Now Where Were We – Ah yes

So part of the instructions for Meditation often revolve around this idea of Witnessing, so you could for instance write a blog article or draw a picture and then wait and observe what occurs in the wider World and ask yourself questions such-as How Does this article relate to these events within this given realm. They may not be directly related and you may have to play some internal game of ‘six degree’s of separation’ or variant there-off, you can then perhaps note those observations as a record of having carried out said activity. Where we many of us perhaps carried out such activities, throughout childhood and adulthood and were as far away as ever from ever gaining some shape and form of ah-ha, enlightenment & awareness, the reason I stayed with The Holosync Solution Programme was that it brought about the changes that it said it would. IE. The Holosync Solution programme raised my Threshold & brought about changes within my World of thoughts, feelings, behaviours & actions, that I had zero awareness, as to being possible.

So it was with some of those Witnessing ‘ideas’ that I held back on publishing anything this week, could I purchase or select some books from Amazon, and then wait a day or two whilst observing events within the wider World and play that game of 6 Degree’s of Separation? Well it has of course been a strange period for the entire World in recent months, since the Global Lockdown surrounding the Covid-19 issue, and we have also of course seen issues surrounding that virus taking precedence, above the recent years turmoil & conflict surrounding Brexit (at least in the United Kingdom), and even more recently we have also seen identity politics spring to the fore in the shape of The #BlackLivesMatter movement.

I, recently had a Fathers day card from my daughter, she lives in Wales & that nation has a differing set of lockdown rules to England (at present), and she also informed me, that she considers herself to be applying a higher level of self-isolation, although knowing where I used to live with her mother and the family in Ceredigion, West Wales, the whole area is somewhat isolated, off the beaten path, and hidden away anyway. One of those places that if you do not know that well, you could easily become lost, even with a map or GPS system. I call my daughter ‘daughter’ (along with her given name etc.) I used to call her mother ‘wife’, neither of those terms of course have some shape and form of ‘QUALIFIER’, so loved by many people playing the identity politic game. whom accordingly would describe the marriage as a ‘mixed’ marriage and my daughter as ‘mixed race’, where I, if pushed would suggest she call or think of herself as a ‘Hybrid’, as potentially a more positive term than many Labels that do the rounds.

So I do not generally ‘go there’ much like the writer of that book “Why I’m No longer talking about race to white people”, and the reasons are course that I suffered a great deal of abuse over very many years, and that I work for MONEY, I do not work for race, colour, creed, sexuality, gender, disability, or any number of other toxic (often cultist) identity politic brand that people are expected to show loyalty and pledge allegiance to and so on, I find that informing people of such details, often leaves you isolated whilst they scuttle away to find folks more amenable to their prejudice, I have also found overtime, that a number of my immediate working colleagues, and even non-work colleaguesfurther afield have adopted similar attitudes, and found that all our lives and working conditions improve as a result. As someone who was in a ‘mixed’ marriage, you often find prejudice appearing from all directions and the most unlikely of places, you have broken the nudge and a wink covenants of Middle-England & The Commonwealth Rugby, Cricket, runs the thought process in the Guardian and other United Kingdom based News Media Realms, they (The Guardian) of course publish a wide variety of voices from many communities, though when I started commenting and joining in – I very quickly found that the undercurrent was one of ‘Stay with your own kind’ etc. to which I can only respond – been there, done that, already broken your rules folks – what you gonna do about it. I did see a Guardian article from Movie Writer Director Steve McQueen stating that the issues were Class and Race and I mostly concur with that, in that any desire to go into Acting and Theatre – I had when much younger was seemingly scuppered through the Class issues of the School I attended. Likewise I having been in a mixed marriage and having a daughter from said relationship, made me a target of abuse from many an intransigent or of more extremist position or bias identity politic cry-wolf individual or grouping, Harry & Meghan are somewhat taking a leap of faith in having gotten together, and gone their own way (so to speak), and I do hope despite what is in the press, that the broader Royal family are all supporting they and each other behind closed doors. I continuously to the best of my abilities shielded my visiting daughter, from the duress and stress and pressures I was often under for many years within my own life circumstances, and in honesty would suggest they (Harry & Meghan and Archie) require higher level of security than the Queen. The Brexit debate and related toxic nonsenses simply sent simmering tensions among many people to boiling point and beyond. In terms of awareness it should be stated that Steve McQueen could potentially be abused or called a hypocrite due to his earlier support of a woman at the head of the British Film Industry whom when DIVERSITY Targets were made and introduced – immediately commissioned and helped fund multiple ye olde White Period Drama’s, effectively circumnavigating the diversity requirements. Although she could in awareness and enlightenment terms simply be operating in alignment with the Winning Nationalist Brexit Agenda. That the problem of The Big EVER MOVING HORIZON Goal best approached in small stepping stone sub-goal fashion of present day issues or circumstance. At least Armando Iannucci can be said to have done the opposite with his David Copperfield film, and of course I look forward to seeing American Musical ‘Hamilton’ when it arrives on Disney Plus. Do not bite the hand that feeds you, well some Loyalty’s demanded or given, are not always in the best interest of those participating in such things, openly or behind closed doors. Everyone and anyone can always find a justifiable reason, such is the nature of our species.

So many of these For Profit Businesses want people to ENGAGE, PARTICIPATE, though what you usually find is unrepresentative ‘lip service’ individuals that come with some ready made bias of their own. And yes Regular Meditation with Holosync does seem to change the landscape for people on a personal experience level, though that is not going to necessarily be good enough to convey such things to other people, who are not necessarily wanting to become Meditators themselves, or indeed go outside of the bias and intransigence’s that they may have held pre meditation. (Kind of like being a lifelong supporter of a lower league team, that post meditation you know without doubt is going to lose against the higher league team ( and with greater clarity)). You can lead a horse to water though you cannot make the horse drink (so to speak).

So we are all full of lifelong accumulated DATA, and that data can be used in positive uplifting rewarding fashion, to help others and yourself, though very often, the attitude I have observed and Witnessed from many people who have utilised Enlightenment Awareness Tools, is one of make them suffer as I once suffered. I quite like the idea of Neutrality on many a topic, though likewise do feel, that the further I progressed in The Holosync Solution Programme, the more it seemed, that much of what has been done at Higher Levels of Society – Royalty, Science etc. has often been the most appropriate – in terms of what I know NOW Versus things I may have not been aware of at an earlier time of life etc. We have security and many Departments of State because they (are supposed to) reflect States of mind of the greater population and so on, though likewise given population sizes and Global Communications etc. and the ever ongoing “Progress” we see throughout the World, it can be the wise individual who focus’ more on themselves and their own uniqueness to affect change within their own life and World, than simply being a sheep in a World of would be cult leaders and Champions and so on, or at least find some greater discernment in choices and options and navigation etc.

Anyway what did I purchase if Anything, well first up

So this image has four new books and a couple from the previous week. As always I can think ‘oh that is interesting’ – as to how the Kindle AI organises and positions them. Or I can simply dismiss as imagination, or indeed seek to benefit in some way, shape and form from the expertise of the AI. At various points and at various levels of courses and Meditation you do come to see that you are somewhat repeating yourself as to the kind of things you are seeing, so those with lifelong diaries or blogs and so on, perhaps have an advantage over those of us who have not kept up with some daily ritual of collecting together our notes on thoughts, feelings, observations, awareness’ and so on.

Decoding Reality – Vlatko Vedral – I quite liked the title of this book, although it is simply another one for my Quantum book collection, and of course the more books you have on a topic, the more you can perhaps successfully utilse courses such-as photoreading from Learning Strategies. Although I must say from my years of Meditation that Decoding Reality sounds a somewhat simplified Label as to the Many Dimensions of Nature & Reality that I have experienced through my Meditations.

Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology With Reinvent Nature and ourselves – George M Church, sounds wonderful does it not, though we have all seen those Jurassic Park movies, Westworld TV Shows, or Witnessed the pandemic of a somewhat Frankenstein’s Monster Coronavirus. Still another book for the Gene Editing, DNA, RNA styled books of more recent studies.

How To Write A Great Script with Final Draft 10 – Wallace Wang – So I write this blog on WordPress, and I participated in Commenting at Guardian Online for 3-4 years (I think (mostly Cartoon Corner). And I also wrote a Few Articles on a Blogsite called Medium, and I downloaded and Purchased a somewhat all-in-one writing utensil called Scrivener, as well as having long owned versions of MS Office Suite (incl. Word). So I recently read a book that threw superlatives at some Screenwriting Software called Final Draft – so downloaded a free trial of Final Draft to check it out. The Instructions or Guide is apparently Youtube Video Presentations and I am like (arrggh) I like Active Tutorials such-as following instructions in an inbuilt tutorial or book and doing the actions on my PC or gadget. Having to watch video’s on some random site is not really my cup of tea. So I searched for a book and found this one, to help me along a bit. It was also a freebie via Kindle Unlimited.

An Introduction to Information Theory – Symbols, Signals and Noise – John R Pierce. So Many a book buyer of recent years may have purchased Nate Silvers Book The Signal and The Noise, though that was often about his experience of Technology end-user Statistics analysis, and he can be found regularly on his website and Twitter doing political and sports statistics probabilities and guidance’s. That is perhaps more “End User” styled signal and noise, and not really related to HARDWARE knowledge and electronics and earlier generation Information theory. So this book is more geared toward Actual Engineering and very much reminds me of my time in College studying Electronics Engineering. Where you typically not only learn logic gates and circuit board components etc. that we may have already learnt in Math, physics or earlier Computer Science lessons, though you actually get hands on creative in terms of physical circuit boards and components and some programming to get your circuitry to work etc. This book says its a collection of old Articles, though I enjoyed going through it anyway. I think this level of study should be done in School far earlier maybe alongside Woodwork and Metalwork, rather than later in Colleges or as a little bit of computer Science or Physics. I recently posted an article speaking on Military Signals Regiment, and a number of youngsters I was at College with were from the local Military Establishment in West Wales (A Missile testing Station and Airfield), I was really impressed with there Hands on skills with wiring and electronics and so on, that they perhaps gained through being apprentices, abilities and training that are often not available in more civilian realms.

Bulletproof – David Diamond – This is another Screenwriting book, that I add to my collection and this is the book that spoke on the Final Draft Software, I have a number of these books already and clearly over indulge myself, though it can always be interesting to see the perspective of multiple peoples within such realms and environments. Do I think anyone or anything is Bulletproof? Well in Entertainment Realms whether Games Realms or Major Motion Pictures, TV, Comics, books, Theatre we are given that sort of belief about particular characters, though in day to day life, we have seen Tragedy befall people from all realms and walks of life and at all levels of life (however they identify), so whilst it does pay to stay positive, it can also be sensible to have appropriate safeguards and precautions in place (Far easier for some folks than others perhaps). Though that should not be the focus, the focus should be on Solutions for any given individual given their own known circumstance, scenes and scenario’s etc.

Traffic Secrets – this book was ninety nine pence, and reminds me of one or two centerpointe courses I may have taken, it is basically about organising your own Website traffic, and gaining new income streams and so on, I also saw associate names of Centerpointe Mentioned, so it is easy to see, sometimes how particularly practices become common place and popular (because they work) and some will take the time to show people, via courses or books, there is always a new generation perhaps interested in starting out or setting up and plenty of such information available.

Innercise – John Assaraf – This chap is another Affiliate of the late Bill Harris, and I do recall having participated or listened in to one of his interviews or lectures and being quite impressed, although I was somewhat discerning in further pursuing such courses, as I had already invested in multiple Centerpointe Affiliate Courses at that time. There is no harm in checking out such peoples works and this particular book came free courtesy of my Kindle Unlimited Account. I should state that many of these Guru’s are not doing or saying anything would necessarily say is wrong, though typically have found that there is a genuine Experience Difference in my Pre Meditation and Post Meditation Worldviews and outlooks, in regard of many of these courses.

So I keep on Meditating, and I should perhaps develop courses and navigational routes of my own, though as always there really is an element of uniqueness in anyone’s given experience and how they choose to live there life and use there voice, if they have one, I often felt that my voice and experience went unheard for many years, and that was in part due to the louder voices of experts and people who have attained Celebrity or a high profile through what they have contributed to the World, or indeed otherwise. When I started Holosync, I did at some point adopt a zero tolerance attitude toward many historical thoughts feelings and behaviours, I wanted to clear out my own junk, along with not necessarily collecting anything new from the external World, to feel bad about along the way, and I do feel better for having done that, though as always breaking old habits or routines and so on, often requires a certain level of self discipline and vigilance, that it can be easy to give up on, when or if, you feel that you are not gaining the desired shifts in your life fast enough.


thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

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