So I have used several variants of the Editor Facility in the creation of this Blog and had perhaps stayed with the previous Editor as I liked its format and layout and it served my own needs in the sense of cutting back on all the bells and whistles often seen within many an outlet.

As someone who grew up in the era of early home computing I loved bells and whistles and new facilities within Software and Hardware, although what you often come to see is various shape and form of what is known as bloatware. These capabilities and capacities that look good on the advertising blurb though leave you wondering just who uses them and what the hell for. I had always liked simple though resisted my own inner thoughts on such things, that was until I went to University (Early 2000’s) and suddenly found I was not alone in my thoughts on many of these things. Most or many of the Students within Computing Realms favoured simple text editors – not only for ease of transference across multiple formats – where many bloatware corporations actively made themselves and there software incompatible with each other etc. Some say it is just a part of the Competitive Mindset though industries did spring up circumventing these pet annoyances, why am I saying all this? Well quite simply I had recently sat down and gone through the effort of typing out some super long article and then working through and cutting it down and so on – when I was offered the opportunity to switch to the NEW EDITOR, not sure what compelled me to agree, and I did not so much lose the article as find it was completely stripped bare of all the formatting and so on, I would have to go through it all and reformat using the new editor. My ENTHUSIASM drained away. So that article along with many others I have not returned too exist in a state of “work in progress” saved as drafts etc. An expert who has read parts of my Blog might perhaps claim it is all somewhat amateurish anyway, though the point I have sought to make has often been one of first thought best thought, get your notes down and later edit (if you feel the need) self editing has many issues all of its own, and I have often DELIBERATELY broken expected PROTOCOL to be differing.

So what recent book purchases have I made?

These first 6 are made of of long time books on my wish list in combination with some recent finds that I typically did not know I wanted until I saw them.

Given the ongoing lockdown for many people – I myself continue to work – you do find differing mindsets coming to the fore, I say that as someone who took up meditation in later life and went into a kind of self imposed isolation – beyond my own requirement to go out and earn money, shop etc. Even though the experiences varied widely in my early usage of Holosync and interaction on the Holosync Blog – you did find that the Company or Bill Harris had a high level of Enthusiasm for his Product, Courses and Teachings and he also sought to make it FUN. You can of course find the kinds of AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT that Holosync brings about somewhat shocking early on though if like me, you find it to be a product that works then you probably settle into a kind of routine of wondering what next.

So Chuck Amuck is somewhat autobiography about a favoured Animator from history. A Theory of Fun for Game Design is interesting in that my early experience of Video Games often lacked the kind of FUN that you wanted and believed to be possible with these new home computing realms. Yes you can now site Characters such-as Mario and Sonic whose games are often fun filled and action packed, though early games could given representative IMAGE of pre-existing Characters such-as Bugs Bunny though often lacked anything in the kind of personality or FUN. Sadly that situation was experienced by many people (IMHO) throughout the 8-bit and 16-bit computer era’s. The Companies wanted the associative ty-ins and money, though did not seemingly identify what makes these characters TICK for given audiences. Now of course we are moving into an ERA of VIRTUAL REALITY and I added to those books within my Collection with the “Storytelling for Virtual Reality” book – although in honesty I would rather learn such things from Film and TV books and transition, integrate those learnings into the VR realm – because I still find levels of disappointment within video game realms (and Film /TV) as to what they are doing. Much like everyone is having to BRIEFLY reassess priority in terms of HEALTH Vs Income and Economics, in present life, you do think that a burden exists within particular realms as to EXPECTATION. We have seen the struggle of what can be done versus EXPECTION within the recent Star Wars realm releases from Disney Lucasfilm – so if some of the very best and experienced Companies in the World, struggle with these issues, what can lower ranked Creative Corporates do.

Soon – is another futurist styled book about forthcoming Technologies – I recently saw an article claiming that comic book styled artists were struggling, I would suggest they do as this chap has done, or indeed many of the artists have done in many of the books I have highlighted. Include your drawings and so on within your writings, and diversify.

Quantum Evolution – was interesting to me in that once you have become accustomed to Trending and Progress with multiple realms, you tend to look out for the new developments, So I can investigate how Quantum Evolution ideas differ or are comparable with Quantum ideas within Computing or other realms. Biology also seems prescient at the moment due to current issues of this pandemic, and rather than get all those Super Doom books – yes I have several on my list that I am interested in researching, as they predicted super bugs etc. – I thought I would go down the route of getting those later when the pandemic is over or Society has adapted to existence in the new reality. At present it seems more appropriate to invest a little hope in progress of cure knowledge’s.

Origins – this was one of those books being sold as a bargain, though am sure it provides an interesting History or point of view that I may not necessarily have read enough of, within my collection.

Before going into this next group I should mention that I do not necessarily purchase and read books all at once, so when I open kindle it is actually interesting to me how the Amazon AI. Organises the books for downloads and so on. They rarely appear in the order that I bought them and nor do they always fall neatly into some pleasing jigsaw solving shape and form.

Crucible – was another bargain basement offer, although managed to interest me due to the year period that it documents – 1947-1948 – these were the years of my own parents birth’s and indeed the year that Israel was formed, and of course also the year of Prince Charles birthday – interestingly his mother The Queen is today celebrating her own Birthday – although in honesty it all get a bit confusing to me as to which is her real birthday and which is the ceremonial birthday, best Wishes Your Majesty.. Similarly this kind of confusion was added to in recent years by Social Media where you suddenly saw an international scattering of special days for differing ideas – some days being shared internationally and other Nations having outliers from the consensus trend. Whilst you might want to be polite to international contacts in respect of Special Days – you do sometimes feel that the rush to “get in on” other peoples stuff can be a bit overly dramatic from some quarters.

The Comparison Cure – this was another bargain, and perhaps of the style of book I might have historically purchased as a self help manual – although in honesty I would recommend Holosync above and beyond many such books, as I personally found that far more effective, than many of these expert ideas and books.

The Polymath – was interesting for me in that the blurb sounded as though it might have been written by Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies – that company also utilises the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo Da Vinci. I had thought of using the Title Quantum Polymath for this article though went with Enthusiasm because like many aspects of life, Enthusiasm can ebb and flow and have peaks and troughs all of its own. It is hard to be invested in the IDEA of LOCKDOWN when you continue in work, and indeed continue in your Meditation and the more ISOLATED life you had taken up as part of that routine. Although the NEWS MEDIA and SOCIAL MEDIA Worlds have changed and perhaps many people have had to adjust, I myself have already gone through, many of the experiences people are now reporting as there own, often simply as part of my Meditative Journey with Holosync or indeed courses from Learning Strategies.

So the 1st image had books related to realms such-as VR and Games and Classic Cartoons, whilst this 2nd Image has books about the Brain and it is interesting in how we all perhaps want Super Power Bio Shields that we might find within Film and Video Game Realms – though are these things to be found in Quantum Biology and RNA or within how our brains are organised?

Gene Machine is about how when investigating DNA they seemingly (as science always does) went deeper and found another layer called RNA and many of these super bugs and super cures have come about through greater research at these greater magnifications as to the building blocks of life etc.

The Brain from inside out – is a sort of continuation from the authors previous work Rhythms of The Brain – only in this instance he speaks on these researches as to operational facilities – operational in the sense of how we perhaps learn and build computer like circuits within our heads and so on – all rather interesting.

The IDEA of The Brain – is a fascinating exploration into the history of the Study of the Brain, and whilst you might think who’d want to read that, it is really rather good, whether your interest is as a Scientist or a Horror Fiction novelist, it appeals to that un-satiated curiosity aspect that we all perhaps have as to how we came to know all these things in the first place.

So there you have it, you might have waited impatiently wondering as to why has David not published recently, though sometimes it can feel appropriate to have a break or do something slightly differing.

This collection of books does of course contribute to a potential Story building exercise of its own. I was thinking on this highly promoted issue of Contact Tracing – that has been spoken of rather a lot, and when you think on it – A BOOKS BIBILIOGRAPHY is a kind of contact tracking, as are the CREDITS for your FAVOURITE FILM & TV and VIDEO GAMES etc. That does of course always take us back into those realms I have spoken of previously as to 6 Degree’s of Separation.

Anyway this is the first article I have written in a more recently created and crafted BLOG EDITOR. Yes my resistance was perhaps unnecessary as I found it quite intuitive to utilse. Though I did originally set out with the Goal of being SUPER BORING in my writings as part of my MEDITATIVE PATH or JOURNEY – and whilst it might be said that venturing out into Twitter Land and The Guardian Online Realm was a lifting of my own EXILE restrictions, more recent times – BREXIT IDENTITY POLITICS NONSENSE combined with this Coronavirus issue seem to inform that it perhaps better to return to my previous way.

Yes I too have watched Mandalorian on Disney Plus and enjoyed its Western Styling and culture – something reminiscent of those ancient Westerns and Martial Art movies we many of us grew up with. You do think someone somewhere is going to ask – What are you CORE VALUES – is someone going to pounce and say – you have dishonoured my core values of LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE and LEARN. Prepare to pay the penalty. Yes not sure if it was Bruce Lee or that Guy out of Princess Bride, though many such mini speeches talking on Honour Exist and it can be difficult to separate wheat from chaff for those that still exist in blissful ignorance as to greater Awareness and Enlightenment and so on.

Anyway time to head out into the World and do some work, so until next time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

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