector of the publication, and the reason for that is that I have often found myself abused or had comments reported and blanked out, when I have ventured beyond cartoon corner.  What can be most annoying or galling, is that I generally keep posts whether regarded as jumbled and confused or otherwise, polite and courteous, so when my comment disappears from a thread and I see very many quite hateful and abusive comments, one cannot help to think and feel that the inmates have taken over the asylum, something I have mentioned within that Guardian media realm and in regard to other realms.

Media Empires can have reshuffles and rotate Journalists into other departments and so on also, though given the tendency toward self-employment and freelancing within some realms I am unsure how much can be done to ask columnists to spread there interest or cast there gaze over some topic and subject that they do not or have not historically been involved within. I think I may well hop over to Guardian Cartoon Corner and suggest it, though I doubt it would be taken in good faith.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well!

Oh The Music of Star Wars

So like very many a person, I can listen to a tune or indeed a few notes of a tune and potentially recognise it or have a game of name that tune and so on and so forth.

It does not really matter what your musical preference, some tunes from some musicians or realms are so well known or widely played as to potentially placing you at some point or time within your own life.

The Music of Star Wars is little different in that respect.  I believe I went through a phase years ago of not wanting to be a total philistine (so to speak) regarding music and whilst I do enjoy various classical pieces anyway, I did buy & purchase various famous movie soundtracks and indeed some collections that often included highlights of an era.

If you hear the Imperial March that many refer to as Darth Vader’s tune you can typically identify such things quite rapidly.  In buying the Album’s and so on separately you come to realise that in many an instance the music is designed specifically for particular sequences or sections of the storyline & film.  I say this because many movie soundtracks sound very differing when separated out from the associated film or movie.

And that again can be used as a kind of Inspiration Prompt.  Even if you do not know the movie or film a piece is strongly associated with you  can probably seek to identify the kinds of moods or emotions evoked and without knowing the associated story or film, can likely gain insight into how you might think of the music as part of the background to your own life & story.

So in complete honesty, prior to The release of SW: Episode VII , it had actually been many years that I had deliberately or consciously last listened to any associated musical scores, though having strongly mentally invested in the Franchise at this point in my life, and of course exploring life narratives, storytelling & styles & themes it seems like an obvious given to include such things within your research.

The highlight for myself in that particular movie was actually Rey’s Theme, and for myself kind of invoked a memory of some classic Western Soundtrack, a kind of hybrid of the spaghetti Western tunes, such-as the one associated with the Watch in the Good The Bad & The Ugly, the gunfight where you cannot draw until the music stops.

Having seen TLJ a couple of times, and indeed written on multiple occasion as to what is so great for myself within the film, I spoke on topics & issues such-as the pace and timings and how the film manages to weave from action to action and story thread to story thread, in many ways the music is very much integrated and part & parcel of that in the emotions and so on that arise at any given point, so much so that it can be easy to forget that the music is actually for many people the SIGNPOSTING, in terms of continuity you might hear a given CHARACTERS associated music or elements before they actually enter stage left or right and so on.

So after seeing an article speaking on the musical score, I thought hmmn, I did not give that enough attention in my viewings, what can I do, YOUTUBE came to my rescue and I had an entire musical score listening session.  The musical score very much reflects the movie in many ways, for myself especially, what seemed apparent was how many pieces were quite fast and had an urgency and pace to them.  Yes the signposting for differing groups and peoples was present, though what really stood out STRONGLY on this listening session was how much AMBIGUITY has seemingly been introduced, whereby a tune associated with say the imperials was interwoven with tune for Rebels and so on, it actually seemed far more CHAOTIC or URGENCY driven than many historical themes including its immediate predecessor.

I cannot at present decide on an out and out favourite tune from this score, based in one listening session, though a couple of pieces did stand out or affect myself in unexpected ways.  The first was one that I shared on Twitter and was the given tune for Canto Bight, the Casino planet that Rose & Finn & BB-8 visit & encounter DJ, interesting to note that BB-8 and DJ’s presence was not particularly high-lighted in other peoples write-up’s as though superfluous to requirements regarding the music.

However Canto Bight begins as if just another SW tune and then suddenly switches into a much more populist & fun series of interwoven themes, popular rhythm n blues scales & rises, that for myself reminded myself of quite a few well known styles & tracks, though delivered as they may have been for ancient cartoons and decadent 40’s & 50’s Hollywood film, the tune really was a kind of MELTING POT head nod to multiple genres of musical shape & form, that has to be listened to and then perhaps dissected from your own knowledge base, I say that because I literally found myself referencing quite a broad spectrum of other materials, hence that kind of repeat listening value, quite a few TRIGGERS that work in getting the noggin going and Giving X Degree’s of separation pointers to other favourites.

Another track that surprised myself was called The Sacred Jedi Texts.  I am unsure as to what actually occurred though it almost seemingly brought tears to my eyes, unsure if that was the result of listening to the tune in solitude or simply a result of all the other pieces I had listened to beforehand leading up to that point, I shall again have to have another listen through all the tracks and be more precise in my thought processes or reasoning and meaning I give myself for likes and loathing and all that JAZZ.

Overall I would say that just as everyone has a favourite film ranking and how they would place differing films in the linage at differing positions, the music of course has always been John Williams, so he is really in a one man competition with himself, this one reflects the pace, chaos & ambiguity and indeed some of the magical & Fun sections of the film, and I genuinely struggle in finding an out-and-out favourite piece at the present time.  He has of course the unenviable task of remixing and reworking much of his long term Original Material, so many a philistine would likely say they much prefer the Original Trilogy Music in Original Form, though that for myself detracts from the Original Pieces introduced for several of the newer characters & scenes & scenario’s within the Soundtracks for both VII & VIII. Like many Ensemble pieces, we have to adapt & adjust & be flexible as to what is occurring and happening within the CURRENT FILM storyline & threads & themes etc. Yes I love the Original Imperial Marches and Love Rey’s Theme, though I usually find over the longer period that has been had at present, that a favourite gradually rises its head from the pack and so on.

So definitely one that much like the movie it accompanies requires repeat viewing/listening/ EXPERIENCING prior to rushing to any outright conclusions of preferences.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.


Issues Being Noted At Present?

So you MONITOR various TRENDS throughout the World and of course many Realms all have there own particular versioning of the so-called cycles & patterns of time, though also such things can be done consciously or indeed unconsciously.

I think pre-hypnosis & later Meditation related courses, I was typical of very many a person who stumbled on Conscious TRUTH at various points and then continued on in unconscious fashion not really feeling empowered by any given natural level of awareness that I may have gained via life EXPERIENCE.

So quite simply once I was actively meditating & clearing out many a lifelong held mental issue that I had seemingly picked up along the course of my life, it seemed quite sensible to withdraw into a somewhat isolationist approach to all and everything, that I may have previously over-indulged. Such behaviour is often referred to as a contraction rather than what many folks claim to be the answer expansion.

However I think part of the Challenge I may have issued to Learning Strategies & Affiliates or indeed Centerpointe Research Institute & affiliates was one of removal of the victim mind-set and the reasoning whether logical or emotional or however described for the seemingly dire circumstances I found my life often returning too.

So in many an instance, I can say the Meditation & Courses and so on have worked in the sense that I am not suffering multiple issues that were lifelong issues for myself previously, the negative side is perhaps one that has also been there all along in the sense of still not really knowing what I might want to do with the rest of my life (so to speak).

I thought I could join in with Twitter & improve my Navigation, though much of my interest has been about wanting to improve my personal ECONOMIC circumstances as a singleton who desires or wishes to remain a singleton, and in a way that reduces reliance on external institutions or peoples with bias & alignments that are not in accordance with my own life goals, desires & wishes & so on, we always or seemingly return to issues of appropriate BOUNDARIES.

What might I do, to balance wanting to keep a relatively low profile with my strategy for learning, and waiting for my daughter to be old enough to go out into the World and thrive for herself INDEPENDENTLY of any of the issues that she may have witnessed in my family circumstance and indeed her immediate mothers family life & circumstance and so on.

So very many aspects of life the Universe & Everything, I can say as many a Teacher has informed myself, I have little or no control over.  This has often been demonstrated to myself through my interactions or Contributions to conversation and debate within Guardian Online, where I will happily read many an article though then make a decision as to whether to contribute based on a balance between several things.

That can include whether I agree or disagree with the actual article itself or indeed comments from other contributors, many regulars (for example) within Cartoon Corner mostly interact with each other & leave myself alone, most of the time, though also if a high-profile name sake is in an article or cartoon, you typically find that the comments run into plain nastiness, people directly attacking a politician or celebrity in a personalised fashion, rather than for the activities or contribution or behaviour they have given in a particular World Realm or Establishment role.

I often then feel caught between a rock & a hard place in the sense, that I will not indulge commenting or debate, when a large amount of nonsense or abuse is being aimed at a namesake or indeed article author or creator, it is the equivalent of catching a bad vibe or dose; some communities or indeed individuals, do not care about those kinds of ramifications, as they are themselves hidden behind multiple false pseudonyms and so on. I however having invested heavily in meditation and Threshold and indeed multiple courses am seeking more cooperative inclusive methodologies and community’s and so on.

That perhaps where being the Celebrity, or Author or Writer on indeed low-profile non-entity comes into play in the sense that you have more CONTROL in your own blog and Creative Realm and so on, than you do entering realms where you are not responsible for what is being published.  This has long been the debate between Mainstream News Organisation Media’s who are allegedly held to account for content, whilst Social Media Platform’s are not.  In truth my experience is improved through making my own distinctions, and taking responsibility for what I say & do, rather than relying on Organisations that are chock-a-block run by peoples with agenda’s of there own.

Yes I have no control over the published content of WordPress, though they do not seemingly interfere with what I publish and indeed, I have not knowingly indulged what might be regarded as lots of attention seeking or extremist behaviours.

That takes myself to the Part Two aspect of things wrong or annoying with Social Media Platforms and Mainstream Media Press.  Too much advertising.  I follow a link thinking that will be good to read or know and typically my Gadget Screen, whether Laptop or Surface Pad or Mobile is filled up with huge amounts of advertising, often causing myself to ABANDON reading any article long before the stuff has completed loading up.

Examples of this are far to numerous to fully list, though it happens so often with some individuals or media realm’s output that I simply do not bother on future occasions.  That is called CHOICE, if you have something genuinely worthwhile that you want myself to read or follow, cut down on your million & one clickbait advertising deals etc.

So theoretically I could have lots of clickbait advertising deals here and would be incentivised to write regularly and go out and find people to read my output and so on in expansive fashion, that works for many people, though I have struggled in the sense of knowing what my ultimate aims & goals actually are. I would likely set up a different Website to carry out those sorts of activity more than use this more personalised blog.

I recently visited a Waterstones bookstore and amongst all the books, they had travel games and so on, one was a mini roulette wheel that I considered buying and that reminds myself of my thoughts in relation to being the pinball when someone else is in control of the flippers.

So I have indulged heavily following some World touring Sports and local national sports and Cartoon Corner commentary trends at the Guardian, and various regular Twitter media guru’s seemingly understand those trends & follow them themselves, perhaps putting money on the table and food in the belly of there respective audience’s, at least those people who are aware of such things and make the appropriate GAMBLES at various gambling websites.

The problem of course that I grew up compartmentalising all these things as a child and spent most of my life with compartmentalisations, the Meditation however in working its magic, seemingly cuts through many inner mental boundaries and distinctions, and that leads to what I have also written upon before – this idea that many people are correct or true in what they see & believe or assume, though apply the knowledge to an incorrect Realm.  This idea that someone throws a pile of COINS up in the air as CLUES, within an article or Cartoon and then others comment back to them creating a form of reflectivity master & student methodology, you can often be blind in what you yourself can see within your own work so rely on your audience to provide you the necessary FEEDBACK to confirm or otherwise what you think. Lots & Lots of practice is required in this and I think I have become far better attuned than I was just a few short years ago, though the WRONG coin issue appears again & again.  That issue of reading an article that you can link to multiple sports whether Tennis or Golf or Soccer or Rugby and so on, and you have to find secondary and even tertiary clues to ensure you are “in the appropriate zone”.

So all meaning always comes from us, though it really does take some dedicated practice and indeed self-discipline to not rush to incorrect conclusions or ideas.

The World according to many has gone to EXTREMIST GROUPINGS high-jacking National Debate & Agenda’s throughout the Western World. The problem for myself is that as soon as some topic or subject boundary I hold for myself is crossed, I simply do not get involved.

Many World Empires exist, whether that is demonstrated through a Parliamentary or Presidential Government or a family’s Patriarchy or Matriarchy or a Business’ Hierarchy or even a Social Media or Gangs Hierarchy.  These things can of course lead to debate as to whether top-down or bottom up strategies are best, though I think you simply have to adapt & adjust in accordance with experience and indeed knowledge or otherwise on a given topic & subject or area of discussion.

Likewise I think yes I shall pursue a job in this that or the other realm, when some of them advertise for job applicants and am then presented with qualification requirements or age restrictions or whatever, and that simply instils ideas as to Why Bother, when your own history is full of rejection for many roles, simply through historical work experience or lack of appropriate qualification.  In truth again & again you come to see that you could set up for yourself in multiple industries and not be beholden to the demands for experience or qualification and so on.  yes mistakes are likely, though at least you are doing what you want to do, without externally imposed ideas as to what makes a Realm or otherwise successful.

So square one can be thought of negatively, though in many ways it could be suggested to be a full-time beginners mind mind-set whereby each and everyday or moment is a new one and you can be flexible in thought & strategy and application of focus & concentration and attention or otherwise to a given realm or activity.

We are now in a PEAK ZONE period for CINEMA, SCREEN & FILM AWARD SEASON, and that is typically where my own BIAS is focussed at present, Various nomination lists are appearing on Twitter and yes you can hope to predict who will win and so on, just as you might with sports, though hopefully some rounds of debate are gone through and narrowed down prior to final nominations being settled.

Really I should of course be at a stage of no longer watching & learning externals and simply designing or creating something and setting out for myself, though as suggested above, I put myself on the back-burner for a few years, whilst my daughter has been growing up, now I can perhaps bring more of myself to the foreground and develop my own life with less distraction or requirement to abide to “other peoples stuff” that does nothing to put a roof over my own head or money in my bank and so on.

What I would genuinely like to see from some ECONOMIC guru that I feel does not presently exist is a COMPLETE SOCIETAL ECONOMIC MODEL based around being single and living as a single person.

Many economical models exist that says well we have this family or group model, or constituent community model and it is top down or bottom up or for baby boomers or generation-x or millenials.  As someone who understands aspects of engineering and OBJECT ORIENTATION Design and so on –  think repeatable usage of standardised Car Parts (for example) that makes mass production possible, I really think a requirement exists for a solitary standalone individuality economic model exists.


Well from a young age I had ideas as to wanting to be famous or great at one or other activity, and I indulged multiple interests some I was better at than others, likewise I was keen and enthusiastic as a young worker in various working life realms I entered.  However, in life and family issues, I felt that I wanted to be successful or financially comfortable as an individual prior to pursuing family & relationships.

Then at 17 still in the early months of College I had a life changing heavily traumatic accident, that effectively left myself in one of those NET GAP ZONES.  Crippled or disabled without being officially registered as such, that massively narrowed my life options down given the Consultant Advice I was given at that time.  Advice I strongly adhered to for many years.

So during that recovery period, I often found myself strongly targeted for particular types & styles of abuse by people, I became Frozen if you like in a Habitual Flight or Fight Zone where I was unable to do either.  this is important because I felt I learnt and have a great deal of EXPERIENCE about PREJUDICE and BIAS during that time period, not only how wrong I was in many of my own bias, though just how limiting & damaging many such things are.  Likewise many of these issues appeared again in later life when I was in a mixed race marriage and then later again being a white divorcee with a mixed race daughter, a white guy who can walk into any institution or work environment or life realm and hear nasty  prejudice about his daughter, often spoken when immigrants or peoples of colour are not present etc.  Typically not helped through knowing that people of colour and immigrants can be just as prejudiced toward others, as any demographic you care to mention.

Essentially the rise in Far Right Extremisms & Far Left Extremisms are part of those cycles & patterns that can be witnessed from generation to generation, though of course, many alleged Science Hypothesis or indeed life long learning is massively debunked by those who take up Technological Meditation such-as Holosync raising Threshold or indeed do some courses from Learning Strategies Corporation, that can often help to free you from unwanted distractions & issues  you may have held throughout your lifetime.

Can Umbrella Groupings be developed that work for everyone, well it would be nice to think so, though likewise my own experience is that many Realms that have come about including alleged equal rights groups are just as extremist as those they claim to oppose.

Much of my study has typically involved ideas such-as what occurs if this SUBJECT or TOPIC is not on the agenda or table (whether in family, social or working life zones) or what if this topic or idea is introduced into the mix, what is the best hierarchy if any at all, again & again, everyone seemingly has there own agenda as to what is best. I usually find that even ideas such-as channelling your focus into this, that or the other comes with consequence, some judged as good some judged as bad and so on.  Far better having moved on from some issues to let them go & not get drawn back into them unless it is some expected or required part of your income generation, or life purpose etc.

So yes, I might be considered an outlier in many walks of life or realms and topics & subject matters, though given my combination of experience and life events, I would rather be HAPPY in SOLITUDE with sensible boundaries in my group dealings & relationships with others, than whole hearted know-it-all expert, who in reality can only ever be an expert on his own life & circumstance.

So I can say a big THANK YOU to Bill Harris and his other followers and indeed the Learning Strategies & Co Team. You have my appreciation & gratitude, though please if you can get in touch with some Economists and encourage development of a better Economic Model than is presently used & debated within the Western World. That I truly would like to see.

A Western World economic model for success and independence of a single individual, that requires no gang or group membership or adherence to failed ideologies and extremisms via association, whether family, or work or social.  Yes I enjoy being part of some enlightenment & Technology groupings, though have little desire to constricted by herd mind-sets & unconscious blindness.

I have of course been through multiple courses that introduce PROCESS and I think a Process is a good idea, though likewise am often concerned as to what any given course or process may actually be doing to myself, and whether it really is progressive or merely exists to maintain what for myself has been a failed status quo experience of existence.  Lets get some Technological breakthroughs that really are new ground and change the World Model of Economics to one that cannot be so easily high-jacked by peoples with lowest common denominator agenda’s that are not in alignment with individual health, wealth and a persons ability to navigate through life successfully.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!