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The Great British Vaccine Rollout Fraud!

I have dithered & procrastinated as to whether to write down my thoughts on these matters or otherwise. The reason for delay of course is that part of my longer term experience of meditation and the associated coaching programmes I participated in, very often ask variations on the questioning of RESOURCEFULNESS. EG. Are these thoughts, feelings, behaviours, actions resourceful?

Many examples can be found in day to day life, where we get so sucked into a debate or issue – that it effortlessly and unconsciously becomes transitioned into an issue of being Right. IE. Intransigence can set in, in terms of points of view, and then we typically carve out a position for ourselves that is regarded as unhelpful – possibly to ourselves, and more importantly – unhelpful to those who may take our contribution to debate as a valid contribution etc. how many an unwise Leader leads their followers down blind alleys, only later having to backtrack in some fashion, that brings out all and any would be an opponent or commentator or expert, with an “I told you so”, they themselves very often not necessarily being au fait with a topic and subject matter, none the less, wading in as though some all knowledgeable guru on such things.

So what is wrong with the Vaccine Rollout & why would anyone call it fraudulent?

I am sure for most of our point of views, that the energy & expenditure / investment into finding suitable vaccines for the Coronavirus has been – or can be regarded as successful, however the success of the Scientists and Pharmaceutical firms, and in turn the seeming success of the NHS in terms of Rollout, is despite or irrespective of many of the claims being made by Government – who have been over indulged in politicising all of these things, very often in terms of what would have been grabbing the headlines over the last year or two were it not for this World wide pandemic, the World is being reported as going through. IE. Huge amounts of Column inches & propaganda that would have (in normal times) been reported as Brexit related issues and matters are all being swept under the great Covid Pandemic Carpet. That is regardless of the fact that both pro Brexit and pro Remain campaigners or supporters were (to a certain degree) united in an awareness of the belief and prophecies that Brexit would have any number of assorted detrimental effects upon the United Kingdom (in the first instance) and potentially wider ramifications for the wider World in which the United Kingdom would find itself following Brexit.

So with the Pandemic, huge amounts of column inches started being given to experts in Statistics and the War Rhetoric that had served Pro Brexit Campaigners during the 2016 Brexit Campaign and intervening year Election Campaigns was immediately transferred to “The War On Covid” an enemy that in normal day to day conditions (outside of your average Laboratory) cannot be seen, only possibly witnessed (possible, though questionable folk tale diagnosis measures) or experienced.

First up, early diagnosis and deaths were occurring within other regions of the Globe, though international coverage was following these matters with a clear view , first up was Wuhan in China where deaths were said to have occurred in late 2019. Early 2020 saw China go into Lockdown and they (China) Sequencing the Virus and providing details to the Wider World. , Diagnosis of unexplained deaths started being seen in places in Europe such-as Italy and Switzerland, where the Wuhan trail was identified as being that of Global Commuters on Business Trips and Skiing Holidays and so on. IE. Modern Air Transport Routes were taking the virus Global followed by Waves of Regional outbreaks. Throughout all the early months of TV and Media Coverage – the New Populist Political Movement’s featuring Leaders such-as Donald Trump and Alexander Johnson and so on, all downplayed the virus, (possibly on the pretext of not wanting to cause Panic, Hoarding, and other detrimental outcomes, that happened anyway) and of course most populist Leaders were operating from a Libertarian Small State mindset, of non interference, and wanting to preserve all and everything to do with the Economies – that are long said to make or break how politicians and politics in general are viewed by populations etc. The United Kingdom was also still highly divided over the issue of Brexit.

So in the UK at least, much of the News Media coverage started collecting statistics as to the spread and makeup of the affected populations, and first up it was being reported that the Elderly & Ethnic Minorities were worst affected. One can well imagine huge numbers of the population breathing a sigh of relief as to not falling into those categorisations, though it also led to a level of cynicism as to why were we in the UK not going into Lockdown when International Coverage – such-as that seen from Italy, were that Italy’s Hospital’s were overflowing and unable to cope with patient numbers. Much the same is now being reported in early 2021 from India – where another populist Leader Modi – downplayed the significance of the virus etc.

I should at this point state that apart from a working break following my Father’s death in late February 2021, I have, as an individual, worked throughout all the lockdowns, wind, rain or shine, whilst many business have had to shut up shop, or enter into furlough schemes and so on. The Multi National Business I work for, actually introduced greater safety measure and procedures, and indeed more PPE (personal protective equipment) on top of the pre-existing PPE, long before the United Kingdom Government actually did anything. They hit the road running (so to speak) and obviously trust the Global International Business Intelligence that they have, over that of what might be regarded as local or regional or colloquial Politics etc.

So another of the great Learnings from various Mediation processes, procedures and principles and associated courses, was actually one of knowledge – and the deletion, distortion, generalisation of knowledge, these thing are common place throughout many a persons life, although they can also be referred to as other things – so, deletion might get called omission (for example), check them out in your favoured Thesaurus.

So what was the great omission in the statistics – that I highlighted – such-as at Guardian Online, that has continued to be omitted throughout the pandemic. Well it is a rather obvious one, though perhaps demonstrates that the State possibly knows less about the average family or group or individual in the street than many a person (with self important ego) believes them to know. The state is not one generalised generic blob, we have an NHS, we have a Tax Office, we have a Driving Licence office and a passport office and so on, IE. Whist huge amounts of data may exist (about any one individual) within the State Apparatus – their is not really a centralised “Big Brother Is Watching You” Facility. Yes some Forces such-as Intelligence Agencies can go out and get a warrant (or otherwise) and collate all these inter-related aspects of someone’s life, though all in all, unless we are operating outside of the law of the land and so on, it is only our ego and beliefs about our own importance in the World that might lead to us thinking we more important that just being 1 person in a United Kingdom population of 67,000,000 in a World population of 7,000,000,000 etc.

Anyway that Omitted Statistic that I thought should be taken into account is related to the question how long to you believe you are going to live? You can perhaps look to average life expectancy, or your own family for indicators. Many of us grow up doing history lessons where it is constantly reiterated that earlier generations of the human race, had lower life expectancies etc. and could expect to die at much younger ages. So having speculated on life expectancy you might want to then investigate population growth. We are often bombarded with age demographic generational catch-all such-as “The boomer Generation”, “Generation X”, “Millennials” and so on, that are extremely VAGUE on numbers.

My point was basically that if you investigate EG. The Boomer generation – an alleged massive increase in population growth following WWII, are you not then going to see a similar disproportionate increase in death rates at some point down the line, whether that is 60, 70, 80, 90, 100+ years later. Many perhaps reluctant to think directly on there own potential mortality or indeed that for everyone wanting some relatable “he/she died of something” statistic – immortality has yet to be achieved beyond that of Societal Fiction and Story’s and Legacy and so on. No I am not advocating “let it rip” as Prime Minister Alexander Johnson was said to have suggested in relation to the Covid Pandemic, though as many within medical circles and medical training will tell you, regardless of any number of measures used within Society and the Medical Profession to preserve and sustain life, at some point, peoples conditions and bodily health etc. will simply be beyond that of what Science can achieve in maintaining life etc. Discussion for Moralists and Ethicists perhaps, though the only response someone gave me on this topic and subject was that people were on average losing some possible 11 years of life expectancy. I still think a gap clearly exists in the data, and the assigning of death to Covid, a distraction from more basic factors such-as Old Age – as was given for Prince Phillips Death.

Is that all? No unlike many a person, I have continued to work throughout the pandemic and have typically seen online behaviour from other peoples and persons who are under lockdown, that suggests that the United Kingdom has something of a high level of peoples and persons who have gradually become ever more stir crazy, and many of them are seemingly oblivious to just how strange or weird and so on, that they have become, in some of there outpourings and so on. Along with this has been the constant TV and Media coverage of Downing Street and Press Conferences, all seemingly geared – SECRETLY TOWARD THE BREXIT PROJECT, Whilst giving PRETENCE TO THE COVID PANDEMIC.

The Narrative is one of “We are all in this together” though as someone who has continued to work, and ignored much of the Narrative, in preference to my Meditative Lessons and Learnings, and so on. Much of the nonsense is just that – nonsense. This idea that all should put aside differences and come together presenting a United Brexit Front oops Covid Front – as though the very many toxicities and lies and huge amounts of prejudice that some of us have experienced throughout our lives, and more recently in relation to the Brexit debates are all water under the Bridge.

This is especially true when you see all the positivity around the success of the NHS in relation to the Covid-19 Vaccine rollout – where I have typically been caught in observation of statistics from Downing Street that do not match the “on the ground” experience of friends and family, (for example) here in Hereford.

Using myself as an example – sometime in April around the 13th or 14the April it was announced that the Vaccination Rollout was being extended to 45 to 49 year olds, and that they should come forward for vaccination etc. I being within that age range and continuing to work, simply waited for a letter from the NHS, A letter was received on Saturday 17th April telling me to go to a particular NHS website and book 2 appointments, using my given NHS number.

I followed the instructions provided, entering my details, and answered one or two other questions that the website was asking in relation to the booking of appointments. I was then provided with a list of Locations that I could go for Vaccination. ALL BAR ONE OF THE LOCATIONS WERE WITHIN THE NEIGHBOURING COUNTY OF WORCESTERSHIRE. I live in HEREFORDSHIRE where only 1 location was being provided to me, A Location on some distant City Limits Trading Estate, that you would not expect to know of as having a GP Surgery unless you lived within said area, or were mobile (have transport such-as a Car). I should at this point state that I was aware that my mother, also a Hereford Resident, had an appointment at a differing location within Hereford, although even she had to Travel further than she would have preferred in order to have her 2 Vaccinations.

So I not wanting to be difficult or make a fuss decided to go out of my way to go along with what was being offered. I should perhaps also state that I live in Central Hereford, LITERALLY less than 10 minutes walk from multiple GP Surgeries (including my own), a couple of Medical Centre Clinics, and The Local Hospital – none of which were being offered to me as a location for vaccination, as a Hereford Resident.

The Website Offered me an appointment that was 3 weeks away – oh that’s strange – why is Hereford literally a whole month behind the Vaccine Rollout Statistics coming out of Downing Street? I should also point out that my mother is in one of the elder 70’s + Age ranges, and she had to wait longer than expected for her 1st appointment, and literally had her 2nd appointment during this last week of early May – when the Government is claiming they (within her age range) were all fully vaccinated March / April – that is not true for my mother’s experience, so I wonder why a seeming National MEDIA BLACKOUT IS IN OPERATION AS TO CHALLENGING THESE STATISTICS? Even papers that you might expect to challenge these things have been noticeably extremely quiet on the issue, and can indeed be called out as collaborating through silence etc.

So I chose the earliest possible day that was possible for me to have an appointment for my first vaccination (according to the website – the 7th May 2021). I also chose a suitable time for me to attend – the times provided were 9 to 5 day time, so it meant that I would have to stay up after the end of my preceding Night Shift. I chose as early as possible 9.05 am. The Computer System then informed me that I had successfully booked this first appointment and should now book a 2nd Appointment – (I jotted down the appointment details in my diary etc.). I should also at this point interject that the Letter also made a big deal of ensuring you book 2 appointments. WHY IS THIS SUCH AN ISSUE?

I tried and tried and tried again, to book a 2nd appointment – and the computer system literally REFUSED to enable me to book a 2nd appointment – I eventually gave up, assuming that a 2nd appointment must be handed out when you attend your 1st appointment. Recalling that there had been debate over the gap between appointments for 1st and 2nd Treatment. Maybe the system was setup for 3 weeks, and the Government said 12, so they stopped giving 2nd appointments on a Computer system designed with 3 weeks in mind.

I then patiently waited another 3 weeks for the date of my appointment to come up. During those 3 weeks, we saw even more opening up of the Vaccine to lower age demographics, 44 year olds, and 40 year olds and so on. In discussion on the appointment booking system with 1 or 2 colleagues, multiple all reported the same things – being asked to present for appointments in distant neighbouring County of Worcestershire, and indeed that it was quite common that people were unable to book 2nd appointment on the online site that they were directed to by their NHS letters. A mixture of opinion exists among colleagues, some already having had Vaccination via underlying conditions arranged directly via their GP surgeries or Hospital, others that they would not be travelling to Neighbouring County for vaccination.

so following my shift on Thursday Night, that ended on the morning of Friday 7th May 2021, I did my usual journey home, got freshened up, had something to eat and called a local Taxi Firm, to see if they had a cab available, a call to another firm on the previous day had not been fruitful -as all their drivers were booked up with School runs. This firm did however have one available at the time I requested so all I had to do, though tired was stay up and wait.

I put my coat on, and put my smartphone in a coat pocket, and put my mask on in readiness for the cab, and I stood by the gate excitedly awaiting being taken for my vaccination, after having waited an entire month since the vaccination programme was opened up to my age group, and more than a year (that I have worked throughout) since earliest lockdowns etc.

The cab arrived, I got in, and the driver set out on the best route to the distant Industrial Trading Estate GP Surgery where I was to have a vaccination. The time I had chosen for appointment is actually the worst for Traditional Rush Hour Traffic, though we ploughed through and arrived with a few minutes to spare. I in such good spirits that I told the cabbie to “keep the change” from the note I had handed him, and got out of the cab, in front of the building, in this unfamiliar trading estate, I now found myself.

I did take a couple of pictures of the building on my mobile, as I had full intention of going all non-entity, boasting of having had a first vaccination treatment, and encouraging others to do likewise, anyone who had seen my Twitter feed on the previous day, would have, in fact seen that, on or around Archie Windsor Mountbatten’s Birthday (Harry & Meghan’s son) – I had provided a link to a Charity that was collecting money and matching donations toward Worldwide Vaccination Programmes, I provided that link after I made a donation.

So in front of the building a few people were already gathered, and I joined a Socially distanced queue. Shortly later a man exited the building, and started going along the line to folks asking what time their appointment was, and asking which treatment they were having (1st or 2nd). He also at some point stated that only people who had booked 1st and 2nd appointments had appointments – because they were the only ones, with appropriate reference numbers given by the online booking system. I was obviously tired and had now stayed up several hours after the end of my working shift, and could not believe what I was hearing “sorry, what, can you repeat that” – he repeated that only people who had 2 reference numbers for 2 booked appointments actually had appointments. I explained that all attempts I had made to book 2 appointments had been futile, and he simply said, I’m sorry, you have not got an appointment, he also explained something about having to untick some secret magical box within the online booking system that enables you too book a 2nd appointment. My mind kind of exploded in a combination of upset tired fury at all this, and I could not process or comprehend what I was hearing or having explained to me. I simply tried to hold myself together and as politely as possible informed the gentleman that I would not be coming back here again, it all feels somewhat surreal recalling these things as I type, , though it was one of those moments that seems to hang forever, often depicted in TV in various shape and form of slow motion for dramatic effect. After repeating that I would not be trying to book another appointment or coming back here again – I marched off, heading for home in a kind of shocked humiliated disbelief at my treatment within the queue etc., although my mum was a nurse for 50 years, and I myself worked within the NHS for 5-6 years (back in the 1990’s), I am, as an individual, an exceptionally infrequent patient or user of the National Health Service. I simply had to leave the place of humiliation – shattered (I think) by my having continuously worked wind rain or shine throughout the lockdowns, whilst all and every Media outlet I check upon be it BBC, SKY and multiple newspaper outlets bombard with propaganda and LIES as to how well the vaccination programme is going.

If there were not a NEWS MEDIA BLACKOUT ON THE BOOKING SYSTEM ISSUES, these things could have been avoided.

the Press could have run articles such-as

1. How to actually book 2 appointments without magical mystery knowledge not included with the instruction letter, or on the online booking website.

2. Why the population within the City and County of Hereford in Herefordshire are unable to book appointments online within the City and County of Herefordshire, & why? does Hereford in Herefordshire appear to the population of Hereford in Herefordshire to be a month behind and being “DISAPPEARED” from the National vaccination programme statistics coming out of Downing Street?

Many will say or think (in little white lies to themselves and others) it is bad form to criticise the NHS blah blah blah. I am not criticising people who have been in the front line, working as I have continuously throughout the pandemic, as stated above, my mother was a Nurse for many years, and I myself worked within the NHS for a time. I am criticising the BLATANT PROPAGANDA LIES coming out of DOWNING STREET, and the BLATANT NEWS MEDIA BLACKOUT that could have helped to rectify teething troubles and issues such as this one I have seemingly been caught up in.

So I marched home following my appointment that wasn’t an appointment, and my anger and fury grew, and various frustrated thoughts, feelings etc. ricocheted through my being (so to speak) unable to be articulated or expressed and so on. I thought I would sleep on it, rather than rush out online with something stupid or regrettable. I slept on it, as best I could, and woke up not having had enough sleep and still fuming, on Friday evening, I went to work in a somewhat angry disappointed state of mind, I chatted again on the issues with similar aged colleagues and again it was confirmed that 1 or 2 had heard of issues with the booking of 2nd appointments with the online system, and or that they could not attend appointments they themselves were offered in distant Worcestershire etc.

At some point in future I may well contact my GP surgery, and try to arrange an appointment via themselves, though even now several days later am fuming, and after this humiliation and treatment, I am far less inclined to tolerate the lies and bullshit coming out of Downing Street, or the complete media silence and blackout around these issues, and nor will I be wasting a moment visiting the NHS online booking website, or the only distant trading estate in the City, that I am allowed appointments at, a month away at a time. No thank you!

In the event that anything happens to me, in the meantime, this blogpost at least serves as something of a true account, of one individual’s experience of The Glorious Brexit Covid Vaccination Fraud that is occurring under the Brexit Government of Alexander Johnson and his army of sycophantic Brexit Xenophobes, and followers.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

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