Characters? Plot Includes?Resolutions?

Hang on David, wait a minute, it appears to me and several other readers that you are simply outlining a James Bond Movie, or Mission Impossible Movie, or even a Zombie Apocalypse styled story.


There is of course a level of awareness in coming to that conclusion, though knowing that the same underlying theme, plot, characters, and so on are formulaic does not stop very many people enjoying such output and finding some level of comfort & certainty in these familiarity’s, or indeed the creatives behind them wanting to constantly push against the boundaries of script improvement, or spectacle improvement, and location improvement, and so on for the next cinematic experience.

An excellent example of a relatively successful Director who seemingly manages to surprise and delight in similar measure, whilst going off the seemingly well worn path  is Christopher Nolan, hence it perhaps an interesting activity to identify your story path structure & base points and then ask – how has Christopher Nolan done this differently, whilst still maintaining a quite popular following for his output etc.

So What Do I Mean By Resolution?


Well just as the Big Mind Big Heart book I showed earlier in another posting, is a Meditative Process of enquiry (asking questions), so as in many life realms you find questioning strategies and techniques are often within the minds of people within those life realms related to their favoured subject & topic or specialisation (if one exists), you find that asking questions about the motivation behind your characters, and overall story arc can lead you to uncover what you might regard as a motivation and or resolution for various elements within your characters lives, the plot, and overall satisfaction level for audience with regard to events and reveals, and so on, in a book or stage play that might be a group of chapters called part 1, part 2, part 3 etc. IE.  some information might be central to a plot, whilst other information might be red herring or irrelevant in the greater scheme of things.


So in the late 1980’s I studied topics such-as Psychology and Communication Studies at local colleges where people such-as Jung & Freud & Pavlov were referenced.  In the early 2000’s I completed a Myers Briggs Test whilst at University.  In each instance I probably believed to a certain extent the information and indeed feedback that I gained through such taught information, and yes a level of compliance is often required to successfully answer exam questions within Education anyway etc. Although since taking up Meditation technology, I have come to find that being in alignment or otherwise with these things, often boils down to asking the question Is this resourceful?  Rather than being a fully paid up member of overly identifying with any one given set of teachings or behavioural studies, character attributes and values etc.


In terms of Storytelling we can always make that question Is this resourceful? relevant to all that we turn our attention to in our creative constructs, you can think of your group of characters as members of an orchestra or band each with a differing complementary instrument or skill set that has its own rhythm within the overall story arc.


Yes, there really are many other methods of cross-realm-investigation that do not necessarily relate directly to the realm that you think your creative endeavour is for, though most realms have similarly compartmentalised systems, and questioning strategies, and it is often these invented boundaries between realms, that allows and enable exploitation or cross realm pollination of events, where no crime may have existed, conspiracy theorists and self promoters and story tellers and so on are always going to crawl out of the woodwork, and be on hand with their own version of expertise or story telling ability that makes everything seem so much more exciting.


Yes it can actually be useful to be able to fact check various elements of what you write about in terms of the type of relevant realm knowledge a character might be expected to know, or indeed the usage of any props and costumes and location or environments and so on.


These things do of course have relevance to stage, theatre, film and TV, though also in your own creativity within your day to day life in terms of what you yourself might have as utensils and decorative objects within your home or office or other locations you travel and visit and so on.  You can often find it easier to take inspiration for your storytelling with places and things you know, than seeking to completely imagine an all new World Environment and so on.

So What are the Motivations?  What are the possible Resolutions? Our lives are full of such scenes in day to day life, such as an interaction with a family member, or a shop worker or one colleague telling a joke to another colleague.  All these things can be utilised within your story telling with regard to underlying motivations, resolutions & exchanges, and indeed irrespective of whether you believe yourself intelligent or otherwise. Simply keeping a daily journal or diary is a form of story telling that could easily be retold with new names, and new props and in new environments with added spice, where you simply transition your routine shop for groceries into some treasure map hunt etc.


So having built up this book collection over a number of years, I would not recommend others do likewise without having perhaps first invested in a technology such-as Holosync that perhaps enables a greater level of separation of our respective, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, where from a far younger age we typically perhaps become overly saturated, confused and conflicted regarding what is truth or otherwise in the World, and what genuinely constitutes progress and knowledge, or awareness and enlightenment, or a raised Threshold, and what simply constitutes what we believe to be true about the World, because we have simply not discovered, or been shown  that their really are technologies that can change anyone’s life, at any age, and from any background.

Over many years of my own life, I can recollect having heard the term “common sense” applied during discussion, though it is often amazing when you ask folks to define common sense, how there own prioritisation or hierarchy of values differs from other peoples, as to what any given common sense is.

World Wide Global Markets plunged on the news of a Global Pandemic, where many people have placed Health above Wealth in terms of priority, and indeed perhaps demonstrated a common sense that they do not trust politicians or media experts, particularly when it comes to their own individual lives.  Interesting that the Political Propaganda Merchants that can mostly be regarded as Libertarian in there promotion of Small State, Low Taxes mindsets, are all now heavily calling for co-operation and big central Government budget spending – and at least in the United Kingdom’s case, these things have simply been transitioned from requirements of Brexit Politics to requirements for dealing with the Global Pandemic.


I spoke previously as to suggest all are actors and actresses, though all could refer to themselves in the sense of themselves being an individual realm, or indeed agent within computer science speak, though the problem with actor and actress is to be found in those buzzwords and phrases such-as be proactive and that person is so reactive. Many myself included have perhaps felt like pinball’s in these discussions between external individuals and experts and so on – where a Technology such-as Holosync enables you to slow down somewhat in your thinking, and perhaps transition to responsive or responsible – in the sense of – I did not create or intend for having to deal with these present day life circumstances, though I will endeavour to be more responsible, in how I go about in day to day life, and indeed communicate with others on these matters.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!






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