The Visual Storytelling Award

I know, I know, you have already storyboarded your adaption, why do you need Visual Storytelling, well clearly a storyboard in the modern age can be a progressive process much like any other.  So you have sketched out your storyboard, though how does that relate or translate to real world Visual Storytelling and so on. One of my most favourite of books is in this group, hence my including this as a category.


So visual storytelling again has many books, and as anyone who buys from Amazon perhaps realises you get to a point where recommendations often feature “people who bought that book also bought?” hence the merry go round mindset.

Having said that a book I strangely returned to again and again was the Bruce Block book “The Visual Story” I have no idea why that book gets more returns views than multiple of my other books though it does, suggesting I have some kind of affinity to that work, that is perhaps missing from some of its other realm related works, I should say of course that it might appear a somewhat expensive collection, though they have been purchased over several weeks, months and years, and not all together all at once hence what began as a minor love of film studies growing into a mighty research project and multiple  books on various topics.

What Next? I think I shall go a little more generalist as some books are less specific, than others as to what they are all about and I think folks will see within the image for themselves.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

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