Unknown Unknown’s Part II

So at some given date and time within our own subjective History we are born and as suggested by very many a researcher or child development professional, as infants we are typically soaking up everything there is to take in about the new World around us.

At some point of course some kind of consciousness occurs within our heads whereby we begin to recognise people and places and have memories of the very many events going on that previously were not fixed as a kind of conscious record. EXAMPLE:-  I know I have memories of what I regard as my first living address, although both my parents insist we lived at another address prior to the one that I have memories off – I had perhaps not developed enough at that point to have any kind of conscious record of my own early life existence.


So we see other people walking and talking and doing activities and we try to imitate and copy them in our own little world of experimentation and interactions with the World at Large etc. Whilst as developing youngsters we are perhaps closer to the improv realms, than the acting realms, for me it seemed fairly obvious from a young age that all must be actors and actresses, although of course compliance and socialisation training & rituals  at home and in school and education often leads to people losing the actor label in preference to how they identify themselves and indeed what they see themselves as in terms of play and when I grown up etc.

I was thinking on this because I have memories of playing the miming game Charades, with a group of similar age children, we all perhaps in the age range of 5, 6, 7.  And all of us had a repertoire of knowledge on Film, TV, Songs, Plays, Books and so on that can lead to you wondering, where the requirement for adult experts on all these things was invented, so great had our early years knowledge accumulation been.


So through your various bodily sensory faculties usually listed as Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, Smell, you might have experienced or witnessed Theatre, Film, TV, Radio & Books & assorted Live Events Weddings, Funerals, Sporting Fixtures, Bonfire Night Fireworks etc.  (just an example selection).

All these experiences might be regarded as a good thing at a young age, I want to be like a favourite Athlete or Superhero or Celebrity (as is the modern age general term for anyone with a higher profile than your average person in the street). Although when you think about it, much about your memories are what might be termed haunted data – they are not now they are from some point in the past, and you have [Insert Your Age] many years of accumulation of assorted memories and experiences, and in many instances where you witnessed stuff through medium such-as Cinema and and Radio and TV they are all “other peoples stuff”. Yes you experienced some representation of events through those mediums, though would you genuinely want some of the extreme things that happen, in many a drama in your own life? (if that is what they potentially have the ability to bring about?)

Dave, Please Get To The Point – Says no-one in particular.

Okay so I am seeking to make various points that probably need greater depth of knowledge than I can impart. Though I can hopefully give an understandable outline.


The book Entertainment Science is a typical example, of a Human Mental Capability  – such as that required to play the ancient parlour game Charades,  that we have created Machines and Tools to do much quicker and faster for us. (Although I have no knowledge of machines miming at people). Many of the Tools of the World Wide Web are often regarded as Search Tools and Search Engines and those often operate using what are known as Heuristics.

This probably sounds all very Science Fiction being made into Science Fact and it is.  I like many a person grew up enjoying many Science fiction entertainments, featuring seemingly future technologies and so on. This perhaps a feature of that IDEA “Thoughts Become Things” so someone has speculated on a Future Technology and others inspired by the Idea have sought to make such things possible.


So we grow up accumulating vast quantities of experiences, and carrying lots of seemingly mish-mashed thoughts, feelings and beliefs as to the way of the World and so on, and our brains are perhaps like some of those mind maps that you can find in many a mind map book. Meanwhile of course those of us interested in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are still wanting to push the boundaries of what is possible, in seeking ways and means to codify and create new tools and so on.

Part of the appeal of The Holosync Solution for me, was that I had studied Electronics Engineering prior to University and I kind of understood, that whilst we seek to harness the power of Electric into usable formats for our external Lighting and heating and so on, we are ourselves a kind of chemical electrical being.  That music that you listen to through your headphones is actually an electrical wave of some shape and form. so Binurial Beats (a kind of mild or gentle electrical stimulus) that can bring about an improved brain, is a no brainer (in many respects).

There is also much within the Blurb as to this IDEA we have of the World, not being the World, and of course various Luminaries talk of us being Spiritual Beings Living a Human Existence.

So what might convince someone to try this tech?

Well I said I loved Science Fiction and I got to thinking on these IDEAS from Star Trek such-as Transporter Technology and The Holodeck and so on.

If you were on a Transporter pad and Transported into a given realm within the Holodeck how would you know what was real and what is not real?

Yes I know you have an answer, though going back to the early years issue spoken of above – whereby I was not consciously aware of my early years until so far into my own growth and development with memory retention and so on, what constitutes the difference between Consciousness and non-conscious? Awake and not awake? Much like an album I heard of recently wondering upon where we go when we dream etc.

The Technology is one that genuinely has to be experienced, although what I found as I progressed was that in multiple instances, I was returning to things that I had studied for external tools and machines.  One such example being an excellent Sorting Algorithm.  I had studied and used this Algorithm within my Computer Science Studies and here it was seemingly helping human beings actually reorder and sort there own mental states.

Much of these things seem to be related to Neuroplasticity and the ability of the brain to change, and have a raised Threshold and so on, where my own particular example of a brain was in requirement of an MOT, yes I have learned and accumulated much knowledge and experience, throughout my life, though it had often seemed a hard struggle and so on, where the stimulus seemingly gradually takes you to a place, where you can feel greater levels of calm and faith in your own abilities and so on.

That seems enough for today, so without further ado

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

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