Though First The Book Buys

What is Progress, Who am I, Who are You, and what is the context of our interaction?

Though First The Book Buys


Now some weeks, I purchase expensive books, and other weeks I purchase kindle unlimited books  – yes I actually pay a set monthly service charge, though many of the free access books are far more expensive than simply having a kindle unlimited account.  On other occasions I set myself a price target or range, in this particular instance all these books can be yours for a reasonable £30 or so, although they may in future, continue to depreciate in value, as a given author releases new books, and the sellers want to continue to extend the value of a back catalogue or portfolio.

Are these books going to Light up my World, and be informative in some new way? or are they more of the same, searching for ways and means of separating wheat from chaff and or creating and crafting your own narrative, focussing on your own areas of interest and trending.

I recently advertised a course from Learning Strategies called Facilitating Brilliance, and for me it was much a refresher course, and a repetition on creating a new tapestry from multiple other courses, and products from that Company, although in this instance it was more geared toward Stepping Up and designing your own course and output, the option perhaps to utilse their many years of Experience in the field of the Human Potentiality Movement and PROGRESS, Growth and so on. Whether on an individual level as a realm, or as a cooperative group realm level, or indeed a Business Realm level or even Entertainment Realm level, the IDEAS and templates and processes are applicable throughout Human Civilisation, and can of course be tailored for the requirements of anyone, within any area of endeavour.

I think the usage of the word FACILITATION is Fantastic, why?  Well Historical or Traditional Mindset’s as to Learning, and division of people, and power, often runs along the lines of “Them & Us”, “Master & Commander” where you see documented ideas as to Lowest Common Denominator topic and subject matter such-as all those subjects that are seemingly an ever present within the Realms of Journalism and Politics (that have in typical fashion rapidly come to dominate many spheres of Social Media Realms)  – Class, Race, Colour, Creed, Sexuality, Gender, Disability, Diversity and on and on the lists can go.


I, upon discovering an online affiliate link to Centerpointe Research Institute, and then utilising The Holosync Solution, first sought to raise my own Threshold using the Technology, with the  promise of greater awareness and enlightenment. I also then wanted to reorder or improve my navigation of identity politics, debate, attributes & values, into either an improved hierarchy, or indeed flow and focus on the interests and life realms that I personally wanted to contribute too, or achieve some level of success within.

For me, and my own personal circumstances, as to the course of how my own life has been up until now, FACILITATION alludes to ideas of cooperation and teamwork, us and us win, win and so on, moving on, stepping up from particular low level subject and topic matters and EXPERIENCES, into a more self referential trust & appreciation, for discernment and Navigating life, where you come to realise, that a blog article a day or a drawn image or photo image a day or journaling or whatever realm your creativity is focused upon, is little differing from what all these EXPERT have done, in then going on to SELL you there EXPERIENCES, or telling you about it.  (so to speak).  Many realms originated in the SUBJECTIVE, though typically are declared OBJECTIVE when research or science demonstrates a high level of commonality throughout Civilisation.

So for me I found myself thinking on another Learning Strategies course – Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now – presented by Sam Horn and Pete Bissonette, whilst the REPEATED 3 TIMES WORD UTILISED in that Course Title is WRITE, I think what if I transition this into CREATE WELL, CREATE FAST, CREATE NOW.

So  many within that particular course (including me), were hopefully inspired to WRITE, and improve their/our own output, and delivery and communication skills, in whatever area or field of life, they/we were seeking improved writing skills within, and these presentation skills or STAGE craft were all factors within the FACILITATING BRILLIANCE course.

Pete Bissonette (President of Learning Strategies) wrote the book Breakfast Tea & Bourbon, as his own part & parcel project for that course, and what most stood out for me, within his book that I have remembered since first reading that, was a particular discussion on the mathematics or philosophy of how you or I came to exist. How many experiences, encounters or evolutions of earlier generations of men and women coming together, had to occur or happen in order for you or I to simply have been born or exist.

I am sure I have actually read similar theory elsewhere, possibly before or since, Pete Bissonette wrote his book, though his name is the one, most at the forefront of my recollection on those particular philosophical thoughts.  They can of course be mind boggling, though also fit in with this weeks book collection with regard to my own lifelong love of Computer, Technology & Science Fiction Realms.

So, I have written historically regarding having a kind of hands on tinkering “end user” knowledge of areas such-as engineering, and technologies, often simply through having purchased or bought into various advancements in Technologies, whether that was my first Walkman or Radio or Hi-Fi or Video Game Unit or Home Computer, or access to growing up around music studio’s or video recording equipment and Television, visiting Cinema and on the list can go.

In a way, many of us do this, when we are at growing up, where we can be at home doing what is taken for granted within our family and friends life circumstances, and then go to school where some formal introduction to a given Educational qualification, and there can be some never the twain aspect, where the low level qualification is all suffocating and constricted, whilst the home use is all EXPERIMENTAL and pushing things to the limit.

So then of course you might think is it really worth pursuing this DREAM to work within a given life realm, when the home version and the qualified version are seemingly so polarised.  You can of course learn the Theoretical and the Standardisations and in my case of Electronics Engineering and Computer science and Artificial Intelligence (do all the modules as I did) gain the qualifications, and you will have those on your CV that is typically taken as an objective industry standard.

For me, I loved studying at University, and I loved the Environment that Facilitated Learning, although typically, whilst I thought I was in control of my own thoughts, feelings, behaviours –  some of the “greater realities” that awareness and enlightenment,  brought about through Holosync usage, and Learning Strategies courses means that in many ways, we may never truly know ourselves, or indeed what our actual true contribution to the Past, Present, Future may or may not have been, that is of course unless we navigate/transition to some independent NOW Realm, or Observer level, or PLATFORM, where we are feeling greater calm and in greater control and as a WITNESS or OBSERVER – to events that can be reported on, though not necessarily participated within, ideas surrounding Free Will and Determinism and of course the IDEA of The World not being The World – The Map is not the Territory.

I always loved ideas surrounding the Mad Professor tinkering away in a Lab and innovating and inventing, although as can be seen within many industries, Super Computers, and Governments, and very many vested interests, are always seemingly far in advance of  the individual and many a group or Society when it comes to progress, and indeed the direction or biases related to which way the World should be moving. RESIST, TREND or RECONFIGURE, in your own favour can often seem to be the modus operandi of many successful Governments and Business and Individuals.

That again why facilitating is such a great word, though one of the main problems is that many people at all levels of Society may believe themselves FACILITATORS, whilst still operating from motivational thoughts, feelings, behaviours that you have long since “let go” as part of your own Holosync usage or life advancement.

I think I recently spoke on the IDEA of Neuroplasticity, prior to experiencing Neuroplasticity at a later age via continued Holosync usage. I can speculate that I had neuroplasticity in childhood, though was unaware of that, at that time, and indeed the dominance of differing brain levels can seemingly make all the difference.  It might be suggested that present World Politics is dominated by REPTILIAN brain functions, whether you look to US or UK politics and other Nations where populists have risen.  That might be great, normal or natural for new born and young children who are recent additions to the population, though is it a pattern/cycle that we want to see dominating at the highest levels of Society or World Politics?

Since taking up Holosync usage, and working through multiple courses from Centerpointe and Affiliates such-as Learning Strategies, the favoured choice and option “to build a better map”, often also comes with a proviso to REFINE definitions and meanings, kind of narrowing things down at ever greater precision and accuracy of attributes and values, so where once, a given “first among equals” identity politics demographic or group or Multi National Corporation or Government or whoever, often rush to plant a flag in a word, numbers or identity facility, and claim such things as their own, we can actually refine meaning and definition and so on, we see such advancement and refinement within Biology with regard to Genetics, and we see such refinement within next generation Film and TV Technology, and that is of course what Progress is within just a couple of life realms, though typically, many of us are hampered in our lives through lack of awareness and enlightenment, as to those alternate Dimensions of Space and Time, or indeed a lifetime of old data, filters, and beliefs within our own minds, bodies and hearts, preventing us from our own evolutionary potential, as individuals and families and social beings and so on.

So for me, much of the TRADITIONAL means of “Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink” speculation and “Them & Us” identity politics nonsense, also seen within United Kingdom Parliamentary debate over the last couple of years, that may or may not raise threshold, awareness, enlightenment, or cause someone to breakdown, or whatever the given intent is, are simply best avoided.  My own life is perhaps a testament to how lifelong trauma accumulation and being  bullied, and experiencing constant pressure, and exploitative abuse, are completely undesirable experiences, far better to be an outlier and incompatible with those things.  No I cannot change or stop other folks being overly invested in those things, as I may have been at a younger time of life, though I can certainly advise and seek to guide people toward the only seeming Technology that actually worked for me, and indeed ask questions such-as that posed by Bill Harris, prior to his death, a couple of years ago “Am I a good man”.

It does of course take a certain level of Discipline in staying with a given course of Technology, though I continued with The Holosync Solution, when I could have stopped at various levels of the technology in a “this is cool” kind of fashion, the reason of course being the Question “How deep is your Trauma?”

I think Pete Bissonette’s Philosophical thinking, spoken of earlier, and a desire to live a more positive, uplifting and rewarding experience of life, helped put a new perspective on many things, just as Holosync usage took the edge of, and reframed many experiences where I was completely blind to the greater going on of it all etc.

So why am I philosophizing?  Well my daughter Rosey has now celebrated her own 21st Birthday recently, and whilst I have often only seen her in person during school holiday visits, and kept in regular contact via assorted communication technologies – phones, messengers, skype, social media etc.  She herself has developed a personality all of her own and at least in the sphere of parenthood, I can feel a certain level of satisfaction or pleasure in having had an active participation in seeing her growing up, and having provided her with extended family relationships (grandparents, uncle/aunt) and all sorts of fun activities, and childhood experiences that were not necessarily available to me within my own family circumstance of growing up.

On seeing this image recently – she suggested it made her look like a crazy person, though from a parental perspective, it is perhaps one of those momentary flashes of personality or joy or excitement and so on, that much about what parents do, is perhaps motivated in achieving.

WIN_20170415_18_12_19_Pro (2)

and further more

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!


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