My Own View Of The Oscar Nominations

So I recently wrote though unsure if I published #LetsMakeTheOscarsFunAgain . Once upon a time The Oscars offered up glamour & glitz and some escape from the day to day drudgery of peoples lives.

Yes it can be countered that they The Oscars are also representative of the cycles & patterns of time and also of course, various shape and form of “meaning” giving and particular demographics within Society.  I think one of the big complaints is that one, often spoken of as a wisdom in the field of romantic relationships, whereby A women falls for some guy and then changes him to how she thinks he should be and presto, he is no longer the guy she fell in love with in the first place and they go there separate ways etc.

Anyway that a digression, I have seen multiple cinema experts state that the Oscar Nominations are somewhat sterile and lacking in controversy and so on.  Well that is what many campaigners have campaigned for.  Change the Academy Voting Demographic letting in new members from lesser represented communities and so on introducing some new angles and perspectives and indeed representative balance, not only along the race, colour, ethnicity, sex lines, though also perhaps generational lines, for myself I think the GENERATIONAL lines has been the biggest block to progress, and whilst I think the Boomer, Generation-X, Millennial Model overly simplistic, you can certainly see in this set of nominations a far greater weighting of Generation-X and Millennial Choices.

Once upon a time for entertainment, people might have read or listened to radio, then along came Cinema and Television and progress has led to thousands of Online Channels and streaming and an exceptionally wide amount of options and choices.  The modern day reality is that many a demographic that has cried wolf and complained, does not have a genuine leg to stand on in most of the real World, the only real problem longer term Establishments such-as the Academy have had is in perhaps REFLECTING That new reality.

And of course from my perspective of Awareness and Enlightenment and so on, giving some genuine quality foundational base that larger numbers of people can utilise and operate from.

So all the usual suspects can complain in terms of race, colour, creed, sexuality, generation though they can also have it pointed out to them that there group, gang, Echo-Chamber Demographic is represented in some shape and form among the Nominations, even if it is not the representation of there own number 1 choice.  I understand voters are asked to nominate a 1, 2, 3 choice for each category and then a weighted averages system occurs, whereby what all agree upon “to some degree” will naturally rise higher in the percentages than those of lesser choices.  Outwardly that sounds pretty rational and fair to myself.

Echo Chamber is perhaps the most incisive Comment you will see from myself, because it is clear within this Nomination List that any breakdown of representation always breaks down into echo-chamber demographics anyway.  What I see in this nomination list is not so much a “community” as Echo-chamber Statistics.  As a BIG PICTURE OVERVIEW we can see a huge amount of DIVERSITY, though that diversity is via very many narrow focussed Productions.

The actual DIVERSE productions are perhaps potentially the ones that have missed out.  Example?

Well I am of course known for my Jedi Bias, though as a BIG SCREEN PRODUCTION “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is a Classic Example of a Diverse Production, men & women of differing generations, people of colour & ethnicity is represented and starred within the film “IN FRONT OF CAMERA” and yet Star Wars only gained Nomination within so-called Technical Craft & Skill Nominations and Music.

When you go to Period or Historical Drama – Dunkirk, Darkest Hour, you are effectively utilising a bias of the Story or Location or peoples and persons to introduce potential for Controversy.   Yes Dunkirk had multiple white nation peoples represented and yes you saw a couple of French Soldiers who were black, though for the most part those represented in front of camera were all white males, waiting on the beaches to be bombed by Woman’s rights groups and sex identity groups and so on.  I thought Dunkirk fantastic when I eventually saw it and was disappointed for the cast that an Acting Nomination was not there, I like Gary Oldman, though was less impressed with his Churchill performance than those of one or two actors in Dunkirk.

So overall I personally believe that a rather good balance has been achieved, whether that is through the new members or Societal Pressures & Campaigns remains to be seen in this day & age of Echo Chambers.

I read recently an article titled “Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply” that was about how few of those Social Media Creators utilise Social Media. The same can be said of course within Film circles or very many other a life realm.  For myself I think you are probably better off at the Platform Creator End of The Demographic than that of junk recycler at the user base end.

So yes much representation & Diversity is given via A Big Picture Overview of many narrow voice demographics and representations.

When  films such-as The Last Jedi that contain much Diversity “in and off themselves” are awarded by bodies such-as the academy then you might have greater faith for the Future.  Whilst the Academy has done the best it can in the circumstances, giving many new sectors a voice, other Awards such-as Empire Magazine that does award many populist Films within its nomination lists suggests greater alignment exist within the lower echelons of society than in the Echo Chamber Temples of the so-called ELITES.

Little More That Can Be Said Really, I stated several years ago that I believed 2017/2018 would be a strong year for Film and that in combination with changes to how the Academy operate and so on has perhaps produced one of the best populist line-up’s in recent Oscar History.

What other changes might one want, well if we are going ever deeper into subcategorization & echo-chambers then I really would perhaps like more populist films represented beyond the Technical Sectors, especially if an actor/actress has genuinely give a fantastic performance.  Having said that I think this set-up, unless some major upsets and nonsenses occur on the Day of the Awards, should stay in place for a year or two, rather than continuously acting in haste, repenting at leisure.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be well!


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