The Awards Pre Amble

So why might an award list for various books without any prize, beyond recognition be welcome from some backwater blogger?

Well I think whatever life realm or environment an individual finds themselves living within, and indeed how successful or otherwise they have been, at some point within their life, they ponder or question what might be regarded as their own contribution to the World (if they think they have one) and indeed how that Legacy of experience (good, bad or indifferent (neutral)) can be passed on to a new or next generation – many of course settle on the traditional book whether Autobiography or indeed a book handing down the knowledge and experience for which they believe themselves to be appropriately experienced or qualified.

The vocal exercise that I repeated on several occasions at Guardian online and once or twice here also carries a similar theme or message hidden within its lineage.

In Hollywood, Hereford and Hawaii, The Highway is Seldom The Huawei.

So it perhaps seems strange to many that someone with my name, who grew up in a little City in England called Hereford might wonder as to the issues of Legacy. In many ways it has been the journey of my own life experience and then later life meditation that led to a sort of series of realisations. My name’s David Simon Perkins does not work any kind of initial magic because I was perhaps not consciously looking for any, although modern research and technology shows that our minds and bodies are constantly running a multitude of conscious and unconscious processes, whether we are aware of them or not.  It was only investigating Bible for example that I might realise they are names often associated with Jews and Israel.  It is only in reading the history of Comic Book Character Superman that I could rearrange letters and think it a kind of secret code relating to my name.  The BIG S on Superman’s Chest is apparently to SIGNIFY or bring about thoughts as to a river, and the River or waterway within Hereford is actually the River Wye (not eh famed question WHY?.  I say these things, not so much in boasting fashion, so much as not wanting to leave doubt regarding intention etc.

What is of course missing from my name when looking for VOWELS is the letter U.  That is of course the kind of Transition to be found when going from Old Testament to New Testament – where the Character Jesus has the U, you have been looking for. and of course their is the issue of “living life by example and service” regarding such lessons as a kind of Christ Consciousness, rather than being the actual physical embodiment of a resurrected Saviour.  That is also of course true in many ways for many establishment realms when you look to their History and so on, another Hereford issue is of course Legendary Military regiment The Special Air Service formed by David Sterling during the 2nd World War, and again another name I seemingly share, and I did indeed during my younger years meet a number of individual members of that service, as well as knowing one or two families, although again it can be seen within many of their associated writings that they refer to Hereford as a SPIRITUAL home, rather than physical embodiment home, much again perhaps in the Jesus to a child mould, of passing on the knowledge of their History and Service.

So I have had many highs and lows and peaks and troughs within my life, though at some point when at a lowest ebb, I found myself turning to “off the shelf” Hypnosis styled packages in the hope of getting to the root of a seemingly troubled life of suffering, whilst I am sure those packages worked, in multiple instances they made me feel better about myself though also merely served to boost & amplify much of the suffering, and further more left the IDEA somewhat that it was all an inside job.

As an aside – I had in the preceding years, before trying these Hypnosis packages been at University studying Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, a lifelong interest in Computers and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics taken to the next level of Formal Study as a mature student, I say that because much about Computer Science is about codes and programming and even cryptography and so on, so the effect of those Hypnosis packages was perhaps equivalent to decoding the ins and outs of my own accumulated data as a living breathing human being.

Having this idea that it was all an inside job can of course freak you out in the sense, that you have grown up with all these school teachings, and all these entertainments and all these assorted life experiences, and behaviours, and they are just this bubbling mass of inner conflict and confusion within your mind and body, that has no real order to it, as humans we seek to organise and order the World with hierarchies and mental compartmentalisations though the truth is (IMHO) that many of us are absolutely oversaturated with very many traumas imagined (perhaps from entertainments) and real (from our actual life experience) that we can be better off for not suffering from.  Though how to mentally reconfigure yourself? or no longer suffer the memory of various undesirable incidents within your life. Many strategies of course exist in the World when we go to seek them out whether through books or courses, and experts in very many fields of endeavour and research.  After the somewhat mixed blessings of the off-the-shelf Hypnosis packages, I stumbled upon a link to a Meditation Technology called The Holosync Solution from Centerpointe Research Institute, that promised a step by step process toward greater AWARENESS & ENLIGHTENMENT, and a MEDITATION TECHNOLOGY seemed now to be far more to my own taste in wanting relief from various ailments and sufferings. Yes I had to pay for all these things, though the Meditation has been a kind of incremental programme, use this level for so long, prior to moving up to the next level, and overall it can take many years, and of course some of the advice is to journal or witness and write of your life experiences.

So what has all that to do with these talks of awards and favoured books, well in having taken up meditation and indeed cleared up many a long held issue, you typically find yourself having affiliate products recommended to you, and of course multiple of the affiliates were potentially responsible for some of those Hypnosis styled programmes, that is not so much to put people off, so much as to suggest I would potentially have benefited far more if I had done the MEDITATION first, and then later tried out some of the affiliate programmes.

One such affiliate programme was called photoreading and that particular course, encouraged the purchasing of books and translating these written things into another format such-as drawings and mindmaps, where we are often taught these things from a young age anyway, they often become buried deep within our brains outside of conscious awareness, and when you consciously do these things, you can begin to have all sorts of “ah-ha’s” and realisations about many aspects of life that may or may not have previously completely passed you by, such can be the speed of life, the same is true of course of the Meditation in the write about your day and then Witness what happens in the World about you, it acts as a kind of self guided therapy, what went right, what went wrong, how can I adjust my thinking in being resourceful about this given situation or scenario. So where once I might have felt compelled to an intransigent position of suffering on some aspect, of life the Universe and Everything, now I can adopt a more disassociated or detached posture (if need be) where I am greater aware of my own empowerment being within me, rather than seeking to control what goes on out there with other people in there own mental worlds thoughts feelings and behaviours and lives et al.

So as a Lifelong fan of many areas (realms) of life the Universe and Everything, these are just some of the books, that I have included within my research studies since taking up Meditation and Photo reading.  As I think I stated before many of the teachings, are things that we may have already done at multiple times within our lives, though as is often the case – I wish someone had recommended this Meditation Technology and several of the courses, when I was far younger so I did not have to go through many years of unnecessary suffering, likewise being more consciously aware of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours enables you to take greater responsibility within yourself and for yourself than simply believing that the World and events within the World happen to you, and that you have no control, when in fact at some level that you may or may not be aware of you have greater power than you may realise.

So I wanted to become more enlightened and aware, I wanted to continue my lifelong interest in areas such-as Many Advanced Technologies whilst also continuing in following Film and TV and following Sporting Realm tours, and I wanted to identify the tools and processes required to see if I could kind of create my own Version of a Ready Player One Zone.  Ready Player One (a book by Ernest Cline) is of course also  now a Steven Spielberg Movie, and whilst that was predominantly about players within a kind of OASIS World Wide Web of various gaming Worlds, and the adventures of participants within that World, my World or Zone version would probably be the anti thesis of what my younger self would have gone for, I would create a kind of relaxed Meditative World or Boring Heavenly Zone, free from conflict and excessive drama, and dedicated more to being like Switzerland (NEUTRAL) and perhaps indulging my interest in research and development of various things, a kind of safe place of respected boundaries and borders and so on.  There are plenty of alternatives for other people who want all the adventure and action, conflict, confusion & drama so let folks who want those things go to those places.

Anyway I will list some books within a particular area of study and perhaps explain how said book contributes to my interest in monitoring/witnessing the World at Large or otherwise, and indeed how it might contribute to a process that creates an entertainment or movie or a better life for folks also following similar experience or life paths.

There are no rights or wrongs in following some of these choices, options and activities, though it can be interesting or even fun to explore both the direct and indirect, linear and non-linear, conscious and non-conscious ways in how many areas of life are more intertwined and inter-connected than many of us realise. Whilst also perhaps demonstrating our own respective blind-spots – we can become so routine or ritualised in particular behaviours and habits, that it takes an alternative perspective to get to those potential ah-ha’s that were possibly there all along though passing under our own respective radar.

As young child I can recall playing games such-as cards and monopoly with other children of similar age, when we were being baby-sat together, we also played Charades – a game that is well worth looking up, where one person would mime or act out a name of a book, Film, Theatre Play, and various other life realms that we thought up for ourselves, a TV production of the game of Charades (In the UK) was called “Give Us A Clue” and that is perhaps what I hope to do, give people guidance or clues to ways and means of identifying the money in communication, any ah-ha’s or perspectives gained from such activities can of course only be subjective to the experience, knowledge & beliefs of any follower, though with practice, I hope to demonstrate that most of us are far more capable than we think and indeed, very often have far more to contribute, through our own written life experiences, than we potentially think, or have been led to believe.

I am unsure as to how soon I will publish each following Davey Award, though may well break them down into smaller publishing blocks so folks can see them quicker or indeed skip the bits that bore such-as this pre-amble may well do for some folks.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

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