Unknown Unknown’s Part III

So much about blogging is seemingly following some of the instructions given by various guru’s, and I have sought where possible to do that, although like many a person I can say – “do not do as I do, do as I say!”.

Great debate can of course be entered into on these issues, though first I shall publish the books I purchased this week, a kind of ritual or habit I have developed in developing my intuitive capacities and of course exercises for Photo Reading.


So if you were merely interested in what books I selected at Amazon this week, you can be happy and contented and return to whatever part of the internet, you arrived at this backwater blog from!

Now I have of course spoken on developing intuition and as some may or may not have been aware, all these internet shops and websites are using various shape and form of Artificial Intelligence, very much built around user interactions not only of the individual though larger demographics of people, from a Country or continent and so on.

What does that mean?  Well I perhaps spoke on my following of Sports (I think) and indeed have spoken on how many Worldly realms follow there own patterns and cycles, whether we are talking about a Sport or Film or Royalty and you as an individual and so on, in fact we as individuals perhaps suffer from information overload or what some term infobesity (too much information).  Anyway I think with the appropriate strategies of for instance seeing what is hot and what is not in data charts on websites such-as Amazon, people can develop a kind of master and apprentice style intuition, whereby we can ask the who, what, where, when, why and how can I use or apply the PREDICTIVE intuition gathered by these website to my own advantage? and of course without necessarily actually buying or purchasing anything, like that idiot Dave seems to do each week.

Anyway all that is digression, so “Do not do as I do, do as I say” is a kind of commandment heard by generations of people, from elder generations in the belief they are imparting some great wisdom, or in wanting to spare others from the suffering they experienced in following particular course of action or lifestyle choice or moment of madness and so on.  A parent crossing a street with children, might then advise children that when unaccompanied they utilise the safety of the Traffic Lights, to which the childish response is perhaps – how can I use a traffic Light If you have not demonstrated usage of Traffic Light to me!

So these matters can perhaps lead people into a kind of great mental incongruence, where what is being stated and said, is out of alignment with actual behaviour, and of course the World is full of these kind of issues, especially when it comes to listening to Authoritative Figures giving Speeches as a Performance in there Capacity as [Insert Title].  Many people seemingly manage to compartmentalise these things with justification as to how I separate my working life from my business life or social life and so on.  The problem – from my own experience is of course that even if you are suffering incongruence, insecurity or fearfulness within one aspect of your life, other people will potentially sense that and typically rush to label or brand or misdiagnose the issue at hand.

So I spoke in Part II on how I studied Computer Science and utilised a fantastical sorting algorithm developed by others, I could be congruent in knowing of the Algorithms efficiency within Computer systems, and although I knew it to be an excellent algorithm – within a typical human being I assumed it would likely be drowned out by a lifetimes worth of incongruences doubt and accumulated confusing and conflicting contrary voices and so on. My later Holosync usage perhaps reduced the noise within my brain, so when I came across the usage of the sorting algorithm within Holosync range of products, it perhaps acted as a motivation to exploring even more of the Holosync range of products.

Now when I was young I suffered a condition often perhaps referred to as “Motion Sickness”.  What that meant was that when out and about in the open air walking along etc.  I was generally fine, though stick me in a moving vehicle – a car or bus or train and I typically became disoriented and sickly.  Of course, over time,  I became acclimatised or gained a Threshold for travelling in Cars and buses and trains and no longer suffered that condition.  Though what is interesting with regard to IDEAS of what “Real Reality” is and ideas surrounding consciousness is of course the so called measures of time, and whether we are hard wired to them (potentially to our detriment or benefit).

So much research such-as those that led to Cinema and TV and Cartoons and so on, was all about how many frames were required to give the impression of moving pictures. Likewise we can look to the History of Music and find that typically a great deal went into ways and means of marking or codifying the timings within Orchestrations and instruments and we can even look to Establishment’s such-as The Military where the choreography and coordination of troops  was often seemingly Orchestrated around the usage of drum patterns and so on.

Science of course says that however solid we think ourselves in our day to day lives, when you go deep down into atomic measurements and structures we are not really solid at all, and neither are all these things about us that we have given relational measurements to. Yes you can research Atomic Clock timings in comparison with your favoured watch or clock manufacturer, though the point is perhaps that whilst these things have been studied, little has seemingly been said as to the effects of potential disparency between all these measures of time on us as individuals.

If I existed in a World of only one set of time parameters or ritualised and dominating time parameters, then all might be well, though most of us in the West learn of differing Global Times at relatively young ages, and then as I suggested above, Technological timings created within Film and TV and Video and Computer Games, that give the impression of real time (though are not) – if we go with some Global Standardized Time Mechanism.

So these kind of meanderings can of course lead to questions as to what is healthy exposure to debate and indeed differing Technologies, and what is potentially harmful or even exploitative, given the speed of multiple Technological advancements throughout the Globe and various Societies, and indeed some of the more troubling effects that we see within National Statistics, again throughout many cultures around the World.

A Blog for better or worse, does of course enable you to develop your own “narrative”.

So I was perhaps at a low ebb when I clicked on a link to Holosync, and I cannot claim that the experience has all been plain sailing, as it really did shake things up somewhat as to my beliefs about the World, though also provided a certain level of hope or welcome respite from various seeming lifelong issues.

Many of us perhaps realise or come to a kind of realisation that the creating or crafting of your own life narrative or book or entrepreneurial endeavours is perhaps the preferred option to always seemingly being at the mercy of “other peoples stuff”.

One of the most common themes around the progress of the human race, or our place as human beings within the World, always seems to be ideas surrounding building a better map, and of course Navigating said map.  Although I have mostly utilised products from Holosync and Learning Strategies in recent years, I am still happy to read books and look for other variations on these themes.


So books on research into genes and epigenetics, can easily find themselves alongside a book on navigation or indeed Mapping Mental spaces (don’t ask).

Of course my own impulse on gaining the insights and ah-ha’s and awareness/enlightenment’s brought about via Holosync, much like many another person (I would assume), was to perhaps seek to Flatline or clear out many a mental detritus and many a lifetimes worth of accumulated suffering, and although, you can perhaps to a certain degree, succeed in such a quest, you still have to consider that you still exist in the World and still have to live, breath and eat and so on. Many of the realm affiliates seem to follow the “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” mantra, and I think encouraging a more uplifting rewarding mindset and life is a positive thing.

So in many ways, my publishing of various books over the last couple of years was potentially unnecessary, as was perhaps going to Guardian online and contributing comments there, when it seems so many other commentators only live to express grievances at the World at Large, perhaps it is a Tradition within some people & communities for want of vengeance, although from my own history and Enjoyment of the songs of ancient rock legends Aerosmith – I often think on the titles of a couple of favourite Tunes – “Don’t Get Mad, Get Even”, and “Dream On”.

With regard to Dream On, When I was young I had a dream to want to build robots such-as Star Trek’s Data – A Humanoid Android (so to speak).  I was always somewhat frustrated at the pace of Science, I think that in part led to my returning to Education, in a kind of “I’ll do it myself!” mindset or mentality and what I actually found within my studies of both Electrics and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and robotics and so on was that much of the research and Science had already been formulated and carried out (in many ways), what has always seemed lacking is the desire (and funding) within those realms (The purpose within many a Scientists Mindset is to stay unfinished always pushing a little further on the what-if’s and having continued funding).  Yes I studied the studies of cross pollination of many realms research and control and feedback systems, and we can now see fully automated Factories and so on, with sensors designed around the senses of creatures within the animal kingdom for specific tasks, and we see space age robots ready to explore distant planets etc. and the humanoid Android seems to have been left to the realms of hobbyist engineers and peoples, as a kind of inferiority complex project (how poorly we humans are designed). Maybe their is some secret that I have not twigged at this moment in time, though in thinking on it I do not know what that can be, and still feel frustrated (on this particular dream) when given the appropriate support and team and technology know how and engineers etc.  I have often thought that If I won really big on the Lottery, IE. double digit millions, I would have a respectable working example of a humanoid android within 5-10 years.  Yes I  know we are seeing the rollout of various companion robot and toy robots have become a kind of ever present alongside build your own robot wars vehicle, and those for flying etc, though I have even watched some of those Robot competitions and just as a Meditative Guru might ask the question of a seeker or apprentice “must their be a meaning/reason” or a Mountaineer says “because it is there” when asked why they climbed the mountain.  For me I think Society or Science has somehow Ring-Fenced ideas of Humanoid Android as of limits, or not cost effective in terms of a return on investment etc.  And that for me is frustrating.

So what is next for Dave, well like most people, there are things I should be doing, could be doing, and would be doing if I was better at managing my time and indeed not given to distraction by the latest explosive exploitative news headlines, that typically keeps us focussed on the external world and external events, when most of us can only become empowered where we have most power, within our own hearts and minds and bodies etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!



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