The Art Of The Senses

So traditionally I have usually written quite meandering and unspecific blog articles, though over the last year or two have spent quite large amounts of time within The Guardian Online Realm.  Most of my activities within that particular Journalistic News outlet has typically been within Cartoon Corner (as I call it) – although it is usually somehow related to the Political Events of the Day, I have usually sort to carry out some Everyman interpretation – whereby 1 picture or image could actually be posted 365 days a year and somewhere within the World – at least in terms of “The Witness Posture” of meditation you would find such things to be TRUE.  Likewise if you somehow feel victimised or indeed (as I very much was prior to meditation) confused & conflicted to the point where I was unable perhaps to see the so-called patterns and cycles of time and or feel that I had any contribution differing from that of any other contributor.

So what is the meaning of the above title?

Well I seemingly stalled somewhat within my own creativity and indeed have not written as many articles as I would have liked here.- although you do sometimes feel that you have given some guidance or direction to those within the sphere of The Guardian Online output, none or few (if any) actually state such things – so despite Centerpointe or indeed Learning Strategies being able to say they have millions of customers throughout the Globe – I cannot to any given level of certainty know who those people happen to be.  Although I personally have generally tried to guide people towards more positive usages, I know that historically (or so it seemed) many were quite happy to raise there Threshold and still be not particularly nice folks and so on.

So The Art Of The Senses?

Well I was wondering about various questions of unanswered questions of Science, not only in the sense of where will various topics or subjects go next, so much as seeking to address those famed imbalance issues between Brain Hemispheres.  one side often suggested to be all logic and rational whilst the other is said to be the more creative side of the brain.

So I was wondering what a Leonardo Da Vinci might make of modern times – given that he seemingly tried too invent or speculate upon future creative ventures – and indeed what he might make of “The Future” from the perspective of existing NOW.  I also found myself indulging some Sherlock Holmes Created by Conan Doyle type questioning strategies and ideas and indeed Albert Einstein – in terms of what makes a so-called Genius – all these folks could actually be complete unknowns (such-as myself) though society of there respective times & era’s recognised something differing about there work or output that caused them to be raised above the non-entity status.

As a small child of course I would watch much TV and Film and indeed read Science Fiction works and I was of quite a strong mind during my very early years at least that I wanted to create Humanoid Robots and so on – I was onboard with the idea (at least within my own head) that Science would have taken us far further forward than it actually seemingly has.  Although of course part of my life story was having a really fantastically high physics score within exam conditions and then having to drop the subject due to it being incompatible with family’s religious beliefs.  A poor decision on my part especially as it was recommended I continue with a Science and whilst I did Computer Science anyway the others Chemistry and Biology never held as much interest for myself.  Having said that I did of course return to College in later life and do a more practical Electronics Engineering and then went onto University and Studied Computer Science and AI.  Although incomplete due to other life circumstances much of my last year within the University Campus & Facilities was spent within a Robotics Lab and much like many such a Facility, what was going on within those walls in terms of research and so on would often show up in popular culture or indeed alternate usages a few years later.  So in many respects it could be suggested that I have some Mad Scientist Quality from young childhood that still burns strongly enough that it feels like a regret that I have not yet built humanoid robots and so on.

 So we are traditionally told that we have 5 senses and some folks will talk of a mysterious 6th sense (often regarded perhaps in Science terms as a combination of one of more of the other senses) perhaps why some folks have sort to better define or delineate Extra Sensory Perception or indeed state that as it is perhaps internal it might be better regarded in that fashion – not extra at all.

So Sight Sound Touch Smell Taste – are of course all things that perhaps within each and every one us of have some measure and scale of.  We also know that in terms of computer systems (here’s my interest bit) that we have sort to creatively build independent tools or robots & devices that replicate these activities. And Science of course is often regarded as a matter of Logical and Rational.  So the question always returns as to the creative side of the thinking divide and indeed Consciousness.

We have to remember that much of History or Advancement came through basic human instincts and behaviour, history is often written by the victors of wars for land and women and food and power and influence and Empires.  So typically until now (at least) many (possibly regarded as) undesirable cycles and patterns have repeated again and again.  A Computer System perhaps bereft of human survival needs and instincts is potentially more likely to steer humans away from the worst excesses – or they could at least inform of better courses & direction & judgements (in simulation terms) if only those within the wider World would think on or accept there guidance.  Though humans seemingly promote that folks should be more afraid of AI (including many within the AI realms) I generally think it says more about the concern of there own empires & ego’s than necessarily what the tools and devices are used for.

Even having now meditated and cleared much nonsense from my own thoughts feelings and behaviours, that is me myself and my own choices – I cannot necessarily influence many folks within the rest of the UK population of 67 million or indeed the wider World’s 7 Billion peoples, so the fear of lack of resources or infrastructure and so on for more population – typically leads to what we are seeing in the Wider World in terms of more extremist tendencies being seen amongst World wide populations. The rise of particular kinds of politics and prejudices and so on – are all part of those old cycles and patterns – even though I am quite sure that all the Major Governments have advanced enough computer systems to guide them down alternate routes of thoughts feelings actions, unfortunately those calling for such things are seemingly in an minority that does not have enough influence or perhaps have decided it is better to stay quiet about such issues.

So The Art Of The Senses had myself also thinking about what the designation for differing arts are – we have drawing and painting for sight, we have music and vocals and a world of background noise for Sound, we have  the effects of touch in terms of what we feel – fabrics and air pressure etc We can have quite strong senses of smell across the spectrum of the world around us, We do also have a sense of taste, in terms of foods or indeed non-foods.

So Each person Above is an example of there time Leonardo Da Vinci clearly utilised his senses and studied the mechanics of people and animals and then perhaps sort to do as we often do now in terms of cross-pollination of ideas, although most of his work comes to us now in terms of notes or his diaries and popular works etc.

Conan Doyle who wrote Sherlock Holmes was within the medical profession and perhaps thought deeply on this issue of being able to use the full repertoire of your senses.  He also perhaps had great visualisation skills in being of a generation that thought about the what-if’s of perhaps out-of-body experiences – possibly through that era’s usage of certain types of drugs and stimulants.

Albert Einstein – was said to have been a Librarian of sorts who spent a lot of time reading, learning  and studying prior to then releasing his own various Theories on mathematics and so on.

So who else?  Well obviously as someone who has meditated and done various courses, I can kind of see the self-fulfilling prophecy aspect that many so-called Genius has utilised.

Walt Disney and his various colleagues created Fantastic Worlds within Cartoon and then went onto create real life Disney parks – where they paint the grass and have many staff all absolutely focussed on creating delightful colourful realities and so on.

Steve Jobs – got in quite early in the home computer market business taking ideas he witnessed from places such-as Bell Labs and creating them within his own machines and so on.

So I was thinking that “The Art Of The Senses” was where many a person gained there AH-HA moment and just stuck at it and persevered with it and so on.

Prior to finding the meditation technology I did of course encounter folks who had gotten there first and some would talk within there teachings of near death experience’s similar to my own- having a bad accident where all the senses perhaps go into a massively heightened overdrive or indeed immediately shut down  into a shock safety mode – and indeed the stories were also similar to some of those folks I encountered as a youngster going to church. Even perhaps like those movies such-as Dr Strange a year or 2 ago when the ancient one pushed his body and he entered an Astral Body zone, much like classical cartoons where characters were shown to have briefly been frightened out of there skin.  Perhaps the ah-ha’ some of these folks had had was one of planting a little seed or part of themselves within very many peoples.  You exist as long as you are remembered or known (potentially as long as the death was not as true as imagined) a bit like that recent Pixar Film Coco. Although also within the long term meditator aspect there is also the teaching that in spiritual terms death does not necessarily mean death so much as some shape and form of rebirth or a new understanding – the death of one fact held to be truth (as a belief) replaced by a new improved awareness or belief that is from a higher place on the mountain (so to speak).

Anyway returning to the senses issue of “near death experience” my own more recent thoughts kept returning to where Science Ideas began or indeed those that may have influenced my own thoughts feelings and issues at a younger time, so I typically crawled through various books and hoping to find some missing link that I had previously dismissed as eg. a blip or outlier within the information – I say that because much of Science has found some example of something working and then obsessively REFINED such example – that is also how the structure and architecture of Computer chips and architectures came about etc. At the same time things that do not fit neatly into some theory’s are dismissed or ignored, an all new expense to themselves when this little bit of the puzzle that has a life times worth of funding is enough to keep me busy for some time.

So I was thinking that much like some Ancient Greek asked to weigh some Gold had an AH-HA as to Water Displacement when having a bath, or the effects of Gravity being known through an Apple falling from a Tree – much of Modern Science across the board is seemingly obsessed with something referred to as “DARK MATTER” – IE. Some Hypothesis was created and crafted for various experiments and when the testing was carried out and did not fulfil said hypothesis it was hypothesized that other unknowns must be influencing the various outcomes of the known Universe and the data that we have.

Kind of like saying we cannot see what is displacing the light or water or measurements etc.  Even though the data says that is what is occurring and happening.

And that typically takes myself once again into the Magical Realms of thoughts and so on – I use the term Magical in the sense of Advanced Civilisation appearing magical to lesser advanced civilisation than absolute magic in the classical sense of being amazed by something in which we did not know how it was done.

So it often seems to be one of those You can lead a horse to water though you cannot make him drink, in terms of other folks having some enlightened or alleged I know that you know – AH-HA moment,  and in the same way you also have the aspect of needle in a haystack of what you are looking for in shining a light on a given topic and indeed the issue that the Science World still struggles (in my own opinion at least) with being able to measure things outside of the Current Rational Logic Hypothesis Criteria.  We know that we can use Supercomputers to make the most beautiful and magical and wonderfully perfect almost realms within Film and Cyberspace, for the visually oriented, and indeed some types of music appeal far more to some than others within the sound arena, smell has of course also been tried with limited effect within Cinema though successful perhaps within some kinds of shopping experiences, touch again is one for people knowing what they like in terms of cotton or silk. Taste of course – folks know what there own preferences are.

So anyway I, in returning to “The Art Of The Senses” issue was thinking on those other areas we apply the idea of Sense – Sense of Direction (for example) this has been studied within various creatures and indeed when you look at Science it has often been found that Ancient Stories of compasses spinning and so on, are down to local Magnetics or other features of some area of the World.  We also know within maths that you only need the location of two features to calculate a third and indeed satellite theory was initially built on such things.

So I happened to watch some show a year or two back called Sense 8 – one of those futuristic type shows about certain kinds of seeming superhumans who happened to perhaps be of a differing unknown lineage (much like many a historical created hidden among us set of creatures – werewolves, vampires, zombies etc.).  The show has certain topic biases etc. (I thought) although it was a created & crafted World wide and by the folks who created “The Matrix”, so was as a World Wide Production interesting in the way they managed to mix up the various characters and localised stereotypes on a World wide basis.

Anyway that number 8 is interesting in the sense that we talk of 6th sense though rarely consider the numbers game of just how many extra unknown within populations senses there might be, I think that number within the show was due to the number of folks within the group of people with abilities.  Though it coincided with various researches of my own as to the so-called issue of Heaven & Hell and how alphabetically H is on the other side of G and of course musical nation scales (In the West) typically go through A-G, new octave, and so on. And colours of the Rainbow of historical Science matched up with those notations and so on.  Of course Science now perhaps with modern supercomputers revisits those old simple pattern matches and comes up with far more advance and complex models.  Though they are still potentially useful as a starting point.

Of course DNA sampling and testing within Genome research has also gone to ever greater depths of study and research, though I personally do wonder if given how now ancient fears regarding Gamma radiation and Nuclear issues (in film and comic books) have spread as to perhaps there really are unknown within the human record more diverse SENSES or indeed types of DNA than are accounted for – especially when those Dark Matter Theorists inform us of invisible cosmic rays from the sun and outer space constantly bombarding us and so on.

I recommend the Holosync Technology because it really does seemingly have to be subjectively experienced rather than told about, and even then each level has seemingly brought with it some differing or new previously unknown perspective to just how conscious I thought or believed I was, at an earlier level.  Of course I may have gone overboard in my haste to go through the levels, though after a lifetime of seeming suffering it was a kind of what the hell shot – nothing to lose idea, and indeed perhaps the first honest (in its own way) Technology I had experienced, that removed much of the conflict & confusion from previous lifelong lessons and learnings.

Yes so I have once again meandered on though I really do conclude that not only perhaps other dimensions exist so much as other senses within our own development that are unaccounted for – perhaps not fitting with how Evolution has occurred going from Mad individuals studying the World at large ,to collectives of Scientists creating Objectivity and Hypothesis Models and this is what is best as truth for us, to supercomputer that can go back through the record and say – well actually chaps it appears you missed, failed or ignored these other quieter voiced truths over here.

The problem I think is one of UNOBVIOUS SENSES such-as that one of Direction, we are given all these hundreds and thousands of words or indeed the basic numbers and are expected to use them in specific kinds of orders (that worked for those more learned individuals of there times) though not necessarily for others who existed outside of the regular spheres of Science Progress and Development & ESTABLISHMENTS.

So when I think of senses I then find subcategorization or some thing perhaps even mislabelled or miscategorised.  We know we can create pyramids out of blocks and we can create Tree Histories and Flow Charts for very many things, though there is always the talk of particles and waves and that is due to the nature of going to ever greater depth within particular Branches of Science without being aware of what is going on within other branches.  Perhaps the particles and waves that are spoken of are again not enough for the next Evolution of knowledge and Science.

Part of the problem is of course that some types of unpopular science are regarded as not being objective and therefore subjective and I just had the name Rupert Sheldrake pop into my head as an example – his Morphic Resonance and other theories cannot easily fit the populist models are therefore get branded pseudoscience just as do the works of folks such-as Deepak Chopra.

Of course regardless of having taken up unpopular (within mainstream) Scientific causes they have sold a lot of books and indeed are known to have a lot of support within there respective audiences, although such things are often disregarded by establishments. I personally prefer Deepak Chopra’s to multiple UK Scientists. As he always (to me) seeks to combine thoughts and theories of Science and religions into a more INCLUSIVE Spiritual set of theories where common ground for advancement perhaps exists for all peoples in a Healthy fashion. The United Kingdom seemingly dominated by Rationalist Atheist’s who are often quite toxic to anyone who disagrees or enters into debate with them. Why catch a bad dose, when you can seek out likeminded folks to advance or march in time with (so to speak).

I think my issue perhaps being one of wanting to not re-enter the dualistic debates arena having spent years meditating to gain those higher experiences and clear out much flotsam & jetsam within my life.  They say give yourself wider and broader experiences and in having entered the almost quite Alien Arena of Guardian online for a couple of years I think I have done that – if someone said David go and experience a hostile environment then Guardian online is perhaps the place, yes I know that most of the Daily Journalistic Media Realms can all be quite toxic, though for myself within my own lifetime having read Red Tops and other broadsheets – the Guardian was perhaps the only unexperienced outlier of influence and manipulation.

So what are the issues now – well clearly the brain technologies I have utilised work to a certain extent and indeed perhaps many who take them up have gone on to be Stars in various Worldly Realms.  I of course can consider myself to be fortunate or unfortunate in the sense of what association or IDEAS I have pursed within my life and investigated and so on.  There is the aspect of My future Self will save me from the current issue, or putting the work in and not gaining any particular reward.

Then of course another kind of confusion exists in wondering if life has been lived in the correct order – when investigating areas of Technology such-as Cinema and TV and Music and many other creative arena’s you often have that aspect of things occurring within the wrong order. In Production terms some of these things are pre-planned in terms of how to best construct your schedule & programme knowing you have to fulfil these time obligations & Targets, through filming out of sequence etc. whilst in traditional creative realms you have that aspect of getting IDEAS out of order – you might think of one particular idea for some point within a plot and then seek to construct the beginning or ending and various bits and bobs to create a Whole.  Like drawing a Tree on a Canvas and then deciding to include surrounding features.

They do say organise your lists and so on after getting your initial ideas down, and that perhaps is along the lines of editing and editing again until you are happy with your overall product or outcome.

I should of course do such things within this blog as much of what I have written historically is of course just throwing stuff down and writing and writing, yes at some point you do wonder where that truly great inspiration will come up.

The Art Of The Senses?  What senses might exist that can account for these unknown phenomena within Science or the World at Large? are there any known or unknown related sensory phenomena within any threads of the human record? believed or otherwise?

Why did I spend time thinking on Leonardo Da Vinci, Sherlock Holmes and Einstein?

Well I was working through the idea of incubation of ideas, and had listened to some Paraliminal from Learnings Strategies who mention those individuals within there own products, so I perhaps thought that A + B + C might equal AH-HA.

How to invent some all-encompassing innovative breakthrough in getting past the current mental blocks as to what is possible – much of science of course has headed in the direction or course set not only by historical Sci-Fi books though also older generation Science Fiction TV & Film and those things exist so strongly within larger societal consciousness that they can be what you have a desire to move beyond in terms of new breakthroughs etc. of what can genuinely be possible.  Almost like you have such strong inbuilt filters that even hoping for some cross-pollination of genius can misdirect you somewhat. trying to be cleverer than you are or not realising you have already presented yourself with a Solution at some point and failed to realise it was with you all this time.

Anyway – I have written and written after not writing here for a while so I will publish and then have some OMG when I read it back to myself – Though Clearly “The Art Of The Senses” is where human race requires perhaps returning to and redesigning in a better fashion and model than Historical and limited Scientists were able to deal or cope with within there respective era’s of the human record.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!


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