A Cognisant State Of Creation

So I recently wrote another meandering article on “The Art Of The Senses” and typically thought – well I cannot have been the only one who has thought on this matter – I best research if any recent publications exist. Nothing with that title came up – although one or two works with similar titles did appear.  I can only conclude that the similar nature of Title is not only of course because we have limited amount of alphanumerical combinations though possibly that more advanced individuals have once again utilised a stepping back and therefore allegedly “objective” position where my “The Art of The Senses” could be taken to fully mean a more subjective in the zone state of being here & now minded.

I have nothing against research and seeking to better discern and learn regarding greater depths of knowledge progress, though you do often come to think that a truly ultimate objective position would be a blank slate, and fully across the board of realms and human endeavour – within whatever categorisation and sensory modalities & methodologies you have a preference for.  A truly unbiased position perhaps known to be virtually impossible for humans, perhaps advanced the rush into computer science models and simulation and so on.  IE. tested hypotheses are carried out expecting a result and when that does not happen a new hypotheses is presented that does work for the outcome the computer has produced. Although the testing and testing again can keep those within various realms busy for a lifetime, most of us perhaps rarely consider the years and indeed flaws potentially built in, through lack of current understanding of the known Universe.

Donald Rumsfeld wrote it thus, and this statement whilst relating to a particular aspect of his working life remit, can be thought of as being true across the entire breadth and depth of human history and research and advancement and so on – I think.

Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.

So what else – well I thought I know I have read some works related to these peoples of history or ingenuity – perhaps I can place myself in a more cerebral zone through viewing some film or movie of some other known purported genius’ – to that end I watched The imitation Game regarding Alan Turing, and I watched Theory of Everything regarding Stephen Hawking.  They were of course invented drama’s that it can be difficult to know as to how closely they did or did not match the individuals portrayed.  I also returned to the cartoon corner and recommended a book I have within my collection “The Codebreakers” by a chap called David Khan.

That perhaps more to do with this idea of sense and response and seeking to respond to the information in front of me.  The artist draws a cartoon that he himself gave a reference for (it being a light imitation of a classical work) I then investigated that classical work and did a follow the trail within my own simple relational research of what I myself know.  Take a word or subject and then follow the chain of linkages.  This method of simple interaction works for me now – although prior to raising my Threshold and so on was often a struggle – perhaps too much stored & disparate mental subject and topics and indeed the related trauma.

I did also recently view a Documentary on Netflix “Th Most Unknown” and that was about a group of researchers creating a kind of chain of linkages (as I just described above) & cross pollination – one person within one field of expertise goes to spend time with another researcher and then that person goes to spend time with another researcher and so on.  That approach of course especially as someone who studied Computers and AI Robotics was known to myself due to many a research area having to have a Computer Science element within there own various levels of Degree & Post Degree & Doctorate Work – especially within the Science Realms, although I am sure Computers are known and seen throughout most subject areas.  I am sure some more Senior Professors have avoided such things – though Computers and those within the field of Computers really do have a finger within very many pies and those more senior individuals would perhaps claim that they delegate such things to there pupils and so on – demonstrating perhaps that things can occur both horizontally and vertically. Not only within computers and simulations though actually within the REAL WORLD of how  Society has progressed and so on.

I also having mentioned “Dark Matter” here and elsewhere thought I had better check and confirm my meanderings with myself.  Research never seems so complicated as it once was when so many a topic or subject can be gone to trustworthy beginner information & knowledge at Wikipedia.

So most or much Science Fiction imagines differing futures and some of those things have gradually become a reality for people whilst other remain within the realm of unexplainable invention or we have not got to that yet in terms of evolutionary development and so on.  We break the rules of Science all the time within TV & Film and other entertainment media’s though having the ability to do that is not necessarily a bad thing for those who want change within there own life and so on.

Even though we are said to be like soak it all up like a sponge machines – it is only investigating some of the realities of the things we have been soaking up where we can perhaps build on the gaps and spaces.  So for example we live or believe ourselves to exist in real time as opposed to some metric time, yet metrics and ever greater depth of metrics have been created and crafted over and over again to ever greater depths or breadths – that perhaps a compliance with the Theories that the Universe is always in expansion.  So I have my real-time and then I watch a cartoon that is said to replicate real time at 12 frames a second or a TV or Movie with its own version of Frames a Second.  Within us all when we think on such things there must be momentary gaps and spaces and so on within our real beings (so to speak).  The rush to very many Virtual reality technologies potentially blinds us to the possibility that we are already living within such realm ideas.  People will boast of Surround Sound Music, close your eyes sit back and listen to the soundtrack.  My father for many years has had a Recording Studio within the House cellar – and I remember when little how few recording channels were available in equipment when little, to the infinite possibility now – again the accuracy within the World about us to that given within Entertainments and the World at Large must have gaps and spaces.  When we walk through a kitchen or garden and differing smells are encountered – again we can acknowledge that gaps and spaces must exist within our conscious faculties of awareness of these things.  Touch – as someone who had a heavily traumatic accident that kept me seemingly locked in a heightened state of fright or flight for many years – I know that having raised threshold that even ideas as to touch must have gaps and spaces within the record – amputees will speak on phantom limb issues – IE.  The limb’s presence is still recorded or held within the cognitive mental realm – even when it is no longer there, I myself have a skin on bone section of my leg without all the nerve endings and tissues that existed previously, again in raising Threshold and exploring such things I have often found that many things we store – be they masks or the many faces of me – are either better done without – do I really want to continue holding these moments of pain – or do I through the Technologies simply whether I want to grip to them and protect them for dear life “let them go” – I still have corresponding memories and usages for my known basic senses, though they are perhaps not necessarily within those metric measure realms in the sense that more of me now and how I identify and so on – has perhaps grown through from the spaces and gaps within my bodies ability to hold store and record them, etc.  IE. what we think of reality is not necessarily reality at all, simply where we ourselves have (for whatever reason) focussed our attentions and so on. That perhaps the greatest allure of raising Threshold and focussing on positive beneficial thoughts feelings and actions and experiences.

What else? Well I recently purchased a whole bunch of online books – almost like I had entered a study zone and needed an obsessive research to go there again – having previously already investigated such things. Not sure what impulses I was working from, though typically I found one or two works (on differing topics and areas) that  I really enjoyed going through – I can recall when at University how the book lists were required rather than optional and some books I am really glad that I still have in my collection, even though of course, you never can be quite sure what is good or bad or neutral for you in terms of your own life progressions and so on.

So a cognitive state of creation then perhaps about making all those links and pathways and throwing stuff down on pages – though I typically having carried out so much formal and education research and returning to Uni in later life and so on – do of course consider what I have just written above as to creating your own realities and environments better suited to how you would like to live and be and independent and so on – the magnitude and indeed obsessiveness I have carried out meditation in recent years is something to behold and indeed not necessarily understandable to third parties witnessing my behaviour.

I think perhaps that coming from what I was studying and wanting to do from a young age and then returning to college and University and then later discovering the Meditation technologies kind of led to myself acting in a kind of finally this worked for those folks and I’m experiencing shifts that I have never experienced throughout my life and maybe I truly do have all the knowledge throughout my being and so on to genuinely have contributed positively and in a rewarding way to me – myself and indeed others.  Much of my AI. study was of course related to Search – much like all these companies such-as Google and so on invest in ever greater search algorithm and so on.  Likewise due to the nature of my interest in Humanoid Robotics.

Many within Robotics realms conclude that more specialist designs are preferable – studying animal behaviours and patterns leads to hybrid designs – supposedly making up perhaps for the basic human flaws of our bodies & capabilities within the physical world – if only I could fly or behave in a coordinated & choreographed swarm like bee’s and birds and have the night vision of owls and the smell of dogs and so on – all perfectly reasonable things to consider and aspire too and study and replicate.  Though I perhaps for whatever reason still wanted to be focused on the humanoid realms.  Much of algorithm and ideas I was interested in were related to the realm of Heuristics.  Of course one has to take into account what I am consciously aware of now is differing to what I believed I knew & so on at the time of my studies.  Though for me Heuristics were perhaps pragmatic in sort of knowing that it really is a big old World out there and you have to fins ways and means to coming to accurate Solutions.

In the film mentioned above – The Imitation Game – regarding Alan Turing – the machine he built was actually one carrying out Heuristic type processes – I mention that because of course in more modern era – it is often given over that Tversky and Kahneman invented these things or at least studied them within human psychology and so on.  They wrote some good books (such-as “Thinking Fast & Slow”) though clearly we can state well actually the PUZZLE solving facility demonstrated within the human record suggests that this is something pre-existing within many a human psyche and one that has clearly existed within more advanced Computer realm for the duration of there history.  Modern machines with great algorithm are perhaps what has led to the Moore’s Law and the doubling of computational capability every year and so on.

So I was – due to having to a write a Satellite Navigation for a Robot – heavily invested in various Heuristic Theories – due – often to how a Robot needed to interact with satellites and indeed have a level of Autonomy within the given environment in the control and coordination of its various parts and sensors etc.- how much behaviour can be local to its physicality (inbuilt) and how much to external satellite sensors – maybe informing of incoming storms etc. or route diversions if some danger lies ahead within is present geographical location – much like you see with real life reports coming in from Mars exploration robots and so on and indeed within Sci-Fi film & TV.  There are probably multiple relay points of various information’s dependent on how such systems have been created and designed and so on.  I am probably the wrong person to ask because I genuinely often feel frustrated within my Worldview with what I see coming out of those study and research realms.  Yes replicating and building any system is actually quite complex and we as adult humans with our bodily control and coordination take for granted many things that we perhaps only see we likely had a learning struggle with, within our own young incapable baby’s and children.

What are things that are not considered within the mental facility or acuity of both sexes?  Many women are encouraged for example to state that men have no knowledge of childbirth and should do no mansplaining – and my mansplaining self can say well actually I had an umbilical cord attached to my mum, and I having grown within her womb and having been given birth too – do actually know what childbirth is like from one side of the coin – even if I possibly do not have any mental sensory recollection – such things must be within all life that is born etc. And typically various groups through there own life choices and biases are typically in resistance to such basic truths of being human.  Both men and women must have within them mental facility of the other sex and indeed some groups are resistant to that – the problem I think with UK Parliamentary Debate is perhaps the one of Duality and particular large demographic groups being placed in power of those who have no such affiliation with those groups – and even when folks calculate that some escape mechanism from duality debate must be possible – you typically find that one group or individual will plant there flag in it and claim ownership & in the process perhaps alienate everyone else. I of course long thought Proportional representation a possible Solution and in computational terms is already utilised – though in humans places where PR are used are also often seen to be as bad as UK Politics.

So anyway I was thinking in terms of Heuristic Navigation – and whether you are a human wanting to do that with your Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste  building blocks or some great unknown 6th sense- examples can already be found within humanity and have been replicated within Science and Robots.  Of course in replicating in a logical and rational way – the human senses – we would probably not consider “The 6th heuristic” or indeed “The 7th heuristic” or “The 8th Heuristic” and so on, though clearly in seeking out to separate cognitive function – that is where you find yourself going, ever greater and more refined sorting patterns and algorithm, usually in order to circumnavigate some problem found within the previous generation of research and what a technology was capable of or indeed finding better ways and means of going about such things.  We long ago entered a realm of designing & creating computers that would self improve there own designs and so on.  The famed ARM chips within modern mobiles were if I recall correctly, based in some of the Cambridge Research of Sir Clive Sinclair and colleagues who wanted to improve upon the issue of wastage in the manufacturing process of silicon chips etc.  Where once a bad bit of silicon having a design printed on it might be thrown away,  They came up with manufacturing ways whereby the schematics and so on enabled the impurities within any given bit of silicon to be circumnavigated – again we can say that occurs in humans – people lose abilities through ill health and suddenly spontaneously regain them again and so on – the more that mapping of the brain has occurred the more that duplications are often found – the brain is not all logically organised and rational – even though we might conjecture that it is – most research suggests that thinking on differing topics and subject realms and indeed sensory realms is more of a WHOLE BRAIN experience & activity.

Some folks may have heard of computer analysis of various writers and books and seen strange distribution images suggesting that a given author was actually quite limited in brain region usage whilst this other writer was clearly of gifted intelligence through broader and wider and deeper distribution of where there work came from and the mental triggers activated etc.  All of course distractions though interesting ones non-the-less.  Especially when you consider that many of us went to school and did English Language and English Literature and what is Literature supposed to represent?  I would suggest that the meaning given in the classroom context is often wrong in the more modern realm of computational sciences creating and crafting measures of such things.

That perhaps part of the truth of History being written by peoples at certain levels of society whether separated by class or background and so on, where far less is perhaps known of those who were possibly at such peoples mercy and so on.  It could be suggested that even Meritocracy whilst a fantastic idea is rarely true of the examples and peoples given.  this person was selected on merit – who measures the merit? Who watches the watchers etc. ?

That perhaps why rationalist extremists come to the fore in the sense that many a person chooses themselves and justifies such selfishness somewhere down the line in being able to say, my selfishness at that young age made me rich and now as a philanthropist I can give back to far more people than you ever would have (really? that was where the train of thought led and not necessarily thinking ill of all philanthropists or peoples) and they may or may not have your own best interests at heart, so much as there own. I was competitive during my younger years though following accident was unable to be competitive, almost like easy target for any society predators & bullies and catching an unwanted bad dose (so to speak), and of course when you are already at the lower echelons of society, where the greatest level of desperation and squabbling and fighting perhaps exists – your options or dare I say struggles are even harder to be able to overcome.

So anyway since taking up Meditation I have of course had to reconsider many a thought feeling and behaviour or action and so on that I have experienced or taken during and within my life, though it is also annoying that in order to overcome many an ill I genuinely had to become something of a super-procrastinator and be quite extremist or disciplined perhaps about the very many realms and directions I could focus my efforts upon. I really perhaps wanting to push up hard against all the pre-existing issues I wanted to deal with in my life and indeed feel that in navigational terms wanted to catch up with where these technologies had led many of those who have been using them for so many years etc.  What I perhaps had not considered was that the brain techs are often said to be utilising what you already have within your noggin – so in some ways I could well be more advanced than my own disposition allows or enables myself to think.

What was I thinking of creativity wise?  Well it goes back to what we have in technology versus how to think in ways and means of futures etc.  I wrote above about sensors replicating many human and animal facilities and even long known technologies have done that – such-as Radar or Sonar and so on.  The Evolution of these things causes you to perhaps think on that great issue of time.  We know what we know about people historically through what they have recorded about themselves through writing and drawing and technologies and the Arts and so on.  Of course watching shows such-as Dr Who and so on – or indeed following the work of a Stephen Hawking makes you wonder as to whether you could have time radar & sonar and so on – facilities and technologies that go beyond the present comprehension of the known universe.  I have never been visited by a timelord therefore time travel does not and never will exist says the old argument. Or yes we have time travel known as the long way round in these scales and measures and though it only goes in one direction of progress and your moment here was limited in the greater scheme of things – thank you for your legacy.

So I thought on this idea of Heuristic a lot in the sense that to bring forth all those gaps & spaces of a real you – heuristics across the known branches of human knowledge and science and even the believed to be La-Di-Da & so on would be required, and when you think upon all the very many processes we potentially accumulate within our lives etc. as well as newer ones that we may or may not have personally experienced – the word NOW I have experienced and known throughout my life though it never until I took up meditation really was known as some literal existence space or place called now that makes sense, or indeed Neuroplasticity – I rushed through the early levels of Meditation and carried out some quite heavy breathing exercises that seemingly caused the somewhat solid long set in its ways brain to begin perhaps reprocessing in news ways and means and so on.

It is easy for creators of some of these techs to say and teach the things they do – though as I have said on several occasions it really does appear that the experience and in your own way and so on, is where much of this stuff is really at.

Yes I wrote a day or two ago in wanting to bring forth some creativity and I have written this today in wanting to bring forth some creativity, and I think I perhaps want something to do with that “The Art of The Senses” idea used in combination with Heuristics, though one does wonder as to whether these things such-as neuroplasticity and new levels of awareness or capability and capacity can ever happen for themselves within the normal scheme of human development and evolution and so on – given how as said above all my own progress in more recent years of my life, has predominantly come through usage of Brain Tech’s and not as Society seems to want – awareness through conflict and battle of politicians and so on.

The empowerment of the techs is of course perhaps in bringing about improved mental states and knowing that the place you most have control of (within your own life) is within how you have used your own mental facilities and abilities and so on.  Yes you could spend a life time striving to guide and influence others  and potentially be very good at it, though many trains of the greater schemes of things thoughts lead to the so-called simples – of wanting money on the table and food in the belly or perhaps to be able to go out and enjoy the walk in the park and shopping or social entertainment facilities in a take it or leave it fashion of being responsible, without perhaps feelings of having too or being compelled or having to comply or deal with or be triggered unhelpfully or toxically by other peoples etc.

Yes I think I shall leave this one here and as always when throwing things down, wonder upon how I might edit and adopt the witness posture and so on etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well!

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