They Trooped The Colours At Windsor Castle

They Trooped The Colours At Windsor Castle

The Queen Sat Alone Without Her Known Rascal

A Sovereign’s Life, A Picture Postcard

A Sunny Day & A Birthday Card

Wrote Scoundrel.

Yes I did watch what I could of the event, as I quite like such things and in complete contrariness to the commentators, I think Windsor Castle a Far Superior setting to anything London has with regard to thoughts of Royalty and Pageantry and so on. Dear BBC – Please can you provide a setting within your Digital Services so Commentators can be muted without muting the Music or Entertainment Spectacle you wish to enjoy.

What else, well I have been browsing for new books to add to my collection and have seemingly managed to find myself being coerced (somewhat by the A.I.) into purchasing books that I would not normally necessarily choose. As I shall perhaps explain as I go through them.

Waking, Dreaming, Being – Evan Thompson – This is another book that potentially goes well with my Meditation Collection, so I thought I might add it and see if anything new on the topic & subject comes to my awareness. A quick read of the introduction suggested to me, he is potentially more forthright in his writings than some of those I have read previously, although many ancient Chinese Proverb and Anecdotes are often quite well humoured when translated.

Life On The Edge – Jim Al Khalili – This was going exceptionally cheap and bargain basement, and is linked through Authorship to a book on Quantum Biology, That I purchased relatively recently.

Manufacturing Consent – Edward S Herman & Noam Chomsky – This is often cited as a kind of Journalistic Realm Bible for many people, and whilst some might claim the book to be dated, I think many people would be surprised at how little changes, when you know what you are looking for, and how those strategies & behaviours have been accelerated & elevated to new heights with the continuing evolution of communication technology’s.

Experimentation Works – Stefan H Thomke – This is kind of about product testing on selected groups of consumers by various Technology Companies, I think is a current HOT TOPIC for a new generation of students, and the cycles and patterns, that we are seeing within the broader World. I do not think these company strategies to be particularly NEW, though with modern technologies doing much of the leg work (that humans may have once done), you are certainly going to see these things increase exponentially.

Everything Flows – Daniel J Nicholson – This is a Freebie and is related to the World of Philosophy in regard of Biological Processes.

Transforming The Future – Riel Miller – This is another freebie and on this occasion is related to the study of ‘Anticipation’ , well that is what it says, and I will probably find I simply have to transition the terminologies they use to a format, that makes sense to me.

Cyber Strategy – Brandon Valeriano – Now whilst this book speaks of Cyber Wars between Nation States, for me the obvious comparison is perhaps with the Manufacturing Consent book, so as this is the more recently published volume, it will be interesting to gauge how far these things have shifted in the intervening years.

New Romantic Cyborgs – Mark Coeckelberg – This a slightly differing take on those robotics through the ages type of books I purchase fairly regularly. On this occasion I stumbled upon the book whilst researching other topics. Politically in the present day, it perhaps easy to hold up as an example of pre-determined bias within Western Nations Thinking, although I would counter that many Nations though out the Modern World have contributed to AI research and progress and so on, hence so many fantastical algorithms that manage to search organise and arrange in ways, fashions and means that somewhat DISRUPTS everyone’s bias’ often including the creators of such things.

Prometheus Rising – Robert Anton Wilson – This an interesting research volume that covers some 8 Circuits of the brain theory, I am not all that familiar with, although when I see the topics described as each circuit I often have an oh that interesting – it is kind of more on this topic of awakening and escaping the tunnel vision of the respective theories and so on, that we any of us can find ourselves somewhat conditioned for, given how common place many such things are within society.

Did he, oh know you cannot be serious, yes well let us recall that I have selected quite a few freebies.

The Art Of Doing Science & Engineering – Richard Hamming – This is perhaps somewhat self explanatory, although I often prefer hands on IDEAS of Engineering & Science from an earlier age, to very many modern books, where you can often feel that the Technology Expert has not been anywhere near doing Engineering or Doing Science etc. It also perhaps in alignment with my recent idea of Resets, where I then went on to think about not so much resetting as starting ANEW – just as Manufacturers and Software Companies go through production cycles of advancements, at some point the Shift or Advancement can be so great that you simply have to start over with New Information or Technology that simply is no longer compatible with Historical Products etc. A favourite story on this was an engineer who with advanced Aerodynamics Knowledge and modern Materials developed a new hoverbike or board, that whilst possible to conceptualise at an early time, was simply not possible with the earlier generation of knowledge or materials and technology etc.

The Art Of Political Storytelling – Phillip Sergeant – I suspect that this book wants to be the Natural Heir to the Manufacturing Consent book, although there have been many down the years with that aspiration and this too will find itself in a three way study with the aforementioned book and the Cyber Strategy book..

The Impact Of Identity – Irina Nevzlin – This was a freebie and in a range of books that are seemingly being pushed at the present time. I have read a number of books around some of these identity politic topics, and typically have experienced particular experiences over many years that shaped my own choices and options and views on such matters.

The Spatial Web – Gabriel Rene – This was another Kindle Unlimited book, and is one that goes into excited overdrive as to the integration of Humans with Machines and AI. It all seems a little OTT to me, although it is always interesting to see what other folks think on these topics and subjects.

Character & Structure – Chris Andrews – This one another for the writing collection, although on this occasion another kindle unlimited freebie, so what is there to not like.

Closing The Gap – Teresa Boughey – this another kindle unlimited freebie, although on this occasion, suggesting solutions for more integrative inclusivity with regard to diversity and so on. Not sure how it matches up to my own thoughts on these issues and topics, though as it is a freebie I can find out.

So that is another large selection for me to go through as part of my ever ongoing and evolving research studies and so on. As suggested earlier, a number of these books are on topics and subjects I usually circumnavigate, (journalism & identity politics) as my own lived experience often supersedes, that of quite a number of experts, who very often whilst possibly ‘meaning well’ are so far removed from the reality that I have existed within, that there really is little common ground for discussion.

I would much rather simply recommend The Holosync Solution and affiliate courses, and advise that whether you presently believe it or otherwise, you will genuinely come to see that you get more of what you focus upon IE. if you must watch the news – A Sunny Day and a Pleasant Trooping of the Colour at Windsor Castle in Celebration of the Queens Official Birthday, is far healthier to focus upon than much else that is within the present news cycle.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well

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