Strange Alternative Facts

Well I used the word Strange in the Title and then very quickly found myself thinking “they are not all that STRANGE at all”, so as a self editor I might have chosen to remove that word, though for every person of my age that can think they are not all that strange at all, their are potentially a multitude of other people of differing age and ability and life experience who really do think that ‘Alternative Facts’ is some new idea of recent years, that has been added to the Global Lexicon. In fact if you choose one subject or topic and purchase multiple books to study, you will find that each writer or author has expressed the FACTS in an ALTERNATIVE fashion to each other, that is also often more notable due to issues such-as Subjective Versus Objective debate, and of course PROGRESS where a new generation of Scientists might find themselves having to redefine how they communicate the FACTS about an earlier Scientific Development in the light of new knowledge and new factual developments. In the realms of Films – I often like to think on films such-as Twins where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito were paired up as unlikely siblings – one said to have been born of high quality genetic materials, whilst the other the genetic waste or left overs, one brought up on a Beautiful Island Paradise hidden away from the World, and the other having a tough life of cares homes and criminality – the debates as to Nurture Versus Nature and subjective versus objective vaguely alluded to within that comedy. Another such comedy perhaps Trading Places where Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy found themselves walking a mile in each others lives. (so to speak), again the FACTS of one’s life very differing from that of the other. Why say all this – well I mostly accepted much about the World of Science when I was growing up, and indeed in living much of my life, and then of course an accumulated lifelong count of seemingly overwhelming obstacles led to my wanting to change things – or get to the root of many of my issues, and that led first to ‘of the shelf’ Hypnosis styled products (that seemingly amplified or exasperated the issues) and then eventually The Holosync Solution Meditation Technology, where my advancement through the Levels of said Technology brought to my awareness, just how much of what I thought to be true about the World ,to be in fact rubbish, or at the very least to not be a complete or accurate understanding of very many aspects of life the universe and everything. Among those new awareness’ and enlightenments was the subject matter of so-called ‘Bio-Hacking’, and in completely honest disclosure, I am still not fully sure or aware of what the best meaning of this phrase is.

This of course takes us into this weeks books and this week I attempted to find something of a bargain basement styled selection, several books around the £10 mark and then some bargain basement books, that were far higher in cost to readers until quite recently finding themselves in the reduced pile.

So to explain or not to explain.

The Magicians – Marcus Chown – is one of those bargain bin selections, and is about Science, the book falls into those easy or general reading styled categorisations, and typically was given good reviews from his peers.

The Story Factor – Annette Simmons – this is an updated version of an apparent classic (that I have never heard of) and again falls into those easy or general reading style categorisations. I have many a book that runs from the central thread of storytelling as a human ability to be utilised or exploited etc. and this is another hints and tips, general diagnostic guidance book, for those interested in improving their output in alignment with the the expertise of this Author.

Immortality, Inc – Chip Walter – this is a book that perhaps delves into that Bio-hacking realm that I mention above, and informs a little on where research, intention or speculation is at, at present, it mentions multiple experts and luminaries invested in this field. Whilst I do not think Bill Harris or Dr Daniel Amen or Dave Asprey are mentioned, they are all kind of interconnected and one of the last associates or affiliates that Bill Harris recommended / endorsed to me, prior to his death a couple of years ago was Peter Diamandis whose ‘The Future is Faster than you think’ book I purchased back in Feb / March time. Peter Diamandis does make this Immortality Inc. book and for people who are interested, one of his most recent Future Science related developments has been the following Website called FUTURELOOP the Futureloop Project has a story all of its own that is rather interesting for Tech-heads, although I have not yet made up my own mind as to the quality of articles available on the website, the subject are quite scientifically diverse and interesting.

The Science Of Star Wars – Mark Brake – this is exactly the kind of book I might have purchased as an interested teenager brought up on a diet of Science Fiction TV & Film and Tomorrows World styled TV Shows, the book is a comparable styled endeavour where the writer takes information regarding invented Science as presented in popular Star Wars Realms, and then expands on explanations as to where real World Science is at in comparison. The book is an all written textual account and those who want more images and so on should probably look to Official books released by the Lucasfilm Story Group such-as those of Pablo Hidalgo. This book was also written prior to most recent Star Wars Realm Fiction ‘The Mandalorian’ so do not expect any images or talk of comparative study of Baby Yoda Versus Baby Davey.

Well I think I look quite cute in this recently found image of me, during my early years.

Treknology – This is in a similar vein to The Science of Star Wars, in that it goes through various futuristic Technologies invented within the Star Trek Universe and then runs comparative study of where our Science is actually at. This book is great and is full of visual presentation and images for Star Trek realms and real World Science explanations and is the superior of these particular two books in terms of my own tastes, although I know that many other fantastic books exist for both Star Wars Realms and Star Trek Realms that I as an individual enjoy equally, even if the realm luminaries and some diehard fans seemingly spend inordinate amount of time and energy poking fun at each other or indeed playing one-upmanship games on multiple social media.

Big Mind – Geoff Mulgan – this is another book on this grand idea of the benefits of collaborative intelligence and the authors own research into cross realm intelligence and pollination and so on, these things are of course down to the choice and options available to any given individual, and indeed potentially how much awareness and enlightenment or choices and options people have – My Worldview and outlook now as a regular meditator is very differing to what it may have been, if I had read such works at a younger time of life.

So the Title was “Strange Alternative Facts” and of course I spoke on this issue of Bio-Hacking and I do wonder as to what Bio-hacking actually is, you did think after a couple of years of Holosync usage, that very little you thought to be true about the World was true, and likewise question as to wondering if Bio-hacking is Hacking the Biography of other people – in most simple terms possibly wanting to cherry-pick what are perceived as the positives attributes and values of earlier generations or successful people, for yourself, or indeed if Bio-Hacking really is seeking to become the very best Healthy version of yourself through your level of awareness and enlightenment, and usage of trending with all the best and most recent Scientific and Health knowledge – this idea of making your life become a self fulfilling prophecy – fake it until you make it strategies – have a long History, although from my usage of Holosync you come to realise that unless you are using Technology that really can go deep into clearing out many an accumulated life experience or trauma, you are likely to find yourself going round in circles as to breaking free from particular beliefs or behaviours and so on, in fact even with greater awareness and enlightenment – even if you yourself have a greater degree of choices and options, there is an aspect whereby the so-called cycles and patterns of time will continue and various individuals and populations and societies will seek to be aligned or otherwise with acting out such things, the monitoring or witnessing posture and stepping back from such things, and focussing on how you yourself can best progress or proceed really can be the best option, in light of many of the lessons & learnings and experiences you may already accumulated throughout life.

So I grew up with a love of Science Fiction dramatic entertainments and what you typically come to realise with progress is that you often want the Science and Technological aspects of these invented Worlds and Realms, though can happily exist without much of the conflict and dramatic storytelling of the humans that is seen within such entertainments.

That I am sure is a ‘Strange Alternative Fact’ for many people who love there conflict and confusion and motivational drama etc. Though I have read many books such-as Flow and books on motivational psychology, and attended courses and so on, and indeed often find myself thinking on what my early experience of the Off The Shelf Hypnosis products left me with in terms of the IDEA that “it is all an inside job”, of course I went on to Holosync Meditation so I could clear out much of my inner landscape of accumulated trauma’s. Whilst one of the best meditative teachings is that “all life is suffering” and as humans we can expect suffering as part of our experience, I much prefer to have a quiet meditative life of my own studies than what I might have pursued at a younger time of life.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

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