The Overfamiliarity Crisis

So “The Overfamiliarity Crisis” is not at all, a new phenomenon, so much as a vastly expanded, and exploited phenomena, where perspectives from an earlier age. of Societal “Ignorance Is Bliss” as to the ins & outs of Celebrity Life, or High Profile Life, have typically vanished in the modern day demands of materialism & consumerism created via Global Communications and The World Wide Web.

We recently of course saw hackers apparently make intervention into the output of various Establishment Realms and Individuals on the Social Media Platform Twitter, whereby it was seemingly revealed, or became apparent that the output from various Accounts was not actually necessarily the Headline name of the account Holder. Many Famous individuals or Business Owner can of course set up computer systems that pump out Advertisements or Daily Informative updates of their service & activities 24/7, whilst at the same time have a set up whereby they themselves can interject with more personalised comment or output on their particular output streams, that in turn can of course confuse and potentially bring about further conflict, as for every alleged intelligent person, who can rationalise that they are not necessarily communicating with, witnessing output from said Account Name Holder, many others may unwittingly not make such conclusions, especially those who are new, too young to fully comprehend or understand, or have existed in life not involving these sectors of modern day Technologies & Realms.

So people acting on an overfamiliarity with output from any given Realm, has been suggested to have been the bane of many a High Profile individuals life, and of course, also the reason why so many life realms hire employees, to better communicate with fans, or audiences and provide a greater level or security and so on, and that in turn can potentially exasperate or create issues where non previously existed.

Given the meditative approach I myself have taken with life in recent years, I do think that anyone with a higher than regular profile, wanting to maintain some level of sanity within their family life, should perhaps have direct lines & means of communication amongst each other, that bypasses hangers-on and employees, and other vested interest networks etc. Yes some types of behaviour may well be common place at all levels of Society, though the causes are often well documented, as are any number of Solutions. Are “Institutions” and “Establishments” really more important the the mental health and wellbeing of their constituent parts? IE. We often see the argument that a symbiosis exists between Celebrity & Reporter (for example). Though the feeding frenzy for some Societal Individuals has been demonstrated, over and again to have been abused & exploited for short term interest, and in many a case & circumstance, the inability of said High Profile Individuals to have any shape and form of Right To Reply, the act of ENGAGEMENT in many a debate or situation & scenario can typically reinforce that falsehoods are true & rubbish comments such-as “there is no smoke without fire” when, with many a circumstance, the exploitative individual has started a fire and then poured petrol on the flames as a CATALYST, to acceleration of the smoke, very often of course in support of their own AGENDA & audience, rather than necessarily the benefit of any other individual or group or collective.

We saw many of these kinds of activities during the so-called Cold War Years, between Nation States, though anyone who wants to delve deeper into greater truths, should check out International Trade between alleged opponent Nations, as more often than not, many a Propaganda Conflict (stoking imagined rivalries between states & peoples) has not been supported by what was happening hidden away from public perception & view, within international trade markets and papers. Newspapers such-as The Financial Times may not seem all that appealing and exciting to the common man & woman on the street, though they certainly help in debunking the daily nonsenses seen from many of their brethren within the broader News Media Industries.

So what books, have I selected for this article and how has the Amazon AI chosen to Organise them, within my Library – I often find that my own selecting of books, and then the AI. reorganising said publications, offers a quite interesting combinatorial “Feedback & Return” system for the development of my own Intuition, and ideas as to the nature of consciousness and indeed questions as to the bias of algorithms or otherwise, that are very much common place throughout much of the modern World.

Small Arcs Of Larger Circles – Nora Bateson – So this author has taken the work of an earlier generation writer relative, and expanded upon that work, in this case something called ‘An Ecology Of Mind’ with two invented terms to supplement the Theory. What are “Symmathesy” and “Transcontexuality”, anyone who reads this book will perhaps be enlightened as to this authors meaning of those terminologies.

Nanotechnology – Ben Rogers – So there have been many an excited quote as to the advent of nanotechnologies and what they mean for Society, for very many years, and of course, this particular book is perhaps a primer for someone wanting to be a scientist in this arena, rather than simply a fan of the many versions seen within many an entertainment fiction, that is possibly not yet supported by current Science advances.

Untangling The Web: An NSA Guide to Research – National Security Agency – I have zero idea if this really is the output of that particular United States Government Realm, though did think it strange even in these modern day times, that such an allegedly top secret establishment would say ‘here you go, here’s an insight to our methodologies and strategies for conducting research on the Web’.

The Shallows – Nicholas Carr – This is suggested to inform of how the Internet has brought about a change in societal behaviours namely how we think, read and remember. A great deal of Social Engineering style books exist, and many report on how modern technological realms have brought about shifts in many a societal demographic’s behaviours.

The Master Switch – Tim Wu – I purchased this as a cheapie, and though it is quite a few years old now, I do think it quite relevant in that today, I think we have advanced far enough from when it was written, to draw conclusions as to the books accuracy or otherwise on many of the then themes that were occurring at the time of its original composition.

Making Up The Mind – Chris Frith – How The Brain Creates our Mental World. This is another older book from a Neuroscientist, who wrote this book on regarding of the Brain Versus Mind debate, based in the latest advancements from his research at that point in time. I do often find that despite having far newer books on such topics, that it can always be handy to delve back into earlier authors works on the topic and subject. Despite the “accelerated speed of life” that we can now seemingly find ourselves caught up in, it can do no harm to understand that most Science Realms advance at quite small stepping stone increments, however much some individuals want otherwise to be the truth.

The Meritocracy Trap – Daniel Markovits – This is one of those kinds of books, that assumes to debunk the kind of psychological systems many of us have going on, throughout much of our lives. We all potentially know or have a Desire for Meritocracy, though typically also potentially have ego’s and sense of entitlements, that distract us from how we all manage to be correct in our own demand for equality and fairness and meritocracy, without necessarily having a shared ‘meaning’ that works for all peoples and communities and so on and so forth. In fact whilst none appear within todays book images, what often goes to the heart of these Matters are issues of “Winner Takes All Systems” Versus “Distribution of Merit Systems”, where sadly so-called Game Theory often demonstrates (whether we any of us agree or otherwise) that all things being equal – Winner Takes All is from an individual agent perspective – always the best strategy. I am not sure how that goes down with my Meditative Lessons and Learnings as many of those Guru’s (whose output I followed & courses I purchased) have clearly taken their followers on a journey, that often early on can seem as though it is they operating on a “Winner Takes All” strategy, though can often seemingly transition to unexpectedly something else altogether.

Game Feel – Steve Swink – So ideas surrounding modern day Virtual Reality have often been about interaction between you and your special gadgets, headsets and gloves and vibrating controllers and joysticks and so on, and I think this book was in many ways a kind of bridging mechanism between how us older generation of game players perhaps played video games in the 1980’s & 1990’s and how that has transitioned more and more to investigating sensory mechanisms for VR and so on. Yes arcade games within arcades have explored and had quite a variety of interactive mechanism even back in the 1980’s & 1990’s though since the turn of the millennium, more and more effort has been placed upon getting these things where your average person in the street wanted them, at home with family & friends on your Wii Console, or Playstation, or Xbox and so on etc.

Cyber Mercenaries – Tim Maurer – So we have recently seen great debate and mud slinging between Nation States as to the behaviour or otherwise of Their respective Intelligence Agencies, and who is doing what to whom at any given moment in time will, I doubt, never truly be resolved, as the modern Global Connected World has demonstrated far more privateer activities, within and without many a nation, than officially state sanctioned bodies could potentially keep track off, or indeed necessarily want to claim as their own. This book claims to report on some of those intricacies, though my own concern (in having read up and investigated many of these things) is that their is often a quite deliberate & hawkish bias from those within Espionage & Intelligence Agencies from most Nation States. The old Gentleman’s respect among given life realms (if it ever truly existed) has long since vanished in a sort of justification for the justification for the justification, free market hierarchy of too many competing factions, where sorting wheat from chaff and shades of grey as to motivations or otherwise, can only bring about more conflict & confusion, where wiser minded heads should acknowledge that they all know that they have ongoing operations against each other, though should all perhaps seek to reign in some of the questionable activities of freelancer mercenary, privateer operations of James Bond styled Story’s, setting Great powers against each other.

The Mediated Construction of Reality – Nick Couldry – This another book on Social Theory and Social Engineering or Communication & Media Studies (perhaps), though I was seeking to find a book that manages to incorporate many of these types of issues, and this book title perhaps fits in with those things.

The Death Of Expertise – Tom Nichols – So this book is only 3 years old, though I think many who have lived through the last few years might concur that, what was one regarded as healthy – the invitation to debate, participate & learn, and so on, has only exasperated and polarised very many an entrenched intransigent persons position on many a topic and subject of debate, very often to the detriment of possibly a given individual themselves, and indeed those who are constantly exploited by the very many ongoing free-for-all debates that can be found within most Societies.

The Great Convergence – Richard Baldwin – So this book is about Trade & Globalisation, and goes into some detail as to how trade developed down through the ages, and eventually led to the Globalisation of the last few years, with perhaps some prophecy as to what next.

Always Day One – Alex Kantrowitz – So I recently suggested that much of my Meditative lessons and learnings eventually led to the idea of Always Day One (in the way that you think, feel and behave etc.) and that philosophy has long been taken up by Technology Companies with great success, according to this author, although I am sure their is more to it than that.

Science Fictions – Stuart Ritchie – So an Above book suggested that the World was experiencing “The Death Of Expertise”, and this book perhaps counters that, with a position that says well actually, there is much about Science Expertise and systems that have in fact contributed to a lack of trust and faith in expertise, due to the way those Expert realms themselves operate, not sure how much cross-over their genuinely is between these writers of differing realms, though I am sure we any of us can seek to draw conclusions and comparisons etc. once we have read an digested there respective outputs.

Writing For The Cut – Greg Loftin – So I have perhaps overindulged Screenwriting books, and I thought I know what about Editing and other behind the scenes type roles that exist within movies and TV an so on. This one about editing, though interestingly once you find a sub topic or genre for many a given realm, you often find more specialised branches of interest, that you may have previously neglected or glossed over through lack of awareness that such a position or role existed, and indeed many of these things are perhaps dependant on production size, scale and scope, as well as budget. though are always of interest never the less.

So that another rather large selection to get through and should keep me occupied for a while. It is of course The Holiday Season, and I often find when noting what is in the media at this time of annual point, that there is always a certain amount of light care free silly season about it. I think this year we are still seeing a certain amount of silly season activities etc. Though also a greater polarisation among differing groups and factions, and of course in typical fashion, most can see the silly behaviours of others whilst not being altogether aware of the silly nonsenses of they themselves, and how they may well appear to others etc.

Anyway as always

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

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