Cross Realm Yin Yang

and the Whole Brain Phenomena.

So I have continued in my Meditation’s and studies since I last posted an article. And of course I have continued in my Study of how the Amazon Kindle AI Organises the books within my Library for these following images.

So this week I have purchased a number of books from multiple price ranges and indeed picked up some what I consider bargains, and indeed taken advantage of getting some freebies via kindle unlimited.

The Way Of Zen – Alan Watts – This is a book that cost just a couple of pounds, and Alan Watts, was often cited as being within the bibliography of Bill Harris of Centerpointe Research Institute, usually with regard to what he described as The Game Of Black & White.

Pre-Production Blueprint – Alex Galuzin – This is another Games World related book, although for me, I think helps with these Cross Realm Idea’s that I have spoken on as to frameworks and scaffolding and so on. Although when I was younger I had many grand ideas for TV and Film or Writing and Video & Computer Games, what I often lacked was any idea as to the set of tools I might want to consider in my creative process. Since taking up meditation and so on, I have been ‘offered’ and have indeed researched very many Formulaic Blueprints from various Guru’s, and a quick search would probably turn up thousands of such Blueprints, though I still prefer to bias toward my own subject and topic preferences, and this is one such example.

Attachment Theory – Thais Gibson – Strange though true, I purchased this particular book, not in order to improve my attachments, so much as to develop appropriate strategies for developing sensible boundaries, discipline and navigation surrounding these issues. The Meditation Technology and courses, can do much of the work for us, although as always it is often suggested that our Attachments are often what cause many of our individual and collective sufferings, so it can be interesting to research beyond your attachment to the Teachings of one company or guru.

The Robot and Automation Almanac – Jason Schenker – This is a kindle unlimited work, and covers an interest of mine, although I think having read this author previously, this author tends toward light general reading output, rather than the depth and breadth of research I might prefer.

Gassed: British Chemical Warfare… – Robert Evans – This is a history of the activities, that are said to have been carried out at Porton Down Laboratory within the United Kingdom, and I have this particular book this week, due to its availability within Kindle Unlimited.

Superfans – Pat Flynn – So I earlier spoke of Blueprints, and this is perhaps a typical work from someone within the Social Media Realms, in regard of these issues. Although it is a genre I have mostly avoided. I grew up in an age of limited TV Channels and shows, and there was often a feeling that people had Skills and Talents to have achieved celebrity, (no its not necessarily true) , then came the growth in Satellite TV and Cable and then the Internet and each new format came with a generation of programmes full of people being a Celebrity for being a Celebrity, where questions such-as what do you do? what are your skills? are swiftly sidestepped in preference to self promotion and that of the sponsors etc. By the Dawn of 24/7 News and Now – Social Media Realms we are finding that many of these people are ‘out of there depth’ due to the attention economy, and the audience expectation for expertise. I think many Celebrities, Actors, Singers and so on are great for the skill and talent that gave rise to there fame & fortune during my younger years, though often find myself aghast at the undisclosed views later revealed that would likely have ensured they never achieved fame in the first place. They might be too rich, too care of course, though it does not bode well for younger generations brought up surrounded by all these outputs.

The Right Story – Bernadette Jiwa – I have several books by this author within my Library that I quite like, and this one was on offer so I thought why not.

Digital Minimalism – Cal Newport – So this might actually describe me in some ways, I loved Technology all my life, and even returned to University in later life, to Study and fill in the gaps within my knowledge etc. Then came the Social Media explosion of the mid 2000’s and I having been at University with likeminded individuals, had high hopes & so on for these new online realms, I was having a bad offline experience in my own life and World at that time, and my online experience rapidly descended into one undesirable experience after another (where previously I had thought online realms might provide a sanctuary (so to speak)), – one I had no control over the output of others, nor did I have control over the Social Media Platforms, or their App creators who often used sweeping permissions to harvest everyone’s data, or splinter their rapidly expanding business models. As quickly as I sought to set Privacy to High, The Platform or an App (historically given permission too) would set such permissions to low again. In realising how little control I had over ‘other peoples stuff’ or even my own stuff, the obvious solution was to either try and start over elsewhere, where similar experiences were reportedly widespread across all Social Media, or simply ‘go minimalist’. I chose to go minimalist, and that was the period I had turned to Hypnosis in wanting to get to the root causes of my various issues, and that in turn led to Meditation Technology. my Digital Minimalism was that I had many – mostly unused online accounts with various providers, and for several years 2010-2013 mostly only interacted on the Centerpointe Blog, prior to beginning this Blog of my own, sometime around 2013 (I think). Anyway I did until 2016 perhaps continue in that Digital Minimalism whilst continuing to Meditate and do courses etc. The Centerpointe Blog seemed as though it was mostly safe, due to the Companies Discipline, and indeed having your own Blogsite (and your own rules) is perhaps better than other platforms such-as Social Media and News Media – where the free for all and in-gangs often make them appear as though the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Content Design – Sarah Richards – This is another Blueprint for designing integrated services, as used by the Government (apparently) although I happened to find the book in kindle unlimited, so thought I might have a look etc.

Questions Are The Answer – Hal B Gregersen – So you can never have enough books on asking questions, just as you can perhaps never have enough books on breathing techniques, the Question’s I often wonder upon are who do these strategies work for, I say that not in the spirit of critism, so much as my own experience of The Meditation Technology often being the difference of my experience with regard to these things.

Reinventing The Sacred – Stuart Kaufman – This chap is another well regarded author whose works I have not necessarily seen or read previously, and this book was being sold as a bargain so I thought I might take the opportunity to see if I agree with the consensus.

Entitled – A Critical History of the Aristocracy – Chris Bryant – This book was another bargain, though perhaps delves into another topic I have been thinking upon recently with regard to issues of Sabotage and the mistaken belief or faith and so on, we often place in various peoples, or institutions, or indeed modern media realms or technologists etc. Whilst this book talks of the Aristocracy – I like to think many such books are microcosms of very many life realms, that asks those questions – what lies beneath?

So this next selection could be an image to far you say, well let us find out.

Prisoners Of Geography – Tim Marshall – Not sure why I chose this book, beyond of course, having felt as though I myself have been a prisoner of Geography for much of my years. And now of course with these Worldwide lockdowns – I am perhaps no longer alone in such a belief, although anyone of us should be reminded that wherever we go – our troubles go with us, assuming we carry them around within our own hearts, minds and bodies. This book was a bargain, so worth having a look at in terms of the modern day Geopolitical Order etc.

How We Got To Now – Steven Johnson – Well this is another bargain and like many books has a possible double-entendre in the title. He perhaps speaking on the history of creativity and innovation up til this point or period in time, though ‘now’ – for me at least has a differing meaning to the standard usage, I might have assumed prior to Meditation Courses and Technology etc. An example is my middle name SIMON – if you reflect or turn that SIMON upside down, you can see the word now as part of that name. Although admittedly I have not always paid conscious attention to such artistic details.

Blockbusters – Anita Elberse – So this book is another Blueprint or roadmap to success or Stardom etc. and I think this has been a theme this week, all those folks in lockdown with little or nothing to do, have perhaps had opportunity to develop short medium long range blueprints for themselves or indeed study those of others. For me, I have on several occasion spoken of my thoughts as to developing my own version of a Ready Player One Zone or Realm – that is completely free of excessive drama and nonsense etc. Though I am sure even these kind of Blockbuster Blueprints can contribute toward my own blueprint design etc.

Sublime Dreams Of Living Machines – Minsoo Kang – This is another indulgence as to my study of robotics and so on, the title might be a reference to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Phillip K Dick), and of course part of my reason for upgrading my Smartphone recently was related to longer life energy usage and so on. The new phone, has excellent energy statistics etc. My Meditation Technology Binaurial Beats are of course an energy pulse, perhaps made of an oscillating sine wave, just as your favourite music are all sine waves etc. Some of peoples favourite songs refer to Energy ‘She’s Electric’ Oasis, “Electric Dreams” Phil Oakey. That a digression, although it does go to the Heart of those so-called Turing Tests and ideas such-as artificial consciousness or how can you define consciousness or intelligence of a machine etc.

Where Good Ideas Come From – Steven Johnson – Sharped eyed individuals will note I already purchased a book from this chap. I think both books were cheap enough to have a look and see if what he has to say adds anything new to the debate on these things.

The (Mis)behaviour Of Markets – Benoit Mandelbrot – I first encountered Fractals within graphical computer demo’s on my Commodore Amiga computers, very many years ago now and was captivated by them. They also of course used in a wide range of modern day realms as they are suggested to demonstrate patterns of cycles found in nature and in more modern times within so-called financial markets. Now many of us who grew up with or have lived through undesirable circumstances, perhaps do not want to follow the cycles & patterns of our parents and families, or so-called social class backgrounds, or even those who are celebrated and famous, or even those who write blueprint books on such things, they are often invented & maintained by various identity politic groupings, though how do you break with such things – especially if they cause so many people so much harm? That is of course part of the reason I took up Meditation etc. Though this perhaps good as a financial book, because it potentially contributes to this idea of identifying the money in communication – that I have spoken upon at various points over the years.

So that is rather a large selection of books for me to get through this week. What of the Title – well it could be suggested that Yin and Yang are said to represent Masculine and Feminine and of course some suggest that the differing hemispheres of the brain represent these things too, and that may well be why so many of us, experience self sabotaging behaviours, though the lack of Whole Brain Thinking and communication between hemispheres, as well as with those we encounter in the external World (who may have similar issues).

So I took up Meditation that promised improvements in Whole Brain Communication and indeed, have done many a course, that speaks on whole brain thinking and a integrative mind and so on. Just as you may have your own agenda as to who and how you identify and want to survive and thrive and live your life and so on, other people of course have their own agenda as to these matters, and the further I have continued into my meditations, the more it can seem that self sabotage, is often rooted in the accumulation of non-conscious agenda’s from not just those who we do not necessarily identify with or see as other, so much as the agenda’s of those closest to us and so on.

That is perhaps where I am at now, having previously thought I had rid myself of the count of Threshold experiences and replaced them with a raised Threshold, I am kind of at a plateau, where it seems, I may have to create and craft a more thorough and deliberated blueprint of my own, that whilst being respectful of family and friends and guru’s I have followed and so on, is based around a certain level of my own experience and skillsets, and a requirement for greater autonomous agency or independence of life choices and options, in these matters.

So if you had to write an ‘I have a dream’ speech…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

And Then Amidst All The Chaos

Being created & crafted by the rise of populism and World-wide Global Brexit-19 Covid Crews, was the news that Space Force was Officially being brought into being as a new 6th wing of United States Military Industrial Complex. Actually when you are looking for something cheerful, and love Science Fiction and so on, you do come to realise that even when such things are mocked in some quarters, that it usually requires Government Funding and Governmental Leadership to spear head into those kind of excessively expensive research & development arena’s, and of course irrespective of thoughts and feelings regarding any given era’s President and the policies that they pursue elsewhere within the broader range of Political discourse. Where can I get me one of those Sharpies (lol) Though I did actually think the Flag Heraldry rather good, in its simplicity of design, and explanation of meaning and so on.

Lets start again shall we..

And then amidst all the chaos being created & crafted the the rise of populism and World-wide Global Brexit-19 Covid Crews, someone decided to check-in with that more quieter & introverted Meditators backwater blog and see what he was presently doing, well I have mostly continued in my rather mundane life, that often consists of eat, sleep, work, repeat, throughout the week; with a light sprinkling of catching up on news, or family and various hobbies and interests etc.

Whilst many individuals are perhaps coming to terms with the potential undesirability of such an existence, having had it enforced upon them in recent weeks, I do have to say that circumstances were such, within my own life, a few years ago now, that Heavy Duty Meditation combined with super procrastination, whilst I sought to reduce my own life – inner & outer World ‘sufferings’ seemed the most appropriate strategy, when all the World seemingly had to offer were repeats of what had gone before.

I recently upgraded my Smartphone to my first Android Smartphone and that has typically given me something of a Brilliantly Fantastic WOW surprise, in just how many bells and whistles and apps and functionalities I had been missing out on, due to the limitations of my previous smartphone selections. I have had something like 3 phones over the course of 10 years, where many a person has probably had at least half a dozen, they complying with the demand to upgrade and ‘keeping up with the celebrities etc.’ So it is a 5G future proofed phone, that young people, such-as my daughter or trend followers would say is wasted on me, though I genuinely feel as though I have earned the right to treat myself on occasion, and I am not looking for permission, or social credibility etc. Strange though true multiple websites look far improved and better on this new smartphone via their own apps than they ever did on my old 4G model, though hopefully this time around, i have selected a popular format that has already succeeded in this generations version of the Format Wars.

So what kind of books have I been checking out? That is a good question, it often feels as though you are going through the cyclic repetitions to a certain extent, and I have not been particularly happy with some of the content that has been appearing within my lists in recent months, particular subjects, topics, or politics are in that ‘been their, done that, not engaging in that debate’ waste basket. Very often it seems to me because whilst I can purchase any number of books on Interview Techniques and Questioning Strategies and so on, those believed to do those thing on our behalf – within many broadcast media, often steadfastly refuse to go where many ‘civilian’ questioners such-as I might go, in terms of nailed down meaning, whether regarded as being objective or being subjective. Some say it is due to the symbiotic nature of inter-relational format wars, though for me, I think it has simply been a continuation of the ‘dumbing society & communities down”, that can be demonstrated throughout the Historical Record. No I am not complaining that we have better & improved Sciences and Technologies, that means we are effectively using tools to do much of the work for us, so much as think that we still require basic thinking & living and navigating skills that will never go out of fashion, when push comes to shove, or crisis happens.

So let us begin

These first four New Books and the reason I got them are as follows.

Unit Operations – Ian Bogost – The write-up for this particular books suggests the writer has gone into the realm of cross-realm-intelligence, in terms of criticism as seen in Video Games compared with Criticism in Literature, or Criticism in Movies and so on. I have no idea as to how comparable his experience is with my own investigations in this particular investigative arena, though his back catalogue of books provides a kind of history of his own advancement. Game Criticism perhaps started in my own youth with all those early Newsfield Publications that I read such-as Crash Magazine and Zzap64 or others such-as PC Gamer. In typical fashion other Realms whether Literary or Film or TV and so on, always seem to manage to look on aghast at the New Young Pretenders to the Throne, much as Long established Newspaper Platforms look on Aghast at Social Media Platforms in the Modern Age. Something of a chaotic free for all now exists, and one does wonder as to when some Unified Internationalist Governmental Intervention is going to occur. Although returning to The World of Games, it is now a multi-billion dollar realm, and it can be handy to do those comparative home works, especially in this age of ever growing Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Realities, where it can seem we are fast heading toward a point of having members of society and various populations being unable to know where any differences exist within sensory perceptions of subjective / objective or dreamed up realities.

Get The Truth – Phillip Houston – this was a bargain basement purchase, and apparently tells of CIA developed strategies and behaviours or coercive persuasion, although I am not expecting to find anything new, it does kind of fit in with studies of Spy craft and behavioural psychology and so on. The kind of general reading book where hopes are high, expectations are low.

Medieval Robots – E.R. Truitt – this is another book within that realm of exploring history, and the early advancements of scientific progress etc. within the arena of humans seeking to create robotics, this is a pet topic of mine, that I perhaps over-indulge, though it is often amazing how many of these books genuinely have a certain uniqueness found within there individual pages, where it can seem within many an other investigative realm or topic sphere, that they have long run out of new discoveries, and are playing pass the parcel with the same cycles and patterns of data and reports from said data.

A New Kind Of Science – Stephen Wolfram – this came with interesting reviews, and although so-called Complexity Theory is not new to me (personally) I do think it can be handy to have such a large volume within your collection as a handy reference tool, the sheer size of this book suggests a great deal of study and work has gone into this particular book. He basically made the case for the empiric study of computation for its own sake.

So many of these issues take us back to these ideas surrounding Nature Versus Nurture, something some of us have found ourselves finding is really more of a Nurture Vs Nurture belief issue, that has to be experienced on an individual basis, as no amount of other people telling us, is likely to give us the mental breakthroughs and shifts, that those of us who have tried products such-as The Holosync Solution Meditation Technology have experienced.

These next books perhaps bring me to wondering what I was unconsciously thinking about when I purchased them.

Cognitive Gadgets – Cecilia Heyes – This book potentially controversial as the last book in the sense of suggesting that all we actually have is a Nurture Vs Nurture debate, regarding the thinking and cognition we develop in our early years and so on, rather than some over-invested belief of ‘its in my genes’ excuses and so on. We are more influenced by our family and social environments in our early years development, than some sectors of society and Science want us to believe. This is a bias that fits some of the conclusions of my own Meditation Experience, although as always, you do find that the ideas of gene research and cognition research can be complementary to each other rather than having any requirement to go to entrenched ‘never the twain positions of debate.

Reset – David Sawyer – This was within Kindle Unlimited – and as can be seen within my next image, I decided to check out several such books this week.

Hacking The Code – This is a popular generalist styled book regarding the topic of Genetics and Crispr and as we are seeing much regarding these topics in the news, thought I would add to my research within that sphere.

The Science Of Harry Potter – Mark Brake – So a couple of weeks ago, I purchased a couple of books that I suggested I might have purchased at a younger time of life, related to my interest in Space and Futuristic Science Fiction, and this is another such work this time in support of my interest in Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Styled Realms. Take the Magic of Harry Potter Realms and compare to real World Science etc.

Lifespan – Dr David A Sinclair – This book was another bargain basement, although it does go into this idea of Bio-hacking and so on, again probably related to Genes research, and therapies for life extension and so on, their seems to be quite a market for these kind of things for a generation of boomer Americans, used to ‘get what you pay for’ Medical Services and so on.

How To Speak Machine – John Maeda – As I understood it, this is actually a Design realm related book, so whilst the title might be a little confusing for the non computer oriented individual, and again whilst I learned many such things whilst at University (studying Computer Science & AI), many years ago, I do like to keep an eye on ideas surrounding product production and process cycles and frameworks and scaffolds and so on, as it goes back to how we often spend our lives filling up on content – when an in depth study or knowledge of frameworks and scaffolds and process and so, can be ever so more empowering and rewarding at any time of life for any individual, within any sphere of life.

And finally these are all Kindle Unlimited Freebies, though unsure as to for how long, or indeed whether I can benefit from such titles.

The Art Of Mental Models – Joseph Fowler – this another book that seeks to explain when a particular mental model or thinking strategy is best matched to a particular realm topic or subject, in decision making (I assume).

The Gaslighting Recovery Workbook, So we have seen this term ‘Gaslighting’ appear quite a lot in recent years, and very often it is used in a context of Females being ‘Gaslighted’ by Males. Although a very simple and often widely unacknowledged truth or conclusion that my own meditation and research often leads to is that potentially anyone – MAN, WOMAN or CHILD, can be gaslighted by anyone else – MAN, WOMAN or CHILD, whom they come into contact with or are exposed to, at any age and within any arena or realm of life. Many of us have, or accumulate so much baggage surrounding these topics and issues, that it gets somewhat compartmentalised or unacknowledged, and repressed, and that is because it can often seem that such behaviours are commonly accepted within Establishment Realms and Entertainments and Societal Broadcasters and even Journalistic Realms gaslighting sectors of their readership etc. this is even more prevalent within the Modern sphere of Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Social Media Realms, where multiple generations of people have become hit & run commentators, having grown accustomed to being a law unto themselves such is the lax policing of many Social Media Realms or Bias of Moderators within Journalistic Realms and various online echo chambers. It might even be suggested that several World Leaders and Governments and Media Realms have been conducting a strategy of Gaslighting, upon their own populations, with regard to recent United Kingdom Brexit Debate and Now this Coronavirus Pandemic. Though that would probably take someone with an appropriate comparative EXPERTISE qualification to conclude, though the evidence is their (IMHO) for those who are well studied or even unqualified in such things.

The Future After Covid – I have no idea if anything within this kindle unlimited book, will be relevant to me, or anyone else when the dust finally settles on these present World Wide troubles, though it was interesting just how many Pandemic & Covid related books are now appearing – all rushed out and often simply regurgitations of what some sectors of expertise have been saying for some time. Much like a stopped clock is correct a couple of times a day. It is a Freebie for me, and so I can show appreciation and gratitude, that even were I not finding anything of benefit within such works, I do have access, to come to such a conclusion.

So these like many books, will be sorted into various categories, and decision will be made as to a like or dislike ranking or spectrum of bias and so on. Over the longer term of having conducted regular buying and reading of many realm studies, you do find that some books or authors really do have long lasting appeal of being returned to over others, and indeed that some books easily glossed over or yawned through, only come into there own at a later time, when greater or lesser detail is required for your research at that time.

So will I stop or ever properly review each book that I have been purchasing, well that has been something I have considered, though it is such a competitive opinion market out-there that If I do, it is more likely to be for my own ‘doing it for myself’ guide, rather than necessarily to claim expertise in such matters, so many subjects and realms so little time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

Star Self

So last week I purchased a couple of books featuring the word STAR and of course, both referenced what we generally regard as Stars in the night Sky or beyond our planet. Although typically at some point someone decided that people who perform or demonstrated particular skillsets might be referred to as Stars as well. More recent times has of course seen the explosion in Global Worldwide Social media formats and that typically comes with the sell of BE THE STAR OF YOUR OWN WEBPAGES AND SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE and all that jazz. Very many people throughout the World have taken advantage of these offers and some platforms and people are more popular than others, though the ability to STAR in your own publicised Global Dominion is one that clearly is unlikely to go out of fashion. Very large numbers actually using the platforms in any number of ways from selling or advertising there own brands and goods to promoting the brands and goods of others whilst showing audiences what good fun they are as entertainers etc.

Anyway possibly more about that later though for now some of the recent book purchases.

Okay so they are not all recent purchases, I often find myself re-referencing Ken Wilbur books in relation to his Ideas surrounding INTEGRAL often described as INCLUSIVITY. He also typically seeks to bring together Science with so-called Holistic & Spiritual Practices.

MEGABRAIN – Now believe it or otherwise, whilst I have spent a fair bit of money over the years on products from Centerpointe and Affiliates, early on I went quite quickly through some provided information’s and reference sources and so on, and whilst I took to purchasing quoted or recommended books further along in my meditative practice, early on I was somewhat overwhelmed by all the support material from Centerpointe themselves – so much was given that it did not seem necessary to check up on references and sources etc. So this week I thought I shall go back and look at some quoted or referenced works that I previously did not feel any impulse to check upon. This is such a book and apparently provides further information on the idea of dissipative structures and laws of Thermodynamics and so on. In honesty whilst it might be an absolutely fantastic book, the name itself is somewhat off-putting for someone from the United Kingdom over the age of 21, and as Centerpointe Research Institute themselves suggest, they genuinely have and do provide all that you need to get the best out of The Holosync Solution – so no one should feel a requirement to buy the books just because this David has.

Born A Healer – Master Chunyi Lin – So I had a really bad experience following the usage of so-called Hypnosis products, prior to my early usage of Holosync, and in typical fashion, I found myself getting emails from various affiliates, so it could be suggested that at that point in time, I was non too pleased at getting all the mail from Learning Strategies among others, due to what I believed they or there pupils had done to myself, through affiliate Hypnosis tools etc. So anyway after a little while of Holosync usage, my attitude shifted a little and I think one of, if not the earliest Learning Strategies Product that I bought directly from that Company was Spring Forest Qigong. I really enjoyed trying out Qigong and went on to purchase several other products & courses related to Qigong or featuring Chunyi Lin. I also on several occasions over the years searched for books by or about Chunyi Lin and was somewhat frustrated that none seemed to exist beyond course manuals & videos etc. Anyway I was recently offered opportunity to purchase a course entitled ‘Deep Healing For Health Conditions’, containing a somewhat all-inclusive all-encompassing lifetimes worth of Holistic Qigong knowledge & practices known to alleviate and assist in recovery from very many medically diagnosed health ailments. So as an afterthought to receiving emails regarding that particular course, I thought I might look again for any books etc. and found this 2019 publication.

I can also thank my ex-wife and daughter at this point because my ex-wife had chosen my daughters names and in a somewhat invented tradition had named my daughter Gwanwyn Rose – whilst she has always been known as Rose or Rosey, her Welsh first name is actually the Welsh word for Spring, and it was this tidbit of information that that caused me to buy the Qigong course from Learning Strategies. Yes the elder daughter known as Daisy who featured in the (June 29th 2013) Princess Diana Posting, is actually Meghan Daisy, any La-Di-Da links or thoughts as to recent Star Wars movie actresses or the Duchess of Sussex are your own. Happy 1st Birthday to Harry & Meghan’s son Archie, whom judging by the recently posted SaveTheChildren Duck Rabbit Storytelling video has a great deal of curiosity about the World, and is going to keep his parents extremely busy.

Fit For Life – Harvey Diamond – This was mentioned within early Centerpointe Literature, and I must admit that my family has rather a large selection of cook books and so on, so I perhaps do not require it, though given this idea as to investigating early Holosync Related references I have added the book anyway.

Holotropic Breathwork – Stanislav Grof – This author has multiple books available and I purchased one that is available on Kindle, although it was not the referenced work. I purchased this book due to how many courses I have done that pay attention to breathing techniques and so on. Interestingly I would probably reject several of this authors books, because they are about drug usage etc. Although I know from a Meditative Holistic viewpoint, that you can often only achieve higher levels of Awareness, Enlightenment through taking complete Responsibility for yourself and World and that often includes having to deal with the things you would, or have rejected in your own life, as well as those things you want, even if you have never broken one of the ten commandments, chances are at some point within your life you may have consciously or unconsciously experienced / witnessed – read, viewed a film or TV show, or heard a radio discussion that featured so-called divisive topics and subject matter. Does exposure help (not in my opinion), though in terms of releasing what you already have accumulated within mind, Heart and Body, I think if you are using a Technology such-as Holosync and already have a raised Threshold, then it can be useful in terms of releasing, what you may or may not have already within you, through bringing a conscious focus to a given topic or subject, and the thoughts feelings and meanings or otherwise triggered within yourself.

The Nature of Technology – this simply a bargain that I noticed whilst searching for other stuff and thought well why not, as it kind of related to another topic that I was looking to buy for this week.

The other topic was akin to this idea of Man’s Search For Meanings etc. Although in this case it, because of my own lifelong love of Technology and Science Fiction etc. I tend toward those books that are Technologically oriented and often related to Science and The Materialist Version of Reality. Where many Meditative books bring an Holistic Balance and Equilibrium that I was perhaps lacking in my younger years.

The Restless Clock – This is typical of the kind of book that I as someone who loves ideas as to Robots and Androids etc. loves to get, and I have several in my collection already, as well as those awaiting purchase in my Kindle wish list. They usually discuss progress down through the ages and typically have often through Science especially taken us toward this idea of the human body as a machine or mechanism, that often leaves out anything more spiritual such-as Meditation and Holistic Worldviews and so on.

The Way To Vibrant Health – Dr Alexander Lowen – Again this is another Author who is referenced within Centerpointe Literature – mainly in relation to his Bio-energetics related works. Again this is not the directly referenced book, as that is not available on kindle, though this one is, and is a continuation from the first Bio-Energetics book.

I thought this book would help as it relates to mind and body exercises and, much like many early recommended referenced works prepares the groundwork for individuals, customers, accepting or bringing people to awareness and enlightenment that their really are other plains of reality and existence out there, beyond the Mechanistic Materialistic Secularist cultivated World that most of us grow up accepting as Scientific Reality etc. through our schooling and Entertainment and Technological advancements etc. hence I often repeating that if my EXPERIENCE of Holosync is anything to go by, then people really should try it themselves and Experience the changes within their own lives for themselves etc. There really is a certain level of Best of Both Worlds approach in the sense that Technology Science really can go hand in hand with Holistic Spirituality etc. and many of these people have been using and developing products for many years.

Superminds – Thomas Malone – this is another bargain, and apparently goes into this arena of computers and peoples thinking together. Not sure as to what to expect, though it perhaps potentially goes back to this idea that the World already is a kind of supercomputer, only most of the components (Humans) that make up such systems are unaware that they are themselves, some part of a greater Whole etc.

Yes I have several other books I am considering buying though thought I would wait at the present time, today is of course VE Day, and I am sure that many people will do what they can to make any respectful contribution that they are able, under the present circumstances.

As for the Title of today Star Self – well this blog is my blog under my own name etc. So I should perhaps do as many outlets do and not publish images of other peoples stuff within all these books etc. What ever happened to developing my own skillsets and expertise etc. Well I certainly had many such intentions and from a young age to be successful, and indeed can make various claims as to having been well schooled in terms of certain types of Education and further Education etc. That is of course meandering instead of setting out with a plan and sticking to the plan etc. To many of us in the modern World to quickly distracted and looking for filters, when the best Mental Health Techniques and Strategies are seemingly about stripping away all the accumulated Filters and mental compartmentalisations we accumulate throughout our lives, even though in many a circumstance such things can serve us well in terms of discernment – perhaps we require discernment without blindfolds etc.

I recently heard that a former Dr Who writer has written a prequal to a favoured Episode of both me and my daughter Rosey called “The Girl In The Fireplace” this was where a giant spaceship run by robots in the Future, were monitoring or witnessing the Life of the Woman whom the spaceship was named after, at differing stages of her life, through portal type windows. They were apparently waiting for when she was at a certain age, prior to then intending to take her brain, in the mistaken logical belief that it could run the spaceship.

The Spaceship was a kind of timeless NOW Platform from which the mechanical machine androids were Witnessing the Woman’s entire life, from child to teen to adulthood via differing portals or Windows upon the World, and this is the kind of World viewpoint that advanced Meditators and Holosync users can gain, and indeed the kind of awareness or enlightenment that multiple Learning Strategy styled courses and Paraliminal technology can also bring about, although what you often come to see and learn is not only the Witnessing of others, so much as learning, and witnessing and seeing how you yourself could have handled things differently, within your own life and so on, at a differing point in your own growth and development, had you had the conscious awareness and enlightenment or tools and so on, that you have in your life now, back then etc. (so to speak).

So I have become quit adept at deciding on which of the tools I want to use at any given time, or at least I think I have, and most recently I thought about having another go at The Walkabout Course with David Rubenstein, this was one in which Paraliminals could be listened to through headphones whilst out and about, as I have been continuing to work, The ‘Lockdown’ has mostly been an alternative FACT to me and my own life and World, as I am sure it is to many who have continued to work and so on. This course utilised a particular breathing technique and also encourages or brings about better usage of body kinesiology for balance and posture and so on.

I also found myself thinking on Paraliminal Resets. The reason in this instance was that the entire World has in a way kind of slowed down and forced people to come to a standstill in various areas and aspects of their day to day lives, and I thought that in recent times, I have not been happy with the way my life starting to go off track, when I started exploring and interacting on Social Media Realms such-as Twitter and Guardian News Media, kind of losing my bearings a little bit after several years of kind of finding my own mental balance and equillibrium or centering of myself and my life and World, through regular Meditative Practice and usage of Holosync and Learning Strategy courses. So I thought I might see if I can use the Reset styled courses to Navigate back to a more Happier uplifting rewarding place, than the Global Media Mafia’s seemingly want people to be at the present time.

Anyway I have not yet decided on my next course of action, although I do know that today I will be thinking on both my sets of Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, who all served in various capacities during WWII. When my Grandfather on my mothers side died, and I was asked if I wanted anything as a trinket, I chose his service issue Compass, that he himself had kept, he had served in North Africa against Rommel, and lost multiple colleagues in an air raid, he himself had at least one visible lifelong bullet scar wound. Had he and many of his colleagues not survived of course, many of us younger generations would ourselves not exist, so these things do tend toward thinking on how different the World might be. The Compass might not be everyone’s choice of memorabilia though I was most definitely reminded of that when years later, I purchased a Marie Diamond Course that required Compass usage, and of course, the ancient compass had perhaps lost its magnetism even by the time my Grandfather showed it to me, though Navigation and Wayfinding in the modern Age perhaps requires a return to basics and foundational thoughts, feelings and behaviours – learning to walk before we can run etc. at any time of life, when things do not run according to the scripts and strategies and plans we may have intended for ourselves, friends, family and colleagues etc.

So without further ado

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

Strange Alternative Facts

Well I used the word Strange in the Title and then very quickly found myself thinking “they are not all that STRANGE at all”, so as a self editor I might have chosen to remove that word, though for every person of my age that can think they are not all that strange at all, their are potentially a multitude of other people of differing age and ability and life experience who really do think that ‘Alternative Facts’ is some new idea of recent years, that has been added to the Global Lexicon. In fact if you choose one subject or topic and purchase multiple books to study, you will find that each writer or author has expressed the FACTS in an ALTERNATIVE fashion to each other, that is also often more notable due to issues such-as Subjective Versus Objective debate, and of course PROGRESS where a new generation of Scientists might find themselves having to redefine how they communicate the FACTS about an earlier Scientific Development in the light of new knowledge and new factual developments. In the realms of Films – I often like to think on films such-as Twins where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito were paired up as unlikely siblings – one said to have been born of high quality genetic materials, whilst the other the genetic waste or left overs, one brought up on a Beautiful Island Paradise hidden away from the World, and the other having a tough life of cares homes and criminality – the debates as to Nurture Versus Nature and subjective versus objective vaguely alluded to within that comedy. Another such comedy perhaps Trading Places where Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy found themselves walking a mile in each others lives. (so to speak), again the FACTS of one’s life very differing from that of the other. Why say all this – well I mostly accepted much about the World of Science when I was growing up, and indeed in living much of my life, and then of course an accumulated lifelong count of seemingly overwhelming obstacles led to my wanting to change things – or get to the root of many of my issues, and that led first to ‘of the shelf’ Hypnosis styled products (that seemingly amplified or exasperated the issues) and then eventually The Holosync Solution Meditation Technology, where my advancement through the Levels of said Technology brought to my awareness, just how much of what I thought to be true about the World ,to be in fact rubbish, or at the very least to not be a complete or accurate understanding of very many aspects of life the universe and everything. Among those new awareness’ and enlightenments was the subject matter of so-called ‘Bio-Hacking’, and in completely honest disclosure, I am still not fully sure or aware of what the best meaning of this phrase is.

This of course takes us into this weeks books and this week I attempted to find something of a bargain basement styled selection, several books around the £10 mark and then some bargain basement books, that were far higher in cost to readers until quite recently finding themselves in the reduced pile.

So to explain or not to explain.

The Magicians – Marcus Chown – is one of those bargain bin selections, and is about Science, the book falls into those easy or general reading styled categorisations, and typically was given good reviews from his peers.

The Story Factor – Annette Simmons – this is an updated version of an apparent classic (that I have never heard of) and again falls into those easy or general reading style categorisations. I have many a book that runs from the central thread of storytelling as a human ability to be utilised or exploited etc. and this is another hints and tips, general diagnostic guidance book, for those interested in improving their output in alignment with the the expertise of this Author.

Immortality, Inc – Chip Walter – this is a book that perhaps delves into that Bio-hacking realm that I mention above, and informs a little on where research, intention or speculation is at, at present, it mentions multiple experts and luminaries invested in this field. Whilst I do not think Bill Harris or Dr Daniel Amen or Dave Asprey are mentioned, they are all kind of interconnected and one of the last associates or affiliates that Bill Harris recommended / endorsed to me, prior to his death a couple of years ago was Peter Diamandis whose ‘The Future is Faster than you think’ book I purchased back in Feb / March time. Peter Diamandis does make this Immortality Inc. book and for people who are interested, one of his most recent Future Science related developments has been the following Website called FUTURELOOP the Futureloop Project has a story all of its own that is rather interesting for Tech-heads, although I have not yet made up my own mind as to the quality of articles available on the website, the subject are quite scientifically diverse and interesting.

The Science Of Star Wars – Mark Brake – this is exactly the kind of book I might have purchased as an interested teenager brought up on a diet of Science Fiction TV & Film and Tomorrows World styled TV Shows, the book is a comparable styled endeavour where the writer takes information regarding invented Science as presented in popular Star Wars Realms, and then expands on explanations as to where real World Science is at in comparison. The book is an all written textual account and those who want more images and so on should probably look to Official books released by the Lucasfilm Story Group such-as those of Pablo Hidalgo. This book was also written prior to most recent Star Wars Realm Fiction ‘The Mandalorian’ so do not expect any images or talk of comparative study of Baby Yoda Versus Baby Davey.

Well I think I look quite cute in this recently found image of me, during my early years.

Treknology – This is in a similar vein to The Science of Star Wars, in that it goes through various futuristic Technologies invented within the Star Trek Universe and then runs comparative study of where our Science is actually at. This book is great and is full of visual presentation and images for Star Trek realms and real World Science explanations and is the superior of these particular two books in terms of my own tastes, although I know that many other fantastic books exist for both Star Wars Realms and Star Trek Realms that I as an individual enjoy equally, even if the realm luminaries and some diehard fans seemingly spend inordinate amount of time and energy poking fun at each other or indeed playing one-upmanship games on multiple social media.

Big Mind – Geoff Mulgan – this is another book on this grand idea of the benefits of collaborative intelligence and the authors own research into cross realm intelligence and pollination and so on, these things are of course down to the choice and options available to any given individual, and indeed potentially how much awareness and enlightenment or choices and options people have – My Worldview and outlook now as a regular meditator is very differing to what it may have been, if I had read such works at a younger time of life.

So the Title was “Strange Alternative Facts” and of course I spoke on this issue of Bio-Hacking and I do wonder as to what Bio-hacking actually is, you did think after a couple of years of Holosync usage, that very little you thought to be true about the World was true, and likewise question as to wondering if Bio-hacking is Hacking the Biography of other people – in most simple terms possibly wanting to cherry-pick what are perceived as the positives attributes and values of earlier generations or successful people, for yourself, or indeed if Bio-Hacking really is seeking to become the very best Healthy version of yourself through your level of awareness and enlightenment, and usage of trending with all the best and most recent Scientific and Health knowledge – this idea of making your life become a self fulfilling prophecy – fake it until you make it strategies – have a long History, although from my usage of Holosync you come to realise that unless you are using Technology that really can go deep into clearing out many an accumulated life experience or trauma, you are likely to find yourself going round in circles as to breaking free from particular beliefs or behaviours and so on, in fact even with greater awareness and enlightenment – even if you yourself have a greater degree of choices and options, there is an aspect whereby the so-called cycles and patterns of time will continue and various individuals and populations and societies will seek to be aligned or otherwise with acting out such things, the monitoring or witnessing posture and stepping back from such things, and focussing on how you yourself can best progress or proceed really can be the best option, in light of many of the lessons & learnings and experiences you may already accumulated throughout life.

So I grew up with a love of Science Fiction dramatic entertainments and what you typically come to realise with progress is that you often want the Science and Technological aspects of these invented Worlds and Realms, though can happily exist without much of the conflict and dramatic storytelling of the humans that is seen within such entertainments.

That I am sure is a ‘Strange Alternative Fact’ for many people who love there conflict and confusion and motivational drama etc. Though I have read many books such-as Flow and books on motivational psychology, and attended courses and so on, and indeed often find myself thinking on what my early experience of the Off The Shelf Hypnosis products left me with in terms of the IDEA that “it is all an inside job”, of course I went on to Holosync Meditation so I could clear out much of my inner landscape of accumulated trauma’s. Whilst one of the best meditative teachings is that “all life is suffering” and as humans we can expect suffering as part of our experience, I much prefer to have a quiet meditative life of my own studies than what I might have pursued at a younger time of life.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.