Oh That Is Interesting

So like any person writing a daily account of activities or thoughts & feelings, you can typically read back what you wrote on a previous occasion and think oh that was misleading or heavily open to misrepresentation and so on.

I think the problem can of course be one of personal circumstances Vs external response & interpretation.  Multiple articles have appeared today suggesting that being white, middle-aged is not a victim group, and of course as a high tier level, all encompassing LABEL I agree that it does not evoke thoughts feelings and so on of an oppressed sector or grouping of Society, that is at least until you potentially begin adding other LABEL’S, that perhaps demonstrate sub-categorisations that other folks & people can potentially or possibly relate too. There is of course the other issue that in order to play victim you have to buy into or think in terms of a victim mind-set and that is hardly rewarding an activity either, as many of the Meditative teachings often repeat, and why I usually seek to not go into those places, not through FEAR of what might be found somewhere about my brain, so much as ‘been there, done that’ already.

How many inner explorations and so on can you put yourself through.  So for myself when I see the current News Media Politic, I am unenthused, as some criteria can be placed in front of myself, as to does this discussion, put money on the table and food in the belly? clearly such things work for media personnel with the opinion columns and agenda setting Cartoonists, though for myself merely reinforce a kind of stuckness.  Yes I can contribute to others wealth, through making comments for others to INTERPRET, the meaning always coming from the individual, especially as someone relatively well attuned to ideas of NOW and being “In The Zone”, though even with Threshold, particular subjects or kinds of abusive, language & behaviours, simply Trigger thoughts as to why I adopted an Isolationist Approach to life in the first place.

I had a particular set of circumstance, akin to being in QUICKSAND where any attempted movement resulted in even worse circumstance,  I know this due to having earlier adopted the keep moving mind-set and something new or differing will occur.  Those preaching such things, are really only doing so from there own brain or mind-set, and that of course is not my brain or mind-set.

Yes I can do reframes and ask the how can I questions, though usually find that at some point in my life I can demonstrate a been there, done, that worn the T-Shirt, and of course, even reiterating that can become tiresome.

Now I also recently stated that I typically view Trends and that whilst I often monitor sporting trends and News Trends (you can rarely visit News Media Websites without being affected by the news) and of course Cinema.

So Just as quickly as the Golden Globes had finished we see a list of Nominations for The Bafta’s. The Bafta’s might of course be regarded as my Home Nation’s Oscars.  What were my first impressions?  Well overall I thought that a good range of productions and movies was visibly up & for a broad range of awards, popular films that many might struggle to complain about, such-as Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk , The Shape Of Water, or the Animated Pixar’s Coco and even Star Wars snuck in for a couple of Nominations.  So plenty for average Dave to say yes quality choices, I noted that as someone who has followed Theatre Release Schedules and That Industry quite attentively that even several lesser widely known movies (that I would like to see) were nominated.  Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, and The Death Of Stalin.

Any Negatives? well I of course have been the anti anti agenda activist in many ways shapes and forms of life, wanting to better reflect Reality and Truth,  whether that is Trending Now or simply what is best for my own life and circumstances. effectively wanting to be a positive example and so on.

So what might be regarded as Negatives or Controversial, Well the list of Nominations perhaps in several circumstances, breaks the connectivity between category’s.  Someone can be the best director without his/her film appearing within best movie or vice-versa and indeed that can be seen within Best Actor/Actress Category’s also.  That in several instances is a GOOD THING (from my own experience & studies), though will likely be reported controversially elsewhere, especially by those who live or exist on pretexts of justification for the justification and so on.  I personally think given how many differing sub-industry’s exist within Movies, that they themselves within the industry sub-category are a better gauge of knowledge of there subject matter, than 3rd party commenters such-as myself. Is Truth better found in Category Isolation, or some abstract Aesthetical truth about an all-encompassing Movie or Film?

Few Releases genuinely hit the check mark box across so many aspects of movie making, this years film, that perhaps does more than others is The Shape Of Water, perhaps a 50’s B Movie style film that simply through Craft & attention to detail and aesthetic and so on is propelled to dizzying heights.

The other Controversy is of course the issue of AGENDA movies, is this movie an entertainment or does it have a strongly associated AGENDA.  Yes some short films and categories are actually seemingly utilised  for delivering Agenda type messages year in and year out, that is especially true of documentary category, though what about Agenda within the so-called mainstream?

Well at first appearance you might scan the list and think 3 Billboards yep agenda, Call Me By Your Name, yep agenda, God’s Own Country, Yep Agenda and so on.

Of course in reality whether the maker or creatives agenda was simply to create an entertainment or otherwise, you can actually state that every film comes with some underlying theme or agenda, the question is perhaps delivery or BIAS.  I would prefer MERITOCRACY over Political Correctness, though also know that inherent bias, will see old behaviours & patterns returned to again & again without conscious attention being kept upon them.

So several films are in misplaced category’s (IMHO), Why do I say that? Well I think some story’s are great screen plays or visually good or directed well, though not deserving of best film nominations and so on.  As someone who has studied & monitored these so-called patterns & cycles for several years, it is extremely DISTURBING in several instances, as to how our day to day reality as reported in the media, is mismatched by how such things are portrayed or romanticised within Film or indeed books and other entertainment media, that of course always the source of dispute among differing groups anyway.  I read some long piece on Twitter about The Last Jedi being compared to a classic movie called RASHOMON, that I think I may have seen years ago or know the concept, or idea behind it, in terms of differing peoples narratives, though was not conscious that it had kind of been done already.  We can all have our own Narrative etc.

So Nominations are well spread out and broad and perhaps a Nomination might be regarded as equivalent to an award in and of itself, as only one within a group can take the final prize, though plenty of productions can say thank you for the nod or recognition etc.

What else, well I, on and off have wanted to be writing a book and story of my own, and some may think, we have already seen interpretation of your story on the big screen and I think you may well be correct in certain matching of a given set of CRITERIA.

However I really do have a strong & differing, back of the mind project, that I have thought heavily upon for years and years, this is one in which I have on occasion began writing out designs for and ideas for and identifying groups and patterns and individuals and themes and so on,  this has gone on for the best part of some 10+ years, and I have become distracted or wanted to have some alternate skillset for, or put to one side etc. And yes it is the kind of thing that those well versed in literature or straight forward storytelling or pattern & cycle matching might say have been done before etc.  Though that is of course like all story’s not my own unique World View or outlook & perspective of it.

I will not put much about this particular project here, as it perhaps best to work on such things alone or in private unless I can get some collaborators on board, something I had wanted to do on several occasions, as I had at one point thought the overall story better suited to graphic novel or even film and TV etc. (Who never thought that about there own work) and I myself struggling to find appropriate level of quality vocabulary or language usage etc. So the simply truth is I really may well have to be absent here and elsewhere, whether Guardian Cartoon Corner or on Twitter and Facebook or other Social Medias, as all these “other peoples stuff” often act as distraction, rather than inspiration, not that they are not fun, so much as if everyone has at least one book in them or story to tell, then I genuinely would like this particular project to by my contribution, rather than continuously putting it on the backburner as a non-starter and then finding myself returning to it several months or years later.  We can all of course have instances of thinking something a good idea & then run out of steam or place it to one side and start something else, though this one must really be strong because I keep finding myself returning to it and as mentioned above, this has occurred for 10+ years.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well!

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