The Story That Writes Itself

Did you hear the one about…


The individual who, inspired by some of their favourite Creatives


Decided that they were going to create, craft a Story pitch, only utilising Images from a kindle book collection


and present day World Affairs.


What’s that? what do you mean “when do we get to the good bit?” I merely laying out a synopsis, and it is all part of this IDEA as to identifying the money in communication, think of it as Narrative Economics, or Monetising Your Mind.


Anyway, this is probably going to go on for far to long, as one article so I shall seek to now think on the kinds of characters that can be utilised, prior to continuing.


Hmmn, this is going to rapidly become unwieldy and formula generic, (not necessarily a bad thing), unless I find ways and means to distinguish, differentiate and give uniqueness to my output, and my creative drafting (freedom of expression) prior to editing etc.

I think I shall stop at this point, for this particular article, and maybe continue with a pen and pad, before transferring to articles etc.  Along with characters, I will also be thinking on genre, and Themes, Environments, props, and assorted plot mechanisms that move the story forward, as well of course as thinking on how a script and interaction between various elements come into play.

All these disparate points will at some stage form a kind of process that I find works for me, though having read a great deal on many an other persons process for such activities, you do often find that although a certain level of self discipline exists, along with various shape and form of deadlines (as a motivation), so many diverse routines exist as to lead to conflict & confusion – if you simply do not dismiss, and develop your own routine etc. using what others suggest as flexible guidelines, rather than absolute rules.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

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