The Keep Them Keen Award

So what might a keep them keen award actually include within its line up? well I think some books are more generalist than the Title suggests and these are a few of those kinds of books that suggest specificity though often when read make sense of something else stated or said within another book.


These are for me, all works that I have viewed read on multiple occasions and again are merely a sample of a larger collection.  It perhaps also demonstrates that where I might not purchase actual physical books due to space limitations, the Kindle and cloud versions enable me to not be concerned as to having to built vast libraries for my reading tastes. I would hope that some classics across not just film and TV though other areas, would consider producing Kindle Versions.

going back to the Photo Reading issue of several posts ago, one of the recommendations is to typically get multiple books on a particular area or subject and topic and then go through them again as a kind of blitz study or reading session, whereby you can really get into the zone on a particular subject.  For those of us with limited funding, who want to study these kinds of realms and activities, and indeed see just how good a course such as photo reading really is, we will at some point of course, have enough books to feel that we can do our knowledge building exercises with confidence.

So just as I an imagine folks looking at all these posts and saying, please Dave, I cannot take any more, that can of course be akin to watching a real life award show and waiting for your favourite subject or topics appearance in the 5 minutes allocated to it within a 3 hour or more show. And then multiply that by all the guild and specialist award and you wonder how anyone manages to stay awake, maintain the drama of interest and so on.

I was going to go to subjects such-as writing, and acting and production design and sound, though am feeling it myself in just running with this series of posts, so imagine what the live action must be like.

better to potentially return to saying what does all this have to do with what I said earlier regarding the crafting of your own ready Player One styled Zone for meditation and research and development and all those things.

So that is where I shall go to next, although I will select a diverse group of books to explain some of the various relational theories.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well!



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