Wow Twenty Ninth of February Or 29/2 (GMT)

So as has become a routine or regular habit – that may or may not lead anywhere in particular in the greater scheme of things I publish an IMAGE of some recent book buys.


As can be seen in this particular instance that little strip label designating NEW is missing from this image – I having been somewhat busy in recent days was not necessarily intending to publish a post at the present time. Five books were new to me, whilst the other I previously showed and find it as a handy IDEA or reference – in the sense that I have written various posts some published historical or more recently saved privately that went through a kind of iteration of history of life and a book that references topics such as books, music, film & games on the cover is kind of a useful  integrative idea much as name dropping the ancient party type game of Charades is.

So why this particular blend of books – well I have seeking to demonstrate that in many ways, the various theories as to the World being a giant Computer Simulation does align with a number of my own theories as to all being actors and actresses, who upon being subject to Stage plays and Television and Film and more modern computer related media become so entangled in our own respective ‘SENSORY’ realities that separating wheat from chaff or being able to see the wood for the tree’s can become an all time consuming endeavour.  Obviously when young and seeing heroes and heroines or mere celebrities within Entertainment medium it can be all to easy to copy and imitate and because we are like sponges (when young), there is an aspect of ACT IN HASTE, REPENT AT LEISURE.

Now of course once people set out in life on a given course or trajectory it can potentially be troublesome for them to change, although what was demonstrated to me in usage of Holosync was the availability of choice and options, where none previously seemingly existed.

So wanting to improve my sensory capabilities and communication skills I might invest in a thesaurus of the senses – food programs, chefs and cooks are often popular due to there being a natural usage of broad sensory language within the kitchen related realms.

Beyond the Quantum seemed like an interesting investigation due to this idea of the World always progressing and of course, since taking up meditation technology you come to experience that Thoughts Become Things in a kind of self fulfilling prophecy (not only potentially for a given individual, though however you want to carve up identity politic attribute and values up in a Global Sense) – so there is an aspect of the “Being beyond the Quantum” thought NOW existing in the World whereby even if know one has worked out fully the mathematics and Science for these things the Thought INTENTION is being put out there to a wider public etc.  Some young folks wanting to go into Science might be inspired, other folks might shrug and say so what, although then go on to have family and the prodigal child that fulfils the criteria.  These things once you have gone through certain processes of awareness and enlightenment are seemingly shown to not all be confined to one generation, they are a bit like that Dr Who aspect of being woven through space and time and history etc.

Measure what counts seems appropriate to me at present, due to a recent death in the family, and whilst the author is an Economist talking on the metrics of World Wide Economy, from a personal or individual perspective – measure what counts can be thought of as the time spent together, or otherwise, or Societal Service and so on when thinking on the death of someone within your own immediate life, or indeed the death of those who you know only through entertainment medium etc. That goes to this idea of how you think, how you feel and how you act – in how does this other person make you think, feel, act and so on.

Game Design is just another point of view on the World of Game, and as suggested is perhaps me seeking to come to terms with questions such-as – are we really all simply existing in simulated Worlds within our own Hearts and Minds and Bodies. Nobody should of course underestimate the creative process of simply writing a blog or book or song or any creative endeavour, though clearly at any stage within life, we may want to aspire to a new life, free from many accumulated sufferings, and the many shape and form they can be categorised as.

It is oft repeated that there is always a level of Uncertainty about life the Universe and everything, Though clearly in learning and writing books, and progressing Science or any given life Realm category, as an individual or family or group, there is that element of becoming the Author of your own narrative and so on, whereby whilst you may seek to guide and influence others, how successful or otherwise you are, can be dependent on factors beyond your control. Although I can repeat that Technology Meditation that I have utilised – at least in a subjective experience capacity, really can help, the path I walk is perhaps as unrewarded as any life path, in a World where we can spend so much time focussed on so very many areas of life.

Meanwhile over at the Guardian Website Mr Rowson provided this beautifully drawn image.  Whilst I utilise the Baby Herman Fat Cigar Character Image as an avatar, this image perhaps relates to those Fat Cigars of earlier generation business men MOGULS et al. (Only my ego might suggest it were me) I thought I might write out some of my thoughts on the image – I did Historically ask permission to publish his Images.


So I stated previously all are actors and actresses – and that perhaps relates to that ancient thespian quote – All The World Is A Stage – Social Media and News Media and Entertainment Platforms do of course give all and anyone who utilises them a Stage.

The News Cycle has seemed less important in recent days due to a death in the family, so whilst the World Wide Focus has been on the usual suspects (High Profile Individuals), subjects and topics popular within news media & journalistic realms in dissemination of news and opinions, both expert & otherwise, it seems to me that there is a somewhat heightened or accelerated state of contagions – whether that contagion be a genuine contagion, or a contagion of rumour, or baseless claims and counterclaims and gossip and the endless churning over of going know where circular polarised debate.

So yes whilst the World continues in its deliberations, I “David, Hereford, England” no not that one, have been focussed upon things closer to home, and organising with family, friends and local community figures to ensure that the deceased has an appropriate sending off, and that people are allowed to remember and grieve and express themselves, and there own thoughts and feelings and actions and so on in there own way as they remember the recently deceased.

Unsure if I wrote it in public or otherwise – though for many people, life is consistent with that philosophy of religious rituals pertaining to births, marriage, christenings, deaths, and of course in the more modern secular age, how you live your life inside or outside  of any perceived constraints brought about through your alignment or otherwise with such ideas – either way as told to us in Eastern Meditation Philosophy “All Life Is Suffering!”

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

PS. When asked as to the Title of this published Article – the writer sighed and said well how often do you get to publish or carry out any activity on the 29th of February?  Do you envision yourself having to leap over a 29th of February Gap or Climb a 29th of February Mountain – whilst officialdom has found ways and means to deal with issues related to 29th February, I often find myself thinking that we any of us are perhaps able to imagine a flexibility or manoeuvrability within these oddities within the Calendar that can be an explorable alternative to the boring explanation of required compliance with ancient historical studies of the movement of the planets and the Solar System or Galaxy and our ever so small place within it.


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