Globes, Books & Reshuffles.

So I as can recall that as a relatively young child I spent time watching multiple international award shows, such-as Oscars and Brits and of course we can see or demonstrate that particular realms have there own Calendar cycles and patterns, as to when & how such things take place.

At present we are now in the big movie/TV award zone and I – being a night owl – thought oh I shall see if I can watch the Golden Globes.  Unfortunately I do think that many years ago, many Broadcaster throughout the World whether Terrestrial or Cable or Satellite had collective spiritual agreements, whereby perhaps some small exchange of fee’s occurred and meant that Broadcasts could be made LIVE to International Audiences.

Now of course that spirituality has seemingly been ejected from the mind-set of modern entertainment media mafia’s, in the sense that they seemingly have there own Broadcast outlet and you either buy a subscription if you are lucky enough to live in the same Country or Continent, or perhaps you have a contract with a given international supplier that provides access, a lack of those things means you simply have to follow through all the secondary & tertiary reporting methods that exist.

I having been quite dedicated in my following over the last couple of years have perhaps found the same complaint over and over again.  An obsession exists where you have to follow a Feed on a News Media Wall or a Social media wall, typically lots of photo’s and later mini-clips designed purely for those who live life on the go via mobile phones and other gadgets.

Why in the Days of 3,4 or 5 Channels was I able to see far more Award Shows than I can now, when the World has thousands of Channels.  It is the most ridiculous scenario imaginable.  The Public Broadcasters in the UK can say, well you are one amongst 67 million and given lack of interest from that overall population we are saving funds & directing our money for our Social Media Audiences blah blah blah.

So then it is perhaps a matter of INVESTMENT, if I cannot watch the show I am perhaps better doing something else with my time instead, though my own reaction is that the Celebrity’s wanting to High-light a CAUSE and however are not shooting themselves in the foot so much as the Broadcasters are doing it for them.

My inability to watch live, and then also have to put up with Social Media Wall Reports & Mini-clips effectively RUINED the entire AWARD EXPERIENCE.

Any MESSAGE that the Celebrity & Stars & Industry Figures may have wished or desired to CONVEY was RUINED or perhaps REDUCED in its quality or ability to deliver a powerful message.

Overall I think that many individuals who were awarded were good choices in both Film & Television Categories, and Oprah of course, for many of us who historically watched her talk shows or have been entertained in other ways is well deserving of her Achievement Award, though as is hinted at, the Overall Experience was more frustrating than entertaining and any other forthcoming Award Shows really need or require to get a handle or grip on these Means of dissemination issues.

Books – So a recent publication from a Journalist or individual who spent time in the White House, early on in the New Presidential Tenure, has written a book said to be a kind of behind the scenes account of what was happening & occurring.  Much vocal high-lighting of all and anything that can be utilised for highlighting controversy or differences between those surrounding the President, and indeed some strange reports on his activities himself.

In language terms of course and with perhaps a little Scientific reasoning or rational we can pursue going ever deep into the spaces and gaps between the spaces and gaps and so on, almost into a kind of Psychological Infinity Point.

Unsure as to any long term benefit or value to anyone in doing so, beyond of course always demonstrating that language or signs and symbols and how they are conveyed can never genuinely give you a whole 100% experience of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Yes theoretically someone saying this is red, and having it agreed in definition as widespread Objectivity is EASY.  Though when you get into the realm of description of more complicated combinations of thoughts and feelings and actions – issues, how do you  break them down into any kind of genuinely relatable series of meanings. Some claim empathy, though for myself again and again these are more categorical headers than sub-descriptions of chemical or physiological reactions within the body.

Some of us who have had serious physical or bodily trauma, can surprise others in description of such experience because quite thin dividing lines can exist between so-called pain and pleasure.  This often described as the Bodily release of pleasure chemicals and so on, that in some instances are actually bodily pain killers and so on.

You can have the same physiological occurrence or response with this circumstance, as with this very differing circumstance. How do you know or indeed convey a separation or gap or separation or GREY AREA between them.   I think this is where some folks become confused and conflicted and indeed potentially easily led astray or groomed by less than savoury individuals able to put alternative SPIN on such things.  Hence some topics & subjects perhaps better investigated appropriately via Science than get drawn into unhelpful & unrewarding debates whereby neither side can claim objective certainty in un-investigated subjective reality issues.

Reshuffles – this is of course a day where we were told in advance, the UK Prime Minister was having a reshuffle of the Government Cabinet, and that up to a quarter of the present team might be moving on or stepping down and fresh blood introduced into the higher tiers of Government Policy and Decision Making.

I think that such things can be good for trainee’s young and old at any level of a Business in terms of gaining a little experience throughout multiple business workings or departments.  However there is an issue of rotating the deckchairs that can occur within any realm, whereby some group has  dominated and the rotation is simply some going through the motions exercise in pretence that something is being done.

In wider World Affairs of Spiritual Understanding, I am sure that rotation or reshuffles can also occur and be beneficial to members of a given community.  The problem of course potentially how well aligned or understanding of these methodologies any given person is within a given setup.  In some Business or Military you might simply accept such things as top-down reo-organisation with little questioning done as to reason or rational.  Though many Business and other Realms operate through feedback and return, bottom up and top down head-to-toe methodologies, so with that in mind there is the potential for entering a minefield.

Likewise of course those with vested interest in a status quo, whether regarded as mutually assured destruction or some other TERRITORIAL BOUNDARY  MAFIA issue, can do all and everything within there power & means to influence and manipulate things in a fashion and manner that best befits there own self interest or group rather than necessarily the greater World good, if such things exist.

I mention that because I did state of course that I follow Cartoon Corner at the Guardian Online, and mostly stay within that sector of the publication, and the reason for that is that I have often found myself abused or had comments reported and blanked out, when I have ventured beyond cartoon corner.  What can be most annoying or galling, is that I generally keep posts whether regarded as jumbled and confused or otherwise, polite and courteous, so when my comment disappears from a thread and I see very many quite hateful and abusive comments, one cannot help to think and feel that the inmates have taken over the asylum, something I have mentioned within that Guardian media realm and in regard to other realms.

Media Empires can have reshuffles and rotate Journalists into other departments and so on also, though given the tendency toward self-employment and freelancing within some realms I am unsure how much can be done to ask columnists to spread there interest or cast there gaze over some topic and subject that they do not or have not historically been involved within. I think I may well hop over to Guardian Cartoon Corner and suggest it, though I doubt it would be taken in good faith.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well!

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