Star Self

So last week I purchased a couple of books featuring the word STAR and of course, both referenced what we generally regard as Stars in the night Sky or beyond our planet. Although typically at some point someone decided that people who perform or demonstrated particular skillsets might be referred to as Stars as well. More recent times has of course seen the explosion in Global Worldwide Social media formats and that typically comes with the sell of BE THE STAR OF YOUR OWN WEBPAGES AND SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE and all that jazz. Very many people throughout the World have taken advantage of these offers and some platforms and people are more popular than others, though the ability to STAR in your own publicised Global Dominion is one that clearly is unlikely to go out of fashion. Very large numbers actually using the platforms in any number of ways from selling or advertising there own brands and goods to promoting the brands and goods of others whilst showing audiences what good fun they are as entertainers etc.

Anyway possibly more about that later though for now some of the recent book purchases.

Okay so they are not all recent purchases, I often find myself re-referencing Ken Wilbur books in relation to his Ideas surrounding INTEGRAL often described as INCLUSIVITY. He also typically seeks to bring together Science with so-called Holistic & Spiritual Practices.

MEGABRAIN – Now believe it or otherwise, whilst I have spent a fair bit of money over the years on products from Centerpointe and Affiliates, early on I went quite quickly through some provided information’s and reference sources and so on, and whilst I took to purchasing quoted or recommended books further along in my meditative practice, early on I was somewhat overwhelmed by all the support material from Centerpointe themselves – so much was given that it did not seem necessary to check up on references and sources etc. So this week I thought I shall go back and look at some quoted or referenced works that I previously did not feel any impulse to check upon. This is such a book and apparently provides further information on the idea of dissipative structures and laws of Thermodynamics and so on. In honesty whilst it might be an absolutely fantastic book, the name itself is somewhat off-putting for someone from the United Kingdom over the age of 21, and as Centerpointe Research Institute themselves suggest, they genuinely have and do provide all that you need to get the best out of The Holosync Solution – so no one should feel a requirement to buy the books just because this David has.

Born A Healer – Master Chunyi Lin – So I had a really bad experience following the usage of so-called Hypnosis products, prior to my early usage of Holosync, and in typical fashion, I found myself getting emails from various affiliates, so it could be suggested that at that point in time, I was non too pleased at getting all the mail from Learning Strategies among others, due to what I believed they or there pupils had done to myself, through affiliate Hypnosis tools etc. So anyway after a little while of Holosync usage, my attitude shifted a little and I think one of, if not the earliest Learning Strategies Product that I bought directly from that Company was Spring Forest Qigong. I really enjoyed trying out Qigong and went on to purchase several other products & courses related to Qigong or featuring Chunyi Lin. I also on several occasions over the years searched for books by or about Chunyi Lin and was somewhat frustrated that none seemed to exist beyond course manuals & videos etc. Anyway I was recently offered opportunity to purchase a course entitled ‘Deep Healing For Health Conditions’, containing a somewhat all-inclusive all-encompassing lifetimes worth of Holistic Qigong knowledge & practices known to alleviate and assist in recovery from very many medically diagnosed health ailments. So as an afterthought to receiving emails regarding that particular course, I thought I might look again for any books etc. and found this 2019 publication.

I can also thank my ex-wife and daughter at this point because my ex-wife had chosen my daughters names and in a somewhat invented tradition had named my daughter Gwanwyn Rose – whilst she has always been known as Rose or Rosey, her Welsh first name is actually the Welsh word for Spring, and it was this tidbit of information that that caused me to buy the Qigong course from Learning Strategies. Yes the elder daughter known as Daisy who featured in the (June 29th 2013) Princess Diana Posting, is actually Meghan Daisy, any La-Di-Da links or thoughts as to recent Star Wars movie actresses or the Duchess of Sussex are your own. Happy 1st Birthday to Harry & Meghan’s son Archie, whom judging by the recently posted SaveTheChildren Duck Rabbit Storytelling video has a great deal of curiosity about the World, and is going to keep his parents extremely busy.

Fit For Life – Harvey Diamond – This was mentioned within early Centerpointe Literature, and I must admit that my family has rather a large selection of cook books and so on, so I perhaps do not require it, though given this idea as to investigating early Holosync Related references I have added the book anyway.

Holotropic Breathwork – Stanislav Grof – This author has multiple books available and I purchased one that is available on Kindle, although it was not the referenced work. I purchased this book due to how many courses I have done that pay attention to breathing techniques and so on. Interestingly I would probably reject several of this authors books, because they are about drug usage etc. Although I know from a Meditative Holistic viewpoint, that you can often only achieve higher levels of Awareness, Enlightenment through taking complete Responsibility for yourself and World and that often includes having to deal with the things you would, or have rejected in your own life, as well as those things you want, even if you have never broken one of the ten commandments, chances are at some point within your life you may have consciously or unconsciously experienced / witnessed – read, viewed a film or TV show, or heard a radio discussion that featured so-called divisive topics and subject matter. Does exposure help (not in my opinion), though in terms of releasing what you already have accumulated within mind, Heart and Body, I think if you are using a Technology such-as Holosync and already have a raised Threshold, then it can be useful in terms of releasing, what you may or may not have already within you, through bringing a conscious focus to a given topic or subject, and the thoughts feelings and meanings or otherwise triggered within yourself.

The Nature of Technology – this simply a bargain that I noticed whilst searching for other stuff and thought well why not, as it kind of related to another topic that I was looking to buy for this week.

The other topic was akin to this idea of Man’s Search For Meanings etc. Although in this case it, because of my own lifelong love of Technology and Science Fiction etc. I tend toward those books that are Technologically oriented and often related to Science and The Materialist Version of Reality. Where many Meditative books bring an Holistic Balance and Equilibrium that I was perhaps lacking in my younger years.

The Restless Clock – This is typical of the kind of book that I as someone who loves ideas as to Robots and Androids etc. loves to get, and I have several in my collection already, as well as those awaiting purchase in my Kindle wish list. They usually discuss progress down through the ages and typically have often through Science especially taken us toward this idea of the human body as a machine or mechanism, that often leaves out anything more spiritual such-as Meditation and Holistic Worldviews and so on.

The Way To Vibrant Health – Dr Alexander Lowen – Again this is another Author who is referenced within Centerpointe Literature – mainly in relation to his Bio-energetics related works. Again this is not the directly referenced book, as that is not available on kindle, though this one is, and is a continuation from the first Bio-Energetics book.

I thought this book would help as it relates to mind and body exercises and, much like many early recommended referenced works prepares the groundwork for individuals, customers, accepting or bringing people to awareness and enlightenment that their really are other plains of reality and existence out there, beyond the Mechanistic Materialistic Secularist cultivated World that most of us grow up accepting as Scientific Reality etc. through our schooling and Entertainment and Technological advancements etc. hence I often repeating that if my EXPERIENCE of Holosync is anything to go by, then people really should try it themselves and Experience the changes within their own lives for themselves etc. There really is a certain level of Best of Both Worlds approach in the sense that Technology Science really can go hand in hand with Holistic Spirituality etc. and many of these people have been using and developing products for many years.

Superminds – Thomas Malone – this is another bargain, and apparently goes into this arena of computers and peoples thinking together. Not sure as to what to expect, though it perhaps potentially goes back to this idea that the World already is a kind of supercomputer, only most of the components (Humans) that make up such systems are unaware that they are themselves, some part of a greater Whole etc.

Yes I have several other books I am considering buying though thought I would wait at the present time, today is of course VE Day, and I am sure that many people will do what they can to make any respectful contribution that they are able, under the present circumstances.

As for the Title of today Star Self – well this blog is my blog under my own name etc. So I should perhaps do as many outlets do and not publish images of other peoples stuff within all these books etc. What ever happened to developing my own skillsets and expertise etc. Well I certainly had many such intentions and from a young age to be successful, and indeed can make various claims as to having been well schooled in terms of certain types of Education and further Education etc. That is of course meandering instead of setting out with a plan and sticking to the plan etc. To many of us in the modern World to quickly distracted and looking for filters, when the best Mental Health Techniques and Strategies are seemingly about stripping away all the accumulated Filters and mental compartmentalisations we accumulate throughout our lives, even though in many a circumstance such things can serve us well in terms of discernment – perhaps we require discernment without blindfolds etc.

I recently heard that a former Dr Who writer has written a prequal to a favoured Episode of both me and my daughter Rosey called “The Girl In The Fireplace” this was where a giant spaceship run by robots in the Future, were monitoring or witnessing the Life of the Woman whom the spaceship was named after, at differing stages of her life, through portal type windows. They were apparently waiting for when she was at a certain age, prior to then intending to take her brain, in the mistaken logical belief that it could run the spaceship.

The Spaceship was a kind of timeless NOW Platform from which the mechanical machine androids were Witnessing the Woman’s entire life, from child to teen to adulthood via differing portals or Windows upon the World, and this is the kind of World viewpoint that advanced Meditators and Holosync users can gain, and indeed the kind of awareness or enlightenment that multiple Learning Strategy styled courses and Paraliminal technology can also bring about, although what you often come to see and learn is not only the Witnessing of others, so much as learning, and witnessing and seeing how you yourself could have handled things differently, within your own life and so on, at a differing point in your own growth and development, had you had the conscious awareness and enlightenment or tools and so on, that you have in your life now, back then etc. (so to speak).

So I have become quit adept at deciding on which of the tools I want to use at any given time, or at least I think I have, and most recently I thought about having another go at The Walkabout Course with David Rubenstein, this was one in which Paraliminals could be listened to through headphones whilst out and about, as I have been continuing to work, The ‘Lockdown’ has mostly been an alternative FACT to me and my own life and World, as I am sure it is to many who have continued to work and so on. This course utilised a particular breathing technique and also encourages or brings about better usage of body kinesiology for balance and posture and so on.

I also found myself thinking on Paraliminal Resets. The reason in this instance was that the entire World has in a way kind of slowed down and forced people to come to a standstill in various areas and aspects of their day to day lives, and I thought that in recent times, I have not been happy with the way my life starting to go off track, when I started exploring and interacting on Social Media Realms such-as Twitter and Guardian News Media, kind of losing my bearings a little bit after several years of kind of finding my own mental balance and equillibrium or centering of myself and my life and World, through regular Meditative Practice and usage of Holosync and Learning Strategy courses. So I thought I might see if I can use the Reset styled courses to Navigate back to a more Happier uplifting rewarding place, than the Global Media Mafia’s seemingly want people to be at the present time.

Anyway I have not yet decided on my next course of action, although I do know that today I will be thinking on both my sets of Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, who all served in various capacities during WWII. When my Grandfather on my mothers side died, and I was asked if I wanted anything as a trinket, I chose his service issue Compass, that he himself had kept, he had served in North Africa against Rommel, and lost multiple colleagues in an air raid, he himself had at least one visible lifelong bullet scar wound. Had he and many of his colleagues not survived of course, many of us younger generations would ourselves not exist, so these things do tend toward thinking on how different the World might be. The Compass might not be everyone’s choice of memorabilia though I was most definitely reminded of that when years later, I purchased a Marie Diamond Course that required Compass usage, and of course, the ancient compass had perhaps lost its magnetism even by the time my Grandfather showed it to me, though Navigation and Wayfinding in the modern Age perhaps requires a return to basics and foundational thoughts, feelings and behaviours – learning to walk before we can run etc. at any time of life, when things do not run according to the scripts and strategies and plans we may have intended for ourselves, friends, family and colleagues etc.

So without further ado

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

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