How Deep Is Your Om

So in similar fashion to many people throughout this Global Interconnected World in which we live. In recent weeks I have been wondering on the issue as to the calibration of questioning / debate and-or the scope of participation in engagement with other members of the so-called Human Race.  This has become especially topical at the present time due to how my own accumulated life of experiences, and indeed how regular meditative practice’s have taken me on a somewhat differing life path to many of those who I might encounter on any given day situation or scenario.

Now some of you are perhaps wondering as to the Om in the Title and I will come to that a little later on, though first perhaps some of the books I have been purchasing in order to improve navigation and my own ability to stimulate discussion or a new set of thoughts, feelings and behaviours in accordance with New Information, lessons, learning’s and teachings.


So I have stated that I adopted a regular meditative practice along with my usage of Holosync and whilst such things are not for everybody, you can find somewhat traditional all-inclusive information guides out there.  Mastering The Core Teachings of Budha is one such volume.

Whilst I have always loved Science Fiction as a staple, from within various Entertainment mediums, Star Trek has often stood head and shoulders above very many of its competitors, and I thought in the week in which I had this ah-ha!

That it might be an idea to explore further into the kind of Worlds we see within that Entertainment, and whilst many website realms and book outputs exist surrounding Star Trek, the Trekonomics book happened to appear on my Amazon recommendations.

Holocracy peaked my interest in that it claims to abolish Hierarchy, although of course, many have experienced such claims before, in the sense of the encouragement to become a responsible independent entrepreneur and so on.  Although you often find some “first among equals” behaviours & bias when you delve deeper into how many individuals or realms who make such claims operate, the question then how will strategies and behaviours in this Holocracy be any differing?


Mismatch – is a book about design and many of us are perhaps aware of those ancient jokes played out on Apprentices – go and fetch me the sky hooks, or left handed hammer and so on ,though it can be in and of itself a serious business when it comes to the issue of design, and indeed developing specialisations for new untapped markets and issues and so on.

 Create the Future – follows the above theme in the sense of the value of disruption – it can often only be known that a design is somehow floored or inappropriate when someone steps up to the plate and informs of incompatibility issues.

The Great Mental Models Volume 2 – is a follow on from volume 1, that I have within my collection, and deals with the science of physics, chemistry and biology.

No Self, No Problem – is something of a stocking filler, though also aligns with this idea of Western Science & Eastern Philosophy meeting up, a topic I have returned to again and again.

Artificial You – is a book whose reviewers suggest delves into the issue of ethics regarding advanced technologies and their appropriate usages.

The Fantasy Fiction Formula – is another writing style guide that I add to my collection although it perhaps stood out from the field in the sense of its cover imagery at the present time.

So I asked in the Title – How Deep Is Your Om, and it is one of those words that brings up  signposts to thoughts such-as people sat cross-legged and chanting in strange exotic temples and robes and so on.

At a younger age I might have dismissed such things as simply ancient religious practices and rituals with little validity within Science, although since taking up The Holosync Solution , I have come to appreciate very many aspects of supposedly out-there practices, beliefs and rituals and so on, and indeed how some Science is actually demonstrating that many of the ideas are not as outlandish as one might have originally believed.

Whilst I am perhaps only able to say these things through my experience of using Holosync, I do think like many people that there is little harm in covering multiple options whether backed by Science or otherwise when it comes to issues such as Health.  I have for example always wanted to maintain some level of  personal Fitness throughout my life, and indeed choose Healthier eating options where possible.  Some folks have items that they believe causes themselves to be lucky.  The problem for many of us, is of course that we might already be somewhat full of conflicting and confusing idea’s, our Glass is already overflowing, by our teenage years – and then we adopt or take up practices that is equivalent to pouring more water in a full glass.

So I have been thinking on sharing some of my experiences with topics such-as energy healing and tapping and other so-called alleged pseudo-sciences or COMPLEMENTARY practices, though my concern is that they are not necessarily a replacement for known Medical Cures for various ailments, and indeed the experience is probably highly subjective to any given individual attempting to benefit from such things.

Anyway I need to get on and study these new books

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.


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