A World Of Unchallenged Frauds

What is an unchallenged Fraud to you? Is it a coercive suggestive advert informing that you qualify for a discount if you take advantage of this offer prior to a given date? Is it a natural state of being whereby you recognise that almost seemingly all about you in the World is built upon what for many people are unacknowledged fraudulent behaviours & biases throughout very many peoples lives on a day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year basis?

So I will continue in that theme a little later, though first some recent book purchases that may or may not be relevant to any given individual at any point within their own life journey depending of course upon what they themselves are choosing to focus upon – I will explain the relevance of choice to me.

So there you have a 6 book image, and as I have done recently I shall explain each one.

Transcend – this book claims to have been built upon an unfinished theory of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – that I myself have sited on multiple occasions – usually because from my own life circumstance, I often believed (at an earlier stage in life) I had rarely managed to achieve the foundational line of the pyramid in order to ever ascend to some higher level of self actualisation – now with further study and usage of Holosync / Learnings Strategy style courses I can ask IS IT TRUE? because I do think you can apply these pyramid styled principles to very many areas and aspects of life that you may have previously not considered (often due to mental compartmentalisation of topic and subject matter), and I only say that as someone who has studied topics such-as Fractals and the recursive nature of biology and the cycles and patterns of time etc. So I want to see how someone else thinks upon the work of Maslow.

Radical Uncertainty – this is another book about decision making theory, I probably have too many of these books, and in more recent years due to my own life choices, have often avoided books that come with stellar accreditation from particular Journalistic Realms, although of course, it is suggested that this books takes us back to an earlier time, when risk and uncertainty were considerations within areas such-as Economics. That also an area I wanted to write upon a little in terms of this issue of a sample of a sample of a sample – that we see within many an entertainment – where what we actually require and many have the opportunity to do during these present lockdown conditions is EXPAND THE DOWNTIME. Not a good explanation? Okay how about all these films and TV shows that are all action, action, action that we as content recipients lap up as some shape and form of speed of the World – when in fact a study in to the behind the scenes World suggests that a writer of a 2 hour film might have taken several years to craft the story, likewise each scene within a created & crafted environment might have had weeks of work and planning just to achieve a two minute action sequence and a superlative review on Rotten Tomatoes etc. So my EXPAND THE DOWNTIME – is a model idea that instead of Editing Out all the graft and hard work of life etc. goes into those areas, we can each seek to maximise the benefit of our own downtime within our own lives, instead of being obsessed with staying at full throttle. Many vehicles and life realms have VARIABLE SPEED PARAMETERS and we can surely seek to be comfortable with ourselves at all levels of the measurable spectrums. Interestingly one of my favourite computer games as a child was a space-trading game called Elite and that had a real slow pace element to it, unless you utilised a fast forward facility. One of the early games seeking some level of real World Physic, time and space etc.

Bytes, Bombs and Spies – Well this directly relates to Espionage & Intelligence Realms in the age of the Internet and so on. Although for me and my own studies – I often feel I have not included enough Espionage/Intelligence Realms study in my purchase, due to disproportionate value for money issues within the writings of people within those realms. Also of course with my Holosync / Learnings Strategies styled courses, along with my own studies within Computer Science Realms – you tend to think on every individual as an AGENT within a MULTI-AGENT World of some description, and indeed day to day gossip in families or local work environments & journalistic & social media realms . informs us that you are never more than X metres away from a self appointed vigilante espionage agent of exploitation.

How To Invent Everything! Appeals to my sense of fun, many of us have perhaps played God like games on Computers for many years, building our own civilisations and so on, this book perhaps informs of the many points along the Development of The Human Race, we might want to take into consideration, were we to have to start over again, that of course appeals to me and my usage of Holosync, and indeed these ideas of The World as a Simulation Theory etc. How to craft my own slow, calm & boring, drama free, Ready Player One styled zone in a World where very many others individuals and peoples believe themselves to only be able to function with the biases and behaviours they have identified as being part of who and how they are etc. That perhaps goes along with the title as to unchallenged fraud, and indeed following the rules of any given environment we may find ourselves within – whether our own house, or a Societal Street, or Shopping or Entertainment Facility or other nation we might visit or indeed other peoples blogs, websites and social media pages etc.

Critical Play – this another one that has sat languishing on my wish list for a while, simply awaiting an appropriate opportunity to make the purchased list, unsure as to what to fully expect, or whether I will agree, though it certainly provides food for thought as to those cross realm inquiries I have spoken upon, and indeed why we can be better of designing our own quite calm and boringly peaceful realms – when others are constantly pushing at the boundaries of what is or is not acceptable to a given audience or buying public.

Global Catastrophic Risks – This one written way back in 2008 listed Global Pandemics among the potential hazards awaiting the next generation of Society and people therein contained, so whilst many rush to recently released books such-as The Precipice (Toby Ord) for confirmation bias of how prescient such writings are, there is actually a long history of “what is expected to come to pass” styled writings among each generation of writers who at some point whether they want to or otherwise can declare “You see, I said this would happen”. This the problem with Awareness and Enlightenment in the sense that each day we any of us can write predictions – and in a World of 7,000,000,000 + people we can actually always be right or correct, although you then enter into the DEPTH debate as to whether such a statement had a HIGH LEVEL OF ACCURACY & PRECISION or not or was some GENERALISED viewpoint much like looking at a completed jigsaw as a WHOLE, or an individual piece within that jigsaw, you also then get into the measures of calendars and time and so on – hence my own preference in later life to being guided through meditations toward greater states of “NOW” and not being overly attached to date and time calendar metrics that I may have become overly wrapped up in through schooling and day to day society at a younger time of life. For clarification their is little doubt you can benefit from widely accepted measures of time and space, though understanding or becoming more mindfully aware of NOW, can also open us up to new choices and options that we may previously have not realised were available to us etc.

So what are the unchallenged fraudulent behaviours within you & your life and World, what are the unchallenged fraudulent behaviours you see within family members, or neighbours or colleagues or politicians, journalists, celebrities et al – do you want to be the one who debunks such fraudulent behaviour or should you keep it too yourself? Do you know what you know and prefer to simply go off on your own path understanding that some claims and fraudulent behaviours are so widely adopted and believed to be true, that you can save yourself huge amount of effort and energy simply through not going their or engaging or becoming entangled in these debates and other peoples stuff?

My own meditative journey began with much what I held to be true about the World being questioned through internal inquiry and of course the Meditation Technology Stimulus that promised to raise THRESHOLD, I thought I had Threshold for many aspects of life, simply through the experience of having had any given experience more than once, though the STIMULUS of the Meditation Technology was an altogether differing raising of Threshold in that it prompted those things within my own Heart and Mind and Body, a body or head and brain containing a “count of threshold experiences” is not the same as having a raised threshold through the changes that occur within you and your World via the Meditations Technology. I had not perhaps thought much on having grown up watching or being subjected to all these mishmash of ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMMES and so on via Radio and Film and Television or indeed books, or indeed that when I was going to school and later college or University or work or interacting with other people – they too had what were effectively software programmes running, as do our family and friends or neighbours and all the people that you might encounter throughout your life, whether someone you meet in person or some distant personality only known through some Designated Global Communication System.

So when we are young it perhaps serves us to learn much about the World via these Technologies and schooling and seek to be strong healthy and fit and do well within many subject areas, though what-if those very same things – programmes, behaviours – other peoples stuff, are what have hindered us in our lives so very many times over. We can all stumble upon various “truths about the World” that we believe to be true or false, and then continue in old patterns kind of knowing that knowing is the booby prize, the reason I became so enthusiastic about Holosync was that here was a way I could seemingly through the Whole Brain Stimulus – clear out much long held flotsam & jetsam accumulated throughout life, and indeed seek out better or improved ways and means of existing and living and navigating and so on.

What I actually came to realise at some point was that The Holosync Solution was so powerful that it kind of takes away your own thoughts and feelings as to issues of you yourself having plausible deniability (in many ways) and in so doing leaves you free in also thinking that no-one you witness in the World can themselves have any kind of plausible deniability – although one of the repeated statements or lessons and learnings was that people believe what they believe to be true until given demonstrable experience or evidence to the contrary, that was certainly true for me when I began with the product. (Holosync itself perhaps gives a highly subjective personal experience), and even then old patterns and behaviours often seek to reassert themselves. Faced with very many such double-binds within life, it can actually be regarded as a wisdom as to letting go or accepting what others believe to be true as true for they themselves, even when your own raised threshold enhanced mind-body state knows otherwise.

So previously we had the United Kingdom Politicians and Journalist Realms deliberately set course into the World of toxic identity politics and two extremist herd tendencies, (From a higher place on the Enlightenment Mountain – these might be regarded as being in alignment with the historical patterns and cycles of time) although who wants these extremists controlling the wider narrative, then it was accept it you lost, for us genuine moderates the loss occurred far earlier when Political Realms deliberately steered into extremism. Now the entire world is going Coronavirus Crazy and we are supposed to simply shrug and play “lets come together & all be friends” despite some of us within minority factions of varying degree’s having suffered at the hands of some of these toxic tendencies for very many years.

This perhaps a truth of everyone having a certain uniqueness about themselves as to when and where they are within there own life journey, experiences etc. and of course, the rush or otherwise to belong to a given tribe or herd or identity politic or community. Some of those things are of course a choice, though it is amazing how many vested interest groups throughout the World are quite determined to deny the choice and options of others, when they themselves had many more choices and options with regard to such things in an earlier and perhaps easier ages of History – this perhaps why I am a cheerleader for holosync – because yes it cost me money and I had to develop a routine in my new meditative practice, though is the kind of product I wish someone had recommended to me at a younger stage in life, and indeed hope that I would have had the sensibility to go along with that – although like many a younger generation that wants to rebel against what has gone before – I potentially required or needed some of those undesirable experiences to act as a shape and form of motivation in moving me to a place where I was at my lowest ebb or in requirement of a saviour product – who knows – all I can do now is continue in my practice and indeed develop my wisdom muscle in knowing that whilst Holosync does amazingly provide many of the mental advancements promised within the literature – you still have to exist in the World, with all the simple human necessities that entails.

Why say all that? Well I was perhaps brought up in a World where the British mindset was one of a certain mentality as to having various rules and regulations about how products can be sold and so on, we have consumer rights legislation, and the United States was always pointed out and made fun of for there anything goes attitude and behaviour. Sadly the interconnected World in which we live in has seen a great erosion within the United Kingdom as to what is acceptable etc. and very many of us within lower echelons of society never have the opportunity to bring these large scale Corporates and Business to court for the constant frauds they and there workers now regularly perpetuate on the public.

It is quite incredibly bizarre for myself that I as a British Citizen had to go looking to the United States of America for a saviour product in the shape and form of The Holosync Solution, and that it works, although what can be noted about many people who utilse this product is that they can be found the World over, the product really does have an international Community, and in very many walks of life and seemingly at all levels of international Society and Community. Given a choice between belonging to a United Kingdom tribe overly attached to extremist identity politics nonsenses, Brexit debate and the coronavirus – Versus belonging to an international collective of Holosync Meditators, I generally lean toward those who want a positive, uplifting, rewarding life, free from the many of the unchallenged fraudulent nonsenses to be found in this modern World. What does that mean? Well a product such as Holosync even with more enlightened and wise users can just as easily have many people abusing such a powerful tool, so it can often be a wiser and more discerning individual who sets out there own boundaries for acceptable behaviours, exchanges and experiences and so on.

Anyway I am off to see if these books contain anything of huge importance to me and my own life path and indeed shall probably catalogue and list and sort them into various categorisations within my online collection. That is all for now so without further ado.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

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