Wow Twenty Ninth of February Or 29/2 (GMT)

So as has become a routine or regular habit – that may or may not lead anywhere in particular in the greater scheme of things I publish an IMAGE of some recent book buys.


As can be seen in this particular instance that little strip label designating NEW is missing from this image – I having been somewhat busy in recent days was not necessarily intending to publish a post at the present time. Five books were new to me, whilst the other I previously showed and find it as a handy IDEA or reference – in the sense that I have written various posts some published historical or more recently saved privately that went through a kind of iteration of history of life and a book that references topics such as books, music, film & games on the cover is kind of a useful  integrative idea much as name dropping the ancient party type game of Charades is.

So why this particular blend of books – well I have seeking to demonstrate that in many ways, the various theories as to the World being a giant Computer Simulation does align with a number of my own theories as to all being actors and actresses, who upon being subject to Stage plays and Television and Film and more modern computer related media become so entangled in our own respective ‘SENSORY’ realities that separating wheat from chaff or being able to see the wood for the tree’s can become an all time consuming endeavour.  Obviously when young and seeing heroes and heroines or mere celebrities within Entertainment medium it can be all to easy to copy and imitate and because we are like sponges (when young), there is an aspect of ACT IN HASTE, REPENT AT LEISURE.

Now of course once people set out in life on a given course or trajectory it can potentially be troublesome for them to change, although what was demonstrated to me in usage of Holosync was the availability of choice and options, where none previously seemingly existed.

So wanting to improve my sensory capabilities and communication skills I might invest in a thesaurus of the senses – food programs, chefs and cooks are often popular due to there being a natural usage of broad sensory language within the kitchen related realms.

Beyond the Quantum seemed like an interesting investigation due to this idea of the World always progressing and of course, since taking up meditation technology you come to experience that Thoughts Become Things in a kind of self fulfilling prophecy (not only potentially for a given individual, though however you want to carve up identity politic attribute and values up in a Global Sense) – so there is an aspect of the “Being beyond the Quantum” thought NOW existing in the World whereby even if know one has worked out fully the mathematics and Science for these things the Thought INTENTION is being put out there to a wider public etc.  Some young folks wanting to go into Science might be inspired, other folks might shrug and say so what, although then go on to have family and the prodigal child that fulfils the criteria.  These things once you have gone through certain processes of awareness and enlightenment are seemingly shown to not all be confined to one generation, they are a bit like that Dr Who aspect of being woven through space and time and history etc.

Measure what counts seems appropriate to me at present, due to a recent death in the family, and whilst the author is an Economist talking on the metrics of World Wide Economy, from a personal or individual perspective – measure what counts can be thought of as the time spent together, or otherwise, or Societal Service and so on when thinking on the death of someone within your own immediate life, or indeed the death of those who you know only through entertainment medium etc. That goes to this idea of how you think, how you feel and how you act – in how does this other person make you think, feel, act and so on.

Game Design is just another point of view on the World of Game, and as suggested is perhaps me seeking to come to terms with questions such-as – are we really all simply existing in simulated Worlds within our own Hearts and Minds and Bodies. Nobody should of course underestimate the creative process of simply writing a blog or book or song or any creative endeavour, though clearly at any stage within life, we may want to aspire to a new life, free from many accumulated sufferings, and the many shape and form they can be categorised as.

It is oft repeated that there is always a level of Uncertainty about life the Universe and everything, Though clearly in learning and writing books, and progressing Science or any given life Realm category, as an individual or family or group, there is that element of becoming the Author of your own narrative and so on, whereby whilst you may seek to guide and influence others, how successful or otherwise you are, can be dependent on factors beyond your control. Although I can repeat that Technology Meditation that I have utilised – at least in a subjective experience capacity, really can help, the path I walk is perhaps as unrewarded as any life path, in a World where we can spend so much time focussed on so very many areas of life.

Meanwhile over at the Guardian Website Mr Rowson provided this beautifully drawn image.  Whilst I utilise the Baby Herman Fat Cigar Character Image as an avatar, this image perhaps relates to those Fat Cigars of earlier generation business men MOGULS et al. (Only my ego might suggest it were me) I thought I might write out some of my thoughts on the image – I did Historically ask permission to publish his Images.


So I stated previously all are actors and actresses – and that perhaps relates to that ancient thespian quote – All The World Is A Stage – Social Media and News Media and Entertainment Platforms do of course give all and anyone who utilises them a Stage.

The News Cycle has seemed less important in recent days due to a death in the family, so whilst the World Wide Focus has been on the usual suspects (High Profile Individuals), subjects and topics popular within news media & journalistic realms in dissemination of news and opinions, both expert & otherwise, it seems to me that there is a somewhat heightened or accelerated state of contagions – whether that contagion be a genuine contagion, or a contagion of rumour, or baseless claims and counterclaims and gossip and the endless churning over of going know where circular polarised debate.

So yes whilst the World continues in its deliberations, I “David, Hereford, England” no not that one, have been focussed upon things closer to home, and organising with family, friends and local community figures to ensure that the deceased has an appropriate sending off, and that people are allowed to remember and grieve and express themselves, and there own thoughts and feelings and actions and so on in there own way as they remember the recently deceased.

Unsure if I wrote it in public or otherwise – though for many people, life is consistent with that philosophy of religious rituals pertaining to births, marriage, christenings, deaths, and of course in the more modern secular age, how you live your life inside or outside  of any perceived constraints brought about through your alignment or otherwise with such ideas – either way as told to us in Eastern Meditation Philosophy “All Life Is Suffering!”

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

PS. When asked as to the Title of this published Article – the writer sighed and said well how often do you get to publish or carry out any activity on the 29th of February?  Do you envision yourself having to leap over a 29th of February Gap or Climb a 29th of February Mountain – whilst officialdom has found ways and means to deal with issues related to 29th February, I often find myself thinking that we any of us are perhaps able to imagine a flexibility or manoeuvrability within these oddities within the Calendar that can be an explorable alternative to the boring explanation of required compliance with ancient historical studies of the movement of the planets and the Solar System or Galaxy and our ever so small place within it.


Though First The Book Buys

What is Progress, Who am I, Who are You, and what is the context of our interaction?

Though First The Book Buys


Now some weeks, I purchase expensive books, and other weeks I purchase kindle unlimited books  – yes I actually pay a set monthly service charge, though many of the free access books are far more expensive than simply having a kindle unlimited account.  On other occasions I set myself a price target or range, in this particular instance all these books can be yours for a reasonable £30 or so, although they may in future, continue to depreciate in value, as a given author releases new books, and the sellers want to continue to extend the value of a back catalogue or portfolio.

Are these books going to Light up my World, and be informative in some new way? or are they more of the same, searching for ways and means of separating wheat from chaff and or creating and crafting your own narrative, focussing on your own areas of interest and trending.

I recently advertised a course from Learning Strategies called Facilitating Brilliance, and for me it was much a refresher course, and a repetition on creating a new tapestry from multiple other courses, and products from that Company, although in this instance it was more geared toward Stepping Up and designing your own course and output, the option perhaps to utilse their many years of Experience in the field of the Human Potentiality Movement and PROGRESS, Growth and so on. Whether on an individual level as a realm, or as a cooperative group realm level, or indeed a Business Realm level or even Entertainment Realm level, the IDEAS and templates and processes are applicable throughout Human Civilisation, and can of course be tailored for the requirements of anyone, within any area of endeavour.

I think the usage of the word FACILITATION is Fantastic, why?  Well Historical or Traditional Mindset’s as to Learning, and division of people, and power, often runs along the lines of “Them & Us”, “Master & Commander” where you see documented ideas as to Lowest Common Denominator topic and subject matter such-as all those subjects that are seemingly an ever present within the Realms of Journalism and Politics (that have in typical fashion rapidly come to dominate many spheres of Social Media Realms)  – Class, Race, Colour, Creed, Sexuality, Gender, Disability, Diversity and on and on the lists can go.


I, upon discovering an online affiliate link to Centerpointe Research Institute, and then utilising The Holosync Solution, first sought to raise my own Threshold using the Technology, with the  promise of greater awareness and enlightenment. I also then wanted to reorder or improve my navigation of identity politics, debate, attributes & values, into either an improved hierarchy, or indeed flow and focus on the interests and life realms that I personally wanted to contribute too, or achieve some level of success within.

For me, and my own personal circumstances, as to the course of how my own life has been up until now, FACILITATION alludes to ideas of cooperation and teamwork, us and us win, win and so on, moving on, stepping up from particular low level subject and topic matters and EXPERIENCES, into a more self referential trust & appreciation, for discernment and Navigating life, where you come to realise, that a blog article a day or a drawn image or photo image a day or journaling or whatever realm your creativity is focused upon, is little differing from what all these EXPERT have done, in then going on to SELL you there EXPERIENCES, or telling you about it.  (so to speak).  Many realms originated in the SUBJECTIVE, though typically are declared OBJECTIVE when research or science demonstrates a high level of commonality throughout Civilisation.

So for me I found myself thinking on another Learning Strategies course – Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now – presented by Sam Horn and Pete Bissonette, whilst the REPEATED 3 TIMES WORD UTILISED in that Course Title is WRITE, I think what if I transition this into CREATE WELL, CREATE FAST, CREATE NOW.

So  many within that particular course (including me), were hopefully inspired to WRITE, and improve their/our own output, and delivery and communication skills, in whatever area or field of life, they/we were seeking improved writing skills within, and these presentation skills or STAGE craft were all factors within the FACILITATING BRILLIANCE course.

Pete Bissonette (President of Learning Strategies) wrote the book Breakfast Tea & Bourbon, as his own part & parcel project for that course, and what most stood out for me, within his book that I have remembered since first reading that, was a particular discussion on the mathematics or philosophy of how you or I came to exist. How many experiences, encounters or evolutions of earlier generations of men and women coming together, had to occur or happen in order for you or I to simply have been born or exist.

I am sure I have actually read similar theory elsewhere, possibly before or since, Pete Bissonette wrote his book, though his name is the one, most at the forefront of my recollection on those particular philosophical thoughts.  They can of course be mind boggling, though also fit in with this weeks book collection with regard to my own lifelong love of Computer, Technology & Science Fiction Realms.

So, I have written historically regarding having a kind of hands on tinkering “end user” knowledge of areas such-as engineering, and technologies, often simply through having purchased or bought into various advancements in Technologies, whether that was my first Walkman or Radio or Hi-Fi or Video Game Unit or Home Computer, or access to growing up around music studio’s or video recording equipment and Television, visiting Cinema and on the list can go.

In a way, many of us do this, when we are at growing up, where we can be at home doing what is taken for granted within our family and friends life circumstances, and then go to school where some formal introduction to a given Educational qualification, and there can be some never the twain aspect, where the low level qualification is all suffocating and constricted, whilst the home use is all EXPERIMENTAL and pushing things to the limit.

So then of course you might think is it really worth pursuing this DREAM to work within a given life realm, when the home version and the qualified version are seemingly so polarised.  You can of course learn the Theoretical and the Standardisations and in my case of Electronics Engineering and Computer science and Artificial Intelligence (do all the modules as I did) gain the qualifications, and you will have those on your CV that is typically taken as an objective industry standard.

For me, I loved studying at University, and I loved the Environment that Facilitated Learning, although typically, whilst I thought I was in control of my own thoughts, feelings, behaviours –  some of the “greater realities” that awareness and enlightenment,  brought about through Holosync usage, and Learning Strategies courses means that in many ways, we may never truly know ourselves, or indeed what our actual true contribution to the Past, Present, Future may or may not have been, that is of course unless we navigate/transition to some independent NOW Realm, or Observer level, or PLATFORM, where we are feeling greater calm and in greater control and as a WITNESS or OBSERVER – to events that can be reported on, though not necessarily participated within, ideas surrounding Free Will and Determinism and of course the IDEA of The World not being The World – The Map is not the Territory.

I always loved ideas surrounding the Mad Professor tinkering away in a Lab and innovating and inventing, although as can be seen within many industries, Super Computers, and Governments, and very many vested interests, are always seemingly far in advance of  the individual and many a group or Society when it comes to progress, and indeed the direction or biases related to which way the World should be moving. RESIST, TREND or RECONFIGURE, in your own favour can often seem to be the modus operandi of many successful Governments and Business and Individuals.

That again why facilitating is such a great word, though one of the main problems is that many people at all levels of Society may believe themselves FACILITATORS, whilst still operating from motivational thoughts, feelings, behaviours that you have long since “let go” as part of your own Holosync usage or life advancement.

I think I recently spoke on the IDEA of Neuroplasticity, prior to experiencing Neuroplasticity at a later age via continued Holosync usage. I can speculate that I had neuroplasticity in childhood, though was unaware of that, at that time, and indeed the dominance of differing brain levels can seemingly make all the difference.  It might be suggested that present World Politics is dominated by REPTILIAN brain functions, whether you look to US or UK politics and other Nations where populists have risen.  That might be great, normal or natural for new born and young children who are recent additions to the population, though is it a pattern/cycle that we want to see dominating at the highest levels of Society or World Politics?

Since taking up Holosync usage, and working through multiple courses from Centerpointe and Affiliates such-as Learning Strategies, the favoured choice and option “to build a better map”, often also comes with a proviso to REFINE definitions and meanings, kind of narrowing things down at ever greater precision and accuracy of attributes and values, so where once, a given “first among equals” identity politics demographic or group or Multi National Corporation or Government or whoever, often rush to plant a flag in a word, numbers or identity facility, and claim such things as their own, we can actually refine meaning and definition and so on, we see such advancement and refinement within Biology with regard to Genetics, and we see such refinement within next generation Film and TV Technology, and that is of course what Progress is within just a couple of life realms, though typically, many of us are hampered in our lives through lack of awareness and enlightenment, as to those alternate Dimensions of Space and Time, or indeed a lifetime of old data, filters, and beliefs within our own minds, bodies and hearts, preventing us from our own evolutionary potential, as individuals and families and social beings and so on.

So for me, much of the TRADITIONAL means of “Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink” speculation and “Them & Us” identity politics nonsense, also seen within United Kingdom Parliamentary debate over the last couple of years, that may or may not raise threshold, awareness, enlightenment, or cause someone to breakdown, or whatever the given intent is, are simply best avoided.  My own life is perhaps a testament to how lifelong trauma accumulation and being  bullied, and experiencing constant pressure, and exploitative abuse, are completely undesirable experiences, far better to be an outlier and incompatible with those things.  No I cannot change or stop other folks being overly invested in those things, as I may have been at a younger time of life, though I can certainly advise and seek to guide people toward the only seeming Technology that actually worked for me, and indeed ask questions such-as that posed by Bill Harris, prior to his death, a couple of years ago “Am I a good man”.

It does of course take a certain level of Discipline in staying with a given course of Technology, though I continued with The Holosync Solution, when I could have stopped at various levels of the technology in a “this is cool” kind of fashion, the reason of course being the Question “How deep is your Trauma?”

I think Pete Bissonette’s Philosophical thinking, spoken of earlier, and a desire to live a more positive, uplifting and rewarding experience of life, helped put a new perspective on many things, just as Holosync usage took the edge of, and reframed many experiences where I was completely blind to the greater going on of it all etc.

So why am I philosophizing?  Well my daughter Rosey has now celebrated her own 21st Birthday recently, and whilst I have often only seen her in person during school holiday visits, and kept in regular contact via assorted communication technologies – phones, messengers, skype, social media etc.  She herself has developed a personality all of her own and at least in the sphere of parenthood, I can feel a certain level of satisfaction or pleasure in having had an active participation in seeing her growing up, and having provided her with extended family relationships (grandparents, uncle/aunt) and all sorts of fun activities, and childhood experiences that were not necessarily available to me within my own family circumstance of growing up.

On seeing this image recently – she suggested it made her look like a crazy person, though from a parental perspective, it is perhaps one of those momentary flashes of personality or joy or excitement and so on, that much about what parents do, is perhaps motivated in achieving.

WIN_20170415_18_12_19_Pro (2)

and further more

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!


Facilitating Brilliance Mindfest

Since writing my recent blog articles on Unknown Unknown’s, I received an email  from Learning Strategies Corporation, informing me of a brand new free participation course – FACILITATING BRILLIANCE – the details of which can be found at the following link

Much of what has been written within this blog over recent years, has been brought about or inspired through my own explorations and usage of various Learning Strategies courses  and Centerpointe Research Institute courses.

The Human Potentiality Movement, however you currently think, feel, act and behave within your own life and circumstance, has the power to transform and empower anyone’s life at any age, and indeed in the fashion and manner of an ancient Martini Advert “Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere”.

What might that mean for you?

From my own perspective in participating with various courses and transformative programmes, I think many of the awareness and enlightenment’s, bought about through regular usage of various Technology Programmes and Fest’s puts very many situations and scenario’s, that you have experienced throughout your life, in a new and far more empowering contextual framework of choices and options, realisations and interpretation of events, that at an early time of life you may or may not have been aware of – in not being able to see the Wood for the Tree’s.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

Unknown Unknown’s Part III

So much about blogging is seemingly following some of the instructions given by various guru’s, and I have sought where possible to do that, although like many a person I can say – “do not do as I do, do as I say!”.

Great debate can of course be entered into on these issues, though first I shall publish the books I purchased this week, a kind of ritual or habit I have developed in developing my intuitive capacities and of course exercises for Photo Reading.


So if you were merely interested in what books I selected at Amazon this week, you can be happy and contented and return to whatever part of the internet, you arrived at this backwater blog from!

Now I have of course spoken on developing intuition and as some may or may not have been aware, all these internet shops and websites are using various shape and form of Artificial Intelligence, very much built around user interactions not only of the individual though larger demographics of people, from a Country or continent and so on.

What does that mean?  Well I perhaps spoke on my following of Sports (I think) and indeed have spoken on how many Worldly realms follow there own patterns and cycles, whether we are talking about a Sport or Film or Royalty and you as an individual and so on, in fact we as individuals perhaps suffer from information overload or what some term infobesity (too much information).  Anyway I think with the appropriate strategies of for instance seeing what is hot and what is not in data charts on websites such-as Amazon, people can develop a kind of master and apprentice style intuition, whereby we can ask the who, what, where, when, why and how can I use or apply the PREDICTIVE intuition gathered by these website to my own advantage? and of course without necessarily actually buying or purchasing anything, like that idiot Dave seems to do each week.

Anyway all that is digression, so “Do not do as I do, do as I say” is a kind of commandment heard by generations of people, from elder generations in the belief they are imparting some great wisdom, or in wanting to spare others from the suffering they experienced in following particular course of action or lifestyle choice or moment of madness and so on.  A parent crossing a street with children, might then advise children that when unaccompanied they utilise the safety of the Traffic Lights, to which the childish response is perhaps – how can I use a traffic Light If you have not demonstrated usage of Traffic Light to me!

So these matters can perhaps lead people into a kind of great mental incongruence, where what is being stated and said, is out of alignment with actual behaviour, and of course the World is full of these kind of issues, especially when it comes to listening to Authoritative Figures giving Speeches as a Performance in there Capacity as [Insert Title].  Many people seemingly manage to compartmentalise these things with justification as to how I separate my working life from my business life or social life and so on.  The problem – from my own experience is of course that even if you are suffering incongruence, insecurity or fearfulness within one aspect of your life, other people will potentially sense that and typically rush to label or brand or misdiagnose the issue at hand.

So I spoke in Part II on how I studied Computer Science and utilised a fantastical sorting algorithm developed by others, I could be congruent in knowing of the Algorithms efficiency within Computer systems, and although I knew it to be an excellent algorithm – within a typical human being I assumed it would likely be drowned out by a lifetimes worth of incongruences doubt and accumulated confusing and conflicting contrary voices and so on. My later Holosync usage perhaps reduced the noise within my brain, so when I came across the usage of the sorting algorithm within Holosync range of products, it perhaps acted as a motivation to exploring even more of the Holosync range of products.

Now when I was young I suffered a condition often perhaps referred to as “Motion Sickness”.  What that meant was that when out and about in the open air walking along etc.  I was generally fine, though stick me in a moving vehicle – a car or bus or train and I typically became disoriented and sickly.  Of course, over time,  I became acclimatised or gained a Threshold for travelling in Cars and buses and trains and no longer suffered that condition.  Though what is interesting with regard to IDEAS of what “Real Reality” is and ideas surrounding consciousness is of course the so called measures of time, and whether we are hard wired to them (potentially to our detriment or benefit).

So much research such-as those that led to Cinema and TV and Cartoons and so on, was all about how many frames were required to give the impression of moving pictures. Likewise we can look to the History of Music and find that typically a great deal went into ways and means of marking or codifying the timings within Orchestrations and instruments and we can even look to Establishment’s such-as The Military where the choreography and coordination of troops  was often seemingly Orchestrated around the usage of drum patterns and so on.

Science of course says that however solid we think ourselves in our day to day lives, when you go deep down into atomic measurements and structures we are not really solid at all, and neither are all these things about us that we have given relational measurements to. Yes you can research Atomic Clock timings in comparison with your favoured watch or clock manufacturer, though the point is perhaps that whilst these things have been studied, little has seemingly been said as to the effects of potential disparency between all these measures of time on us as individuals.

If I existed in a World of only one set of time parameters or ritualised and dominating time parameters, then all might be well, though most of us in the West learn of differing Global Times at relatively young ages, and then as I suggested above, Technological timings created within Film and TV and Video and Computer Games, that give the impression of real time (though are not) – if we go with some Global Standardized Time Mechanism.

So these kind of meanderings can of course lead to questions as to what is healthy exposure to debate and indeed differing Technologies, and what is potentially harmful or even exploitative, given the speed of multiple Technological advancements throughout the Globe and various Societies, and indeed some of the more troubling effects that we see within National Statistics, again throughout many cultures around the World.

A Blog for better or worse, does of course enable you to develop your own “narrative”.

So I was perhaps at a low ebb when I clicked on a link to Holosync, and I cannot claim that the experience has all been plain sailing, as it really did shake things up somewhat as to my beliefs about the World, though also provided a certain level of hope or welcome respite from various seeming lifelong issues.

Many of us perhaps realise or come to a kind of realisation that the creating or crafting of your own life narrative or book or entrepreneurial endeavours is perhaps the preferred option to always seemingly being at the mercy of “other peoples stuff”.

One of the most common themes around the progress of the human race, or our place as human beings within the World, always seems to be ideas surrounding building a better map, and of course Navigating said map.  Although I have mostly utilised products from Holosync and Learning Strategies in recent years, I am still happy to read books and look for other variations on these themes.


So books on research into genes and epigenetics, can easily find themselves alongside a book on navigation or indeed Mapping Mental spaces (don’t ask).

Of course my own impulse on gaining the insights and ah-ha’s and awareness/enlightenment’s brought about via Holosync, much like many another person (I would assume), was to perhaps seek to Flatline or clear out many a mental detritus and many a lifetimes worth of accumulated suffering, and although, you can perhaps to a certain degree, succeed in such a quest, you still have to consider that you still exist in the World and still have to live, breath and eat and so on. Many of the realm affiliates seem to follow the “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” mantra, and I think encouraging a more uplifting rewarding mindset and life is a positive thing.

So in many ways, my publishing of various books over the last couple of years was potentially unnecessary, as was perhaps going to Guardian online and contributing comments there, when it seems so many other commentators only live to express grievances at the World at Large, perhaps it is a Tradition within some people & communities for want of vengeance, although from my own history and Enjoyment of the songs of ancient rock legends Aerosmith – I often think on the titles of a couple of favourite Tunes – “Don’t Get Mad, Get Even”, and “Dream On”.

With regard to Dream On, When I was young I had a dream to want to build robots such-as Star Trek’s Data – A Humanoid Android (so to speak).  I was always somewhat frustrated at the pace of Science, I think that in part led to my returning to Education, in a kind of “I’ll do it myself!” mindset or mentality and what I actually found within my studies of both Electrics and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and robotics and so on was that much of the research and Science had already been formulated and carried out (in many ways), what has always seemed lacking is the desire (and funding) within those realms (The purpose within many a Scientists Mindset is to stay unfinished always pushing a little further on the what-if’s and having continued funding).  Yes I studied the studies of cross pollination of many realms research and control and feedback systems, and we can now see fully automated Factories and so on, with sensors designed around the senses of creatures within the animal kingdom for specific tasks, and we see space age robots ready to explore distant planets etc. and the humanoid Android seems to have been left to the realms of hobbyist engineers and peoples, as a kind of inferiority complex project (how poorly we humans are designed). Maybe their is some secret that I have not twigged at this moment in time, though in thinking on it I do not know what that can be, and still feel frustrated (on this particular dream) when given the appropriate support and team and technology know how and engineers etc.  I have often thought that If I won really big on the Lottery, IE. double digit millions, I would have a respectable working example of a humanoid android within 5-10 years.  Yes I  know we are seeing the rollout of various companion robot and toy robots have become a kind of ever present alongside build your own robot wars vehicle, and those for flying etc, though I have even watched some of those Robot competitions and just as a Meditative Guru might ask the question of a seeker or apprentice “must their be a meaning/reason” or a Mountaineer says “because it is there” when asked why they climbed the mountain.  For me I think Society or Science has somehow Ring-Fenced ideas of Humanoid Android as of limits, or not cost effective in terms of a return on investment etc.  And that for me is frustrating.

So what is next for Dave, well like most people, there are things I should be doing, could be doing, and would be doing if I was better at managing my time and indeed not given to distraction by the latest explosive exploitative news headlines, that typically keeps us focussed on the external world and external events, when most of us can only become empowered where we have most power, within our own hearts and minds and bodies etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!



Unknown Unknown’s Part II

So at some given date and time within our own subjective History we are born and as suggested by very many a researcher or child development professional, as infants we are typically soaking up everything there is to take in about the new World around us.

At some point of course some kind of consciousness occurs within our heads whereby we begin to recognise people and places and have memories of the very many events going on that previously were not fixed as a kind of conscious record. EXAMPLE:-  I know I have memories of what I regard as my first living address, although both my parents insist we lived at another address prior to the one that I have memories off – I had perhaps not developed enough at that point to have any kind of conscious record of my own early life existence.


So we see other people walking and talking and doing activities and we try to imitate and copy them in our own little world of experimentation and interactions with the World at Large etc. Whilst as developing youngsters we are perhaps closer to the improv realms, than the acting realms, for me it seemed fairly obvious from a young age that all must be actors and actresses, although of course compliance and socialisation training & rituals  at home and in school and education often leads to people losing the actor label in preference to how they identify themselves and indeed what they see themselves as in terms of play and when I grown up etc.

I was thinking on this because I have memories of playing the miming game Charades, with a group of similar age children, we all perhaps in the age range of 5, 6, 7.  And all of us had a repertoire of knowledge on Film, TV, Songs, Plays, Books and so on that can lead to you wondering, where the requirement for adult experts on all these things was invented, so great had our early years knowledge accumulation been.


So through your various bodily sensory faculties usually listed as Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, Smell, you might have experienced or witnessed Theatre, Film, TV, Radio & Books & assorted Live Events Weddings, Funerals, Sporting Fixtures, Bonfire Night Fireworks etc.  (just an example selection).

All these experiences might be regarded as a good thing at a young age, I want to be like a favourite Athlete or Superhero or Celebrity (as is the modern age general term for anyone with a higher profile than your average person in the street). Although when you think about it, much about your memories are what might be termed haunted data – they are not now they are from some point in the past, and you have [Insert Your Age] many years of accumulation of assorted memories and experiences, and in many instances where you witnessed stuff through medium such-as Cinema and and Radio and TV they are all “other peoples stuff”. Yes you experienced some representation of events through those mediums, though would you genuinely want some of the extreme things that happen, in many a drama in your own life? (if that is what they potentially have the ability to bring about?)

Dave, Please Get To The Point – Says no-one in particular.

Okay so I am seeking to make various points that probably need greater depth of knowledge than I can impart. Though I can hopefully give an understandable outline.


The book Entertainment Science is a typical example, of a Human Mental Capability  – such as that required to play the ancient parlour game Charades,  that we have created Machines and Tools to do much quicker and faster for us. (Although I have no knowledge of machines miming at people). Many of the Tools of the World Wide Web are often regarded as Search Tools and Search Engines and those often operate using what are known as Heuristics.

This probably sounds all very Science Fiction being made into Science Fact and it is.  I like many a person grew up enjoying many Science fiction entertainments, featuring seemingly future technologies and so on. This perhaps a feature of that IDEA “Thoughts Become Things” so someone has speculated on a Future Technology and others inspired by the Idea have sought to make such things possible.


So we grow up accumulating vast quantities of experiences, and carrying lots of seemingly mish-mashed thoughts, feelings and beliefs as to the way of the World and so on, and our brains are perhaps like some of those mind maps that you can find in many a mind map book. Meanwhile of course those of us interested in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are still wanting to push the boundaries of what is possible, in seeking ways and means to codify and create new tools and so on.

Part of the appeal of The Holosync Solution for me, was that I had studied Electronics Engineering prior to University and I kind of understood, that whilst we seek to harness the power of Electric into usable formats for our external Lighting and heating and so on, we are ourselves a kind of chemical electrical being.  That music that you listen to through your headphones is actually an electrical wave of some shape and form. so Binurial Beats (a kind of mild or gentle electrical stimulus) that can bring about an improved brain, is a no brainer (in many respects).

There is also much within the Blurb as to this IDEA we have of the World, not being the World, and of course various Luminaries talk of us being Spiritual Beings Living a Human Existence.

So what might convince someone to try this tech?

Well I said I loved Science Fiction and I got to thinking on these IDEAS from Star Trek such-as Transporter Technology and The Holodeck and so on.

If you were on a Transporter pad and Transported into a given realm within the Holodeck how would you know what was real and what is not real?

Yes I know you have an answer, though going back to the early years issue spoken of above – whereby I was not consciously aware of my early years until so far into my own growth and development with memory retention and so on, what constitutes the difference between Consciousness and non-conscious? Awake and not awake? Much like an album I heard of recently wondering upon where we go when we dream etc.

The Technology is one that genuinely has to be experienced, although what I found as I progressed was that in multiple instances, I was returning to things that I had studied for external tools and machines.  One such example being an excellent Sorting Algorithm.  I had studied and used this Algorithm within my Computer Science Studies and here it was seemingly helping human beings actually reorder and sort there own mental states.

Much of these things seem to be related to Neuroplasticity and the ability of the brain to change, and have a raised Threshold and so on, where my own particular example of a brain was in requirement of an MOT, yes I have learned and accumulated much knowledge and experience, throughout my life, though it had often seemed a hard struggle and so on, where the stimulus seemingly gradually takes you to a place, where you can feel greater levels of calm and faith in your own abilities and so on.

That seems enough for today, so without further ado

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

Unknown Unknown’s

So subjectively – prior to International Telecommunications Networks and Social Media – a Meditation Technology called Holosync was an unknown unknown, as was the creator of the Technology and many of the affiliates & associate Companies such-as Learning Strategies.  Both Companies claim 2 million + users of their Products & Technology in 190+ Countries, and of course it can probably be assumed that many other affiliates & users of the Technologies also have large customer bases, all interlinked and networked in some fashion.


Where Holosync is perhaps most about Meditation, Awakening and Enlightenment through usage of the Technology. Learning Strategies is very much about what they call the Human Potentiality Movement and indeed multiple programmes serve to remind you about the so called handing down of knowledge from one generation to another and how these things have become codified in various shape and form.

So in The New Science of Super Awareness book, Bill Harris talks about his Holosync product and indeed goes into some explanation on how he has studied various Science and Meditation Realms and brought various ideas and aspects of each together in a more codified fashion.  How We Learn – is a study on Brain Science by an expert in that field – questioning how we presently teach when so much about the brain is still unknown.  I spoke on Learning Strategies and Sparks of Genius might be the sort of book utilsed within one of there courses – seek to identitfy attributes and values as to what made an earlier generation individual come to be regarded as a genius and then seek to codify those attirubtes and values in some fashion and manner, that can be handed down to a new generation.


Sounds Wonderful does it not. Although so many systems now exist throughout the World that whilst we may all be born with some instinctual patterning instinct, seeking to separate out all the very many standardization and codification theories and how they are actually linked in various shape and form of systems can seem like a lifetimes worth of work, in and of itself. This perhaps why so many Life Realms gradually expand and grow and then at some point splinter into sub groups and specialisations and so on. That typically leads to debates as whether being a specialist or a generalist is the better option.

When we look at our Schooling systems, it can be stated that at younger ages, we are given an introduction to Education, as we progress, we are given a more broad and general education, and then at some point we are perhaps asked to specialise as to where we want to focus our own energies in Exams and Courses, we might then go into Higher Education Realms and again they are often more Specialised than generalised, although they in and of themselves can give a generalised overview of a specialisation prior to you going further into a sub-category specialisation.

I should state that the schooling system above is what most people get in the United Kingdom, although other Countries have done these things differently if not now then in the past – Several Communist countries for example, identified and encouraged specialisation at far younger ages, and you do see this in many Countries where Talent or Ability has been identified within a particular sport or science and some individuals given a kind of free past to making the most of their ability and so on. Whilst the rest of us look on wondering why we have not been plucked from the masses for our what is obvious to ourselves abilities.

To Be Contd.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!




A World Realm Of Your Own Creation & Design?

So what the creative realms show us more than anything else, is that the World is always in motion always progressing in some shape and form and fashion.

Some Leading Lights of The Creative Film Industry!


These guys have all of course taken responsibility for there own lives and passions, and indeed those of us who are fans of there work can appreciate their storytelling abilities and how they have shared these things with us through the medium of film & TV!

Film just as books and plays and music before them are a form of handing legacy, information, stories and technologies down from one generation to the next, note I spoke of these things in a linear kind of context, where many Theories across multiple realms such-as Quantum Theory, and Science Fiction – The World is a Giant Computer Simulation, and indeed some ancient Meditative Realms suggest we are already living our lives now as per what is recorded about us in some kind of future Library at the end of the Universe, kind of History Book. Yes it kind of takes you into argumentative ideas as to Free Will Versus Determinism, although that is not for this article.


I can recall that as a young child, like many a typical young child (I think) I took an interest in Books, games, movies and music, and many of us continue with those interests throughout our lives , so why would you want to call something Entertainment Science, that most of us do through being born and existing and so on. anyway. Although it does raise question as to can we as humans escape the will of the Entertainment business to fill our lives with stories and so on that may or may not have our own best interests at Heart.

I spoke of favourite of favourite books, this year saw me spending money on various VR and Augmented Reality books and If I were a rich man, Practical Augmented Reality is a book I would want to give to so very many people, in so many areas of life and so on. I cannot recommend that book enough, outwardly it appears a little bland though the information within is great, fantastic and anyone who loves Technology and advancement should, if they have to choose a book on that subject have that one. I typically have multiple on the subject though that is the one that stands out from the crowd.

The Simulation Hypothesis is not a book I would necessarily recommend though it was in a kind of alignment with various Teachings I have encountered time and time again., from multiple experts across multiple life realms, and of course fits in with that Ready Player One Theory I spoke on of Creating your own calm and peaceful boringly heavenly realm, that perhaps even runs concurrently with the exciting parallel realms of people keener for the adventurous side of life etc.


So I took up Meditation with The Holosync Solution and indeed checked out some of the teachings of various affiliates, as well as more independent, though well known experts within there own field.


Bill Harris who created Holosync is sadly no longer with us, although his product and his back catalogue of products Library is, as are many of his Affiliates such=as Ken Wilbur and his Integral Life Practice and many others throughout many life realms not covered by this post, and indeed other teachers exist such-as Deepak Chopra whose work covers similar topics and subject matters.

Very often suggested to be that you get more of what you focus upon.  I did not necessarily believe I would experience the Experiences brought about through my usage of Holosync, though what I often found within the many courses and teachings was that they were things I had already done or experienced within my own life, that I now encountered with a Higher Threshold and indeed far more realisations and ah-ha’s from a no longer seemingly oversaturated mind and body and so on. The product has to be experienced rather than explained. And indeed where many things learnt or experienced in young childhood might have been operating non-consciously beyond your awareness, Holosync seeming enables you to simply let go of many long held, no longer necessary or important to your life, historical thoughts feelings and behaviours etc,

Although the level of relief from a lifetime of accumulated trauma is also worth having. So yes where once I might have felt as though I was always suffering at the centre of some hostile world and story, not of my own creation, that I could not seemingly escape or find the words to explain to others, I now feel as though I know that many of those things really were not my own story and indeed can better think of issues in terms of are these thoughts feelings and behaviours resourceful to me now in terms of how I am now rather than assuming a victim and suffering posture, of my younger years.

So The Quantum Ontology Book is perhaps in the realm of METAPHYSICS and whilst I have a number of books that talk on that realm, the earliest I can recall having was The metaphysics of Star Trek, I am a big Sci-Fi fan and Star Trek Fan of The Next Generation Era, so it has been nice seeing Picard and Data again courtesy of Amazon Prime. It was also nice seeing The Rise Of Skywalker just before Christmas, I thoroughly  enjoyed the film  as it contained very many elements that I have written about here in, and indeed found within many recommended books such-as The hero’s Journey, so you had a Treasure Hunt and Great Props Sword / Dagger and Sith Wayfinder – for me I kept on saying give Star Wars back to the children – many complainants of this Trilogy seemingly my age, rather than the children’s audience age, many of us saw that original trilogy in the 70’s and 80’s..  The Best Compliment I can give to JJ and The Lucasfilm Team and all those involved in that project is “Yeah Let’s Play Star Wars!” because that is what we used to do in school at playground times, and the film felt like a group of actors playing Stars Wars, it might seem a silly game or make it up as you go along game, though that felt a lot more footloose and fancy free, than the weight of expectation surrounding The Force Awakens, or the Controversy surrounding The Last Jedi homage to George Lucas original flash Gordon inspirations etc.

So it might appear to be silly for any Serious Scientifically minded person to click on an affiliate link for a Meditation Technology Called Holosync, though for me part of the appeal was the reminder of the Holosuite within Star Trek realms and how the Holodeck’s could be utilised etc. and the What-if of so many accumulated Sci-fi realms speculations on the Future etc.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!





The Keep Them Keen Award

So what might a keep them keen award actually include within its line up? well I think some books are more generalist than the Title suggests and these are a few of those kinds of books that suggest specificity though often when read make sense of something else stated or said within another book.


These are for me, all works that I have viewed read on multiple occasions and again are merely a sample of a larger collection.  It perhaps also demonstrates that where I might not purchase actual physical books due to space limitations, the Kindle and cloud versions enable me to not be concerned as to having to built vast libraries for my reading tastes. I would hope that some classics across not just film and TV though other areas, would consider producing Kindle Versions.

going back to the Photo Reading issue of several posts ago, one of the recommendations is to typically get multiple books on a particular area or subject and topic and then go through them again as a kind of blitz study or reading session, whereby you can really get into the zone on a particular subject.  For those of us with limited funding, who want to study these kinds of realms and activities, and indeed see just how good a course such as photo reading really is, we will at some point of course, have enough books to feel that we can do our knowledge building exercises with confidence.

So just as I an imagine folks looking at all these posts and saying, please Dave, I cannot take any more, that can of course be akin to watching a real life award show and waiting for your favourite subject or topics appearance in the 5 minutes allocated to it within a 3 hour or more show. And then multiply that by all the guild and specialist award and you wonder how anyone manages to stay awake, maintain the drama of interest and so on.

I was going to go to subjects such-as writing, and acting and production design and sound, though am feeling it myself in just running with this series of posts, so imagine what the live action must be like.

better to potentially return to saying what does all this have to do with what I said earlier regarding the crafting of your own ready Player One styled Zone for meditation and research and development and all those things.

So that is where I shall go to next, although I will select a diverse group of books to explain some of the various relational theories.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well!



The Visual Storytelling Award

I know, I know, you have already storyboarded your adaption, why do you need Visual Storytelling, well clearly a storyboard in the modern age can be a progressive process much like any other.  So you have sketched out your storyboard, though how does that relate or translate to real world Visual Storytelling and so on. One of my most favourite of books is in this group, hence my including this as a category.


So visual storytelling again has many books, and as anyone who buys from Amazon perhaps realises you get to a point where recommendations often feature “people who bought that book also bought?” hence the merry go round mindset.

Having said that a book I strangely returned to again and again was the Bruce Block book “The Visual Story” I have no idea why that book gets more returns views than multiple of my other books though it does, suggesting I have some kind of affinity to that work, that is perhaps missing from some of its other realm related works, I should say of course that it might appear a somewhat expensive collection, though they have been purchased over several weeks, months and years, and not all together all at once hence what began as a minor love of film studies growing into a mighty research project and multiple  books on various topics.

What Next? I think I shall go a little more generalist as some books are less specific, than others as to what they are all about and I think folks will see within the image for themselves.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

The StoryBoard Drawing Award

Just as in my last post I said writing has many books, so too does the realm of drawing.  Although given what I said with regard to interpretation and meaning, I also ventured into some of the now scientific related realm of drawing within my research.

I like many of these books simply because like many people I grew up with Marvel and DC or Beano and Dandy comics or Disney’s Studio Productions movies, and if I could just afford the price etc.  Now of course Realms such-as Amazon make you aware of just how many books and experts exist that you have never heard of.  I should state that most of these images are from my Kindle Library and many Best Books within these realms are not available on Kindle (sob), though I do have some of them.  Frank Thomas “The Illusion of Life” or Richard Williams The Animators Survival Kit and even Betty Edwards Drawing on the right side of the brain.

So some favourites on my kindle


Hope that is not too many, though in multiple instances you do find yourself with more than one book from a given book writer, Drawn to Life is a Disney related book and I also have the 9 old men.  Stan Lee of course famed for Marvel characters, though his drawing characters, comics, and writing comics is a trilogy effort.  Comics are natural Storyboards (IMHO) so that is a simple cross realm intelligence.

For Science Neil Cohn has perhaps excelled in at least a couple of books in giving a certain level of Scientific Theory of understanding on these things. I also have doodling styled books and books that claim to cover comics, film, cartoon, animation, video games so you can see that drawing whether as beautifully crafted as Disney or simply stick outlines from this particular Dave, can be simply a matter of skill and practice or indeed finding folks who can.

The Book Directing The Story is interesting in that it is officially listed as a Storyboarding book and whilst a nice book to own, I think many other drawing skill books related to multiple non film realms have better all round content guidance.

Words for Pictures, much like another book I have, Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, makes a point on this issue of translation that it can always be worth returning to.

Why Secret Signs and Symbols?  Well you do find again and again that you want to be able to take inspiration from anywhere, and many basic drawing books focus on character or comic strip or doodles, and whilst environmental features and props exist within cartoons and indeed storyboards as anywhere else, you do not necessarily, unless you go to specific kinds of sub category books find much inspiration within many leading recommended books.  The secret Signs and symbols perhaps an example of me going to a subcategory, just as you might buy a book on specifically drawing buildings or vehicles.

I know from my time at University that much of what we did within Computer Styled Environments was a whole encompassing of Environment or even some of what is known as Rotascoping and other efforts at replicating real world detail and physics (think Pixar type films, or CGI character films, people in suits with ping pong balls attached). In many instances of rendering images you might select a start and end position, and a computer would render the between’s, just as many artists used to hand draw between’s at Disney (prior to Uni I actually had software on my home computer that could render such images way back in the 1990’s), although what Pixar perhaps got correct was that if you read some of the ancient Disney style books, many human characteristics are EXAGERATED for effect stretch, squeeze and so on (a minor disregard for real physics) where Live action films of recent years I think have often gone for boring total physics and thereby lose one of the secret key ingredients to the ancient magic of Disney. It is always a tough effort to gauge these things, and I know I can discuss old films and new films with older and younger generations and we all seem to have differing attuning to what was our generation of these crafts and how they affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviours or opinions on the movies, although it can be noted that even many modern cartoons at least still go with all those ancient techniques of incorrect Physics.

Yes so I studied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Uni and of course these are modular courses, so you have modules on very many related topics and subjects, even if it is not where you want to specialise, you might cover the basics on a course such-as 3D graphics.  computer Science more than many other areas of Study is actually more of a unifying realm in being utilised across most sciences and beyond! My books from that period of my life are of course actual physical books of that era (circa 2000) although in knowledge terms they are as relevant to day as Stan Lee’s Marvel related drawing books, or Frank Thomas “Illusion of Life” Once you have a knowledge of basic underlying principles & theory the Advancements are often technically more difficult to get to.  Much like stepping stones to the Horizon taken in small steps, many computer related realms have advanced to such a pace that the energy that got you to 50% of a particular processing capability when doubled only get you a smaller percentage such-as an extra 10 percent advancement and then the energy that got you 60% is used again to get to 65% and so on much like assorted edge of the black hole theories & Mathematics.  All this is digression, though I just wanted to point out people often within many life realms have unrealistic expectations of what can actually occur within a short, medium or long term plan etc.

People who learn these basic art skills at whatever level or need requirement, can actually feel better pleased at there skill development than many of us who have in various shape and form sort to cut the human element out of the process through using computers, yes differing skill sets, though I often think many a geek could benefit from returning to some creativity and understanding of what they are seeking to replicate or replace, in order to understand the finer points of a skill set that is not always a simple matter of programming.

So you have storyboarded your book adaptation, what might you want to do next?

There are of course a multitude of possibilities get finance, get a studio, get actors, find a director, producer , schedule a work flow, timetables? book a sound stage or access to appropriate facilities? do I need set designers and props and costumes?

because I am a one man band who has studied many books, it often seems somewhat of a merry go round, where nothing ever happens unless you take action for yourself.  So if I was a small time independent (many books on independent film making exists) I might say to hell with the demand for script refinement and better cast and funding and so on. Though you do typically still require a team even if you are merely filming on your mobile smartphone.

So next up, how might you translate your storyboard to Visual storytelling?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!