The Cryptography Espionage Award

So I spoke of my studying Computer Science and how much about such activities include various shape and form of codes, many of us also of course have life long interest in Espionage or detective type realms and those famed Questions Who, What, Where, When Why and How.

As young children we perhaps had books read to us, and music played to us and other entertainments mediums showing us all sorts of weird and wonderful things that we probably absorbed or learnt from.

Then we were probably sent to Nursery or School or may even have had some parental tutelage for things such-as drawing and writings and learning alphanumeric symbols and simple mathematical times tables and learning about Clocks and the monitoring of Time and Dates on Calendars.  All perhaps standard young school age activities.  Though what we forget in our adult ROUTINE regarding many of these things is that at some point we were actually drawing our alphabets and numbers, where at some point we might declare “I am writing” though all you are doing really is still drawing a set of symbols that makes sense to one group of folks, though may mean absolutely nothing to another group of people in some distant land.

You look at a Scene in front of you and perhaps declare “that is a tree” pointing at a tree within your view.

Another individual standing alongside you has pointed at that scene and declared “c’est un arbre” pointing to exactly the same point as you.

What has changed about the tree?  and scene? nothing, though this other individual has a differing label and MENTAL MAP or MODEL than you yourself, so meaning only perhaps comes through TRANSLATION and MEANING MAKING! that are held within your own brain etc.  No amount of your possible intransigence or this other persons potential intransigence is going to stop that scene from being as it is, although you might want to learn that other individuals communication or indeed go your separate ways agreeing to differ.

So the lesson on basic Detective Work can be to translate what you are witnessing into Another format that potentially makes you see or think about things in an alternate light or perspective.


The first book is The Complete Sherlock Holmes, and I am sure many folks have seen or read some variant of the famed Detective, or indeed many other fictional Detectives by assorted writers, although it is often interesting in seeing many ancient movies (as I did in my youth) how differing the Character might be to the book or indeed just how many variants that have existed down through the years.  That book is there as a representative of everyman sleuth, your favourite Sleuth could be any number of individuals that have graced our assorted Entertainment mediums down through the years. James Bond Actor Daniel Craig recently appeared in a modern day set movie Knives Out from Director Rian Johnson and I can happily recommend that film to those who love there ancient Detective novels and stereotypes and red herrings and so on, as it contains many elements and twists and turns of the Genre down through the ages, that keep us engaged throughout such drama.

I have purchased multiple books on the Real Espionage World, in terms of history or the CIA and MI6 and Mossad and the NSA and all sorts of Cold War stuff related to the KGB, many books are amazingly comprehensive in taking you all the way back to ancient Egypt and Roman Empires and then running through the History of Espionage up to the present day and so on. Some books are written by people who directly worked within those realms, others written by writers interviewing people within those realms and others again who are simply historian specialists of such realms.  Code-breakers is probably far from many a persons idea of a favourite book within this genre, though I personally have a soft spot for this book and have returned to it again and again. Hence its appearance on this image.

Another big bugbear of mine with many modern books, is how modern interpretation and translation of meaning is different to “as it was” during a given era or period simply through the Societal Dynamics that exist within the World at a different given period of History, often being differing psychologically to newer generations of people, we cannot imagine or embody the mindset necessarily to step into the shoes of people of an earlier era, nor would we necessarily want to.

So where did or does the World go wrong for many people?  Well historical attempts at Unity or unifying things came of course through Science and languages such-as Latin that acted as multiple races prime or secondary language throughout the Western World for many years, and “The Systems View Of Life” gives fantastic overview of how ancient Scientists decided on various order and organisational  hierarchies within there science that kind of also acted as the de facto root and branch of Science for many years.

It might well be suggested that whilst greater Freedoms have gradually been brought about within many Worldwide Societies for those of us within the lower echelons of Society, those freedoms have also often come with many peoples, at many levels of Society throwing well thought through and finely crafted hierarchies and systems in the bin in the name of there Freedom. Yes many accusations can be thrown at Liberal Elites (so to speak) though many systems became naturalised systems over multiple centuries of experience and progressive trial and error, from many scientists studying many disparate things throughout the Globe, and once many populations descended into chaotic free for all’s, and multiple wars seen over the last couple of Centuries, you do wonder as to how might folks be coerced into accepting the wisdom and experience and science of some systems.

Most realms I have studied have some shape and form of system, whether you are talking about how Language and Labels are categorised and catalogued, or animals and insects and  birds and tree’s and plants, to the human realms and Royalty or various Republics and Political Realms and Business and Sports and Film and other Establishment Realms, or newer realms such as Global Communication Networks and Technological Realms, they all often have common denominator STANDARDISED aspects of FRAMEWORKS & SCAFFOLDS that can with a little practice enable anyone to do what I often refer to as CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION or CROSS REALM INTELLIGENCE. In their own personal Sleuthing.

Much as when we were little children we may have received a painting by numbers gift or indeed assorted types of STENCIL that allowed us to have a STANDARD image outline, that any number of us may have given completely differing colours too.

So you have a favourite Book and it is all words, you want to create an adaptation for a play or cinema or TV or even a game, what can you do?  You see some identifying markers for a scene perhaps it is night time, perhaps one character picks a flower from a roadside embankment.

Translate into another format DRAW A MOON to signify night, draw a stickman, draw a flower, draw a road and embankment.  In fact whilst it might seem silly, when you consider you witness scenes through your senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch) and probably learnt to spell and do language at a later time of life,  it makes perfect sense to go back to basics of reverse engineering the scene.  I know from my study of most Film Realms and TV Realms and so on that there is often a sketching out of many a scene in doing these things, you have what is often called Storyboarding of a given script.  The great thing is you can of course get proper storyboard books, I have multiple, or you could actually get cartooning and drawing books.

 Or find people with the necessary skills to do some of the work for you, or interactively learn from them.  I for example regularly commented at Cartoon corner of the Guardian over the last few years.  Whilst the images are often related to POLITICIANS – I operating with the IDEA – A PICTURE TELLS A THOUSAND WORDS, could write out a description of said image (translating into an alternative format) I could also apply the everyman or everywoman idea to the characters.  I could also ask of myself what sporting fixtures are occurring later today or tomorrow, that I personally happen to monitor, It really can be best to practice by wondering if the colour schemes relate to a favoured team or the so-called props, or what way are the characters facing and so on, left ot right or right to left, do not gamble so much as intuit, write out what you think might happen within a given sporting realm or indeed any life realm really, and then afterwards go back and look at the image again and see if there are any obvious CLUES that you failed to spot – maybe you are not knowledgeable about one artists or commentators sport of Rugby though are knowledgeable about Golf (for example) what I have often found as I progressed within my research into these kinds of things is that folks are often unknowingly correct in what they are saying or believing though for the wrong Realm, most or many give up in frustration rather than continuing to practice until a certain level of trust in your own capability or that of others is brought about.  What you said might have been terrible for your favourite sport of Cricket, though great for someone else’s favourite sport of Tennis.  That is obviously where utilising words related to a favoured realm can come in handy.  Although it can lead to a certain understanding of the FUTILTY of wanting to control things and events outside of you.  People often write as if they know more than they do, some perhaps genuinely do because they have a long lifetimes worth of Diary and Journal or drawings and do cross realm intuition practice on these things, though nothing should be taken for granted at face value, it can often seem that a lot of prevarication and bluff and smoke and mirrors goes on just to cause frustration to others from some quarters.  So actually learning to write the image and then interpret your own writing can be more beneficial as indeed can setting up a blog or journal of your own far from the maddening crowds of seeming SABOTEURS etc.

So next up Some Drawing or Storyboarding Type Books.  I had considered Writing Books and whilst every category I mention has many books, writing I think is potentially best developed through practice of your own, or actually dealt with at a later time, their are more books about writing than anything else, and they are often at odds with each other, often explaining how a given individual came to develop a process that works for themselves.  Many books act as good guidance, though you can become so bogged down in RESEARCH (as it may appear I am – although I actually love research and comparing contrasting styles) that you do not set about getting on with it for yourself (so to speak).

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

The Awards Pre Amble

So why might an award list for various books without any prize, beyond recognition be welcome from some backwater blogger?

Well I think whatever life realm or environment an individual finds themselves living within, and indeed how successful or otherwise they have been, at some point within their life, they ponder or question what might be regarded as their own contribution to the World (if they think they have one) and indeed how that Legacy of experience (good, bad or indifferent (neutral)) can be passed on to a new or next generation – many of course settle on the traditional book whether Autobiography or indeed a book handing down the knowledge and experience for which they believe themselves to be appropriately experienced or qualified.

The vocal exercise that I repeated on several occasions at Guardian online and once or twice here also carries a similar theme or message hidden within its lineage.

In Hollywood, Hereford and Hawaii, The Highway is Seldom The Huawei.

So it perhaps seems strange to many that someone with my name, who grew up in a little City in England called Hereford might wonder as to the issues of Legacy. In many ways it has been the journey of my own life experience and then later life meditation that led to a sort of series of realisations. My name’s David Simon Perkins does not work any kind of initial magic because I was perhaps not consciously looking for any, although modern research and technology shows that our minds and bodies are constantly running a multitude of conscious and unconscious processes, whether we are aware of them or not.  It was only investigating Bible for example that I might realise they are names often associated with Jews and Israel.  It is only in reading the history of Comic Book Character Superman that I could rearrange letters and think it a kind of secret code relating to my name.  The BIG S on Superman’s Chest is apparently to SIGNIFY or bring about thoughts as to a river, and the River or waterway within Hereford is actually the River Wye (not eh famed question WHY?.  I say these things, not so much in boasting fashion, so much as not wanting to leave doubt regarding intention etc.

What is of course missing from my name when looking for VOWELS is the letter U.  That is of course the kind of Transition to be found when going from Old Testament to New Testament – where the Character Jesus has the U, you have been looking for. and of course their is the issue of “living life by example and service” regarding such lessons as a kind of Christ Consciousness, rather than being the actual physical embodiment of a resurrected Saviour.  That is also of course true in many ways for many establishment realms when you look to their History and so on, another Hereford issue is of course Legendary Military regiment The Special Air Service formed by David Sterling during the 2nd World War, and again another name I seemingly share, and I did indeed during my younger years meet a number of individual members of that service, as well as knowing one or two families, although again it can be seen within many of their associated writings that they refer to Hereford as a SPIRITUAL home, rather than physical embodiment home, much again perhaps in the Jesus to a child mould, of passing on the knowledge of their History and Service.

So I have had many highs and lows and peaks and troughs within my life, though at some point when at a lowest ebb, I found myself turning to “off the shelf” Hypnosis styled packages in the hope of getting to the root of a seemingly troubled life of suffering, whilst I am sure those packages worked, in multiple instances they made me feel better about myself though also merely served to boost & amplify much of the suffering, and further more left the IDEA somewhat that it was all an inside job.

As an aside – I had in the preceding years, before trying these Hypnosis packages been at University studying Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, a lifelong interest in Computers and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics taken to the next level of Formal Study as a mature student, I say that because much about Computer Science is about codes and programming and even cryptography and so on, so the effect of those Hypnosis packages was perhaps equivalent to decoding the ins and outs of my own accumulated data as a living breathing human being.

Having this idea that it was all an inside job can of course freak you out in the sense, that you have grown up with all these school teachings, and all these entertainments and all these assorted life experiences, and behaviours, and they are just this bubbling mass of inner conflict and confusion within your mind and body, that has no real order to it, as humans we seek to organise and order the World with hierarchies and mental compartmentalisations though the truth is (IMHO) that many of us are absolutely oversaturated with very many traumas imagined (perhaps from entertainments) and real (from our actual life experience) that we can be better off for not suffering from.  Though how to mentally reconfigure yourself? or no longer suffer the memory of various undesirable incidents within your life. Many strategies of course exist in the World when we go to seek them out whether through books or courses, and experts in very many fields of endeavour and research.  After the somewhat mixed blessings of the off-the-shelf Hypnosis packages, I stumbled upon a link to a Meditation Technology called The Holosync Solution from Centerpointe Research Institute, that promised a step by step process toward greater AWARENESS & ENLIGHTENMENT, and a MEDITATION TECHNOLOGY seemed now to be far more to my own taste in wanting relief from various ailments and sufferings. Yes I had to pay for all these things, though the Meditation has been a kind of incremental programme, use this level for so long, prior to moving up to the next level, and overall it can take many years, and of course some of the advice is to journal or witness and write of your life experiences.

So what has all that to do with these talks of awards and favoured books, well in having taken up meditation and indeed cleared up many a long held issue, you typically find yourself having affiliate products recommended to you, and of course multiple of the affiliates were potentially responsible for some of those Hypnosis styled programmes, that is not so much to put people off, so much as to suggest I would potentially have benefited far more if I had done the MEDITATION first, and then later tried out some of the affiliate programmes.

One such affiliate programme was called photoreading and that particular course, encouraged the purchasing of books and translating these written things into another format such-as drawings and mindmaps, where we are often taught these things from a young age anyway, they often become buried deep within our brains outside of conscious awareness, and when you consciously do these things, you can begin to have all sorts of “ah-ha’s” and realisations about many aspects of life that may or may not have previously completely passed you by, such can be the speed of life, the same is true of course of the Meditation in the write about your day and then Witness what happens in the World about you, it acts as a kind of self guided therapy, what went right, what went wrong, how can I adjust my thinking in being resourceful about this given situation or scenario. So where once I might have felt compelled to an intransigent position of suffering on some aspect, of life the Universe and Everything, now I can adopt a more disassociated or detached posture (if need be) where I am greater aware of my own empowerment being within me, rather than seeking to control what goes on out there with other people in there own mental worlds thoughts feelings and behaviours and lives et al.

So as a Lifelong fan of many areas (realms) of life the Universe and Everything, these are just some of the books, that I have included within my research studies since taking up Meditation and Photo reading.  As I think I stated before many of the teachings, are things that we may have already done at multiple times within our lives, though as is often the case – I wish someone had recommended this Meditation Technology and several of the courses, when I was far younger so I did not have to go through many years of unnecessary suffering, likewise being more consciously aware of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours enables you to take greater responsibility within yourself and for yourself than simply believing that the World and events within the World happen to you, and that you have no control, when in fact at some level that you may or may not be aware of you have greater power than you may realise.

So I wanted to become more enlightened and aware, I wanted to continue my lifelong interest in areas such-as Many Advanced Technologies whilst also continuing in following Film and TV and following Sporting Realm tours, and I wanted to identify the tools and processes required to see if I could kind of create my own Version of a Ready Player One Zone.  Ready Player One (a book by Ernest Cline) is of course also  now a Steven Spielberg Movie, and whilst that was predominantly about players within a kind of OASIS World Wide Web of various gaming Worlds, and the adventures of participants within that World, my World or Zone version would probably be the anti thesis of what my younger self would have gone for, I would create a kind of relaxed Meditative World or Boring Heavenly Zone, free from conflict and excessive drama, and dedicated more to being like Switzerland (NEUTRAL) and perhaps indulging my interest in research and development of various things, a kind of safe place of respected boundaries and borders and so on.  There are plenty of alternatives for other people who want all the adventure and action, conflict, confusion & drama so let folks who want those things go to those places.

Anyway I will list some books within a particular area of study and perhaps explain how said book contributes to my interest in monitoring/witnessing the World at Large or otherwise, and indeed how it might contribute to a process that creates an entertainment or movie or a better life for folks also following similar experience or life paths.

There are no rights or wrongs in following some of these choices, options and activities, though it can be interesting or even fun to explore both the direct and indirect, linear and non-linear, conscious and non-conscious ways in how many areas of life are more intertwined and inter-connected than many of us realise. Whilst also perhaps demonstrating our own respective blind-spots – we can become so routine or ritualised in particular behaviours and habits, that it takes an alternative perspective to get to those potential ah-ha’s that were possibly there all along though passing under our own respective radar.

As young child I can recall playing games such-as cards and monopoly with other children of similar age, when we were being baby-sat together, we also played Charades – a game that is well worth looking up, where one person would mime or act out a name of a book, Film, Theatre Play, and various other life realms that we thought up for ourselves, a TV production of the game of Charades (In the UK) was called “Give Us A Clue” and that is perhaps what I hope to do, give people guidance or clues to ways and means of identifying the money in communication, any ah-ha’s or perspectives gained from such activities can of course only be subjective to the experience, knowledge & beliefs of any follower, though with practice, I hope to demonstrate that most of us are far more capable than we think and indeed, very often have far more to contribute, through our own written life experiences, than we potentially think, or have been led to believe.

I am unsure as to how soon I will publish each following Davey Award, though may well break them down into smaller publishing blocks so folks can see them quicker or indeed skip the bits that bore such-as this pre-amble may well do for some folks.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

And The Award Goes Too…

David Perkins for “In Hereford, Hollywood and Hawaii, The Huawei is seldom the Highway”

I’d like to thank all those who believe themselves to be in requirement of an appreciative thank you from me,  and a special thanks goes to the creators of ancient film musical “My Fair Lady” where I first perhaps heard of language coaching.  I’d also like to thank Chinese Company Huawei for being relevant news during this period in our history and to the American President for making them relevant and I’d like to thank Quintin Tarantino for his Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, that I was unaware of when coining this phrase – though having seen that movie, those of us who enjoyed it should perhaps campaign for the Once Upon A Time In Trilogy to be made, I am sure many exciting adventure stories can be found in Hereford and Hawaii and I look forward to seeing them on the big screen.

So I loved watching Film TV and Music award shows when young, and indeed have quite enjoyed once again indulging that enjoyment in recent years, although with the advent of the internet enabling us to see just how big the award circuit is, one can well imagine that it must become quite tiresome for those having to go through the rituals and glad handing and so on, hence perhaps beyond those regarded as must attend Headliners, one can actually see patterns forming whereby an informal taking it in turns approach appears to be the order of the day for some of those attendee’s & business insiders, that is unless of course a particular movie has been chosen or nominated and supported by an Industry budget that requires some level of quid pro quo for the next project.

This year seems to have once again staked a claim to controversy, though I do know from my own research that both Bafta and The American Academy despite headline condemnation, have made various changes at lower levels and grass roots to boost talent within there spheres of industry, so representation does exist within the business (as us fans of many big blockbusters often see anyway) though it does also often appear that the age old quote that “There is no such thing as bad publicity” often works in creating debate, where really people might perhaps think on the issue of “is this behaviour, activity, achieving any given objective, what are the underlying motivations etc?

I have perhaps always considered myself to have more of an American Dream than that British dream that Theresa May wanted everyone to take up a year or two ago, and that perhaps was brought about through my own childhood in seeing and being able to identify that BAFTA was something of a closed shop to people from council estates and working or underclass backgrounds within the United Kingdom.  whilst I did well at primary school level in the acting stakes of school plays, by the time of secondary school education the wealthier Middle Class children were always given the plush roles surrounding stage productions etc. no matter how many lesser background school peers put themselves forward.  There is also the debate over what Cinema is for of course, many at BAFTA seemingly love the Hard Brutal Ken Loach school of showing life on the estates for no non well to do within society, where I and I am sure many others go to Cinema for ESCAPISM from reminders of our day to day realities and so on.  I think there is of course merit to both approaches though, it does seem that those with the more escapist dreams and so on are more shut out of the industry, than those that love the status quo of hard life on the streets and costume dramas.

Anyway having said all that I was really pleased with multiple awards at the BAFTA’s – I was pleased for Kathleen Kennedy – becoming a fellow of the academy – she has worked with some greats as a producer of course, and I think her CV demonstrates more of the fantasist escapism that I and many others prefer than what is supposedly what the British Academy is all about.

I was also really pleased for Andy Serkis – another talented actor who despite video’s demonstrating his actual acting the CGI roles and characters he plays, has always somehow lost out through the greater dictum that his roles are CGI, equivalent perhaps to those that perform Voice Over work within radio and cartoons etc.  I genuinely think that given the now established history of performance for CGI characters (at least from some actors) that a category reflecting those performances could be created, if they are not allowed within the already burgeoning list of awards.

This weeks books purchased by me, are all potentially movie related and I have so many now across so many areas of live that I can well imagine folks wondering if I have any real highlights or favourites that I would recommend again and again and again, and in truth I do, those that I return to again and again, so I may well in the coming days craft a list together as a kind of highlight of my favourites within each category.  I know some might surprise more than others, because whatever my own bias is, I think I can demonstrate that expensive does not always equate to liked or loved etc.

These recent purchases are unlikely to make my favourites lists though you never know, and if you are thinking I am missing books on this Award category or that award category – there is high likelihood that I already have multiple books on a given topic and subject – I can say that is true for ACTING, DIRECTING, LIGHTING, WRITING, PROPS, CGI FX and many other technical aspects of the creative processes, that often receive less attention than the favoured headline awards.


So what lead to these selections, well I decided to run with the FILM theme and I already have many related books, where I lack is probably in the CRAFTS such as Prop Making and Costume Design, so I decided to add to those areas, although of course when you think on it, and go through the pain of your mental compartmentalisations, you come to realise that they are not all that differing from buying books on a now standardised industry, (although like the London Premium – Film & TV and Theatre perhaps have there own version of the industry Up mark in costs), I have several Stage & Set Production Design books though often enjoy adding to them.  The “other language” issue is not something that bothers me, always having enjoyed many a subtitled movie over the years, and indeed having worked with groups of foreign nationals for a number of years.

The Human Diversity book will be interesting, although I wonder as to whether I will find myself in agreement or disagreement with what is written within that book, my own view since taking up the Technological Meditation a few years ago, is that pretty much everything is a Nurture versus Nurture debate, although you cannot argue these points easily with other people, because I was no different in believing what I believed kind of intransigently “no matter what” until the Brain Stimulus Technology worked its magic in giving me a whole new level of awareness and enlightenment that I might have read about a hundred times from various sources without ever having experienced such things within my own life and experience.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

By Whose Authority?

So I have perhaps spent to much time away from this little backwater blog of mine, seemingly favouring those realms I ventured into more than a couple of years ago now, specifically Twitter and then from Twitter into mostly the Cartoon Corner of The Guardian Media’s online site.  For me I treated it somewhat as an extension of some of the things I had been carrying out here – continuing to Meditate and Observe Witness.

I would then typically make comment on any given cartoon and then publish to Twitter, although there is always an aspect of symbiosis in such relationships in that whilst they predominantly follow Politics and Politicians – I made no secret of my own interest in various other Life Realms, whether you want to all it “now” or “trending” or running “synchronously” or “parallel” or however it is often found that ideas such-as a picture tells a thousand words can work fine if you apply the idea of the characters within such images as being an “everyman” it might outwardly appear as though it is specific and directly relating to current days affairs of state, that they very often “directly” do, though “indirectly” you can potentially take clues with regards to your favourite Touring Sport Realm or Entertainment Realm and anywhere in between, although of course practice can make all the difference – especially when so many commentators have there own favoured focus realm (so to speak) and any one of us perhaps gets more of what we focus upon – hence I can find some comments from some quite regular commentators a little disturbing at times.

Having raised my Threshold somewhat via The Holosync Solution (Meditation Technology) and indeed followed various course processes (both Holosync and Learning Strategies styled courses), it can seem like going a step backward to return to the kind of output provider that gives so many people poor mental health, raising your own threshold and awareness and enabling you to better concentrate and communicate does not come with a stamp of approval or authority for others to do likewise.

Why do I say this – well just last week – I found myself being informed on my Guardian Account – that my comments were now being Pre-Moderated – meaning that they had to be vetted by Moderators – prior to being published among the very many comments made on any given day – the Why? provided was of course a link to a disclaimer page suggesting that I was breaking “community standards” – the list provided was somewhat comprehensive and all encompassing (& many listed rules are broken regularly both above and below the line by many longstanding commentators).  Whilst such a “Strategy” might well be considered sensible from the outlet – it does seem somewhat harsh toward a generally moderate contributor – so despite disclaimers and claims that you can become reinstated through good behaviour, or contacting moderators at this email address – when zero “specific” offence reason is given, you can only assume that one or more representative individuals of the varied  tribal groupings that co-exist within the Guardian Realms has decided to silence some critic of there particular tribe – obviously many potentially sensitive topics and subjects have been covered during these times, though non more so than most days of the week of any month and years – when you consider the journalistic realms appetite for negative or controversial & sensitive topics and subjects on a regular basis (their bread & butter (so to speak)) not just from the United Kingdom though throughout the Globe.

So what else well I spent time publishing images of various book purchases that I have made on a regular basis and I have often given little as to explanation for the choices.  Again my choices are often differing from those pushed by Amazon – Best Sellers etc. and also differing from those pushed within the Guardian Online (a multi disciplinary multi cultural realm), that I have obviously gone a little native within these last couple of years through taking out a subscription; something I only did to rid myself of the many adverts that appear on such sites – I have never been keen on paywalls – because they can induce a sense of entitlement or indeed echo chamber mindsets – where at least whilst asking for contributions & subscribers – most day to day Guardian output is still available for all peoples; to the best of my knowledge. However I grew in an era where it was still popular to do interactive things – whether outdoor sports (individual or team) or indeed the earlier generation video and computer games -having my ability to interactively leave a comment on articles taken away, means I am probably likely to now cancel my subscription (not that they require finance from me) – as simply being a receiver of content – does not really engage me all that great a deal, I found this to be true in having stopped watched a lot of TV a few years ago through irregular work hours (prior to streaming),  Now I am far more discerning, and am less inclined to watch anything, simply because it is their – including many historically favoured shows and films etc. I pay for Amazon and Netflix and have access to Terrestrial TV channels and Digital and Sky and Now TV available, and am probably the one within my family who watches the least of all these things.

So the title says “by whose Authority” – this output  is my wordpress blog website, and though I have used it far less than intended in recent years, over zealous moderators cannot stop me from publishing here, because I do not employ any moderators, I am a small non-entity backwater blogger  in a World of 7,000,000,000 people, who lives in a Nation of 67,000,000 – so whilst I have perspective on my non importance in the greater scheme of things, and I do think it can be good to have an enforced break from any realm from time to time, I abhor this fashion and manner, that deliberately seeks to provoke conflict or hurt – as this action at Guardian Online clearly does (in the modern age it is the equivalent of being locked up and watching as some idiot throws away the key). I had hoped that the Guardian might be steered or encouraged toward a more ACTUAL INCLUSIVITY of people – though they continue to maintain the “Stay with your own kind” idea of progressive inclusivity that keeps the purist integrity of tribal politics and identity politics nonsenses alive, very much in tune with the present day disunited Kingdom (in fact).  They talk the talk of themselves being Left wing Rivals to assorted Tabloids and Right Wing Media, though in comparable terms are very much the same to an experienced Observer/monitor of such things, as are the modern day BBC – (tabloid I mean).  I must be old because I actually hanker after Quality Broadsheets & broadcasters of my youth – where now whether it is TV or Newspaper – they are all effectively tabloid in all but name.  Hence my constant rallying against Lowest Common denominators – not because I want to preserve some class base – though simply to be able to maintain interest in unpopular shows and subjects, a properly prepared meal and diet rather than existing on microwave meals and fast food etc. Large fanbases obviously create large revenues – though they also dumb people & societies down to such an extent that at some point you will no longer have people with the intellect or skill requirements to even make the dumbest of the shows & entertainments – just as opinion writers love saying it takes 30,000 votes for a Conservative to become MP and 40,000 votes for a Labour and 70,000 for Liberal – so it is also true of people from differing societal backgrounds & demographics trying to get on in life in the industry or life realm of their own choosing. Creating a blog or youtube channel or being entrepreneurial or whatever though your own power, relatively cheaply is where most folks can become empowered through self responsibility etc. though likewise many traditional media establishments and realms actually do a great deal of harm to people in setting out on such courses for themselves.


So anyway, I have called many establishment realms invented & longstanding Ponzi Schemes – many folks realise this (I think) at young age and then it kind of falls away as the pace of life takes over, so if you ever do invest in Meditation tech (as I did) to clear out much mental clutter etc.  It can be handy to reacquaint  yourself with the basics of such things, the framework/outlines (perhaps) rather then the specific content of any given realm.  Given my alienation from Guardian and keeping up with my Trending Synchronicity idea – I got “Custodians of the Internet” that talks on the issue of Moderators and bias and influence & manipulation. Computers & Spies grabbed my attention for the third book in this image – although as to the quality of any of the content I really think it down to how advanced anyone feels they are in experience and indeed whether they have followed similar investigative path to me.  These books were all relatively cheap, and were it Christmas I would probably call them stocking fillers.

My Big Purchase this week was actually


The Rules of Play  – again and again across many life realms – I have found that despite new writers listing older books within there bibliographies – that I often have to go and get those older books for myself because my own “meaning” and interpretation or analysis diverges from present day interpretation and meaning given by other people.  that is not to say that modern writers are not correct within there own meaning, though you can think on it as a sample of a sample of a sample where so many generational changes have occurred that just two or three generations of books with the same sources can diverge greatly from an ORIGINAL story, meaning and belief etc.

Yes there are also Mathematical models that demonstrate these things within the realm of maths, though the idea can be applied Heuristically to many life realms, the further you move from point zero the greater degree for potential calculative error etc. These things have often been demonstrated because ancient Scientists did not have the modern day models and simulations to prove or disprove their hypothesis or theories etc.

Most of the other books within this image were Freebies via my Kindle Unlimited that acts as a kind of Library book system.  I pay for Kindle Prime though rarely use much of the TV & Film or Music & Delivery Facilities that other family members use, so I can at least indulge the ability for so many great quality Library books, there really are very many hidden gems to be found and studied or researched, the writing related books above are probably unlikely to render anything I have not already seen within my studies of such things – though anything above and beyond that arrogant assumptive statement will be a bonus – and of course you get more of what you focus upon.

Now last week I published this image and suggested an OMG (Oh My God) kind of response, not because you do not actually need to spend money on these things once you have gone through the earlier stages of meditation (that is where I would spend money).  Though because I went through a spending glass ceiling of sorts.


The glass ceiling was how much was I willing to spend on these particular books, I went to University in 1999 to study Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (following a return to College that saw me studying Electronics Engineering).  I could either move away from family or go to the nearest local University (Aberystwyth at that time) and study compatible courses – I was somewhat obsessed with Computers and robotics and A.I. at a younger age and circumstances conspired for me to get to return to education and fill in the gaps in my knowledge and learn all the frameworks and thinking strategies, that as an end user of Technologies you often do not have formal experience of. Sadly nor can it necessarily be gained by simply purchasing the books, for me the environment of the Education Establishment & people contributed greatly toward my improved abilities in these areas – no I do not like University comparison charts particularly, as I have fond memories however far down the pecking order the establishment is, and yes if all choices and options (without strings) were equal and free my top choice would have been Scotland where A.I. and Robotics is most advanced. Though I did what was best within my life circumstances at that time.  The book list was rather large and specialist – and the books many of which I still possess, were my first real experience of book buying glass ceilings.  Although most of us might be happy to spend a £10 or £20 on a book, how many would stretch to $40 or £100 and so on.  Multiple of my recommended University books had starting prices at £40 and above, although they could often also be complemented with cheaper alternatives with the same information – and indeed I think many Engineering Principles styled books can last a life time. Whilst programming books can also last, you often see a constant stream of new that requires a certain level of ongoing investment in yourself  etc.  That perhaps highlights the difference between hardware & Software.

With regard to the above books, the most expensive was Entertainment Science – and that struck a chord with me because, in tracking so many life realms – as I have been monitoring / observing  in recent years, and encouraging trending etc.  it seemed a perfect fit.  However I would recommend the Socionomics book, the Growth book and the Non Linear Dynamics book before recommending the more expensive book.  For me having meditated several years and continuing in my own studies of these types of works – it seemed to me that Entertainment Science was new (for the realms it claims to cover) though anyone with a basic cross-realm intelligence could make better progress through studying the other books and applying there contained knowledge to the Entertainment Realms themselves – they have a DEPTH that I did not feel came through in Entertainment Science – Maybe it is the perfect book for Hollywood minded execs & students though it seemed somewhat shallow in comparative terms – almost like a sample of a sample of a sample – that I spoke of earlier.

The other area that I wanted to catch up on was of course more direct PUZZLE and GAME DESIGN Related books – I have multiple Computer Game and VR styled books that I have found great, though I wanted to once again go back and do the compare’s with earlier generation studies of traditional puzzles and board games and so on, Hence Rules of Play this week and Characteristics of Game last week and indeed those writing Thriller styled freebies that all contribute to kind of putting you in a more creative mindset and zone & so on.

Anyway I have obviously now made up for not commenting at a News Media outlet for a week or more, and I also want to write a blog piece with regard to several other topics such as how great SCI-FI has been recently, so do not be surprised if my publishing opinion from my own blog occurs again in the coming days if not sooner, as once you start typing it can be hard to stop, and there are no rules here that I have to stay on topic without digression and all that jazz.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!