How Many Reminiscences

So much as I seemingly went through a phase of not writing very much on my blog previously, I recently found myself going through various shape and form of what can perhaps only be best described as reminiscences, and that in turn can of course become thoughts as to how wonderful life has turned out, given the enlightenment & awareness I now have, or indeed I can become a little down as to ‘where did it all go wrong’ in my life and so on. Of course they do say it is never too late (so to speak) to turn things around, though it can be troubling that even when you have followed any number of Expert Guru’s informing you of the best techniques and strategies for their own success, that their are basic flaws that rapidly seemingly appear when you yourself seek to navigate in similar fashion.

Anyway more about that reminiscences topic & subject later, and how I ventured into the attic to go through some of my longer term possessions & belongings, that perhaps brought some of my own apparent life failures into greater focus, over the last week or two.

With regard to books, I in similar fashion to this issue of reminiscences visited Amazon Online and actually tidied up the assorted Wishlist Collections I had been steadily building up over a number of years. Tidying up perhaps a euphemism for removing stuff. Of course, once the adrenaline kicked in, I kind of went into Overdrive and removed many a book that I knew I would still remember and return and purchase at some future point, though in multiple instance, you know you already have the works of particular author within your collection, and simply having them on the wish list’s has assisted in maintaining a certain equilibrium, as to my interests and so on.

So without further ado

First Up, I should have no reason to explain, that I think I was beginning to overindulge on the buying books front, so that perhaps why I had a wish list clear out, and also why I visited the attic, in the first instance in search of my University Collection of books, though interestingly that also turned up, very many of the books that have perhaps had the greatest (whether desired or otherwise) influence on much of my life.

The Best Story Wins – Matthew Luhn – This was not on any of my lists, though found itself being purchased due to my long time love of Computer CGI and so on, that Pixar (Whom this chap worked for) excel at within their movies. I would love to align with ideas as to The best Story Wins, though like many a person who has researched tales such-as ‘The Hero’s Journey’, will potentially find myself thinking it is more complicated than that, especially when you research horizontally and vertically as to the rise and fall of empire and come to realise, that many an individual success story among various societal groupings is vertically inherited and horizontally maintained, and somehow devalued in terms of relatability to someone who begins with little of the opportunities afforded intergenerational elites.

The Chessboard & The Web – Anne Marie Slaughter – This was not on any of my lists either, though I played Chess At home and later at school from a junior school age and indeed later learned of how chess had influenced the thinking of Earlier Generation Computer Scientists, who in my more recent lifetime of Artificial Intelligence Research were often suggested to have maybe suffered from ‘People Like Me’ syndrome a common fault of bias as found throughout the human race, though in this Computer Science Realm instance of Computing Machines had followed the ‘I am intelligent and I play chess, so a machine ought to be able to play chess too’ (nothing wrong with that, though of course you enter into the quagmire of definition of Logic versus all else in terms of what is regarded as thinking and thought and creativity and any number of human capabilities and capacities that are demonstratively regarded ‘Intelligence’. I doubt the book goes into that, as the write up suggested it was more on this issue of connectivity and network science – that might be called Social Climbing for humans using machines.

The Hacker & The State – Ben Buchanan – This had actually been on my list, though I had to think long and hard as to the wisdom of purchase, as I generally prefer Espionage Intelligence Realm Books that have less exciting ‘conspiracy theory’ styled names, the price and the reviews swung it, and I think it possibly relevant in that it was recently announced that the UK Military is once again introducing a 13th Signals Regiment

Radical Abundance – K. Eric Drexler – Now I have for quite some time had a number of books related to Nanotechnology and Materials Research within my Collection, and indeed had several such books on my wish list. This particular book was not among them, though in once again researching the topic, it seems sensible to have one of the people who set the ball rolling on these nanotechnology, things within your Bibliography, as is typical with many ‘Science’ Realm books, they can often be quite expensive, although general audience reading books such-as this one, less so.

Deep Learning Illustrated – Now I spoke above as to my University books, and I typically have favourites among them on topics such-as ArtificiaI Intelligence and Machine Learning and so on, and surprising as it may seem whilst they may or may not have some pictures and so on, you would be hard pushed to find any that are as full of cartoony illustrations as found within this particular tomb. In fact one of my reminiscences from younger, was that when I wanted to utilse my early Home Computers in a creative fashion, I had actually not developed the necessary Artistic Skills that might have better enabled me to do that. Perhaps easier to be good at Art or Music & Creativity in general and use the Computer as a ‘TOOL’ for those things, than want to Creatively use Computers and find yourself limited by your simple failure to understand that a tool is only as good as it’s user (so to speak).

I Am A Strange Loop – Douglas R Hofstadter – This author is said to be a great philosopher and Scientist of the Mind, and whilst I am sure that I will not fully concur with all that is said within this work, I do think having viewed the contents that it covers many areas that I have perhaps less elegantly thought about, researched and written about at various times, as well as areas that various guru’s I have followed have talked about, so maybe I should have high hopes. Though have perhaps been feeling somewhat melancholy along with my reminiscences, so perhaps this is a book that appeals to that more melancholic state.

So those are the 6 books I have purchased at this present time. What else can I write about, well reminiscences was the title and what I have been contemplating was writing my own diary, going way back into my own History and going all autobiographical, now that does sound quite simply and I did recently hear a talk, where someone recommended following Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artists Way’ practice of so-called morning notes, this is possibly something I already did in the sense of huge swathes of this blog made of up note taking at the earliest opportunity when witnessing various events.

The problem perhaps as to the title of that last Book I am A Strange Loop – whereby in having taken up Meditation and followed various Guru Courses, there is an element of the self-fulfilling prophecy issue, where I might write a book titled I Am A Strange Algorithm or some such. and in so doing initiate the very hell, that much of my life might have been considered to be. There is also this issue of Vertical and Horizontal linear and non-linear ideas as to Time and Space and indeed where all the so-called mental programmes that we accumulate and so on and so forth take us. I recently spoke as to Resets and was delighted to see Prince Charles speaking on the possibility of A Great Reset with regard to Economics and so on, and as to how The Natural World or Green Economics might be better incorporated into Business plans and so on.

As well as speaking on the issue of Resets I actually thought I might, start over at lower Levels with regard to Holosync Meditation, and indeed doing some of the associated Courses and Learning Strategy courses I purchased more slowly and methodically, than I may have done when I did them Originally. Not sure that it will make a great difference, to my life and Circumstances, though I do feel that there are a number of almost seemingly genuine Lifelong Dreams – that I consider to be my own (though undoubtedly are shared in a World of 7,000,000,000 people), that are presently unfulfilled, due to so-called ‘Life Happening’ etc. and getting side tracked or reorganising of priorities, and hierarchies and so on. I was thinking about this due to the so-called longstanding issue surround my name and its usage throughout history, although in more recent times due to much broader levels of awareness and enlightenment and so on. An example was my speaking on the Films of Christopher Nolan – and whilst many might rush to think of his excellent Batman Trilogy, one of my favourites was actually Inception – I only saw it several years later than its release, and it very much made me think on my Meditation Experience and the kind of physical structural changes that Occurred within my Brain when originally rushing through The Holosync Solution programme. His forthcoming film called Tenet was said to be a Time Travel Espionage Thriller although more recent clarification suggested it was not time travel so much as Inversion – and that perhaps goes in alignment with some of the Strange Experiences that Holosync can bring about as well of course as providing another strange link to me, when I place my name in an anagram Engine it typically comes up with Inversion among the list of available anagrams from my names.

I mention that not to boast, so much as to go back to basics and remind ourselves that what we call writing of alphanumerical language and so on, is actually still a form of drawing signs and symbols and so on, as I have progressed through all these course and so on I have typically come to see that there is perhaps little benefit with overly identifying with any given set of communication symbols and indeed that ‘progress’ and ‘refinement’ are seemingly always occurring to someone somewhere and that whilst I might not particularly want to keep my eye on World Events and so on, it can always be handy to know where any given grouping is. US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden recently spoke as though the forthcoming US Presidential Election was about the Soul of the Nation, and we do have to wonder as to what a Unit of Soul might be regarded as and or how soul is transmitted etc. Although I perhaps kind of showed that in a previous article, and the passing down of knowledge one generation to another and so on.

Anyway I do actually have much to write about with regard to materials I found in the attic, although I am also concerned that nothing I do or say, can rebuild my life in a favourable way even with the best of lessons and learnings that I have accumulated in later life. I recently saw an article on some book by Jung (I think it was) that was his explorations of various religious thinking and metaphors and so on, and among them was this idea of The World Egg, and whilst that might seem strange to some, in terms of the Meditation Lessons and Learnings and Cycles and Patterns of Time – it does kind of work, although of course Only the Female of the Species produces Eggs whilst us Menfolk have to continue to search for meaning, so at the present time, it could be suggested that issues in the UK such-as Brexit were about the self-fulfilling prophecy of various Elite gangs, tribes, establishments wanting to cement there place in the World Order (as it appears within there own Hearts and Minds and Bodies as predominantly a Materialist World View), whilst those of more Spiritual Leanings, who can perhaps see the greater map cycles and patterns throughout History etc. or however one wishes to describe it, might suggest that the World goes through cycles and patterns akin to rise and fall of male and female numbers within particular age ranges and so on, and that whilst there is always more females than males anyway (in most measures of such things), all these excessive game of Black & White Yinyang styled excessive Authoritarian Drama’s, are typically equivalent to mating rituals etc. between the sexes. Although of course this can be where certain ideas break down, due to excessive numbers of tribal politics and potential role models and indeed where any given individual is at within there own life journey, and how many repetitions of the same information they have accumulated within the own life and Mental World etc.

Far to many of us, seemingly become ensnared with obsession about other peoples lives to the detriment of empowering our own, this can be especially true in this modern age of Global Communication systems and indeed, a failure within many Global Institutions to Change when new or better data and information or maps of reality are available.

So I once again went on into rambling, although it can certainly help with bringing some clarity, or understanding that you lack clarity on various aspects of these things.

I shall no doubt return with more articles, once I have made a decision as to how to write more of my own autobiography, in a way that is subjectively factual, though possibly also explaining how much of these things fall apart in the awareness and enlightenment arena to those who have gone through any number of similar processes to those I subjected myself too.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

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