The Art Of Super Disruption

So when thinking on writing a new blog article, I found myself thinking very much in regard of Politics and Disruption, and indeed the services, tools, and mechanisms through which disruption has been allowed and enabled to spread, throughout very many Communities and Localities around the Globe. As always there are those who advocate somewhat ‘anything goes’ policies in a disruptions are akin to shaking the tree, and seeing what falls out, fashion and manner, and others who believe that we already have pre-existing systems and mechanisms that exist that could easily have been applied in terms of protocols and rules of law, in order to bring disruptive endeavours within the jurisdiction of International Community and National Government Bodies and so on. You typically find as always, that consensus is rarely to be found along very many a permutation of ideas surrounding timelines, whether short, medium, or long term, and that in very many an instance, the responsibility should fall to the individual, or trader, or business or community that is in the front line of having to deal with a given issue. That of course potentially takes us into the ‘local for local people’ realms of discourse & engagement, though some of us, through our own particular life story or history, of often feeling as though we are ‘excluded’ or exist ‘behind enemy lines’, or are constantly under ‘siege’ have often utilised our knowledge of technology and so on, to find community in far away places, that offer reprieve from those often normalised undesirable affects of those stated issues.

So Will President Trump win a 2nd Term in the USA – I think at present he will, just as The Conservatives would win a new election within the UK. Sadly the rush to ‘engage’ or ‘battle’ at every slight or outrage, very often simply plays into the hands of those who already have control on the levers of power, or have pre-existing empowered lives. Far better, perhaps to be discerning in your choices and options, and of course, realise that people feel empowered at the possibility to ‘rebel against the system’ when people see mass media & social media stories of ‘herd rebellions’ and that becomes the new ‘idea of the system’ they will enter into the psychology of ever decreasing circular logic ambushes, alienating would-be supporters and neutrals alike, who very often might be up for some short battle, though rarely have the desire or motivation to enter into a long war, and alignment with Political viewpoints, where their original support was more in the spiritual terms of ‘what if this was me who suffered these seeming injustices et al.’ What people say outside of voting booths is often not demonstrated through the counts that occur of votes made in the Privacy of said voting booths.

I am long known to have been against The United Kingdom Parliament in its present shape and form, and whilst we have seen regional assemblies taking off in Scotland, Ireland and Wales, I really believe the United Kingdom would be better served through Parliament itself becoming something more of a Regional Assembly, and then having other assemblies throughout the UK. All that is wrong with LOCAL & NATIONAL POLITICS, can be found within the highly unrepresentative & heavy biases of the pre-existing set-up. I keep seeing campaigns for new local regional assemblies though it is akin to planting a zero on top of an infinity point.

So what books have I been viewing since I last wrote, well I have quite a number to perhaps show or speak upon, though as always my reason for purchase are my own.

So last week in a private posting, I had actually assembled images of very many freebies gained via kindle unlimited, and did not feel a need to publish those images for a viewing public. A couple of those books can be seen in this image, Infinity in the Palm of your Hand – Marcus Chown, and another mental models book – The Power Of Mental Models – Joseph Fowler. It can also be stated that my own quest or search for books has seemingly been disrupted by a re-organisation of Amazon Online and how they Organise differing categories of books and sub-categories and sub-sub-categories & so on. Whilst I am sure it works in a pleasing fashion for generic populist celebrity authors, for someone who likes to explore off the beaten path, for a higher level of well studied Realm Expertise, it makes things far harder, you really are getting to a point where you will have to visit University Web Sites and Examine there booklists and so on, for given topics and subjects, rather than just what is regurgitated and very often dumbed down for public consumption.

Disruption OFF – Terry Jones – I recently decided to reacquaint myself with recent book reading recommendations from Learning Strategies and Centerpointe Research Institute. This book was recommended for the Learning Strategies Photoreading Course in February 2020, and is presently available free via my kindle unlimited account.

Life on Your Terms – Rex Steven Sikes – This was the recommended book for the month of May for the Learning Strategies Photoreading course, and again is presently available as a freebie via Kindle Unlimited.

The Code Book – Simon Singh – This is the present and concurrent Learning Strategies Photoreading course book recommendation, and I paid for this one, though at a reasonable cost, and I like books on codes anyway, so another for my rather large collection on that subject matter.

The Productive Researcher – Mark Reed – So I like research though as many a reader perhaps notes, I do not seem to necessarily be all that productive on the many topics and subjects that I do research, can this book help me become PRODUCTIVE? This book is also presently a freebie via my Kindle Unlimited Account.

This image contains a couple of books that appeared in my Holosync Brain Club Reading List, whilst the rest are of course seeming bargains. Amazon seemingly managing to now follow the alleged ancient Tesco (Supermarket) Philosophy of “Pile It High, Sell It Cheap” much to the chagrin of authors and so on everywhere, though in the age of instant access Social Media, where people interact and communicate freely, writers & authors should perhaps be grateful that they are still able to reach audiences with somewhat whole and complete books, in an age where many attention spans are less than that of what they once were.

The Biological Mind – Alan Jasonoff – So multiple theories of mind exist, and anyone who has done a Learning Strategies course or two, such-as Abundance For Life, has perhaps encountered this idea that we are more than our mind and bodies and so on. This book seems to explore those ideas and I look forward to seeing how it contrasts or supports some of those courses and theories I have taken or studied.

Probably Approximately Correct – Leslie Valiant – So I studied Heuristics at University as part of my Artificial Intelligence Studies that are often developed around the idea of ‘search’ and many take Heuristics to be like a ‘Rule of Thumb’ And this book written by a Computer Scientist discusses Cognition and Evolution as perhaps complementary, I will not know until I read what he says.

Just Breathe – Dan Brule – So I already purchased books on breathing, and of course took up Meditation and followed various courses that have many a breathing exercise. As well of course having been a living breathing being all my life. This book was only £0.99, so I can hardly complain if it fails to offer anything new to the subject matter.

The Voices Within – Charles Fernyhough – Wow a book on this subject should make interesting reading, though I doubt I am alone in having taken up and continued with The Holosync Solution Meditation, due to its ability to clear out, dampen down or massively reduce, the amount of accumulated voices within, that any of us can have accumulated throughout our respective lifetimes.

Be Here Now – Ram Dass – This book was on my Holosync Brain Club reading list and as suggested earlier, I decided to see what those realms I heavily invested in for several years, were recommending or have historically recommended.

The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz – This book was also on my Holosync Brain Club list and they do say you get more of what you focus upon and that does seem to become the EXPERIENCE as you progress with the Meditation Technology, so whilst the World and its politicians and virus’ and uprising movements, and so on are all potentially highly disruptive to very many lives. In turning my own attention to more positive, uplifting, rewarding, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, I perhaps hope to better navigate such things, so as not to find myself returning to undesirable ,thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions of a younger time of life etc.

Suffering Focussed Ethics – Magnus Vinding – So my Eastern Meditation Philosophy Teachings have often stated that “All Life Is Suffering” even though the Technology itself can potentially greatly reduce the suffering of any individual who invests in those Technology and Courses for themselves. Meanwhile of course there is always the issue of a World where suffering is still common place among many peoples and populations, and it can do no harm to study what the present day thinking is on some of these issues.

Block-Chain For Non-It Professionals – Srinivas Mahankali – So blockchain technology has had an interesting history in recent years, mostly as to the popularity of Bitcoin and security issues, and I myself downloaded and ran a Blockchain Software for several months as part of my contribution to the Covid-19 Effort. Although I did not mind the software running in the background, I did find it an annoyance as to putting the computer into sleep mode etc. and finding that it does not happen, thereby introducing security risk to my Computer etc. So after 4 months I have once again removed the software, although some sites suggest that no blockchain software including this particular one can be trusted.

The Essential Guide…Production Music – Michael Hewitt – So I grew up around music, and of course like many a person invested in following pop & rock stars who were famous during my younger years, I also of course in taking up Holoync felt I was clearing up much of the accumulation of these things. I do think that a certain level of industry and commitment and skill and so on is involved within the Music industry, and it is therefore worth keeping an eye on and so I add this to my music book collection.

To Engineer Is Human – Henry Petroski – So I like engineering, and this chap claims to have written this book in an effort to bring a better understanding of definitions of engineering to a broader audience.

White Shift – Eric Kaufman – This another book on the issue of identity politics. Whilst I have my own viewpoint on the subject through my own lived experience, I have great concern regarding many of these books, as my experience of the Guardian Online community of many voices and claimed diversity, was not one of integrative policies so much as first among equals, self supremacists, I would even go so far as to suggest that whilst I myself have sought for multiple years some level of centred balanced equilibrium among competing factions, that particular sectors of so-called equal rights movements over indulge in first among equals cakeism, so much so that much of the overall diversity and equality landscape is completely out of equilibrium, much like the Social Media Landscape that many of these factions have used to exploit various populations and so on.

Meltdown – Chris Clearfield – So this was given a Financial Times best business books award in its year of release, though given the present drama’s seen throughout the World, it will be interesting to see how much of the lessons, learnings, techniques and strategies explained within this book are being applied to present day circumstances throughout the World.

So that is rather a large selection to make up for not publishing for a week or two, as always I can typically expand on my own viewpoints on various topic and subject matter, though likewise often feel you have reached a point or stage in your own life journey, where wisdom and discernment should be favoured over fool hardy ness, irrespective of where such behaviours and actions and so on are occurring and originating within the World at Large.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

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