Cross Realm Yin Yang

and the Whole Brain Phenomena.

So I have continued in my Meditation’s and studies since I last posted an article. And of course I have continued in my Study of how the Amazon Kindle AI Organises the books within my Library for these following images.

So this week I have purchased a number of books from multiple price ranges and indeed picked up some what I consider bargains, and indeed taken advantage of getting some freebies via kindle unlimited.

The Way Of Zen – Alan Watts – This is a book that cost just a couple of pounds, and Alan Watts, was often cited as being within the bibliography of Bill Harris of Centerpointe Research Institute, usually with regard to what he described as The Game Of Black & White.

Pre-Production Blueprint – Alex Galuzin – This is another Games World related book, although for me, I think helps with these Cross Realm Idea’s that I have spoken on as to frameworks and scaffolding and so on. Although when I was younger I had many grand ideas for TV and Film or Writing and Video & Computer Games, what I often lacked was any idea as to the set of tools I might want to consider in my creative process. Since taking up meditation and so on, I have been ‘offered’ and have indeed researched very many Formulaic Blueprints from various Guru’s, and a quick search would probably turn up thousands of such Blueprints, though I still prefer to bias toward my own subject and topic preferences, and this is one such example.

Attachment Theory – Thais Gibson – Strange though true, I purchased this particular book, not in order to improve my attachments, so much as to develop appropriate strategies for developing sensible boundaries, discipline and navigation surrounding these issues. The Meditation Technology and courses, can do much of the work for us, although as always it is often suggested that our Attachments are often what cause many of our individual and collective sufferings, so it can be interesting to research beyond your attachment to the Teachings of one company or guru.

The Robot and Automation Almanac – Jason Schenker – This is a kindle unlimited work, and covers an interest of mine, although I think having read this author previously, this author tends toward light general reading output, rather than the depth and breadth of research I might prefer.

Gassed: British Chemical Warfare… – Robert Evans – This is a history of the activities, that are said to have been carried out at Porton Down Laboratory within the United Kingdom, and I have this particular book this week, due to its availability within Kindle Unlimited.

Superfans – Pat Flynn – So I earlier spoke of Blueprints, and this is perhaps a typical work from someone within the Social Media Realms, in regard of these issues. Although it is a genre I have mostly avoided. I grew up in an age of limited TV Channels and shows, and there was often a feeling that people had Skills and Talents to have achieved celebrity, (no its not necessarily true) , then came the growth in Satellite TV and Cable and then the Internet and each new format came with a generation of programmes full of people being a Celebrity for being a Celebrity, where questions such-as what do you do? what are your skills? are swiftly sidestepped in preference to self promotion and that of the sponsors etc. By the Dawn of 24/7 News and Now – Social Media Realms we are finding that many of these people are ‘out of there depth’ due to the attention economy, and the audience expectation for expertise. I think many Celebrities, Actors, Singers and so on are great for the skill and talent that gave rise to there fame & fortune during my younger years, though often find myself aghast at the undisclosed views later revealed that would likely have ensured they never achieved fame in the first place. They might be too rich, too care of course, though it does not bode well for younger generations brought up surrounded by all these outputs.

The Right Story – Bernadette Jiwa – I have several books by this author within my Library that I quite like, and this one was on offer so I thought why not.

Digital Minimalism – Cal Newport – So this might actually describe me in some ways, I loved Technology all my life, and even returned to University in later life, to Study and fill in the gaps within my knowledge etc. Then came the Social Media explosion of the mid 2000’s and I having been at University with likeminded individuals, had high hopes & so on for these new online realms, I was having a bad offline experience in my own life and World at that time, and my online experience rapidly descended into one undesirable experience after another (where previously I had thought online realms might provide a sanctuary (so to speak)), – one I had no control over the output of others, nor did I have control over the Social Media Platforms, or their App creators who often used sweeping permissions to harvest everyone’s data, or splinter their rapidly expanding business models. As quickly as I sought to set Privacy to High, The Platform or an App (historically given permission too) would set such permissions to low again. In realising how little control I had over ‘other peoples stuff’ or even my own stuff, the obvious solution was to either try and start over elsewhere, where similar experiences were reportedly widespread across all Social Media, or simply ‘go minimalist’. I chose to go minimalist, and that was the period I had turned to Hypnosis in wanting to get to the root causes of my various issues, and that in turn led to Meditation Technology. my Digital Minimalism was that I had many – mostly unused online accounts with various providers, and for several years 2010-2013 mostly only interacted on the Centerpointe Blog, prior to beginning this Blog of my own, sometime around 2013 (I think). Anyway I did until 2016 perhaps continue in that Digital Minimalism whilst continuing to Meditate and do courses etc. The Centerpointe Blog seemed as though it was mostly safe, due to the Companies Discipline, and indeed having your own Blogsite (and your own rules) is perhaps better than other platforms such-as Social Media and News Media – where the free for all and in-gangs often make them appear as though the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Content Design – Sarah Richards – This is another Blueprint for designing integrated services, as used by the Government (apparently) although I happened to find the book in kindle unlimited, so thought I might have a look etc.

Questions Are The Answer – Hal B Gregersen – So you can never have enough books on asking questions, just as you can perhaps never have enough books on breathing techniques, the Question’s I often wonder upon are who do these strategies work for, I say that not in the spirit of critism, so much as my own experience of The Meditation Technology often being the difference of my experience with regard to these things.

Reinventing The Sacred – Stuart Kaufman – This chap is another well regarded author whose works I have not necessarily seen or read previously, and this book was being sold as a bargain so I thought I might take the opportunity to see if I agree with the consensus.

Entitled – A Critical History of the Aristocracy – Chris Bryant – This book was another bargain, though perhaps delves into another topic I have been thinking upon recently with regard to issues of Sabotage and the mistaken belief or faith and so on, we often place in various peoples, or institutions, or indeed modern media realms or technologists etc. Whilst this book talks of the Aristocracy – I like to think many such books are microcosms of very many life realms, that asks those questions – what lies beneath?

So this next selection could be an image to far you say, well let us find out.

Prisoners Of Geography – Tim Marshall – Not sure why I chose this book, beyond of course, having felt as though I myself have been a prisoner of Geography for much of my years. And now of course with these Worldwide lockdowns – I am perhaps no longer alone in such a belief, although anyone of us should be reminded that wherever we go – our troubles go with us, assuming we carry them around within our own hearts, minds and bodies. This book was a bargain, so worth having a look at in terms of the modern day Geopolitical Order etc.

How We Got To Now – Steven Johnson – Well this is another bargain and like many books has a possible double-entendre in the title. He perhaps speaking on the history of creativity and innovation up til this point or period in time, though ‘now’ – for me at least has a differing meaning to the standard usage, I might have assumed prior to Meditation Courses and Technology etc. An example is my middle name SIMON – if you reflect or turn that SIMON upside down, you can see the word now as part of that name. Although admittedly I have not always paid conscious attention to such artistic details.

Blockbusters – Anita Elberse – So this book is another Blueprint or roadmap to success or Stardom etc. and I think this has been a theme this week, all those folks in lockdown with little or nothing to do, have perhaps had opportunity to develop short medium long range blueprints for themselves or indeed study those of others. For me, I have on several occasion spoken of my thoughts as to developing my own version of a Ready Player One Zone or Realm – that is completely free of excessive drama and nonsense etc. Though I am sure even these kind of Blockbuster Blueprints can contribute toward my own blueprint design etc.

Sublime Dreams Of Living Machines – Minsoo Kang – This is another indulgence as to my study of robotics and so on, the title might be a reference to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Phillip K Dick), and of course part of my reason for upgrading my Smartphone recently was related to longer life energy usage and so on. The new phone, has excellent energy statistics etc. My Meditation Technology Binaurial Beats are of course an energy pulse, perhaps made of an oscillating sine wave, just as your favourite music are all sine waves etc. Some of peoples favourite songs refer to Energy ‘She’s Electric’ Oasis, “Electric Dreams” Phil Oakey. That a digression, although it does go to the Heart of those so-called Turing Tests and ideas such-as artificial consciousness or how can you define consciousness or intelligence of a machine etc.

Where Good Ideas Come From – Steven Johnson – Sharped eyed individuals will note I already purchased a book from this chap. I think both books were cheap enough to have a look and see if what he has to say adds anything new to the debate on these things.

The (Mis)behaviour Of Markets – Benoit Mandelbrot – I first encountered Fractals within graphical computer demo’s on my Commodore Amiga computers, very many years ago now and was captivated by them. They also of course used in a wide range of modern day realms as they are suggested to demonstrate patterns of cycles found in nature and in more modern times within so-called financial markets. Now many of us who grew up with or have lived through undesirable circumstances, perhaps do not want to follow the cycles & patterns of our parents and families, or so-called social class backgrounds, or even those who are celebrated and famous, or even those who write blueprint books on such things, they are often invented & maintained by various identity politic groupings, though how do you break with such things – especially if they cause so many people so much harm? That is of course part of the reason I took up Meditation etc. Though this perhaps good as a financial book, because it potentially contributes to this idea of identifying the money in communication – that I have spoken upon at various points over the years.

So that is rather a large selection of books for me to get through this week. What of the Title – well it could be suggested that Yin and Yang are said to represent Masculine and Feminine and of course some suggest that the differing hemispheres of the brain represent these things too, and that may well be why so many of us, experience self sabotaging behaviours, though the lack of Whole Brain Thinking and communication between hemispheres, as well as with those we encounter in the external World (who may have similar issues).

So I took up Meditation that promised improvements in Whole Brain Communication and indeed, have done many a course, that speaks on whole brain thinking and a integrative mind and so on. Just as you may have your own agenda as to who and how you identify and want to survive and thrive and live your life and so on, other people of course have their own agenda as to these matters, and the further I have continued into my meditations, the more it can seem that self sabotage, is often rooted in the accumulation of non-conscious agenda’s from not just those who we do not necessarily identify with or see as other, so much as the agenda’s of those closest to us and so on.

That is perhaps where I am at now, having previously thought I had rid myself of the count of Threshold experiences and replaced them with a raised Threshold, I am kind of at a plateau, where it seems, I may have to create and craft a more thorough and deliberated blueprint of my own, that whilst being respectful of family and friends and guru’s I have followed and so on, is based around a certain level of my own experience and skillsets, and a requirement for greater autonomous agency or independence of life choices and options, in these matters.

So if you had to write an ‘I have a dream’ speech…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

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