Unknown Unknown’s

So subjectively – prior to International Telecommunications Networks and Social Media – a Meditation Technology called Holosync was an unknown unknown, as was the creator of the Technology and many of the affiliates & associate Companies such-as Learning Strategies.  Both Companies claim 2 million + users of their Products & Technology in 190+ Countries, and of course it can probably be assumed that many other affiliates & users of the Technologies also have large customer bases, all interlinked and networked in some fashion.


Where Holosync is perhaps most about Meditation, Awakening and Enlightenment through usage of the Technology. Learning Strategies is very much about what they call the Human Potentiality Movement and indeed multiple programmes serve to remind you about the so called handing down of knowledge from one generation to another and how these things have become codified in various shape and form.

So in The New Science of Super Awareness book, Bill Harris talks about his Holosync product and indeed goes into some explanation on how he has studied various Science and Meditation Realms and brought various ideas and aspects of each together in a more codified fashion.  How We Learn – is a study on Brain Science by an expert in that field – questioning how we presently teach when so much about the brain is still unknown.  I spoke on Learning Strategies and Sparks of Genius might be the sort of book utilsed within one of there courses – seek to identitfy attributes and values as to what made an earlier generation individual come to be regarded as a genius and then seek to codify those attirubtes and values in some fashion and manner, that can be handed down to a new generation.


Sounds Wonderful does it not. Although so many systems now exist throughout the World that whilst we may all be born with some instinctual patterning instinct, seeking to separate out all the very many standardization and codification theories and how they are actually linked in various shape and form of systems can seem like a lifetimes worth of work, in and of itself. This perhaps why so many Life Realms gradually expand and grow and then at some point splinter into sub groups and specialisations and so on. That typically leads to debates as whether being a specialist or a generalist is the better option.

When we look at our Schooling systems, it can be stated that at younger ages, we are given an introduction to Education, as we progress, we are given a more broad and general education, and then at some point we are perhaps asked to specialise as to where we want to focus our own energies in Exams and Courses, we might then go into Higher Education Realms and again they are often more Specialised than generalised, although they in and of themselves can give a generalised overview of a specialisation prior to you going further into a sub-category specialisation.

I should state that the schooling system above is what most people get in the United Kingdom, although other Countries have done these things differently if not now then in the past – Several Communist countries for example, identified and encouraged specialisation at far younger ages, and you do see this in many Countries where Talent or Ability has been identified within a particular sport or science and some individuals given a kind of free past to making the most of their ability and so on. Whilst the rest of us look on wondering why we have not been plucked from the masses for our what is obvious to ourselves abilities.

To Be Contd.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!




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