So It Has Been An Interesting Few Weeks

So for much of the last couple of years and after several years of daily meditation, various courses and staying in a relatively isolationist approach to life the Universe & Everything.  I found myself monitoring typical World wide patterns that I can recall kind of monitoring when I was a child, though it was perhaps not so easy for a child as it is for an adult and indeed beliefs & debates can be formed as to whether such activities are resourceful or not.

So I have typically monitored multiple World Touring Sports and also monitored more local or regional or group based events.  Examples of World Touring Sports might be Golf and Tennis and Formula 1 and Snooker.  Examples of The British & Commonwealth Sports might be Rugby, Cricket, Football, so some can say well particular sports exist within multiple categories and groupings where others are genuinely more regionally based.  Due to having various American followers or people I follow on Twitter, I also found myself taking an interest in Sports such as Major League Baseball and The National Football League (American Football (they call international Football “Soccer”)). They also have the Basketball Leagues and games such as Baseball and Basketball in monitoring terms are more like monitoring Traditional Cricket – the games are played over several days as a series.  Although of course both are very differing from each other and indeed to Cricket.

I also found myself regularly monitoring Film & Cinema Releases and the Cinematic Tour Circuit.  Just as World Touring Sports often have Highlighted Destinations so does the Cinematic Tour Circuit, although each Sport or area of interest has typically grown & grown down the years, and many smaller or lower leagues exist within sports and many smaller events exist within Film and also of course for very many other areas of life, such-as book festivals and music festivals and so on.

So we anyone of us can make certain kinds of predictions with a high level of certainty that makes us perhaps appear more intelligent than we are.  I hung out at Cartoon Corner with the Guardian Newspaper (for example) and I adopted an “Everyman” approach to applying the information contained within such imagery to the World at Large, yes they may have been directly related to Politics, though indirectly again it can be suggested that the rule of predictive ability still exists.  There are 7 Billion + People in the World so you can predict that there will be newborns on any given day and indeed deaths.  You can find it predictively true – that a plane crash, car crash, boat crash or motor cycle crash or any kind of vehicular crash can also occur on a daily basis. So screaming newspaper & mass media or social media headlines informing you of such events are reduced in importance to a certain degree, because they themselves have a  agenda to spread information and in reality you could publish one newspaper with 365 stories and simply rotate through the headline & importance ranking on each day of the year and find them to all be true.  You can then find yourself wondering how to go from the generic daily truth to a deeper more accurate and precise detailing of daily truth.  It was a red car that crashed, or it was a red car from the Ford Motor Vehicle Company that crashed, so the detail that exists the more seemingly less generic the story becomes.  Western Scientists have perhaps in some ways and at some point switched to numbers as a kind of Human Global system that helps go deeper into the depths and precision of prediction, though the truth still exists that some parts of the Globe exist without compatible or detailed accurate systems of translation or meanings.

So in many ways it can be suggested that I utilised Holosync to clear out many a junk – confused & conflicted story that was running through my body, likewise many associated courses were giving a new or improved foundational baseline from which to exist in such experiences.  I still think the most important aspect of Holosync usage was raising Threshold.  In more recent times a regular monthly book recommendation was being made and again I typically purchase such books or have them already within my own pre-existing library.  Most are autobiographical and belonging to the same or associated groups of peoples, some are Science Based such as those of Dr Daniel Amen and his wonderful MRI brain scan technologies, whilst others are more La-Di-Da & Spiritual though often come under the Story of My Own Success in this field of human endeavour, multiple coaches and health and business peoples.  So I can also claim of course to have my own biography to a certain extent in terms of growing up and perhaps wanting or wishing for particular things and some are quite obvious too myself whilst others appear as though a certain amount of -life-jacking has occurred.  These things were my own life choice & aim and I ended up in this different place here through external factors and actions beyond my own control.

So the successful within these Meditation Realms are seemingly those who have made specific goals and ignored/let go all external factors and taken full control and responsibility for what goes on within there own heart & minds and body.  So the question I might be led to ask is it worth continuing in the present vane, given some of the recent events that have occurred,

In some ways it might be suggested that the Movie The Last Jedi was a kind of account of my life story.  Multiple elements shone through in terms of meaning and action and events within my own life.  The Little Stable Boy with his broom stick was akin to Disney’s much earlier film “Fantasia” and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice section.  Fantasia written backwards appears to read AI SATNAV and I myself studied Computer AI Robotics at University – my final incomplete year was in fact writing an AI SATNAV system for robots.  I actually owned a Sorcerers Apprentice Cuddly Toy that I had purchased during a trip to Euro Disney sometime around 1996 1997.  1997 was of course the year that Meghan Daisy Burnett Was born and rushed from Hospital to Hospital prior to arriving at Great Ormond Street and being christened and given last rights.  Then there was the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and of course – Daisy defeating the odds and surviving.  The story stayed secret for many years and my own life & circumstance grew worse & worse for many years, the only positive aspect in my life were the visits and fun times spent with my own daughter Rose as she was growing up.

The story was originally made public in 2013 after it was written upon this Blog, (by which time I had been Meditating & raising my Threshold in Isolation for 3 years (with minimal Facebook usage due to constant work related abuse generated by persons unknown among my alleged “Friends”)), then it was later shared with those Facebook peoples (I always disliked the Facebook Agenda of calling complete strangers or distant associates / work colleagues “Friends”), another few years went by and it was shared again within a Learning Strategies Writing Course Group.  Several years passed and it was shared again on Twitter in relation to the new Star Wars films, I shared it with a couple of Stars/Celebrities who I knew raised money for Great Ormond Street, a year or two went by and suddenly a Prince of the Realm is dating a women by the name of Meghan and so on.  Harry & Meghan married just a day or two ago and of course I can only wish for them a positive & success happiest of lives together.   Although on this occasion it does not feel appropriate to share the Story.

More recently I myself was surprised, shocked and saddened by the death of Bill Harris, creator of Centerpointe Research Institute whom I have on and off seemingly had a kind of mentor / apprentice like relationship with for several years, due to my usage of his Technology and investment in courses and products.  In reality I am perhaps simply another customer, though it always felt more than that, and of course I am not overly happy or satisfied with quite large numbers of other users of the Technology and the Agenda’s that they themselves have chosen to follow or pursue.  We all have our own agenda’s (of course), and there are seemingly no rules regarding agenda’s that people pursue, though mine was (to my mind) more about positive, uplifting, rewarding activities, whilst interaction with others often seemed to have undesirable consequences or suffering for myself, IE.  I have little choice in simply adopting a broad stroke of the brush attitude and letting such interactions fall away because they have not seemingly served myself, so unless dealing directly with Company Staff I am reluctant to become involved in debates, where a been there, done that, worn the T-Shirt, approach is already within the experience vault.

So I also recently due to Bill’s death and the approaching Royal Wedding withdrew from Social Media and interactions within Guardian Online and that perhaps caused myself to focus or pay attention to more immediate inner World issues within my own life once again.  Do I feel better for not being on Twitter, Facebook or Guardian Online, in reality yes, it appears that simply becoming involved or overly active within those realms was bringing or lowering my own so-called vibe, likewise I was still following recommended readings and the sports and cinematic realms mentioned above.

With regard to working life, the most recent years have been the best in my opinion.  I go to work, do a job, get paid at the end of the week.  I am not involved in nonsenses and empire building and horseplay and so on.  I have seen staff, come and go and typically a great team has gradually appeared about myself with similar positive attitudes and behaviours.  Whilst Brexit debates were taking place far & wide external to the factory, those Brits and Foreigners within my own immediate spheres of influence have all simply been happily working along with managers and trainers and engineers and so on, with each other, in a positive spirit of cooperation.  Yes I am aware that some groups are getting a little antsy (so to speak) though recent events suggest that a new level of frictions are appearing within the day to day working life.  I personally would like to see the Company build on the positive all round behaviours and attitudes and success story of recent years with some Major Supermarket Contracts.  However a seeming influx of new workers and so on are seemingly rocking the boat to a certain extent, old longer term brit voices are waiting in the wings to say “I told you so” when or if anything goes wrong (for example).  Several people who are new to my immediate work place & group,among both British and Foreign colleagues, have seemingly been sowing discord among the team that I work within, at least that is how a couple of Foreign colleagues & friends informed myself was happening, and likewise a relatively new brit started bemoaning the Foreigners ignorance toward himself.  I have worked happily and successfully with these people for several years and feel myself closer to them as friend and co-workers than I do with British strangers coming in with agenda’s, not in keeping with the positive working life spirit that has existed for several years.

So I can only be responsible for my own behaviours, thoughts and feelings, some of the new workers are former colleagues who left and returned and are not known for being trouble makers etc.  whilst others are complete unknown quantities.  I think the Company and staff have to ride out any frictions and storms, though of course my own preference would be for some kinds of people and persons to simply be moved on to more appropriate work and so on.  My job title says something like “Night Hygiene Operative”, what’s that others might ask, cleaner might be the response given, and then images of buckets & mops appear in there minds, and that is unfortunate both for the company and people who think it is an easy money job.  I always say industrial Cleaner because there is quite a high level of fitness & constant moving about involved, and high pressure hoses and chemical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  Several recently new employee’s do not seem to fit the necessary criteria that any staff member who has done the job, would likely give (& mentioned above by myself).  We had a chap a year or two ago who was struggling with an injury during his probationary 13 week trial period, and one or two of us liked him, though could see he was struggling and suggested he jump ship to another department that he could cope with, he followed the recommendation and is now working happily in another department. So some folks listen to advice and others ignore such experience advice.

I think one of the greatest lessons from regular mediation and indeed various courses is that the World is always going through change and transformational states of flow and flux and so on, and we humans as a species are often in various shapes and forms of resistance to changes, whether at home or work or within our social communities, change is genuinely the only constant and almost everything else is seemingly a consequence of peoples resistance, this is seen in bizarre behaviours and generational behaviours and so on.

Another aspect that I found myself thinking about recently was the issue of us all being a Hologram within the present day lives (according to both Spiritual Teaching and Some Science teachings), whereby we know of historical records & celebrities through what is handed down in the human record.  So the present day (within some life realms) is thought to be a consequence of a future recalled history of historical record.

An example was Stephen Hawking who when 20 was told he had a couple of years to live, his writings and teachings and theories were widely publicised and then hey presto he lives for another 50 years.

So the simplest theory for my own life (for example) would be to suggest that someone is going through the record books at the end of time & space and late 20th Century Earth.  They find a Hereford Hospital record entry that perhaps says Dave Perkins aged 17 Industrial Accident whilst saving the life of a female co-worker, perhaps a fleeting thought or feeling is “poor bastard didn’t stand a chance” then another person studying the record says WAIT there is a person by that name, within a later record studying at University and living here and then another later record of him working for this other Company over here, and carrying out this activity over here and so on and so forth.  We all of us exist in relation to each other and in relation to the records that exist about us, both our own and those of other peoples, and of course we live in resistance to the judgment or thoughts, feelings and behaviours of others that we have limited control over.

I recently found myself watching two films – the first was a musical “The Greatest Showman” a musical about PT Barnum.  Perhaps based in the historical record or a simplified entertainment version of the story of a Circus Creator from America.

The Second film was a wonderful addition to the Disney Pixar Collection called Coco and it kind of demonstrated this Holographic Theory quite well, in the sense that even the already dead disappear when they are forgotten or disappear from the human record (so to speak). So theoretically at least there is little harm in appearing in any record or history book if we follow that everything is a kind of self fulfilling prophecy and we stay on the positive uplifting rewarding life paths that achieve such things.

The potential negative of course is that we have little control over the thoughts feelings and behaviours of others beyond our ability to guide & influence or live by example and recommend admire and aspire styled thoughts feelings and actions over some of the other kinds of thoughts feelings and actions that also concurrently exist within peoples thoughts feelings and actions.

One of the basic Budha Meditative Teachings is that “all life is suffering” so we all have sufferings merely through the state of existence. Though raising threshold and doing foundational awareness and enlightenment courses allows us perhaps to better navigate and have choice about our own sufferings, hence statements from more experienced and advanced peoples (who are said to be enlightened) such-as those that do not serve you fall away.

I massively reduced my interaction with other peoples and continued to meditate and exist in relative isolation from the World at large, and I have personally let go many an issue thought or feeling that did not serve myself, either both historically or within the present day.  So another aspect is perhaps that we all of us unknowingly exist through the actions and behaviours of unseen helpers and we potentially also suffer through such folks actions. We can be both conscious and unconscious of such things, depending on life experience and the cards we have been dealt (so to speak).  I can thank both Bill Harris and Centerpointe and Learning Strategies for there assistance and guidance through many of these issues and topics, though you do always find that everything is invented or originated in some way and that the World and existence will continue irrespective of our own individual personal ego’s or contribution to the affairs of mankind as a whole.

So All I can kind of currently meditate or wonder upon and potentially plan from a personal perspective is “What’s next” for myself, for family, and friends and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.


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