A Brief Sales Pitch On behalf Of..

So I interrupt the creative design process I have been thinking about to advertise some products from various affiliates.I will give a brief outline of my experience and then a web URL.


So the bottom right hand corner of this image has the book “The New Science Of Super Awareness” (by Bill Harris).  His Meditation & brain technology product is known as The Holosync Solution, and whilst the founder of the company is no longer with us, the product and many courses continue to be sold and distributed World wide.


I am given to belief that if you enter promo code CARE20 into a provided box at the online checkout, you can receive 20% discount on all Digital Products.

“Integral Life Practice” by Ken Wilbur, I have purchased multiple books from this author and whilst not a fully subscribed practitioner, do see a great deal of benefit in following many of the core lessons, teachings & practices.


Use your brain, to change your age  – One of my own favourite affiliates of Centerpointe is Dr Daniel Amen, mainly because he is a real life doctor and has a vast Imaging collection that demonstrates how changes to lifestyle can bring about changes to your brain, health and wellness, and these things can be improved via a wide range of possible dietary supplements, many of which you likely do not know you need until you try them (yes, I have) and often experience some quite rapid & positive changes to your Health and Wellbeing. Look for a Store link on his website.


Big Mind Big Heart from Genpo Roshi is a book I have enjoyed, and indeed I have practised some of the techniques & guidance during my own meditative journey.


Superhuman by Dave Asprey, Again another Health and Wellness guru whose range of products can be found at


Surround yourself with success, by Marie Diamond.  My own introduction to Marie Diamond products came via Learning Strategies Corporation, she creates courses that are often then enhanced via the paraliminal products of Paul R Scheele.  Many other affiliate courses can also be found within their product range.


As suggested on previous occasion, my own preference recommendation begins with Holosync Meditation, so whilst many of these companies are intertwined and constantly promoting cross-over products among each other. Holosync and probably Dr Daniel Amen supplements is where I would focus first, prior to then potentially seeing what else  many of the affiliates have to offer. In multiple instances some Learning Strategies courses that might appear bizarre or somewhat la-di-da, gain a greater level of traction and understanding IE. make sense, only when you have experienced the power of Holosync to shift your perspectives and possibly long held trauma or belief and so on at a deeper level than one might have believed possible at an earlier time of life.


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