The Cryptography Espionage Award

So I spoke of my studying Computer Science and how much about such activities include various shape and form of codes, many of us also of course have life long interest in Espionage or detective type realms and those famed Questions Who, What, Where, When Why and How.

As young children we perhaps had books read to us, and music played to us and other entertainments mediums showing us all sorts of weird and wonderful things that we probably absorbed or learnt from.

Then we were probably sent to Nursery or School or may even have had some parental tutelage for things such-as drawing and writings and learning alphanumeric symbols and simple mathematical times tables and learning about Clocks and the monitoring of Time and Dates on Calendars.  All perhaps standard young school age activities.  Though what we forget in our adult ROUTINE regarding many of these things is that at some point we were actually drawing our alphabets and numbers, where at some point we might declare “I am writing” though all you are doing really is still drawing a set of symbols that makes sense to one group of folks, though may mean absolutely nothing to another group of people in some distant land.

You look at a Scene in front of you and perhaps declare “that is a tree” pointing at a tree within your view.

Another individual standing alongside you has pointed at that scene and declared “c’est un arbre” pointing to exactly the same point as you.

What has changed about the tree?  and scene? nothing, though this other individual has a differing label and MENTAL MAP or MODEL than you yourself, so meaning only perhaps comes through TRANSLATION and MEANING MAKING! that are held within your own brain etc.  No amount of your possible intransigence or this other persons potential intransigence is going to stop that scene from being as it is, although you might want to learn that other individuals communication or indeed go your separate ways agreeing to differ.

So the lesson on basic Detective Work can be to translate what you are witnessing into Another format that potentially makes you see or think about things in an alternate light or perspective.


The first book is The Complete Sherlock Holmes, and I am sure many folks have seen or read some variant of the famed Detective, or indeed many other fictional Detectives by assorted writers, although it is often interesting in seeing many ancient movies (as I did in my youth) how differing the Character might be to the book or indeed just how many variants that have existed down through the years.  That book is there as a representative of everyman sleuth, your favourite Sleuth could be any number of individuals that have graced our assorted Entertainment mediums down through the years. James Bond Actor Daniel Craig recently appeared in a modern day set movie Knives Out from Director Rian Johnson and I can happily recommend that film to those who love there ancient Detective novels and stereotypes and red herrings and so on, as it contains many elements and twists and turns of the Genre down through the ages, that keep us engaged throughout such drama.

I have purchased multiple books on the Real Espionage World, in terms of history or the CIA and MI6 and Mossad and the NSA and all sorts of Cold War stuff related to the KGB, many books are amazingly comprehensive in taking you all the way back to ancient Egypt and Roman Empires and then running through the History of Espionage up to the present day and so on. Some books are written by people who directly worked within those realms, others written by writers interviewing people within those realms and others again who are simply historian specialists of such realms.  Code-breakers is probably far from many a persons idea of a favourite book within this genre, though I personally have a soft spot for this book and have returned to it again and again. Hence its appearance on this image.

Another big bugbear of mine with many modern books, is how modern interpretation and translation of meaning is different to “as it was” during a given era or period simply through the Societal Dynamics that exist within the World at a different given period of History, often being differing psychologically to newer generations of people, we cannot imagine or embody the mindset necessarily to step into the shoes of people of an earlier era, nor would we necessarily want to.

So where did or does the World go wrong for many people?  Well historical attempts at Unity or unifying things came of course through Science and languages such-as Latin that acted as multiple races prime or secondary language throughout the Western World for many years, and “The Systems View Of Life” gives fantastic overview of how ancient Scientists decided on various order and organisational  hierarchies within there science that kind of also acted as the de facto root and branch of Science for many years.

It might well be suggested that whilst greater Freedoms have gradually been brought about within many Worldwide Societies for those of us within the lower echelons of Society, those freedoms have also often come with many peoples, at many levels of Society throwing well thought through and finely crafted hierarchies and systems in the bin in the name of there Freedom. Yes many accusations can be thrown at Liberal Elites (so to speak) though many systems became naturalised systems over multiple centuries of experience and progressive trial and error, from many scientists studying many disparate things throughout the Globe, and once many populations descended into chaotic free for all’s, and multiple wars seen over the last couple of Centuries, you do wonder as to how might folks be coerced into accepting the wisdom and experience and science of some systems.

Most realms I have studied have some shape and form of system, whether you are talking about how Language and Labels are categorised and catalogued, or animals and insects and  birds and tree’s and plants, to the human realms and Royalty or various Republics and Political Realms and Business and Sports and Film and other Establishment Realms, or newer realms such as Global Communication Networks and Technological Realms, they all often have common denominator STANDARDISED aspects of FRAMEWORKS & SCAFFOLDS that can with a little practice enable anyone to do what I often refer to as CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION or CROSS REALM INTELLIGENCE. In their own personal Sleuthing.

Much as when we were little children we may have received a painting by numbers gift or indeed assorted types of STENCIL that allowed us to have a STANDARD image outline, that any number of us may have given completely differing colours too.

So you have a favourite Book and it is all words, you want to create an adaptation for a play or cinema or TV or even a game, what can you do?  You see some identifying markers for a scene perhaps it is night time, perhaps one character picks a flower from a roadside embankment.

Translate into another format DRAW A MOON to signify night, draw a stickman, draw a flower, draw a road and embankment.  In fact whilst it might seem silly, when you consider you witness scenes through your senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch) and probably learnt to spell and do language at a later time of life,  it makes perfect sense to go back to basics of reverse engineering the scene.  I know from my study of most Film Realms and TV Realms and so on that there is often a sketching out of many a scene in doing these things, you have what is often called Storyboarding of a given script.  The great thing is you can of course get proper storyboard books, I have multiple, or you could actually get cartooning and drawing books.

 Or find people with the necessary skills to do some of the work for you, or interactively learn from them.  I for example regularly commented at Cartoon corner of the Guardian over the last few years.  Whilst the images are often related to POLITICIANS – I operating with the IDEA – A PICTURE TELLS A THOUSAND WORDS, could write out a description of said image (translating into an alternative format) I could also apply the everyman or everywoman idea to the characters.  I could also ask of myself what sporting fixtures are occurring later today or tomorrow, that I personally happen to monitor, It really can be best to practice by wondering if the colour schemes relate to a favoured team or the so-called props, or what way are the characters facing and so on, left ot right or right to left, do not gamble so much as intuit, write out what you think might happen within a given sporting realm or indeed any life realm really, and then afterwards go back and look at the image again and see if there are any obvious CLUES that you failed to spot – maybe you are not knowledgeable about one artists or commentators sport of Rugby though are knowledgeable about Golf (for example) what I have often found as I progressed within my research into these kinds of things is that folks are often unknowingly correct in what they are saying or believing though for the wrong Realm, most or many give up in frustration rather than continuing to practice until a certain level of trust in your own capability or that of others is brought about.  What you said might have been terrible for your favourite sport of Cricket, though great for someone else’s favourite sport of Tennis.  That is obviously where utilising words related to a favoured realm can come in handy.  Although it can lead to a certain understanding of the FUTILTY of wanting to control things and events outside of you.  People often write as if they know more than they do, some perhaps genuinely do because they have a long lifetimes worth of Diary and Journal or drawings and do cross realm intuition practice on these things, though nothing should be taken for granted at face value, it can often seem that a lot of prevarication and bluff and smoke and mirrors goes on just to cause frustration to others from some quarters.  So actually learning to write the image and then interpret your own writing can be more beneficial as indeed can setting up a blog or journal of your own far from the maddening crowds of seeming SABOTEURS etc.

So next up Some Drawing or Storyboarding Type Books.  I had considered Writing Books and whilst every category I mention has many books, writing I think is potentially best developed through practice of your own, or actually dealt with at a later time, their are more books about writing than anything else, and they are often at odds with each other, often explaining how a given individual came to develop a process that works for themselves.  Many books act as good guidance, though you can become so bogged down in RESEARCH (as it may appear I am – although I actually love research and comparing contrasting styles) that you do not set about getting on with it for yourself (so to speak).

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

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