Characters? Plot Includes?Resolutions?

Hang on David, wait a minute, it appears to me and several other readers that you are simply outlining a James Bond Movie, or Mission Impossible Movie, or even a Zombie Apocalypse styled story.


There is of course a level of awareness in coming to that conclusion, though knowing that the same underlying theme, plot, characters, and so on are formulaic does not stop very many people enjoying such output and finding some level of comfort & certainty in these familiarity’s, or indeed the creatives behind them wanting to constantly push against the boundaries of script improvement, or spectacle improvement, and location improvement, and so on for the next cinematic experience.

An excellent example of a relatively successful Director who seemingly manages to surprise and delight in similar measure, whilst going off the seemingly well worn path  is Christopher Nolan, hence it perhaps an interesting activity to identify your story path structure & base points and then ask – how has Christopher Nolan done this differently, whilst still maintaining a quite popular following for his output etc.

So What Do I Mean By Resolution?


Well just as the Big Mind Big Heart book I showed earlier in another posting, is a Meditative Process of enquiry (asking questions), so as in many life realms you find questioning strategies and techniques are often within the minds of people within those life realms related to their favoured subject & topic or specialisation (if one exists), you find that asking questions about the motivation behind your characters, and overall story arc can lead you to uncover what you might regard as a motivation and or resolution for various elements within your characters lives, the plot, and overall satisfaction level for audience with regard to events and reveals, and so on, in a book or stage play that might be a group of chapters called part 1, part 2, part 3 etc. IE.  some information might be central to a plot, whilst other information might be red herring or irrelevant in the greater scheme of things.


So in the late 1980’s I studied topics such-as Psychology and Communication Studies at local colleges where people such-as Jung & Freud & Pavlov were referenced.  In the early 2000’s I completed a Myers Briggs Test whilst at University.  In each instance I probably believed to a certain extent the information and indeed feedback that I gained through such taught information, and yes a level of compliance is often required to successfully answer exam questions within Education anyway etc. Although since taking up Meditation technology, I have come to find that being in alignment or otherwise with these things, often boils down to asking the question Is this resourceful?  Rather than being a fully paid up member of overly identifying with any one given set of teachings or behavioural studies, character attributes and values etc.


In terms of Storytelling we can always make that question Is this resourceful? relevant to all that we turn our attention to in our creative constructs, you can think of your group of characters as members of an orchestra or band each with a differing complementary instrument or skill set that has its own rhythm within the overall story arc.


Yes, there really are many other methods of cross-realm-investigation that do not necessarily relate directly to the realm that you think your creative endeavour is for, though most realms have similarly compartmentalised systems, and questioning strategies, and it is often these invented boundaries between realms, that allows and enable exploitation or cross realm pollination of events, where no crime may have existed, conspiracy theorists and self promoters and story tellers and so on are always going to crawl out of the woodwork, and be on hand with their own version of expertise or story telling ability that makes everything seem so much more exciting.


Yes it can actually be useful to be able to fact check various elements of what you write about in terms of the type of relevant realm knowledge a character might be expected to know, or indeed the usage of any props and costumes and location or environments and so on.


These things do of course have relevance to stage, theatre, film and TV, though also in your own creativity within your day to day life in terms of what you yourself might have as utensils and decorative objects within your home or office or other locations you travel and visit and so on.  You can often find it easier to take inspiration for your storytelling with places and things you know, than seeking to completely imagine an all new World Environment and so on.

So What are the Motivations?  What are the possible Resolutions? Our lives are full of such scenes in day to day life, such as an interaction with a family member, or a shop worker or one colleague telling a joke to another colleague.  All these things can be utilised within your story telling with regard to underlying motivations, resolutions & exchanges, and indeed irrespective of whether you believe yourself intelligent or otherwise. Simply keeping a daily journal or diary is a form of story telling that could easily be retold with new names, and new props and in new environments with added spice, where you simply transition your routine shop for groceries into some treasure map hunt etc.


So having built up this book collection over a number of years, I would not recommend others do likewise without having perhaps first invested in a technology such-as Holosync that perhaps enables a greater level of separation of our respective, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, where from a far younger age we typically perhaps become overly saturated, confused and conflicted regarding what is truth or otherwise in the World, and what genuinely constitutes progress and knowledge, or awareness and enlightenment, or a raised Threshold, and what simply constitutes what we believe to be true about the World, because we have simply not discovered, or been shown  that their really are technologies that can change anyone’s life, at any age, and from any background.

Over many years of my own life, I can recollect having heard the term “common sense” applied during discussion, though it is often amazing when you ask folks to define common sense, how there own prioritisation or hierarchy of values differs from other peoples, as to what any given common sense is.

World Wide Global Markets plunged on the news of a Global Pandemic, where many people have placed Health above Wealth in terms of priority, and indeed perhaps demonstrated a common sense that they do not trust politicians or media experts, particularly when it comes to their own individual lives.  Interesting that the Political Propaganda Merchants that can mostly be regarded as Libertarian in there promotion of Small State, Low Taxes mindsets, are all now heavily calling for co-operation and big central Government budget spending – and at least in the United Kingdom’s case, these things have simply been transitioned from requirements of Brexit Politics to requirements for dealing with the Global Pandemic.


I spoke previously as to suggest all are actors and actresses, though all could refer to themselves in the sense of themselves being an individual realm, or indeed agent within computer science speak, though the problem with actor and actress is to be found in those buzzwords and phrases such-as be proactive and that person is so reactive. Many myself included have perhaps felt like pinball’s in these discussions between external individuals and experts and so on – where a Technology such-as Holosync enables you to slow down somewhat in your thinking, and perhaps transition to responsive or responsible – in the sense of – I did not create or intend for having to deal with these present day life circumstances, though I will endeavour to be more responsible, in how I go about in day to day life, and indeed communicate with others on these matters.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!






A Brief Sales Pitch On behalf Of..

So I interrupt the creative design process I have been thinking about to advertise some products from various affiliates.I will give a brief outline of my experience and then a web URL.


So the bottom right hand corner of this image has the book “The New Science Of Super Awareness” (by Bill Harris).  His Meditation & brain technology product is known as The Holosync Solution, and whilst the founder of the company is no longer with us, the product and many courses continue to be sold and distributed World wide.

I am given to belief that if you enter promo code CARE20 into a provided box at the online checkout, you can receive 20% discount on all Digital Products.

“Integral Life Practice” by Ken Wilbur, I have purchased multiple books from this author and whilst not a fully subscribed practitioner, do see a great deal of benefit in following many of the core lessons, teachings & practices.


Use your brain, to change your age  – One of my own favourite affiliates of Centerpointe is Dr Daniel Amen, mainly because he is a real life doctor and has a vast Imaging collection that demonstrates how changes to lifestyle can bring about changes to your brain, health and wellness, and these things can be improved via a wide range of possible dietary supplements, many of which you likely do not know you need until you try them (yes, I have) and often experience some quite rapid & positive changes to your Health and Wellbeing. Look for a Store link on his website.


Big Mind Big Heart from Genpo Roshi is a book I have enjoyed, and indeed I have practised some of the techniques & guidance during my own meditative journey.

Superhuman by Dave Asprey, Again another Health and Wellness guru whose range of products can be found at


Surround yourself with success, by Marie Diamond.  My own introduction to Marie Diamond products came via Learning Strategies Corporation, she creates courses that are often then enhanced via the paraliminal products of Paul R Scheele.  Many other affiliate courses can also be found within their product range.

As suggested on previous occasion, my own preference recommendation begins with Holosync Meditation, so whilst many of these companies are intertwined and constantly promoting cross-over products among each other. Holosync and probably Dr Daniel Amen supplements is where I would focus first, prior to then potentially seeing what else  many of the affiliates have to offer. In multiple instances some Learning Strategies courses that might appear bizarre or somewhat la-di-da, gain a greater level of traction and understanding IE. make sense, only when you have experienced the power of Holosync to shift your perspectives and possibly long held trauma or belief and so on at a deeper level than one might have believed possible at an earlier time of life.


What Details Might This Plot Include?

We have a deadly virus outbreak


That has lead to Economic Uncertainty


That also has a background in the political & journalistic realms of recent years deliberately inciting prejudices, among civilisation and society at all levels, mostly in the shape and form of what is referred to as “identity politics”.


Most of which has been debunked via brain scans and imaging and other legitimate sciences.


However the proliferation of Global Communication Systems, whether Social Media or News Media Platforms has led to an unhealthy imbalance within Society, in terms of what people believe to be true, or fact based information.  Where lowest common denominator, topics and subjects, that might have once dominated any given individuals life, at any point or stage within there own developmental growth,  has come to seemingly dominate many peoples lives, at all stages of there lives, through the constant obsessive dissemination of those topics & subjects via these communication medium.


So where once the progress of individuals and civilisations was potentially measured in some shape and form of upward growth on many a chart, the growth and acceleration of many social media websites, has outpaced peoples desire to unplug from such systems, where many a person has found themselves or their own individual data & narrative ignored, or having being dragged into a downward spiral through the dominant external narratives & data of the wider populations – OTHER PEOPLES STUFF – being projected onto yourself, through the obsessive need to categorise, connect and give meaning to what is often only associative data, and the fools gold of people suffering from “people like me syndrome” found in identity politics etc.

We now have some ideas about characters and we also now have some possible plot points to work into our particular creative storytelling endeavour.

I wonder what we can think about next!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well!

Character Development

So last Article I ended suggesting that I was going to be thinking about Characters.


Villain’s you might look to old school Media Empires, along with Financial Guru’s or indeed modern Internet Types if set in the present day.


If you are creating a historical fiction, then you would probably take your modern day characteristics and impose them on some ancient setting, maybe relabelling them as Religious, Royal or Political Figures. Likewise for Future based fiction, you would still probably take modern day characteristics and impose them on future settings.  Both instances allow for differing powers of attributes & values ancient allows for possible witchcraft & sorcery (for example) whilst future might allow for science and genetically superior beings or androids etc.

What of a hero? Superhero? Sports Star? Former Military?


Yes, in many ways you can simplify your efforts, by investigating current people as your sort of baseline, and then reinventing them for your fiction, whereby some grain of truth or familiarity (or otherwise) works its way into some shape & form of relatability, in the minds of your audience.

Sidekick: experts, pseudo-scientists, people seeking redemption?







So whilst I have selected mostly male characters here, I would do exactly the same research for females, and you simply transition the various traits, attributes, values and so on, for female characters and again, possibly transition to a historical or future time and place of your own choosing, depending on where & when you are setting your story.

There are of course other characters that you might want to consider such-as henchmen & love interests, though if you select some small group of primary protagonists, that you provide greater story & focus too, you can often find that secondary characters and background character requirements, make themselves obvious as you progress in your design.

The further you investigate such things, the more you might actually develop an appreciation for those every-man or every-woman idea’s I have written about on occasion, in the sense that many of us have shared history of having been entertained via similar historical storytelling mediums – whether books, stage plays, radio, film, TV and internet and so on.  Hence so many coming to the conclusion that it can be better to be the hero of your own story (within reason) than a background character in someone else’s – although of course when you think about these things, you come to see that everyone external to your own mind and body (inc. thoughts, feelings, behaviours etc.) is background to your own story, in the same way as you are background to theirs.

Conflict of course can arise, when people feel they are being miscast, though we all have the choice & option, as to whether to engage, become involved, debate etc. or where we prefer to focus our own thoughts feelings and attention.

So that is a basic set of Principle Characters to think further upon.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well!



The Story That Writes Itself

Did you hear the one about…


The individual who, inspired by some of their favourite Creatives


Decided that they were going to create, craft a Story pitch, only utilising Images from a kindle book collection


and present day World Affairs.


What’s that? what do you mean “when do we get to the good bit?” I merely laying out a synopsis, and it is all part of this IDEA as to identifying the money in communication, think of it as Narrative Economics, or Monetising Your Mind.


Anyway, this is probably going to go on for far to long, as one article so I shall seek to now think on the kinds of characters that can be utilised, prior to continuing.


Hmmn, this is going to rapidly become unwieldy and formula generic, (not necessarily a bad thing), unless I find ways and means to distinguish, differentiate and give uniqueness to my output, and my creative drafting (freedom of expression) prior to editing etc.

I think I shall stop at this point, for this particular article, and maybe continue with a pen and pad, before transferring to articles etc.  Along with characters, I will also be thinking on genre, and Themes, Environments, props, and assorted plot mechanisms that move the story forward, as well of course as thinking on how a script and interaction between various elements come into play.

All these disparate points will at some stage form a kind of process that I find works for me, though having read a great deal on many an other persons process for such activities, you do often find that although a certain level of self discipline exists, along with various shape and form of deadlines (as a motivation), so many diverse routines exist as to lead to conflict & confusion – if you simply do not dismiss, and develop your own routine etc. using what others suggest as flexible guidelines, rather than absolute rules.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

Who Facilitates You?

Yes, this title has seemingly been swimming around my noggin (brain) for a few days now. Perhaps in relation to a recent article where I wrote on the Learning Strategies – Facilitating Brilliance mini course.  Although there is also of course, the greater going on of it all IDEA brought about through Meditation – traditional or technological, and more formally in many a society – the IDEA of service – whether to The Crown, a Country, Business or other Identity politic styled & fashioned “LABEL”, that we as a species have a tendency to rush to invent, sometimes what we believe to be independently, and other times in accordance with the given lessons and learning’s or Traditions of a given pre-existing Hierarchy of Establishment or SYSTEM.

So what books did I purchase this week?

Well first up we have a get all these books for under a £10 selection.


So can anything useful be found within these books?  Well they do all perhaps fall into the realm of easy reading, popular science. So commenting without judgement, bias or prejudice – I often find useful information at the light, easy reading level.

We have no idea – informs with both scientific knowledge and cartoons how so much about the Universe is still unknown in comparison to what we believe we do know.

Inadequate Equilibrium – is a book about decision making, and perhaps follows on from my recent return to computer science books, where many a book on multi-agent systems and computers systems in general are often about Decision Theory.

Digital Physics – Currently available in Kindle Unlimited, is further information on this idea of The Holographic Universe.

This next selection appear unrelated, though if you believe or know all things to be interconnected can make sense in there own way.


So the Elephant in the Brain – is a book about hidden agenda’s, that many people might have in the dark reaches of the brain, that run concurrently with the reason that they might be giving to you.  I think it perhaps related to another book I purchased though did not highlight “Not born yesterday” another interesting recent release.  Elephant does of course figure within my blog runner, so maybe a bit of ego crept into my thinking, though the book is current in the sense of what is being witnessed & reported throughout many countries around the Globe, and indeed what many may have experienced via fiction books & cinema, TV & video game, in the sense of widespread contagion pandemic, and the societal wide behaviours brought about via these things.  From my own study into the REALM of Psychology – you can often find folks do the wrong thing for the wrong reason, just as much as you can find people doing the right thing for the wrong reason, or the right thing for the right reason, and many other various other probabilistic combinations. These things are possibly related to Developmental Growth and Maturity, though you do find somewhat basic survival instincts, or behaviours can dominate. So bugs and germs and contagion that do not do “Identity Politics” are perhaps great equalisers, whatever your own personal outlook or agenda, or indeed level of awareness and enlightenment.

The Last Unknowns – is a book absolutely full of Questions, and only questions, and that is pretty much all, we asked this scientist or expert in this field of endeavour what the last unknown is for them within their own life or area of expertise or specialisation.

The Rules of Contagion – whilst valid for its title at the present time, was not why I purchased the book.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Authors previous effort, and the herd rushing to purchase the book, effectively caused it to become extremely cheap, perhaps being sold as a loss leader or something (who knows). Yes it actually also relates to my Computer Science Studies etc.

So I have many other books that I want to buy, though also find over and again, that I very often have information covered via previous purchases or indeed studies and education in general.

I should also perhaps in this time where many are seemingly becoming excessively worried, or concerned and stressed recommend the suite of products that I have been using for meditation over a number of years.

“The Holosync Solution” can be found at

Whilst they are a business and therefore charge for many products, they do also provide freebies and examples, and special offers, now is perhaps a good opportunity for people to try said products.  I only say this because in my own “experience” the Meditation Products and Courses I have taken do exactly what they said they would do, and in a World where claim and counter claims are made, that are often seemingly exaggerated beyond belief, The Holosync Solution, really is as amazing, as I, and many other customers have found it to be, over the short, medium and longer term.

So more on the Title?  Well we can perhaps ask why “WHO” is so popular within the World in whether you are referring to “Dr Who” a long running Science Fiction show originating in the United Kingdom, or W.H.O. the World Health Organisation – as an aside they produce what is known as the International Classification of Diseases, I know this, as a number of years ago, I had to transfer the information related to the National Health Service, service, I was working for, into a Computerised Database for that NHS Service, the book volumes were somewhat all inclusive of the very many classifications of ailments that people can be treated for. I think that the information is now available via a website or other multi-media formats

Not sure where my own thoughts are at present, in terms of events within my own life, and indeed events that I have seemingly been WITNESSING within the wider World in recent years.  Yes as an individual who meditates regularly, and indeed has done a certain amount of study, recommended by experts and non-experts, and indeed as someone who has blogged, and contributed points to various outlets and topics of discussion, one might think that I have some level of experience, where I feel that I can better communicate where Society is, and what people should do, in terms of the many lessons and learning’s related to the cycles and patterns of time, and so-called progress, though as many others have found and stated – whilst I can be empowered within my own thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions, distilling and distributing such information to others, does of course assume you are coming from a similar foundation of experience, thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours, where my own life History is seemingly littered with examples, where that belief has been demonstrably untrue, in terms of those underlying or hidden or unknown agenda’s (of others) and perhaps the resources from which differing attitudes, beliefs and behaviours originated throughout civilisation.

I was thinking on this recently when in discussion with a colleague, related to this idea of Computer simulations and Holographic Universe etc.  Whereby what is it? that causes two individuals to have such very differing life experiences, even when they may have attended similar educational realms, or have been from similar background, or have even originated in some – all things being equal styled fashion of being twins etc.?

Clearly in the present climate of the World, and how particular types of politics have come to dominate, in this Globalised, interconnected age that we exist within, one can choose, with the assistance of programmes such-as The Holosync Solution – to focus on rewarding, uplifting, positive aspects of our own day to day experience, and that helps a great deal, though that also seems to be at odds or in conflict with how very many others about us, whether family, or friends, or indeed colleagues, or strangers are themselves choosing to behave.

The World, or those most dominating within the Globalised World narrative, have seemingly led wider populations down blind alleys, and dead-end cul-de-sacs, that might work for they themselves as individuals or representatives of some given identity group or faction, in wanting to maintain some present power hierarchy or agenda, though those individuals and people do not necessarily serve the broader population as they might have once done in an earlier age, in terms of ideas surrounding integrity and morality, and co-operation and civil society and establishments, that work to serve the needs and requirements of people within Society at all levels of said society and so on.

The World is now said to be in great requirement of choreography and coordination or greater levels of international and local co-operation in order to alleviate the suffering brought about through the spread of contagion, though what are those of us who have been most adversely affected and alienated by very many toxic identity politic factions to do?  Yes I can “let go” of many an undesirable thought, feeling and trauma within me and so on, brought about via the actions and agenda’s of others, whether regarded as family, friend, foe or stranger, though ideas pertaining to WISDOM suggest that it is as unwise to adopt an “I told you so” stance as it is also unwise to believe that as in the age old adage – it is unwise to believe a Leopard might change its spots etc.

Can an alignment of peoples acting for what is identified as the greater good, truly be brought about?  When the politics that has dominated for multiple generations, and indeed excessively accelerated in recent times, has been so toxic, and deliberately divisive and harmful to so very many individual people?

Whilst I can understand that all things can seemingly be found in the one individual or the many individuals, via my meditation, and indeed believe this to be as true within humans, as it has been found to be true within nature via many varied science realms, one cannot help to think, that once we have found or developed our own version of inner peace, awareness and enlightenment, or equilibrium, there is little benefit to overindulging debate on topics and subject matters, where it can feel as though you have done this discussion already. Even if you are only stating these things in the fashion of handing down knowledge to a next generation etc.

Anyway I have clearly drifted into rambling meanderings again, so shall leave you in the traditional fashion of a

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

Not Sure What Happened To My Images

So for those who do not actually know me,  all that well, beyond perhaps occasional viewings on this blog, I have been a little pre-occupied off late with Funeral Arrangements for my recently deceased father. So as a somewhat disruptive break from the regular routine, the images that appear first will be a little differing than normal.  Whilst most arrangements and dissemination of Funeral information can be done as a collective thing, one of the more personal details (for me) was what to wear.

Do I go with what is being recommended by experts everywhere throughout these times of global crisis? A Hazmat?

or  do I actually go with what is usually considered more appropriate for such functions.


That is of course, the Black Suit and Tie seen here in my own private dress rehearsal.

The closest I am likely to come to Living the James Bond Dream of International Espionage Agent – although a change of Tie or Shirt, enables a suit of classic appearance to be appropriate for more than one occasion in which I may be called upon to wear such attire. As a fan of many a Detective & Espionage fiction it is surprising how many a Drama utilises Funeral’s as a sort of Hub or link to revealing very many plot points and relational ins & outs. Everyone of course typically having there own perspective or point of view on a given character.

For me in thinking on the issue & topic of death, I found myself not only thinking about what might be said about my Father in terms of anecdotes from throughout his life, though also longstanding themes, and indeed what may or may not have contributed to an earlier than expected demise, in terms of behavioural changes and so on, that have been witnessed not only by me, though other family members in recent years, in multiple examples seemingly brought about through his usage of Social Media. Yes life is a journey and everyone changes throughout their life, though one does fear that the widescale exploitation of Social Media, and the obsessive demand to connect & debate & become involved in Community and so on, has taken very many people down paths that from a more Health & Wellbeing consciousness perspective do not necessarily have any given individuals own best self interest at Heart.

Anyway I usually publish an image of books that I have been purchasing and can now continue in that fashion. There are several images below, so plenty of choice and options, should we any of us find ourselves, with more time on our hands than we know what to do with.


So what is special about these books?

Well I have of course been regularly meditating for several years, and indeed studying a wide variety of Eastern Philosophy meets Western Philosophy styled subjects and topics, and recent events had me of course thinking on the course of my own life.  Rhythms Of The Brain, seems to sit nicely in those areas I call cross-realm-intelligence, whereby too seemingly disparate subject matter such-as what is known about brain, mind and body through Western Science, actually contributes toward a greater understanding of why seemingly ancient long lived Eastern guru practises such-as Meditation work.

The other two books were very much related to my long time interest in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, something I studied at University, and then events within the course of my own life seemingly took me in a totally differing direction. I love to maintain my interest in those areas, and I selected a couple of books that act as a refresher of what I already studied, and indeed a guide to any potential advancements I may have not been aware of. There is often a long lead time between Theory within research and development Labs and University’s, and widescale dissemination and take up amongst Societies, and indeed the next generation of Technologies.


These selection of books was perhaps me wanting to make up for not having published in recent times.  I have stated a belief that all are actors and actresses, and that the speed of life from a young age, tends to shape our inner and outer Worlds, without us necessarily going into the actual thinking processes behind these things.  The Ellipsis Manual is probably a thinking about it conspiracy theorists delight, though for me and my usage, I was simply impressed by the contents list.  I have read much about body language interpretation over the years, and do not know what to expect from this book beyond knowing that I have often disagreed with many an expert on the matter.  Yes we all often know what we regard as good body language etc.  Though often many of us are potentially less than optimum examples of these things, through our own life experience and acquired trauma etc.  The next book Dreamscapes of Modernity seems to also fit in with this idea of cross-realm-intelligence or interpretation, in the sense that it appears to be a fairly newly developed idea about progress within the World, and how these things affect so-called Social Sciences.  Signals and Boundaries, once again takes us into the World of Cross-Realm-Intelligence in that much like the Computer Science book above Probabilistic Graphic Models, the underlying theory or framework or scaffold can be and has been utilised across very many Science and Day to Day Life Realms, though again many people take the systems and end user content knowledge for granted, when in fact a knowledge of the foundational building block can be far more rewarding, for those that invest a little time and effort in the study of such things (irrespective of educational level and belief and so on).

And There is More

WP_20200310_06_37_13_Pro (2)

Yes, in having done various Learning Strategy styled courses, I noted that various books and bibliographies were often being referenced, and I of course like to check out such materials for myself, Although sometimes have to rely on getting a non digital version or paper as it was known back in the day.  The Holographic Universe and The User Illusion are both books that once again combine what is known about Present Science Theories (at the times they were written), and in typical fashion also act as a kind of reinforcement for some more esoteric traditions & beliefs, where an overlap seemingly exists.  The 3rd book here is from X Prize Foundation creator Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, and I like the inspirational aspect to Progress that The X Prize Foundation brings to the table, and Steven Kotler has multiple works within his portfolio that are of typical interest to Tech-heads and Sci-Fi Fans.

Yes, all these demands to connect at all levels of society, from local Community, to Regional Community, to National Community, and International Community, and Assorted Online Community, and yet it would seem Community can only exasperate or accelerate both what are regarded as positive and negative attributes and values and issues taking place within this Third Rock from the Sun, in a little known sector of the Milky Way etc.

As someone who enjoys the idea of NOW, as more of a concurrent and present reality within his life, than something he simply used to read about from experts, one does hope that at whatever age, and developmental growth level  anyone reading this is, that they can take time to step back from all the overbearing and overwhelming daily news cycles and conspiracy theories, and maybe reorganise and reprioritize how you think, how you feel and how you act, in accordance with what you know now, and beware the merchants of crisis.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

PS. The Title on this occasion was due to a seemingly malfunctioning Laptop or Internet Connection, whereby I was seemingly unable to publish all that was to be included within this article. I shall take that as a spiritual hint (it’s a Sign) and see what it does allow me to publish.  Hmmmn.