A World Realm Of Your Own Creation & Design?

So what the creative realms show us more than anything else, is that the World is always in motion always progressing in some shape and form and fashion.

Some Leading Lights of The Creative Film Industry!


These guys have all of course taken responsibility for there own lives and passions, and indeed those of us who are fans of there work can appreciate their storytelling abilities and how they have shared these things with us through the medium of film & TV!

Film just as books and plays and music before them are a form of handing legacy, information, stories and technologies down from one generation to the next, note I spoke of these things in a linear kind of context, where many Theories across multiple realms such-as Quantum Theory, and Science Fiction – The World is a Giant Computer Simulation, and indeed some ancient Meditative Realms suggest we are already living our lives now as per what is recorded about us in some kind of future Library at the end of the Universe, kind of History Book. Yes it kind of takes you into argumentative ideas as to Free Will Versus Determinism, although that is not for this article.


I can recall that as a young child, like many a typical young child (I think) I took an interest in Books, games, movies and music, and many of us continue with those interests throughout our lives , so why would you want to call something Entertainment Science, that most of us do through being born and existing and so on. anyway. Although it does raise question as to can we as humans escape the will of the Entertainment business to fill our lives with stories and so on that may or may not have our own best interests at Heart.

I spoke of favourite of favourite books, this year saw me spending money on various VR and Augmented Reality books and If I were a rich man, Practical Augmented Reality is a book I would want to give to so very many people, in so many areas of life and so on. I cannot recommend that book enough, outwardly it appears a little bland though the information within is great, fantastic and anyone who loves Technology and advancement should, if they have to choose a book on that subject have that one. I typically have multiple on the subject though that is the one that stands out from the crowd.

The Simulation Hypothesis is not a book I would necessarily recommend though it was in a kind of alignment with various Teachings I have encountered time and time again., from multiple experts across multiple life realms, and of course fits in with that Ready Player One Theory I spoke on of Creating your own calm and peaceful boringly heavenly realm, that perhaps even runs concurrently with the exciting parallel realms of people keener for the adventurous side of life etc.


So I took up Meditation with The Holosync Solution and indeed checked out some of the teachings of various affiliates, as well as more independent, though well known experts within there own field.


Bill Harris who created Holosync is sadly no longer with us, although his product and his back catalogue of products Library is, as are many of his Affiliates such=as Ken Wilbur and his Integral Life Practice and many others throughout many life realms not covered by this post, and indeed other teachers exist such-as Deepak Chopra whose work covers similar topics and subject matters.

Very often suggested to be that you get more of what you focus upon.  I did not necessarily believe I would experience the Experiences brought about through my usage of Holosync, though what I often found within the many courses and teachings was that they were things I had already done or experienced within my own life, that I now encountered with a Higher Threshold and indeed far more realisations and ah-ha’s from a no longer seemingly oversaturated mind and body and so on. The product has to be experienced rather than explained. And indeed where many things learnt or experienced in young childhood might have been operating non-consciously beyond your awareness, Holosync seeming enables you to simply let go of many long held, no longer necessary or important to your life, historical thoughts feelings and behaviours etc,

Although the level of relief from a lifetime of accumulated trauma is also worth having. So yes where once I might have felt as though I was always suffering at the centre of some hostile world and story, not of my own creation, that I could not seemingly escape or find the words to explain to others, I now feel as though I know that many of those things really were not my own story and indeed can better think of issues in terms of are these thoughts feelings and behaviours resourceful to me now in terms of how I am now rather than assuming a victim and suffering posture, of my younger years.

So The Quantum Ontology Book is perhaps in the realm of METAPHYSICS and whilst I have a number of books that talk on that realm, the earliest I can recall having was The metaphysics of Star Trek, I am a big Sci-Fi fan and Star Trek Fan of The Next Generation Era, so it has been nice seeing Picard and Data again courtesy of Amazon Prime. It was also nice seeing The Rise Of Skywalker just before Christmas, I thoroughly  enjoyed the film  as it contained very many elements that I have written about here in, and indeed found within many recommended books such-as The hero’s Journey, so you had a Treasure Hunt and Great Props Sword / Dagger and Sith Wayfinder – for me I kept on saying give Star Wars back to the children – many complainants of this Trilogy seemingly my age, rather than the children’s audience age, many of us saw that original trilogy in the 70’s and 80’s..  The Best Compliment I can give to JJ and The Lucasfilm Team and all those involved in that project is “Yeah Let’s Play Star Wars!” because that is what we used to do in school at playground times, and the film felt like a group of actors playing Stars Wars, it might seem a silly game or make it up as you go along game, though that felt a lot more footloose and fancy free, than the weight of expectation surrounding The Force Awakens, or the Controversy surrounding The Last Jedi homage to George Lucas original flash Gordon inspirations etc.

So it might appear to be silly for any Serious Scientifically minded person to click on an affiliate link for a Meditation Technology Called Holosync, though for me part of the appeal was the reminder of the Holosuite within Star Trek realms and how the Holodeck’s could be utilised etc. and the What-if of so many accumulated Sci-fi realms speculations on the Future etc.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!





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