Who Facilitates You?

Yes, this title has seemingly been swimming around my noggin (brain) for a few days now. Perhaps in relation to a recent article where I wrote on the Learning Strategies – Facilitating Brilliance mini course.  Although there is also of course, the greater going on of it all IDEA brought about through Meditation – traditional or technological, and more formally in many a society – the IDEA of service – whether to The Crown, a Country, Business or other Identity politic styled & fashioned “LABEL”, that we as a species have a tendency to rush to invent, sometimes what we believe to be independently, and other times in accordance with the given lessons and learning’s or Traditions of a given pre-existing Hierarchy of Establishment or SYSTEM.

So what books did I purchase this week?

Well first up we have a get all these books for under a £10 selection.


So can anything useful be found within these books?  Well they do all perhaps fall into the realm of easy reading, popular science. So commenting without judgement, bias or prejudice – I often find useful information at the light, easy reading level.

We have no idea – informs with both scientific knowledge and cartoons how so much about the Universe is still unknown in comparison to what we believe we do know.

Inadequate Equilibrium – is a book about decision making, and perhaps follows on from my recent return to computer science books, where many a book on multi-agent systems and computers systems in general are often about Decision Theory.

Digital Physics – Currently available in Kindle Unlimited, is further information on this idea of The Holographic Universe.

This next selection appear unrelated, though if you believe or know all things to be interconnected can make sense in there own way.


So the Elephant in the Brain – is a book about hidden agenda’s, that many people might have in the dark reaches of the brain, that run concurrently with the reason that they might be giving to you.  I think it perhaps related to another book I purchased though did not highlight “Not born yesterday” another interesting recent release.  Elephant does of course figure within my blog runner, so maybe a bit of ego crept into my thinking, though the book is current in the sense of what is being witnessed & reported throughout many countries around the Globe, and indeed what many may have experienced via fiction books & cinema, TV & video game, in the sense of widespread contagion pandemic, and the societal wide behaviours brought about via these things.  From my own study into the REALM of Psychology – you can often find folks do the wrong thing for the wrong reason, just as much as you can find people doing the right thing for the wrong reason, or the right thing for the right reason, and many other various other probabilistic combinations. These things are possibly related to Developmental Growth and Maturity, though you do find somewhat basic survival instincts, or behaviours can dominate. So bugs and germs and contagion that do not do “Identity Politics” are perhaps great equalisers, whatever your own personal outlook or agenda, or indeed level of awareness and enlightenment.

The Last Unknowns – is a book absolutely full of Questions, and only questions, and that is pretty much all, we asked this scientist or expert in this field of endeavour what the last unknown is for them within their own life or area of expertise or specialisation.

The Rules of Contagion – whilst valid for its title at the present time, was not why I purchased the book.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Authors previous effort, and the herd rushing to purchase the book, effectively caused it to become extremely cheap, perhaps being sold as a loss leader or something (who knows). Yes it actually also relates to my Computer Science Studies etc.

So I have many other books that I want to buy, though also find over and again, that I very often have information covered via previous purchases or indeed studies and education in general.

I should also perhaps in this time where many are seemingly becoming excessively worried, or concerned and stressed recommend the suite of products that I have been using for meditation over a number of years.

“The Holosync Solution” can be found at https://www.centerpointe.com/

Whilst they are a business and therefore charge for many products, they do also provide freebies and examples, and special offers, now is perhaps a good opportunity for people to try said products.  I only say this because in my own “experience” the Meditation Products and Courses I have taken do exactly what they said they would do, and in a World where claim and counter claims are made, that are often seemingly exaggerated beyond belief, The Holosync Solution, really is as amazing, as I, and many other customers have found it to be, over the short, medium and longer term.

So more on the Title?  Well we can perhaps ask why “WHO” is so popular within the World in whether you are referring to “Dr Who” a long running Science Fiction show originating in the United Kingdom, or W.H.O. the World Health Organisation – as an aside they produce what is known as the International Classification of Diseases, I know this, as a number of years ago, I had to transfer the information related to the National Health Service, service, I was working for, into a Computerised Database for that NHS Service, the book volumes were somewhat all inclusive of the very many classifications of ailments that people can be treated for. I think that the information is now available via a website or other multi-media formats https://icd.who.int/en/

Not sure where my own thoughts are at present, in terms of events within my own life, and indeed events that I have seemingly been WITNESSING within the wider World in recent years.  Yes as an individual who meditates regularly, and indeed has done a certain amount of study, recommended by experts and non-experts, and indeed as someone who has blogged, and contributed points to various outlets and topics of discussion, one might think that I have some level of experience, where I feel that I can better communicate where Society is, and what people should do, in terms of the many lessons and learning’s related to the cycles and patterns of time, and so-called progress, though as many others have found and stated – whilst I can be empowered within my own thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions, distilling and distributing such information to others, does of course assume you are coming from a similar foundation of experience, thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours, where my own life History is seemingly littered with examples, where that belief has been demonstrably untrue, in terms of those underlying or hidden or unknown agenda’s (of others) and perhaps the resources from which differing attitudes, beliefs and behaviours originated throughout civilisation.

I was thinking on this recently when in discussion with a colleague, related to this idea of Computer simulations and Holographic Universe etc.  Whereby what is it? that causes two individuals to have such very differing life experiences, even when they may have attended similar educational realms, or have been from similar background, or have even originated in some – all things being equal styled fashion of being twins etc.?

Clearly in the present climate of the World, and how particular types of politics have come to dominate, in this Globalised, interconnected age that we exist within, one can choose, with the assistance of programmes such-as The Holosync Solution – to focus on rewarding, uplifting, positive aspects of our own day to day experience, and that helps a great deal, though that also seems to be at odds or in conflict with how very many others about us, whether family, or friends, or indeed colleagues, or strangers are themselves choosing to behave.

The World, or those most dominating within the Globalised World narrative, have seemingly led wider populations down blind alleys, and dead-end cul-de-sacs, that might work for they themselves as individuals or representatives of some given identity group or faction, in wanting to maintain some present power hierarchy or agenda, though those individuals and people do not necessarily serve the broader population as they might have once done in an earlier age, in terms of ideas surrounding integrity and morality, and co-operation and civil society and establishments, that work to serve the needs and requirements of people within Society at all levels of said society and so on.

The World is now said to be in great requirement of choreography and coordination or greater levels of international and local co-operation in order to alleviate the suffering brought about through the spread of contagion, though what are those of us who have been most adversely affected and alienated by very many toxic identity politic factions to do?  Yes I can “let go” of many an undesirable thought, feeling and trauma within me and so on, brought about via the actions and agenda’s of others, whether regarded as family, friend, foe or stranger, though ideas pertaining to WISDOM suggest that it is as unwise to adopt an “I told you so” stance as it is also unwise to believe that as in the age old adage – it is unwise to believe a Leopard might change its spots etc.

Can an alignment of peoples acting for what is identified as the greater good, truly be brought about?  When the politics that has dominated for multiple generations, and indeed excessively accelerated in recent times, has been so toxic, and deliberately divisive and harmful to so very many individual people?

Whilst I can understand that all things can seemingly be found in the one individual or the many individuals, via my meditation, and indeed believe this to be as true within humans, as it has been found to be true within nature via many varied science realms, one cannot help to think, that once we have found or developed our own version of inner peace, awareness and enlightenment, or equilibrium, there is little benefit to overindulging debate on topics and subject matters, where it can feel as though you have done this discussion already. Even if you are only stating these things in the fashion of handing down knowledge to a next generation etc.

Anyway I have clearly drifted into rambling meanderings again, so shall leave you in the traditional fashion of a

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

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