Global Reshuffle Nuclear Fallout

So I recently wrote regarding my impression of the Golden Globes Coverage and indeed a recently published Book and of course also a Governmental Reshuffle.

So why might I desire to continue in the same vein?

Well I read multiple reports across a variety of publications expressing disappointment with the Golden Globe Winners, this often came as some kind of disappointed buyer remorse, journalists and differing factions and groupings disappointed that they’re own Winner of choice, was not the overall winner or that some faction or grouping was not represented within the given categories.

I however took a somewhat more Holistic Overview and believe those involved within the voting have potentially gotten it more correct, if we adjust our sights toward a more Big Picture Take on these events.

Historically we have seen early show awards such-as Golden Globes be quite intransigent as to there own power & influence within there own respective right, and what that has often created has been a ripple effect, whereby campaigns have appeared for those lesser choices or Politically “Hot Potato” like subjects & topics, that did not make the grade.

This year I would like to think something more Magical is potentially occurring, whereby The Golden Globes have taken a more Spiritual Industry Wide Approach much like Dick Van Dyke’s “Step In Time” song within classic Mary Poppin’s Movie.

I should of course write a DISCLAIMER at this point, given how often ideas such-as The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men come to the foreground.

However in awarding potentially Hot Potato’s such-as Three Billboards Now, it might be suggested that other awarding body’s might breath a sigh of relief.  They can adopt a mind-set of That one has been appropriately awarded already, or indeed maybe we might like to award that one too, to a lesser extent, likewise several others among the winners also fit into that deserving though not necessarily the best for a given award, or clean sweep of awards, this issue I have highlighted again & again of “The Justification for the Justification for the Justification” satisfying pre-existing & unhelpful historical “cause” groups that modern Technology and more widely known and accepted knowledge’s basically remove the justifications for.  A kind of ‘Let Us Actually Get Some Appropriate Foundation’s in place that can work for large demographics, not the most Vocal Extremist groups.

Last year or previous years, we had intransigent strongly selfish mindset’s of quite large numbers of award bodies, all determinedly seeking to set the AGENDA for what, for many, is a more Prestigious award that would soon be following.  And the nonsense that surround such things have typically been amplified to such an extent that a particular extremist demographic or dog was always been wagging the tail at the expense of  more deserving peoples or productions and so on.

Yes I look forward to the Oscar Nominations within interest as for myself I would like them to return to more populist & less  politicised Centre ground regarding ENTERTAINMENT as entertainment.

Plenty of widely viewed & popular movies have been released this year containing industry figures & celebrities from broad & wide ranging demographics that do not have undesirable & toxic agenda’s associated with them.  I genuinely would like to see a #LetsMakeTheOscarsFunAgain Campaign.  Rather than the year after year extremist high-jacking of toxic groupings.

So for myself “Dave’s Famous Last Words” are perhaps that the Globes has acted as a kind of MINESWEEPER in the sense of clearing the minefield of mines in order for the industry to be able to focus on more fun and widely regarded movies.

The reshuffle: Well the fallout could well continue for sometime regarding various appointments, as the journalists start investigating all these new Government Team Members.  I being a Dave of course, am quite worried that 4 David’s are in the higher tier of Government. Yes I would like to think well of all David’s everywhere forever & ever, though having gotten my own act together in later life, (although always fairly moderate anyway) and indeed rejected certain kinds of unhelpful behaviours and opinions & language abusers & bullying, their presence is one that can potentially do harm, where I personally have often sought to do no harm.  I can only hope they are people of integrity or well guided in there thoughts, feelings & actions.

Elsewhere regarding the non-David persons, well again it perhaps better to apply the everyman / everywoman ideology though typically we know, that I am being fair and life is not fair etc.  So in all likelihood several will not stand up to scrutiny in the short term and we are going to hear lots of talk of Now rather than the past & indiscretions and so on.  The fact that the Coverage of Government/Parliament has focussed so strongly on Conservatives is also concerning, leading to thoughts that we are already under a Police Authoritarian Dictatorship  State and so on.

Where are all the opponents and indeed what are they doing?

Yes we are also seeing topics and issues relating to Wages and Impartiality, the only PROBLEM if you can have a problem is of course that I am white middle aged man, and despite having been to University, currently work as a minimum wage Labourer and have lived in poverty for several years, this is predominantly due to a system that favours females at all entry points & gateways to help or advancement, whether housing or benefits or healthcare and so on.  What I do personally know from my own experience, is that female & women first AGENDA’s that are being Highlighted at present, have been there for quite a few years, and it is in FACT MEN & MALES that require greater representation & Rights when it comes to those areas of life.

Most of the STATISTICS used regarding INEQUALITY do not stand up to SCRUTINY for a male in my circumstances, typically once again they have been cherry picked for dramatic effect rather than representative of TRUTH.

you could take my income and profile and compare it against any minority or working person demographic you care to mention and would likely discover that I am actually the disadvantaged one, hence it being quite annoying, seeing so much FAKE NEWS in the news.

That perhaps goes back to what I wrote regarding the Awards above, The justification for the justification for the justification – mostly for a status quo than equality and fairness throughout all tiers of society and civic life.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

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