What To Write About Today?

So perhaps one of my own biggest failings has been the ability to write my diary or blog  day after day and then adopt some shape and form of a witness posture as to how such information’s relate to the wider World at large (so to speak).  One aspect that whilst not an excuse though is relevant is quite simply what is being achieved through such note taking and witnessing or observing.

We all perhaps went to school at young ages and had various levels of achievement or belief as to how far we could be successful in such things, and indeed how much encouragement, dedication and commitment was provided to us by our EDUCATORS.  I say that because I can well recall or remember some of my earliest memories of schooling and how whether through parental & family guidance or through the teachers enthusiasm I did quite well comparably with some of the identity groups or background that I was from – you might say that I was more “under-class” than working-class or middle-class and so on up the so-called class-spectrum.  I perhaps coming from a family that seemingly had nothing – compared even to those of working class background, had everything to gain in working hard for qualifications and on the sporting field and on the Theatre Stage with school plays and so on.

I mention that because of course when I later went to a Middle-class school and was just a smaller fish in a bigger pool (so to speak) it can be stated as a matter of fact that I was still highly motivated to get those qualifications and do well in sport and on the stage and so on – although what was also apparent at that level was that the school whilst having an intake of peoples such-as myself from less well to do backgrounds – still might often be consciously or unconsciously biased or unbiased to “people like me” dispositions.

Given a choice of having a smart or well to do Ironed Shirts and Pressed Uniforms individual in there classes or someone such-as myself with elder sibling hand-me-down clothes and somewhat bedraggled, it might be suggested that these were the years (especially within UK Society & Culture) where a kind of Societal wide Shallowness was becoming the Norm.  The 1970’s still had what might be described as quite a broad range of peoples and appearances, and that gave way to an 1980’s Culture at large of incredibly high levels of self grooming and vanity and the chase to have more perfect than perfect appearances.

Anyway – the basic point about Education is of course that you think and believe that you can do well in school and then go out to work and simply hand out your CV or qualifications and go off on some upwardly mobile pre-destined well-rewarded future.  Yes there may be an obstacle here or there though the expectation was still a nothing to lose, everything to gain kind of mindset.

Anyway I think I documented previously how things went very differently for myself at the level of enlightenment and awareness as well as education that I had at that time, though many a thought & feelings was that the system or society at large was biased and corrupt and many a negative aspect of critical inspection of how life the universe and everything worked at that time, was brought to bear.

So a few year went by and I found myself with the opportunity to return to Education again and it was in fact the kind of education that I had always wanted to go down anyway, although the circumstances that led to the situation are of course also documented, I was not unhappy with how life had turned out at that point.  I had been in what I thought of as good jobs and bad jobs and having been in trouble for a minor indiscretion with the law – that was in fact blown out of all proportion – with the reality of the circumstances. So instead of being able to look at clears skies and have some great vision future for myself within the confines of Hereford, the City and existence within it grew worse & worse, in terms of forward progress in my life.  If clouds are filters to seeing the sky then the sky or LIGHT (within my own life) was seemingly blacked out by the descent into my own personal or private versioning of hell, yes I eventually got a job in the NHS that I enjoyed and indeed within the facilities and environments I was existing within, though even within those environments most of my dreams and so on were very much on hold, the fear perhaps that little further positive progress can occur with these people and surroundings that I exist amongst.  So I had an opportunity and I took that opportunity for a new life – being in the wilderness in a village in the middle of know-where within West Wales was fantastic.  Yes I had a young family to cope with and the in-laws and very many things townies take for granted were no longer there to distract me, the clouds were parting to a certain extent. In terms of STUDY & EDUCATION it was great, because the lack of City & Town styled distractions enabled me to buckle down with my studies and being an older or mature student kind of doubled-down on that for me.  So I did the Electronics Engineering and I went to University and did the Computer science and Artificial Intelligence and so on and it was great – although again I was still very low on the awareness and enlightenment scale of life – it had taken a turn for the better.

So why am I wittering on?  Well when the internet took off – I had of course been within Education Establishments with Computer Facilities for several years so was maybe blinkered in how I believed these things would have positive impact on peoples and societal life.

I spoke or wrote recently (I think) regarding Heuristics and how I think Heuristics are highly important in how we go about Navigating life and so on.  Of course I also at some point stumbled on the Hypnosis material and that reorganised what was in my head, though it was overcrowded with nonsense and junk that I possibly gained from youth watching TV and Film etc.  Then I moved on to the Holosync Meditation and that was very much about raising so-called THRESHOLD thereby giving greater awareness and enlightenment or whatever we are supposed to believe awareness and enlightenment actually means – event today I am not truly sure, although I am grateful or appreciative of how the Technology enabled myself to raise Threshold and clear out much garbage, thoughts and feelings from my life.

Raising Threshold is of course a kind of STRESS TEST.  I spoke of having done Electronics Engineering and one of the main points within that sphere is this issue of Tolerances whereby in very many a manufacturing process you have measured tolerances for what any given product or piece of a equipment  or product can handle or indeed not handle.

Our Threshold is of course like that Tolerance – and I think I also documented how upon breaking an arm in a game of street football, during my junior school years, I made a conscious decision that led to what is described as “I gave up crying”,  it did not matter if I was bullied or bawled at or told of by parents or upset at the death of a relative or friend, I would personally not be embarrassing myself in the way that I had when I broke my arm.

What I know now of course is seemingly that I might have had a more positive uplifting and rewarding life if I had spent it in tears, though again that is not necessarily true, because the stimulation from Holosync and associated technologies has taken myself through multiple differing experiences, I would have read on these things such as Neuroplasticity a few years ago and though like you do with many things “YEAH RIGHT, of course that is real and true” and in fact it did not really become an enlightened TRUTH for myself until I had progressed through several levels of the Holosync technology.  They say you have layers of brain, your inner brain suggested to be like a lizard and then another layer and then another and so on – much like we measure the rings of a tree.

So of course once the brain started reorganising and I started writing my own blog and diary and witnessing and observing what has been going on, I can say yes I am here and now and if I get more of what I focus upon in life, then I am going to focus upon what I regard as positive & rewarding activities for myself – those may or may not be what society at large believes them to be, though given a choice of being Walt Disney and designing and crafting a bright and beautiful environment Vs existing in some kind of circle of hell – the choice in many ways is a no brainer – thanks for your TV & FILM & BOOKS and Theatre or Music and songs that are grouped as Adult and Horror and what have you, though they shall not be part of this David’s thoughts, feelings, actions and focus – by that I mean I may be aware and I might even watch or read and view such things, though I have a healthy NAVIGATIONAL MAP that is not strongly bonded, glued or locked in.  Where once I may have been mentally locked in – to my own version of hell, once I started meditating and so on – and having those brain shifts occurring, I can very much genuinely feel I can observe and witness the World at large without getting constantly sucked in to believing all and everything anyone at any level of society does or says.

A Healthy taking of a step back from being constantly “in the thick of it” so to speak.

So I continued to think on this aspect of Waves and this aspect of Heuristics and of course World Creation – through technology and imagination.  I of course grew up believing I had some great and others not so great dreams and got into computers that very much built Worlds and we see film and TV that are all created and crafted Worlds so Humans as a whole have long known perhaps where they have wanted to head with Technologies and indeed the ability to believe yourself as having entered some shielded bubble World Environment where you can observe any given landscape or environment without necessarily being affected by what is going on within an environment. Much like that idea of being between or in the gap (so to speak) of History.

So you are always an outside observer though knowing consciously or unconsciously the patterns and cycles of time perhaps enables or allows for better navigation, one of the teachings of Bill Harris was the idea of building yourself a better map and I think Paul scheele’s Learning Strategies also takes that Idea forward – enabling us to perhaps reorganise our own life and worlds and potentially offer guidance or lessons learnt to other peoples as EDUCATORS ourselves, though you an only provide IDEAS as to Solutions, not absolutes, we live in a World seemingly dominated by Rationalist Atheist styled thinking within the United Kingdom, though much of the World at large still takes on board some Religions and other types of lessons and learnings, we can all want to have a bit of that and have a bit of that, though I very often in finding that the Hemispheres of the brain were in conflict – have wanted to Navigate and Transcend the battlefield going on within my own thoughts feelings and mind and so on, and that is suggested to occur through raising of Threshold and that is potentially in my opinion equivalent to stress testing,.  That has occurred (to a certain extent) through continuous Meditation and Courses, though I am unsure if anyone can ever truly achieve being completely at inner piece with themselves when the World at large is always throwing other peoples stuff at us, like a spanner in the works.

Many realms – whether enlightenment and awareness oriented or otherwise – lead folks to various shape and conclusion that you have to take responsibility into your own hands as some kind of shape and form of self-reliance and so on.  The other aspect of course is that many not only religion though science and many an industry – treats its fans as some kind of slavery system.  Some materials I have seen from some outlets makes myself wonder how they manage to get away with it so long, when Technologies such as those I have used myself enable for much improved and empowering thoughts, feelings and actions.

Anyway the more I encounter ideas as to Objectivity and what is and what is not true, the more I think on issues as to STRESS TOLERANCES regarding engineering realms and how UNIQUE very many people are in this World.  Yes we can pattern match to sharing eye colours or hair or weights and being male and female and what have you though generally the zealous rush to run with many an objective obsessed herd can have someone such-as myself yelling from the top of my lungs “It’s a trap” because many a person who has not raised threshold or developed an ability to step back and genuinely feel that they are stepped back is likely to suffer the consequences.

I thought I knew a great deal and can say well yes I learned a great deal both in school and out of it and indeed within many areas and life realms, though the World of 7 Billion People is always far to big for any one given individual to have a finger in all pies, at all levels.

Far better to adopt a position of neutral comparison, cooperation or collaboration and indeed modesty and respect for the voices and opinions of others than to find yourself always having the rug pulled from beneath your feet (so to speak).

So that is a writing for today, each of us are more unique than we think and even utilising scales and measures of averages and tolerances and so on, does not guarantee that all-comers benefit or otherwise from the given data.  We see this in medication where they list huge numbers of side effects even for the most basic of medicines. It would be fantastical if we truly could get to incredible presicion and accuracy, though I think you have to accept what was said or the essence of what was captured within that famous Donald Rumsfeld quote I posted quite recently the idea of unknown unknowns and always going one more step or one shovel deeper or one magnification stronger and so on.

In percentile terms of so-called success and Heuristics of seeking a given goal or horizon, you often find that in those averages and percentiles that the basics can be mastered to quite high degree’s though when you get to going beyond the present boundaries and edges of what is known the increments of comparable capability changes.  At the cutting edge of science a 1% increase might be on a par with what was 10% at a lower level of human development or scientific achievement.  Those little percentage increases make all the difference as does understanding that the higher levels or Vertigo realms of Society can perhaps only advance so far, prior to some elastic like effect of spring back or pulling the rest of society along to more aspirational things.

In the United Kingdom at present a great deal of debate is occurring with regard to Politics and Economics, highly selfish economics of the individual has been in command for much of my lifetime, and I actually think that Society Progress may at the present time have to revert to some shape and form of Societal Wide Economics that is not so obsessed with the individual – though in simply stating such things as the idea of a shared commonwealth or prosperity mindset I perhaps create a rod for my own back, that many would rush to beat up on me with, am I the quiet voice that folks should listen too more often, or just another chancer and shyster opportunist, that has little to add to what others have already or not already said and done.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!


You’ve Never Known Well-Tax?

So folks who perhaps have flicked from post-to-post or wondered through this little region of blogosphere or blogland know that I have a habit of failing to stay on topic and might potentially wonder if it was always thus and the answer is perhaps no – you have to be reminded that I had a regular state education within the UK and that was very much a stay on topic education – when in maths you did maths, when in geography you did geography and so on – yes it can be suggested that overlapping can be found between many a subject though my school experience was that many a Teacher had bought into the Supremacy of there own subject and topic and so on.  I was as compartmentalised on many a topic and subject as anyone could perhaps achieve.

That perhaps takes myself to the title?

What is a Well? and What is a Tax?

Believe it or not – whether I needed to or otherwise – having spent an entire lifetime in and out of various Educational Realms and facilities and being something of a Lifelong Learner – it might have been expected that when I finally stumbled upon a link to the Meditation Technology promising to raise Threshold and give you other worldly experiences of Enlightenment and Awareness and so on – I would have had some Hallelujah moment whereby I might have chosen to sit back and let the Technology do the work.  I of course came to the Meditation Tech via having at an earlier point tried out some Hypnosis Technologies – and those Techs had perhaps amplified much of what was already going on within my life and indeed did not seemingly provide a way out – beyond perhaps building on some of the programming learnings I had gained through University Education – how so?  Well I can recall that one hypnosis Modality was very much operating in the realms of poetry and musical rhythm and speech and language Cadence and inflection and all that kind of stuff.  What occurred was a kind of decoding – whereby for whatever reason my brain was able to make sense of the patterns and reverse them and so on.  If someone had built Technologies that we see in computers language programming and the necessary tools within the human sphere of such things – my brain was decoding these things, and not always in a fashion and way that I might have chosen for myself.What tools?  – I would say type “Wiki Machine Code” and you will be taken to an explanatory page that probably mentions words like compilers and assemblers and links and so on.  (Trying to not digress.)

So Bill Harris often within his blogs or video’s would often end with a cheery “Be Well” almost like it was his own calling card and I liked that and adopted it here as anyone who has read an article can see.  He also wrote that among many book recommendations people might like to read “Basic Economics” by a guy called Sowell.

I have also in more recent years done a Write Well course with Learning Strategies and during the course of that programme found myself being introduced to one or more books that happened to have Well in the title – “On Writing Well” – William Zinsser an example.

Within the sphere of my Film Production Researches – you often find mention of Orson Welles – anyone who wants to stay concurrent in a World of many of these synchronicity can think of it as a Heuristic Mechanism – find a word or subject or topic and obsess to the exclusion of many other things.  I think a related or newly released Orson Welles Movie is doing this years Cinematic World Tour Circuit – Venice and Telluride and those little festivals that are said to lead the way in knowing the who what where when and why of Oscar Nominations.

you also of course can think of Science fiction Author HG Wells and I am running with the wells idea quite strongly at present. so might think of Star Trek and Space Phenomena such-as gravity well.

Now a name that came up within my time interacting at the Centerpointe Blog I think was Weise and since throwing myself into the various researches I have often found myself purchasing books from a Michael Weise Publishers or Productions – usually related to writing and the cinematic industry (Type Michael Weise into Amazon books and see how much comes up) – a fairly recent book that I think well worthy of folks having within there collection is “The Three Wells Of Screen Writing” – yes I have many such books though genuinely liked the way the author kept things simple – explaining his 3 wells and then providing some end of chapter Exercises to be used within each of those 3 Wells.

So – All’s well that ends well, may have begun with William Shakespeare though I myself having liked that Well terminology thought another AH-HA.

I recently bemoaned here and possibly elsewhere the lack of any book “The Art Of The Senses” – the closest I was able to find was more a research compendium – Art & The Senses, quite pricey although  possibly a valuable aid to those within the given fields of research – modern internet can often leave folks frustrated in the sense that you can invest in some book, and then see similar information for free on wiki or elsewhere.  (Debate for another Time).

So for most people – I think, in thinking on the Leonardo and Sherlock style perhaps encouraged by my use of Learning Strategies or Paul Scheele technologies – I was led to thinking on what the works of Leonardo represented and that is of course – The Art Of The Senses and even from usage of Photoreading and ideas such-as Mind Mapping – you come to see a certain kind of All roads lead to this AH-HA.  Or at least they might if you have done as I have done and raised threshold and cleared out much mental clutter and junk and so on.

What else well – I did use to live in a village called Rhyd Lewis and Lewis as can be seen were we to reverse the lettering is siwel – so another word with a partial wel in it – and a simple technique that has meaning for me though possibly not for anyone else.  Although Fans of Motorsport might intuitively think – AH-HA is Lewis Hamilton racing this weekend?  The further I have advanced (so to speak) the more it can seem like a deep regression, is Objective science really true? is subjectivity really true?  The idea of a more integrated or brain hemispherical balance becomes more and more appealing. Both can be true in and of themselves, and indeed it has seemed that many things that Law Of Attraction guru’s have stated such as spontaneous evolution of the brain or mind have occurred – though again for myself predominantly using the Brain Stimulant Tech’s and not necessarily through some natural occurring within the heart body & mind occurrence.

There is also that aspect of rushing to a gambling website with your Hot pick and finding quite a few of the Worlds 7,000,000,000 people or United Kingdoms 67, 000,000 people are invested in such activities to the point where such activities can seem useless as get rich quick schemes, so much as indulging your enjoyment of watching sports and supporting teams with such an activity – hence my monitoring of World Touring Sports and Commonwealth Sports and staying as a regular at Guardian Online Cartoon Corner, it can be fun for those writing the articles and those drawing the cartoons though as a third party my own focus has perhaps been on deciphering on a daily basis where such information is pointing the audience (or where the audience is choosing to focus).

So plenty to think about regarding Well’s.

What about Tax’s?

Well because I have spoken on my SATNAV research and indeed previously explained about Wonderful Disney Film Fantasia and how I kind of got some simples – ideas around this stuff – I kind of concluded that there are Taxes and then there are Taxes.

It is okay you can say What The F***, is he on about – well returning to the Write Well course with Sam Horn – her own book that followed on from that time within her own life and us her audience was along the lines of “Monetize Your Mind”.

I like that because I had suggested what many doing these things, have done for themselves for a very long time anyway – prior to my own seeming ego-centricity on suggesting such things – Identify the money in communication – that take us back to that stuff about sports above perhaps, though can be thought about through the entire sphere of human evolution and development and progress.  Many people in seeing or recognising that there only power is through the product of there own hand or output – write books, do research and create and craft products that they then seek to sell to other peoples etc.  I tend to think we can often become blind to the simples – through having had high trauma or indeed a seeming lack of choice as to whom we are potentially taxed by.

Was this encounter with these people or individuals at this times in my life, brought about through my own free will and so on, or was it that I felt under the pressure of external circumstance whether family or society and all those folks existing outside of our own minds etc.

One aspect of my computer Science work was the idea that in order to create and craft early games and so on, information or building block of technologies would be reduced in number and then used over and over again, repeatedly. Imagine a world in which you have more than the basic 26 components of alphabet (in the English speaking World).. So imagine that you have within you a storage of each and every person you have ever encountered and you were to list and count these things – it might be stored somehow within particular categorisation of sensor wells within your heart body and mind – Mum 10 million occasions, dad 7 million occasions, brother, sister and so on.  Imagine that you do not really need all these countless repetitions so much as identifying some basic building blocks and having those building blocks called up from memory when thinking about some given time or place and person and so on.  The brain does of course have billions of neurons and connectivity – hence this is what has occurred within creativity realms of books and games and cinema, where we pretend or convince ourselves that all are differing – though the truth is that – whether you prefer Science or the La-Di-Da the human race is actually not as diverse and so on as some want to pretend.

What if I am even now 40+ years later being taxed by some person who was in primary school, irrespective of whether I liked them or loathed them etc.  you have this issue of vibrational matches and patterns and sensory stored information, how do I rid myself of thoughts feelings and actions related to these other persons external to myself that I have little desire to have within my continuing living existence etc?

The more I advanced with meditation, the more I would sometimes think – no these Ancient Ones and masters have it wrong, and then later think well actually they are seemingly far more advanced than I ever believed possible and so on.  Threshold and the raising thereof is seemingly the only way to cope and deal with all the many realisations you can come too.  If we are all effectively Frankenstein’s monsters with all that stuff going on in our heads, then surely it makes sense to clear out the long held nonsenses (as to beliefs etc.) and focus on rewarding, thoughts feelings and activities.  The idea that you can choose your own version of what Heaven is or indeed Hell really does come through as some self fulling prophecy.

So the World wide community has some quite large and well shared knowledge bases, and popular cultures film TV, Music and very many regarded as celebrities, all of whom of course through having become famous and gained large amounts of money, perhaps sit in ivory towers being able to suffer in silence there own “being taxed” by fans and mental health issues.  I think this is where many who speak on working with the rich and famous gained such insights.  Often stating that people had all these achievements though were still unfulfilled because they had no raised threshold or perhaps they do and find it frustrating communicating such personal subjective experience to wider audiences etc.

So we have taxes from Government taken from our wages and utilised to the collective benefit of Society and then we potentially have encounter Tax.

Encounter Tax is akin to being in a bank when some violent robbery took place – you might have the memory and sensory record though have little desire to encounter such things again – however you being a sending and receiving broadcasting mechanism or creature – AS ALL HUMAN’S SEEMINGLY ARE –  are now more likely too have repeat experience.

This part of that find a justification for wiping your mind or raising Threshold – I  simply conclude that life is hard enough within the lower echelons of Society without hanging on to all and every experience of such things – that also increase the likelihood of occurring again.  Sadly one of those truths rarely discussed is how both sexes get a kick out of seeing more excessive drama scenes and so on.  you watch a entertainment that features a broad spectrum of the human condition – such-as some couple exchanging pleasantries and then some hard hitting bit further on and research often finds it is all those high tension, excessive things that stay with people more than the pleasantries.

That other aspect perhaps that is not so much about being right or correct, so much as navigating all the very many diverse options and ideas and so on that can present themselves.

So yes mental wells for the art of the senses and what to keep in terms of those encounter taxations you may not even realise you have.  Everything suggested to have a coincide, hence may saying you have to flow and demonstrate greater discernment  perhaps in your choices and options and no that you have them, when previously you may have not known such things possible.

In terms of Thoughts become things – it can be said that all who have a record of particular entertainments or books and peoples etc. are potential Satellites of other people with common data within the World.  Counter to what some individuals claim as to there dislike of other individuals it can often be judged that they are operating from the same coin – the ying and yang of Politics etc.

This is why I often lump particular cult groups and identity obsessives into the same basket – akin to Dr Who when he locked the warring Timelords and The Daleks into some momentary bubble in space and time. At some level of their own being – they are operating from the same vibrational match and patterns and cycles and so on, whilst often being completely oblivious to theses obvious conclusions that a third party such as me -comes to.

The worst of these things for many of us within our lives can be traced back perhaps to those earliest years of schooling.  We all innocent and possibly wanting to learn and achieve and grow and so on and then other pupils come along making random claims as to identity politics stuff and we being young and lacking in awareness etc.  take such things to be true, only to suffer throughout life and then later find Technologies that demonstrate in a very real way that not only were this particular group lying, though there alleged opponents were also lying when they doubled down on such things, usually through having some group or cult or community claiming ownership and planting the flag of ownership etc,

I have come up with several ideas over the years that I have since let go – such-as That silvertoevelocity website or indeed my current social media moniker “TheAngelAtHeist”, no matter that I simply seek to raise awareness, it can be demonstrated that many before me found or came up with those things and indeed some things are perhaps not meant to be owned or possessed by anyone given individual or group or corporation and so on.  There are no rewards for not owning things, though likewise many come with undesirable side effects.

I recently wrote on an article at Guardian online relating to some new Art outlet and a chap happened to respond that a particular French outlet – referred to intuition as the place to operate within.

I think intuition was once upon a time a great idea, if people can get those intuitive links and ideas and mental cogs and wheels going and so on, though also my argument against leaving things to individual development and not explaining is this issue of some group or sector of society always planting a flag of ownership in such things.

If you have intuition you must belong to this group or cult or faction etc.  Membership of some communities might be very desirable – whilst others undesirable though I think that given the World wide number of people in existence and the number of folks suffering through the ill effects or earlier generations having claimed ownership of all and sundry, it can potentially be better to be CLEAR and EFFECTIVE in defining what things are and are not.

Anyway yes the rush to protectionist ideologies within the Wider World might be what is supposed to happen hence Mr Trump in the White House and his allies leading his Country in that direction, and May and Corbyn within the UK leading the UK in that direction and so on.

Though for many of us it is perhaps a personal TAXATION to far.  I pay my taxes in terms of what is taken out of my wages, I have also been paying off a student loan debt for perhaps a Dozen years or more year in and year out – I have not even paid the full yearly annual interest amount each year, so despite not being a student for some 15 years – the debt grows.

Some might say well you have to go out and earn more, and so on, though I wanted to see my daughter grow up and indeed wanted to clear all the bad dose stuff out of my Heart Body and mind faster than I was perhaps taking it on board, the poverty of mind or desperation I entered during the marriage breakout and returning to a home town I had always disliked was kind of doubling down on all the worst things that could come to pass etc.

So now I could be doing many a wonderful thing and all though I am in healthier states of body and mind and also have better people around me within work and places I go and experience etc. would like some personal achievements and advancements within my own life within real reality (so to speak).  Improved Health and actual Wealth and even a mature ego version of materialism is where I must go next.

Yes taxing indeed.

Clearly I have found myself thinking heavily on the subject of Economics recently  and a New Economic Model that works for large demographics within Society is genuinely in requirement – a chap called Larry wrote an article at Guardian online suggesting that little in the way of an Economic Philosophy King has come to be known since the 1970’s and I actually agreed with some of what he put forward.  Political Parties are currently squabbling over Brexit and among themselves with regard to Identity Politics and in simple terms I think many squabbles and disputes and so on can be forgiven, if someone comes forward with an Economic Plan that is easy to understand and agreed upon and is taken up by large numbers of peoples across the various Societal stratospheres.

I of course never sure how to broach some topics and events now as to how I handled or thought about them at the time of occurrence.  Many of the teachers and masters refer to Alan Watts and his famed Game of Black & White and it might be suggested that my Princess Diana story was a kind of strange victory of that in a material Physical World sense, although I would say I was not thinking in those terms when those events unfolded.

I think there is something quite simple in that many of us know consciously or unconsciously that we are somehow unworthy or categorised into some piles of SAINTS & SINNERS and most of us consider our sufferings to be that of clear outright sinners.  hence those ideas of impermanence and raising threshold etc.

Anyway Economics Models and how to sell them to people in a way that works for they themselves at whatever level of existence and society the currently experience  and perhaps even operates as a change of course or direction in what society and the people contained therein think of themselves and contribution or otherwise to progress.

In some ways I think many of us go into the zone of learned helplessness though even that can perhaps be circumnavigated or even flipped into something positive, such-as my super-procrastination enabled me to see my daughter growing up and enabled me to raise threshold and feel more mature and secure in what I know to be true and so on.

Ye I have meandered and drifted – get used to it – it perhaps my style at present.  A bit like Dave Allen or Jasper Carrot or Billy Connolly – many an old time genuinely funny  comedian used to sit on a stage and play a little bit of music, sing a song and tell anecdotes about how stupid and foolish and idiotic reality really is, when all of us are so determined that is be other than what it is.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well.