And Then Amidst All The Chaos

Being created & crafted by the rise of populism and World-wide Global Brexit-19 Covid Crews, was the news that Space Force was Officially being brought into being as a new 6th wing of United States Military Industrial Complex. Actually when you are looking for something cheerful, and love Science Fiction and so on, you do come to realise that even when such things are mocked in some quarters, that it usually requires Government Funding and Governmental Leadership to spear head into those kind of excessively expensive research & development arena’s, and of course irrespective of thoughts and feelings regarding any given era’s President and the policies that they pursue elsewhere within the broader range of Political discourse. Where can I get me one of those Sharpies (lol) Though I did actually think the Flag Heraldry rather good, in its simplicity of design, and explanation of meaning and so on.

Lets start again shall we..

And then amidst all the chaos being created & crafted the the rise of populism and World-wide Global Brexit-19 Covid Crews, someone decided to check-in with that more quieter & introverted Meditators backwater blog and see what he was presently doing, well I have mostly continued in my rather mundane life, that often consists of eat, sleep, work, repeat, throughout the week; with a light sprinkling of catching up on news, or family and various hobbies and interests etc.

Whilst many individuals are perhaps coming to terms with the potential undesirability of such an existence, having had it enforced upon them in recent weeks, I do have to say that circumstances were such, within my own life, a few years ago now, that Heavy Duty Meditation combined with super procrastination, whilst I sought to reduce my own life – inner & outer World ‘sufferings’ seemed the most appropriate strategy, when all the World seemingly had to offer were repeats of what had gone before.

I recently upgraded my Smartphone to my first Android Smartphone and that has typically given me something of a Brilliantly Fantastic WOW surprise, in just how many bells and whistles and apps and functionalities I had been missing out on, due to the limitations of my previous smartphone selections. I have had something like 3 phones over the course of 10 years, where many a person has probably had at least half a dozen, they complying with the demand to upgrade and ‘keeping up with the celebrities etc.’ So it is a 5G future proofed phone, that young people, such-as my daughter or trend followers would say is wasted on me, though I genuinely feel as though I have earned the right to treat myself on occasion, and I am not looking for permission, or social credibility etc. Strange though true multiple websites look far improved and better on this new smartphone via their own apps than they ever did on my old 4G model, though hopefully this time around, i have selected a popular format that has already succeeded in this generations version of the Format Wars.

So what kind of books have I been checking out? That is a good question, it often feels as though you are going through the cyclic repetitions to a certain extent, and I have not been particularly happy with some of the content that has been appearing within my lists in recent months, particular subjects, topics, or politics are in that ‘been their, done that, not engaging in that debate’ waste basket. Very often it seems to me because whilst I can purchase any number of books on Interview Techniques and Questioning Strategies and so on, those believed to do those thing on our behalf – within many broadcast media, often steadfastly refuse to go where many ‘civilian’ questioners such-as I might go, in terms of nailed down meaning, whether regarded as being objective or being subjective. Some say it is due to the symbiotic nature of inter-relational format wars, though for me, I think it has simply been a continuation of the ‘dumbing society & communities down”, that can be demonstrated throughout the Historical Record. No I am not complaining that we have better & improved Sciences and Technologies, that means we are effectively using tools to do much of the work for us, so much as think that we still require basic thinking & living and navigating skills that will never go out of fashion, when push comes to shove, or crisis happens.

So let us begin

These first four New Books and the reason I got them are as follows.

Unit Operations – Ian Bogost – The write-up for this particular books suggests the writer has gone into the realm of cross-realm-intelligence, in terms of criticism as seen in Video Games compared with Criticism in Literature, or Criticism in Movies and so on. I have no idea as to how comparable his experience is with my own investigations in this particular investigative arena, though his back catalogue of books provides a kind of history of his own advancement. Game Criticism perhaps started in my own youth with all those early Newsfield Publications that I read such-as Crash Magazine and Zzap64 or others such-as PC Gamer. In typical fashion other Realms whether Literary or Film or TV and so on, always seem to manage to look on aghast at the New Young Pretenders to the Throne, much as Long established Newspaper Platforms look on Aghast at Social Media Platforms in the Modern Age. Something of a chaotic free for all now exists, and one does wonder as to when some Unified Internationalist Governmental Intervention is going to occur. Although returning to The World of Games, it is now a multi-billion dollar realm, and it can be handy to do those comparative home works, especially in this age of ever growing Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Realities, where it can seem we are fast heading toward a point of having members of society and various populations being unable to know where any differences exist within sensory perceptions of subjective / objective or dreamed up realities.

Get The Truth – Phillip Houston – this was a bargain basement purchase, and apparently tells of CIA developed strategies and behaviours or coercive persuasion, although I am not expecting to find anything new, it does kind of fit in with studies of Spy craft and behavioural psychology and so on. The kind of general reading book where hopes are high, expectations are low.

Medieval Robots – E.R. Truitt – this is another book within that realm of exploring history, and the early advancements of scientific progress etc. within the arena of humans seeking to create robotics, this is a pet topic of mine, that I perhaps over-indulge, though it is often amazing how many of these books genuinely have a certain uniqueness found within there individual pages, where it can seem within many an other investigative realm or topic sphere, that they have long run out of new discoveries, and are playing pass the parcel with the same cycles and patterns of data and reports from said data.

A New Kind Of Science – Stephen Wolfram – this came with interesting reviews, and although so-called Complexity Theory is not new to me (personally) I do think it can be handy to have such a large volume within your collection as a handy reference tool, the sheer size of this book suggests a great deal of study and work has gone into this particular book. He basically made the case for the empiric study of computation for its own sake.

So many of these issues take us back to these ideas surrounding Nature Versus Nurture, something some of us have found ourselves finding is really more of a Nurture Vs Nurture belief issue, that has to be experienced on an individual basis, as no amount of other people telling us, is likely to give us the mental breakthroughs and shifts, that those of us who have tried products such-as The Holosync Solution Meditation Technology have experienced.

These next books perhaps bring me to wondering what I was unconsciously thinking about when I purchased them.

Cognitive Gadgets – Cecilia Heyes – This book potentially controversial as the last book in the sense of suggesting that all we actually have is a Nurture Vs Nurture debate, regarding the thinking and cognition we develop in our early years and so on, rather than some over-invested belief of ‘its in my genes’ excuses and so on. We are more influenced by our family and social environments in our early years development, than some sectors of society and Science want us to believe. This is a bias that fits some of the conclusions of my own Meditation Experience, although as always, you do find that the ideas of gene research and cognition research can be complementary to each other rather than having any requirement to go to entrenched ‘never the twain positions of debate.

Reset – David Sawyer – This was within Kindle Unlimited – and as can be seen within my next image, I decided to check out several such books this week.

Hacking The Code – This is a popular generalist styled book regarding the topic of Genetics and Crispr and as we are seeing much regarding these topics in the news, thought I would add to my research within that sphere.

The Science Of Harry Potter – Mark Brake – So a couple of weeks ago, I purchased a couple of books that I suggested I might have purchased at a younger time of life, related to my interest in Space and Futuristic Science Fiction, and this is another such work this time in support of my interest in Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Styled Realms. Take the Magic of Harry Potter Realms and compare to real World Science etc.

Lifespan – Dr David A Sinclair – This book was another bargain basement, although it does go into this idea of Bio-hacking and so on, again probably related to Genes research, and therapies for life extension and so on, their seems to be quite a market for these kind of things for a generation of boomer Americans, used to ‘get what you pay for’ Medical Services and so on.

How To Speak Machine – John Maeda – As I understood it, this is actually a Design realm related book, so whilst the title might be a little confusing for the non computer oriented individual, and again whilst I learned many such things whilst at University (studying Computer Science & AI), many years ago, I do like to keep an eye on ideas surrounding product production and process cycles and frameworks and scaffolds and so on, as it goes back to how we often spend our lives filling up on content – when an in depth study or knowledge of frameworks and scaffolds and process and so, can be ever so more empowering and rewarding at any time of life for any individual, within any sphere of life.

And finally these are all Kindle Unlimited Freebies, though unsure as to for how long, or indeed whether I can benefit from such titles.

The Art Of Mental Models – Joseph Fowler – this another book that seeks to explain when a particular mental model or thinking strategy is best matched to a particular realm topic or subject, in decision making (I assume).

The Gaslighting Recovery Workbook, So we have seen this term ‘Gaslighting’ appear quite a lot in recent years, and very often it is used in a context of Females being ‘Gaslighted’ by Males. Although a very simple and often widely unacknowledged truth or conclusion that my own meditation and research often leads to is that potentially anyone – MAN, WOMAN or CHILD, can be gaslighted by anyone else – MAN, WOMAN or CHILD, whom they come into contact with or are exposed to, at any age and within any arena or realm of life. Many of us have, or accumulate so much baggage surrounding these topics and issues, that it gets somewhat compartmentalised or unacknowledged, and repressed, and that is because it can often seem that such behaviours are commonly accepted within Establishment Realms and Entertainments and Societal Broadcasters and even Journalistic Realms gaslighting sectors of their readership etc. this is even more prevalent within the Modern sphere of Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Social Media Realms, where multiple generations of people have become hit & run commentators, having grown accustomed to being a law unto themselves such is the lax policing of many Social Media Realms or Bias of Moderators within Journalistic Realms and various online echo chambers. It might even be suggested that several World Leaders and Governments and Media Realms have been conducting a strategy of Gaslighting, upon their own populations, with regard to recent United Kingdom Brexit Debate and Now this Coronavirus Pandemic. Though that would probably take someone with an appropriate comparative EXPERTISE qualification to conclude, though the evidence is their (IMHO) for those who are well studied or even unqualified in such things.

The Future After Covid – I have no idea if anything within this kindle unlimited book, will be relevant to me, or anyone else when the dust finally settles on these present World Wide troubles, though it was interesting just how many Pandemic & Covid related books are now appearing – all rushed out and often simply regurgitations of what some sectors of expertise have been saying for some time. Much like a stopped clock is correct a couple of times a day. It is a Freebie for me, and so I can show appreciation and gratitude, that even were I not finding anything of benefit within such works, I do have access, to come to such a conclusion.

So these like many books, will be sorted into various categories, and decision will be made as to a like or dislike ranking or spectrum of bias and so on. Over the longer term of having conducted regular buying and reading of many realm studies, you do find that some books or authors really do have long lasting appeal of being returned to over others, and indeed that some books easily glossed over or yawned through, only come into there own at a later time, when greater or lesser detail is required for your research at that time.

So will I stop or ever properly review each book that I have been purchasing, well that has been something I have considered, though it is such a competitive opinion market out-there that If I do, it is more likely to be for my own ‘doing it for myself’ guide, rather than necessarily to claim expertise in such matters, so many subjects and realms so little time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

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