Strange Alternative Facts

Well I used the word Strange in the Title and then very quickly found myself thinking “they are not all that STRANGE at all”, so as a self editor I might have chosen to remove that word, though for every person of my age that can think they are not all that strange at all, their are potentially a multitude of other people of differing age and ability and life experience who really do think that ‘Alternative Facts’ is some new idea of recent years, that has been added to the Global Lexicon. In fact if you choose one subject or topic and purchase multiple books to study, you will find that each writer or author has expressed the FACTS in an ALTERNATIVE fashion to each other, that is also often more notable due to issues such-as Subjective Versus Objective debate, and of course PROGRESS where a new generation of Scientists might find themselves having to redefine how they communicate the FACTS about an earlier Scientific Development in the light of new knowledge and new factual developments. In the realms of Films – I often like to think on films such-as Twins where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito were paired up as unlikely siblings – one said to have been born of high quality genetic materials, whilst the other the genetic waste or left overs, one brought up on a Beautiful Island Paradise hidden away from the World, and the other having a tough life of cares homes and criminality – the debates as to Nurture Versus Nature and subjective versus objective vaguely alluded to within that comedy. Another such comedy perhaps Trading Places where Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy found themselves walking a mile in each others lives. (so to speak), again the FACTS of one’s life very differing from that of the other. Why say all this – well I mostly accepted much about the World of Science when I was growing up, and indeed in living much of my life, and then of course an accumulated lifelong count of seemingly overwhelming obstacles led to my wanting to change things – or get to the root of many of my issues, and that led first to ‘of the shelf’ Hypnosis styled products (that seemingly amplified or exasperated the issues) and then eventually The Holosync Solution Meditation Technology, where my advancement through the Levels of said Technology brought to my awareness, just how much of what I thought to be true about the World ,to be in fact rubbish, or at the very least to not be a complete or accurate understanding of very many aspects of life the universe and everything. Among those new awareness’ and enlightenments was the subject matter of so-called ‘Bio-Hacking’, and in completely honest disclosure, I am still not fully sure or aware of what the best meaning of this phrase is.

This of course takes us into this weeks books and this week I attempted to find something of a bargain basement styled selection, several books around the £10 mark and then some bargain basement books, that were far higher in cost to readers until quite recently finding themselves in the reduced pile.

So to explain or not to explain.

The Magicians – Marcus Chown – is one of those bargain bin selections, and is about Science, the book falls into those easy or general reading styled categorisations, and typically was given good reviews from his peers.

The Story Factor – Annette Simmons – this is an updated version of an apparent classic (that I have never heard of) and again falls into those easy or general reading style categorisations. I have many a book that runs from the central thread of storytelling as a human ability to be utilised or exploited etc. and this is another hints and tips, general diagnostic guidance book, for those interested in improving their output in alignment with the the expertise of this Author.

Immortality, Inc – Chip Walter – this is a book that perhaps delves into that Bio-hacking realm that I mention above, and informs a little on where research, intention or speculation is at, at present, it mentions multiple experts and luminaries invested in this field. Whilst I do not think Bill Harris or Dr Daniel Amen or Dave Asprey are mentioned, they are all kind of interconnected and one of the last associates or affiliates that Bill Harris recommended / endorsed to me, prior to his death a couple of years ago was Peter Diamandis whose ‘The Future is Faster than you think’ book I purchased back in Feb / March time. Peter Diamandis does make this Immortality Inc. book and for people who are interested, one of his most recent Future Science related developments has been the following Website called FUTURELOOP the Futureloop Project has a story all of its own that is rather interesting for Tech-heads, although I have not yet made up my own mind as to the quality of articles available on the website, the subject are quite scientifically diverse and interesting.

The Science Of Star Wars – Mark Brake – this is exactly the kind of book I might have purchased as an interested teenager brought up on a diet of Science Fiction TV & Film and Tomorrows World styled TV Shows, the book is a comparable styled endeavour where the writer takes information regarding invented Science as presented in popular Star Wars Realms, and then expands on explanations as to where real World Science is at in comparison. The book is an all written textual account and those who want more images and so on should probably look to Official books released by the Lucasfilm Story Group such-as those of Pablo Hidalgo. This book was also written prior to most recent Star Wars Realm Fiction ‘The Mandalorian’ so do not expect any images or talk of comparative study of Baby Yoda Versus Baby Davey.

Well I think I look quite cute in this recently found image of me, during my early years.

Treknology – This is in a similar vein to The Science of Star Wars, in that it goes through various futuristic Technologies invented within the Star Trek Universe and then runs comparative study of where our Science is actually at. This book is great and is full of visual presentation and images for Star Trek realms and real World Science explanations and is the superior of these particular two books in terms of my own tastes, although I know that many other fantastic books exist for both Star Wars Realms and Star Trek Realms that I as an individual enjoy equally, even if the realm luminaries and some diehard fans seemingly spend inordinate amount of time and energy poking fun at each other or indeed playing one-upmanship games on multiple social media.

Big Mind – Geoff Mulgan – this is another book on this grand idea of the benefits of collaborative intelligence and the authors own research into cross realm intelligence and pollination and so on, these things are of course down to the choice and options available to any given individual, and indeed potentially how much awareness and enlightenment or choices and options people have – My Worldview and outlook now as a regular meditator is very differing to what it may have been, if I had read such works at a younger time of life.

So the Title was “Strange Alternative Facts” and of course I spoke on this issue of Bio-Hacking and I do wonder as to what Bio-hacking actually is, you did think after a couple of years of Holosync usage, that very little you thought to be true about the World was true, and likewise question as to wondering if Bio-hacking is Hacking the Biography of other people – in most simple terms possibly wanting to cherry-pick what are perceived as the positives attributes and values of earlier generations or successful people, for yourself, or indeed if Bio-Hacking really is seeking to become the very best Healthy version of yourself through your level of awareness and enlightenment, and usage of trending with all the best and most recent Scientific and Health knowledge – this idea of making your life become a self fulfilling prophecy – fake it until you make it strategies – have a long History, although from my usage of Holosync you come to realise that unless you are using Technology that really can go deep into clearing out many an accumulated life experience or trauma, you are likely to find yourself going round in circles as to breaking free from particular beliefs or behaviours and so on, in fact even with greater awareness and enlightenment – even if you yourself have a greater degree of choices and options, there is an aspect whereby the so-called cycles and patterns of time will continue and various individuals and populations and societies will seek to be aligned or otherwise with acting out such things, the monitoring or witnessing posture and stepping back from such things, and focussing on how you yourself can best progress or proceed really can be the best option, in light of many of the lessons & learnings and experiences you may already accumulated throughout life.

So I grew up with a love of Science Fiction dramatic entertainments and what you typically come to realise with progress is that you often want the Science and Technological aspects of these invented Worlds and Realms, though can happily exist without much of the conflict and dramatic storytelling of the humans that is seen within such entertainments.

That I am sure is a ‘Strange Alternative Fact’ for many people who love there conflict and confusion and motivational drama etc. Though I have read many books such-as Flow and books on motivational psychology, and attended courses and so on, and indeed often find myself thinking on what my early experience of the Off The Shelf Hypnosis products left me with in terms of the IDEA that “it is all an inside job”, of course I went on to Holosync Meditation so I could clear out much of my inner landscape of accumulated trauma’s. Whilst one of the best meditative teachings is that “all life is suffering” and as humans we can expect suffering as part of our experience, I much prefer to have a quiet meditative life of my own studies than what I might have pursued at a younger time of life.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

A World Of Unchallenged Frauds

What is an unchallenged Fraud to you? Is it a coercive suggestive advert informing that you qualify for a discount if you take advantage of this offer prior to a given date? Is it a natural state of being whereby you recognise that almost seemingly all about you in the World is built upon what for many people are unacknowledged fraudulent behaviours & biases throughout very many peoples lives on a day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year basis?

So I will continue in that theme a little later, though first some recent book purchases that may or may not be relevant to any given individual at any point within their own life journey depending of course upon what they themselves are choosing to focus upon – I will explain the relevance of choice to me.

So there you have a 6 book image, and as I have done recently I shall explain each one.

Transcend – this book claims to have been built upon an unfinished theory of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – that I myself have sited on multiple occasions – usually because from my own life circumstance, I often believed (at an earlier stage in life) I had rarely managed to achieve the foundational line of the pyramid in order to ever ascend to some higher level of self actualisation – now with further study and usage of Holosync / Learnings Strategy style courses I can ask IS IT TRUE? because I do think you can apply these pyramid styled principles to very many areas and aspects of life that you may have previously not considered (often due to mental compartmentalisation of topic and subject matter), and I only say that as someone who has studied topics such-as Fractals and the recursive nature of biology and the cycles and patterns of time etc. So I want to see how someone else thinks upon the work of Maslow.

Radical Uncertainty – this is another book about decision making theory, I probably have too many of these books, and in more recent years due to my own life choices, have often avoided books that come with stellar accreditation from particular Journalistic Realms, although of course, it is suggested that this books takes us back to an earlier time, when risk and uncertainty were considerations within areas such-as Economics. That also an area I wanted to write upon a little in terms of this issue of a sample of a sample of a sample – that we see within many an entertainment – where what we actually require and many have the opportunity to do during these present lockdown conditions is EXPAND THE DOWNTIME. Not a good explanation? Okay how about all these films and TV shows that are all action, action, action that we as content recipients lap up as some shape and form of speed of the World – when in fact a study in to the behind the scenes World suggests that a writer of a 2 hour film might have taken several years to craft the story, likewise each scene within a created & crafted environment might have had weeks of work and planning just to achieve a two minute action sequence and a superlative review on Rotten Tomatoes etc. So my EXPAND THE DOWNTIME – is a model idea that instead of Editing Out all the graft and hard work of life etc. goes into those areas, we can each seek to maximise the benefit of our own downtime within our own lives, instead of being obsessed with staying at full throttle. Many vehicles and life realms have VARIABLE SPEED PARAMETERS and we can surely seek to be comfortable with ourselves at all levels of the measurable spectrums. Interestingly one of my favourite computer games as a child was a space-trading game called Elite and that had a real slow pace element to it, unless you utilised a fast forward facility. One of the early games seeking some level of real World Physic, time and space etc.

Bytes, Bombs and Spies – Well this directly relates to Espionage & Intelligence Realms in the age of the Internet and so on. Although for me and my own studies – I often feel I have not included enough Espionage/Intelligence Realms study in my purchase, due to disproportionate value for money issues within the writings of people within those realms. Also of course with my Holosync / Learnings Strategies styled courses, along with my own studies within Computer Science Realms – you tend to think on every individual as an AGENT within a MULTI-AGENT World of some description, and indeed day to day gossip in families or local work environments & journalistic & social media realms . informs us that you are never more than X metres away from a self appointed vigilante espionage agent of exploitation.

How To Invent Everything! Appeals to my sense of fun, many of us have perhaps played God like games on Computers for many years, building our own civilisations and so on, this book perhaps informs of the many points along the Development of The Human Race, we might want to take into consideration, were we to have to start over again, that of course appeals to me and my usage of Holosync, and indeed these ideas of The World as a Simulation Theory etc. How to craft my own slow, calm & boring, drama free, Ready Player One styled zone in a World where very many others individuals and peoples believe themselves to only be able to function with the biases and behaviours they have identified as being part of who and how they are etc. That perhaps goes along with the title as to unchallenged fraud, and indeed following the rules of any given environment we may find ourselves within – whether our own house, or a Societal Street, or Shopping or Entertainment Facility or other nation we might visit or indeed other peoples blogs, websites and social media pages etc.

Critical Play – this another one that has sat languishing on my wish list for a while, simply awaiting an appropriate opportunity to make the purchased list, unsure as to what to fully expect, or whether I will agree, though it certainly provides food for thought as to those cross realm inquiries I have spoken upon, and indeed why we can be better of designing our own quite calm and boringly peaceful realms – when others are constantly pushing at the boundaries of what is or is not acceptable to a given audience or buying public.

Global Catastrophic Risks – This one written way back in 2008 listed Global Pandemics among the potential hazards awaiting the next generation of Society and people therein contained, so whilst many rush to recently released books such-as The Precipice (Toby Ord) for confirmation bias of how prescient such writings are, there is actually a long history of “what is expected to come to pass” styled writings among each generation of writers who at some point whether they want to or otherwise can declare “You see, I said this would happen”. This the problem with Awareness and Enlightenment in the sense that each day we any of us can write predictions – and in a World of 7,000,000,000 + people we can actually always be right or correct, although you then enter into the DEPTH debate as to whether such a statement had a HIGH LEVEL OF ACCURACY & PRECISION or not or was some GENERALISED viewpoint much like looking at a completed jigsaw as a WHOLE, or an individual piece within that jigsaw, you also then get into the measures of calendars and time and so on – hence my own preference in later life to being guided through meditations toward greater states of “NOW” and not being overly attached to date and time calendar metrics that I may have become overly wrapped up in through schooling and day to day society at a younger time of life. For clarification their is little doubt you can benefit from widely accepted measures of time and space, though understanding or becoming more mindfully aware of NOW, can also open us up to new choices and options that we may previously have not realised were available to us etc.

So what are the unchallenged fraudulent behaviours within you & your life and World, what are the unchallenged fraudulent behaviours you see within family members, or neighbours or colleagues or politicians, journalists, celebrities et al – do you want to be the one who debunks such fraudulent behaviour or should you keep it too yourself? Do you know what you know and prefer to simply go off on your own path understanding that some claims and fraudulent behaviours are so widely adopted and believed to be true, that you can save yourself huge amount of effort and energy simply through not going their or engaging or becoming entangled in these debates and other peoples stuff?

My own meditative journey began with much what I held to be true about the World being questioned through internal inquiry and of course the Meditation Technology Stimulus that promised to raise THRESHOLD, I thought I had Threshold for many aspects of life, simply through the experience of having had any given experience more than once, though the STIMULUS of the Meditation Technology was an altogether differing raising of Threshold in that it prompted those things within my own Heart and Mind and Body, a body or head and brain containing a “count of threshold experiences” is not the same as having a raised threshold through the changes that occur within you and your World via the Meditations Technology. I had not perhaps thought much on having grown up watching or being subjected to all these mishmash of ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMMES and so on via Radio and Film and Television or indeed books, or indeed that when I was going to school and later college or University or work or interacting with other people – they too had what were effectively software programmes running, as do our family and friends or neighbours and all the people that you might encounter throughout your life, whether someone you meet in person or some distant personality only known through some Designated Global Communication System.

So when we are young it perhaps serves us to learn much about the World via these Technologies and schooling and seek to be strong healthy and fit and do well within many subject areas, though what-if those very same things – programmes, behaviours – other peoples stuff, are what have hindered us in our lives so very many times over. We can all stumble upon various “truths about the World” that we believe to be true or false, and then continue in old patterns kind of knowing that knowing is the booby prize, the reason I became so enthusiastic about Holosync was that here was a way I could seemingly through the Whole Brain Stimulus – clear out much long held flotsam & jetsam accumulated throughout life, and indeed seek out better or improved ways and means of existing and living and navigating and so on.

What I actually came to realise at some point was that The Holosync Solution was so powerful that it kind of takes away your own thoughts and feelings as to issues of you yourself having plausible deniability (in many ways) and in so doing leaves you free in also thinking that no-one you witness in the World can themselves have any kind of plausible deniability – although one of the repeated statements or lessons and learnings was that people believe what they believe to be true until given demonstrable experience or evidence to the contrary, that was certainly true for me when I began with the product. (Holosync itself perhaps gives a highly subjective personal experience), and even then old patterns and behaviours often seek to reassert themselves. Faced with very many such double-binds within life, it can actually be regarded as a wisdom as to letting go or accepting what others believe to be true as true for they themselves, even when your own raised threshold enhanced mind-body state knows otherwise.

So previously we had the United Kingdom Politicians and Journalist Realms deliberately set course into the World of toxic identity politics and two extremist herd tendencies, (From a higher place on the Enlightenment Mountain – these might be regarded as being in alignment with the historical patterns and cycles of time) although who wants these extremists controlling the wider narrative, then it was accept it you lost, for us genuine moderates the loss occurred far earlier when Political Realms deliberately steered into extremism. Now the entire world is going Coronavirus Crazy and we are supposed to simply shrug and play “lets come together & all be friends” despite some of us within minority factions of varying degree’s having suffered at the hands of some of these toxic tendencies for very many years.

This perhaps a truth of everyone having a certain uniqueness about themselves as to when and where they are within there own life journey, experiences etc. and of course, the rush or otherwise to belong to a given tribe or herd or identity politic or community. Some of those things are of course a choice, though it is amazing how many vested interest groups throughout the World are quite determined to deny the choice and options of others, when they themselves had many more choices and options with regard to such things in an earlier and perhaps easier ages of History – this perhaps why I am a cheerleader for holosync – because yes it cost me money and I had to develop a routine in my new meditative practice, though is the kind of product I wish someone had recommended to me at a younger stage in life, and indeed hope that I would have had the sensibility to go along with that – although like many a younger generation that wants to rebel against what has gone before – I potentially required or needed some of those undesirable experiences to act as a shape and form of motivation in moving me to a place where I was at my lowest ebb or in requirement of a saviour product – who knows – all I can do now is continue in my practice and indeed develop my wisdom muscle in knowing that whilst Holosync does amazingly provide many of the mental advancements promised within the literature – you still have to exist in the World, with all the simple human necessities that entails.

Why say all that? Well I was perhaps brought up in a World where the British mindset was one of a certain mentality as to having various rules and regulations about how products can be sold and so on, we have consumer rights legislation, and the United States was always pointed out and made fun of for there anything goes attitude and behaviour. Sadly the interconnected World in which we live in has seen a great erosion within the United Kingdom as to what is acceptable etc. and very many of us within lower echelons of society never have the opportunity to bring these large scale Corporates and Business to court for the constant frauds they and there workers now regularly perpetuate on the public.

It is quite incredibly bizarre for myself that I as a British Citizen had to go looking to the United States of America for a saviour product in the shape and form of The Holosync Solution, and that it works, although what can be noted about many people who utilse this product is that they can be found the World over, the product really does have an international Community, and in very many walks of life and seemingly at all levels of international Society and Community. Given a choice between belonging to a United Kingdom tribe overly attached to extremist identity politics nonsenses, Brexit debate and the coronavirus – Versus belonging to an international collective of Holosync Meditators, I generally lean toward those who want a positive, uplifting, rewarding life, free from the many of the unchallenged fraudulent nonsenses to be found in this modern World. What does that mean? Well a product such as Holosync even with more enlightened and wise users can just as easily have many people abusing such a powerful tool, so it can often be a wiser and more discerning individual who sets out there own boundaries for acceptable behaviours, exchanges and experiences and so on.

Anyway I am off to see if these books contain anything of huge importance to me and my own life path and indeed shall probably catalogue and list and sort them into various categorisations within my online collection. That is all for now so without further ado.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.


So I have used several variants of the Editor Facility in the creation of this Blog and had perhaps stayed with the previous Editor as I liked its format and layout and it served my own needs in the sense of cutting back on all the bells and whistles often seen within many an outlet.

As someone who grew up in the era of early home computing I loved bells and whistles and new facilities within Software and Hardware, although what you often come to see is various shape and form of what is known as bloatware. These capabilities and capacities that look good on the advertising blurb though leave you wondering just who uses them and what the hell for. I had always liked simple though resisted my own inner thoughts on such things, that was until I went to University (Early 2000’s) and suddenly found I was not alone in my thoughts on many of these things. Most or many of the Students within Computing Realms favoured simple text editors – not only for ease of transference across multiple formats – where many bloatware corporations actively made themselves and there software incompatible with each other etc. Some say it is just a part of the Competitive Mindset though industries did spring up circumventing these pet annoyances, why am I saying all this? Well quite simply I had recently sat down and gone through the effort of typing out some super long article and then working through and cutting it down and so on – when I was offered the opportunity to switch to the NEW EDITOR, not sure what compelled me to agree, and I did not so much lose the article as find it was completely stripped bare of all the formatting and so on, I would have to go through it all and reformat using the new editor. My ENTHUSIASM drained away. So that article along with many others I have not returned too exist in a state of “work in progress” saved as drafts etc. An expert who has read parts of my Blog might perhaps claim it is all somewhat amateurish anyway, though the point I have sought to make has often been one of first thought best thought, get your notes down and later edit (if you feel the need) self editing has many issues all of its own, and I have often DELIBERATELY broken expected PROTOCOL to be differing.

So what recent book purchases have I made?

These first 6 are made of of long time books on my wish list in combination with some recent finds that I typically did not know I wanted until I saw them.

Given the ongoing lockdown for many people – I myself continue to work – you do find differing mindsets coming to the fore, I say that as someone who took up meditation in later life and went into a kind of self imposed isolation – beyond my own requirement to go out and earn money, shop etc. Even though the experiences varied widely in my early usage of Holosync and interaction on the Holosync Blog – you did find that the Company or Bill Harris had a high level of Enthusiasm for his Product, Courses and Teachings and he also sought to make it FUN. You can of course find the kinds of AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT that Holosync brings about somewhat shocking early on though if like me, you find it to be a product that works then you probably settle into a kind of routine of wondering what next.

So Chuck Amuck is somewhat autobiography about a favoured Animator from history. A Theory of Fun for Game Design is interesting in that my early experience of Video Games often lacked the kind of FUN that you wanted and believed to be possible with these new home computing realms. Yes you can now site Characters such-as Mario and Sonic whose games are often fun filled and action packed, though early games could given representative IMAGE of pre-existing Characters such-as Bugs Bunny though often lacked anything in the kind of personality or FUN. Sadly that situation was experienced by many people (IMHO) throughout the 8-bit and 16-bit computer era’s. The Companies wanted the associative ty-ins and money, though did not seemingly identify what makes these characters TICK for given audiences. Now of course we are moving into an ERA of VIRTUAL REALITY and I added to those books within my Collection with the “Storytelling for Virtual Reality” book – although in honesty I would rather learn such things from Film and TV books and transition, integrate those learnings into the VR realm – because I still find levels of disappointment within video game realms (and Film /TV) as to what they are doing. Much like everyone is having to BRIEFLY reassess priority in terms of HEALTH Vs Income and Economics, in present life, you do think that a burden exists within particular realms as to EXPECTATION. We have seen the struggle of what can be done versus EXPECTION within the recent Star Wars realm releases from Disney Lucasfilm – so if some of the very best and experienced Companies in the World, struggle with these issues, what can lower ranked Creative Corporates do.

Soon – is another futurist styled book about forthcoming Technologies – I recently saw an article claiming that comic book styled artists were struggling, I would suggest they do as this chap has done, or indeed many of the artists have done in many of the books I have highlighted. Include your drawings and so on within your writings, and diversify.

Quantum Evolution – was interesting to me in that once you have become accustomed to Trending and Progress with multiple realms, you tend to look out for the new developments, So I can investigate how Quantum Evolution ideas differ or are comparable with Quantum ideas within Computing or other realms. Biology also seems prescient at the moment due to current issues of this pandemic, and rather than get all those Super Doom books – yes I have several on my list that I am interested in researching, as they predicted super bugs etc. – I thought I would go down the route of getting those later when the pandemic is over or Society has adapted to existence in the new reality. At present it seems more appropriate to invest a little hope in progress of cure knowledge’s.

Origins – this was one of those books being sold as a bargain, though am sure it provides an interesting History or point of view that I may not necessarily have read enough of, within my collection.

Before going into this next group I should mention that I do not necessarily purchase and read books all at once, so when I open kindle it is actually interesting to me how the Amazon AI. Organises the books for downloads and so on. They rarely appear in the order that I bought them and nor do they always fall neatly into some pleasing jigsaw solving shape and form.

Crucible – was another bargain basement offer, although managed to interest me due to the year period that it documents – 1947-1948 – these were the years of my own parents birth’s and indeed the year that Israel was formed, and of course also the year of Prince Charles birthday – interestingly his mother The Queen is today celebrating her own Birthday – although in honesty it all get a bit confusing to me as to which is her real birthday and which is the ceremonial birthday, best Wishes Your Majesty.. Similarly this kind of confusion was added to in recent years by Social Media where you suddenly saw an international scattering of special days for differing ideas – some days being shared internationally and other Nations having outliers from the consensus trend. Whilst you might want to be polite to international contacts in respect of Special Days – you do sometimes feel that the rush to “get in on” other peoples stuff can be a bit overly dramatic from some quarters.

The Comparison Cure – this was another bargain, and perhaps of the style of book I might have historically purchased as a self help manual – although in honesty I would recommend Holosync above and beyond many such books, as I personally found that far more effective, than many of these expert ideas and books.

The Polymath – was interesting for me in that the blurb sounded as though it might have been written by Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies – that company also utilises the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo Da Vinci. I had thought of using the Title Quantum Polymath for this article though went with Enthusiasm because like many aspects of life, Enthusiasm can ebb and flow and have peaks and troughs all of its own. It is hard to be invested in the IDEA of LOCKDOWN when you continue in work, and indeed continue in your Meditation and the more ISOLATED life you had taken up as part of that routine. Although the NEWS MEDIA and SOCIAL MEDIA Worlds have changed and perhaps many people have had to adjust, I myself have already gone through, many of the experiences people are now reporting as there own, often simply as part of my Meditative Journey with Holosync or indeed courses from Learning Strategies.

So the 1st image had books related to realms such-as VR and Games and Classic Cartoons, whilst this 2nd Image has books about the Brain and it is interesting in how we all perhaps want Super Power Bio Shields that we might find within Film and Video Game Realms – though are these things to be found in Quantum Biology and RNA or within how our brains are organised?

Gene Machine is about how when investigating DNA they seemingly (as science always does) went deeper and found another layer called RNA and many of these super bugs and super cures have come about through greater research at these greater magnifications as to the building blocks of life etc.

The Brain from inside out – is a sort of continuation from the authors previous work Rhythms of The Brain – only in this instance he speaks on these researches as to operational facilities – operational in the sense of how we perhaps learn and build computer like circuits within our heads and so on – all rather interesting.

The IDEA of The Brain – is a fascinating exploration into the history of the Study of the Brain, and whilst you might think who’d want to read that, it is really rather good, whether your interest is as a Scientist or a Horror Fiction novelist, it appeals to that un-satiated curiosity aspect that we all perhaps have as to how we came to know all these things in the first place.

So there you have it, you might have waited impatiently wondering as to why has David not published recently, though sometimes it can feel appropriate to have a break or do something slightly differing.

This collection of books does of course contribute to a potential Story building exercise of its own. I was thinking on this highly promoted issue of Contact Tracing – that has been spoken of rather a lot, and when you think on it – A BOOKS BIBILIOGRAPHY is a kind of contact tracking, as are the CREDITS for your FAVOURITE FILM & TV and VIDEO GAMES etc. That does of course always take us back into those realms I have spoken of previously as to 6 Degree’s of Separation.

Anyway this is the first article I have written in a more recently created and crafted BLOG EDITOR. Yes my resistance was perhaps unnecessary as I found it quite intuitive to utilse. Though I did originally set out with the Goal of being SUPER BORING in my writings as part of my MEDITATIVE PATH or JOURNEY – and whilst it might be said that venturing out into Twitter Land and The Guardian Online Realm was a lifting of my own EXILE restrictions, more recent times – BREXIT IDENTITY POLITICS NONSENSE combined with this Coronavirus issue seem to inform that it perhaps better to return to my previous way.

Yes I too have watched Mandalorian on Disney Plus and enjoyed its Western Styling and culture – something reminiscent of those ancient Westerns and Martial Art movies we many of us grew up with. You do think someone somewhere is going to ask – What are you CORE VALUES – is someone going to pounce and say – you have dishonoured my core values of LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE and LEARN. Prepare to pay the penalty. Yes not sure if it was Bruce Lee or that Guy out of Princess Bride, though many such mini speeches talking on Honour Exist and it can be difficult to separate wheat from chaff for those that still exist in blissful ignorance as to greater Awareness and Enlightenment and so on.

Anyway time to head out into the World and do some work, so until next time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

How Deep Is Your Om

So in similar fashion to many people throughout this Global Interconnected World in which we live. In recent weeks I have been wondering on the issue as to the calibration of questioning / debate and-or the scope of participation in engagement with other members of the so-called Human Race.  This has become especially topical at the present time due to how my own accumulated life of experiences, and indeed how regular meditative practice’s have taken me on a somewhat differing life path to many of those who I might encounter on any given day situation or scenario.

Now some of you are perhaps wondering as to the Om in the Title and I will come to that a little later on, though first perhaps some of the books I have been purchasing in order to improve navigation and my own ability to stimulate discussion or a new set of thoughts, feelings and behaviours in accordance with New Information, lessons, learning’s and teachings.


So I have stated that I adopted a regular meditative practice along with my usage of Holosync and whilst such things are not for everybody, you can find somewhat traditional all-inclusive information guides out there.  Mastering The Core Teachings of Budha is one such volume.

Whilst I have always loved Science Fiction as a staple, from within various Entertainment mediums, Star Trek has often stood head and shoulders above very many of its competitors, and I thought in the week in which I had this ah-ha!

That it might be an idea to explore further into the kind of Worlds we see within that Entertainment, and whilst many website realms and book outputs exist surrounding Star Trek, the Trekonomics book happened to appear on my Amazon recommendations.

Holocracy peaked my interest in that it claims to abolish Hierarchy, although of course, many have experienced such claims before, in the sense of the encouragement to become a responsible independent entrepreneur and so on.  Although you often find some “first among equals” behaviours & bias when you delve deeper into how many individuals or realms who make such claims operate, the question then how will strategies and behaviours in this Holocracy be any differing?


Mismatch – is a book about design and many of us are perhaps aware of those ancient jokes played out on Apprentices – go and fetch me the sky hooks, or left handed hammer and so on ,though it can be in and of itself a serious business when it comes to the issue of design, and indeed developing specialisations for new untapped markets and issues and so on.

 Create the Future – follows the above theme in the sense of the value of disruption – it can often only be known that a design is somehow floored or inappropriate when someone steps up to the plate and informs of incompatibility issues.

The Great Mental Models Volume 2 – is a follow on from volume 1, that I have within my collection, and deals with the science of physics, chemistry and biology.

No Self, No Problem – is something of a stocking filler, though also aligns with this idea of Western Science & Eastern Philosophy meeting up, a topic I have returned to again and again.

Artificial You – is a book whose reviewers suggest delves into the issue of ethics regarding advanced technologies and their appropriate usages.

The Fantasy Fiction Formula – is another writing style guide that I add to my collection although it perhaps stood out from the field in the sense of its cover imagery at the present time.

So I asked in the Title – How Deep Is Your Om, and it is one of those words that brings up  signposts to thoughts such-as people sat cross-legged and chanting in strange exotic temples and robes and so on.

At a younger age I might have dismissed such things as simply ancient religious practices and rituals with little validity within Science, although since taking up The Holosync Solution , I have come to appreciate very many aspects of supposedly out-there practices, beliefs and rituals and so on, and indeed how some Science is actually demonstrating that many of the ideas are not as outlandish as one might have originally believed.

Whilst I am perhaps only able to say these things through my experience of using Holosync, I do think like many people that there is little harm in covering multiple options whether backed by Science or otherwise when it comes to issues such as Health.  I have for example always wanted to maintain some level of  personal Fitness throughout my life, and indeed choose Healthier eating options where possible.  Some folks have items that they believe causes themselves to be lucky.  The problem for many of us, is of course that we might already be somewhat full of conflicting and confusing idea’s, our Glass is already overflowing, by our teenage years – and then we adopt or take up practices that is equivalent to pouring more water in a full glass.

So I have been thinking on sharing some of my experiences with topics such-as energy healing and tapping and other so-called alleged pseudo-sciences or COMPLEMENTARY practices, though my concern is that they are not necessarily a replacement for known Medical Cures for various ailments, and indeed the experience is probably highly subjective to any given individual attempting to benefit from such things.

Anyway I need to get on and study these new books

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.


How Do You Wash Yours?

Strange though true – it is easy to imagine myself on ancient quiz “Call My Bluff” being asked to describe what the Corona Virus is – my answer would of course be the following truth – The Corona Virus is the word of mouth virus that afflicted young children in 1970’s  Hereford, England, United Kingdom whereby upon hearing that they could get money for returning the glass Corona Pop Bottles to the local shops they typically immediately rushed into action seeking those dastardly pop bottles anywhere and everywhere.

Strange though true – somewhere around 26th March 2020 (dependent upon Global Timezone) ,  I participated in a telephone call in with those Holosync Coaching experts who in these times of the Corona Virus have been having some extra online coaching & discussion sessions, I can be heard somewhere around the 1 hour and 25 minutes mark.

Somewhere during that call I confusingly spoke on the issue of Corona Virus as something of “A Matter of Life and Death” – to cut a long story short, the United States President used that very same phrase a few days later. Holosync is of course excellent at bringing you to states of awareness and giving you ah-ha’s and noting synchronicity and so on.  Unsure why I utilised that phrase off the top of my head during the call in – though I can say the primary source for me was a favourite ancient film starring David Niven as Squadron Leader David Carter in the film of that name – called “Stairway To Heaven” for its American Release.  For me when I first started Holosync somewhere around 2010 and contributed to the discussion on Bill Harris Centerpointe Blog at that time – it very much felt like you were the small insect being discussed & judged by all these incredible super powered Holosync Users. Whilst I am probably not the first or the last to have gone through such a range of emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, it does seemingly become something on an ongoing theme in your life, irrespective of how your own personal development has progressed in the intervening years.

So we in the United Kingdom have either continued in our key worker roles, or indeed participated in staying at home and playing the game of Simon says… get their Manufactured Consent.

Simon says risk your life and gain herd immunity – hmmmn that did not last very long did it, – whether it is fear of missing out or otherwise is an interesting debate to be had.

Simon says wash your hands – I’ve always washed my hands regularly anyway and it has long been a part of my daily routine whether in work or social arena’s.

Simon says light a candle in the window – I lit one on the doorstep, as the window would have seen the net curtains go up in flames.

Simon says clap on the doorstep for this that and the other workers – yes well strange though true as someone who has existed in working poverty for a number of years and continues to work through the present crisis as a “key worker” I would much rather…

Simon says put your money in your pocket and pay more taxes and fund public services properly.

 What else, well I signed up to Disney Plus and am pleased so far with what I have seen from the new streaming service, yes I know great discussion and debate can be had on the benefits or otherwise, and comparison with other outlets though horses for courses and all that.

I have also continued in my book buying ways though am unsure as to the meaning one might give to such things.


Happy Money – a book seen within an email from Learning Strategies that I thought – oh I wonder how that might benefit me.

Artificial Intelligence – kindle unlimited – take advantage of the freebies.

Genes Vs Culture Vs Consciousness – kindle unlimited – another freebie.

Stealth – this book was on my wish list for a while, another strange anecdote is that a book I purchased last September “Steven Spielberg : Style By Stealth” for £7.99 is now retailing for £50.99 (at least on my Amazon search) hyperinflation?  (Apologies to anyone who saw me highlight the book and thought I paid that much). Anyway this book on Stealth Aircraft was interesting in that bugs and germs and virus’s are all somewhat stealth like when you think about them, as are many of the remedies for these things. What interested me in this book was the two differing methods and strategies used by two corporations to build two differing aircraft.  The same is now happening within Biological & Pharmaceutical Related industries in regard to finding a cure for this coronavirus epidemic.

Messengers – a pop culture psychology book regarding the messenger Vs the message issues.

Hyper Space – well I happen to like the easy reading Science Fiction from this author and it goes well with my ongoing love of Science Fiction and Technology in most realms.

I would love to say I got all these out of necessity


Though that would be a stretch of the imagination – Elon Musk & Smarter Faster Better were also within that Learning Strategies image I spoke on earlier and all those books were kind of differing to my usual own preferences, know harm in wondering what I am missing out on.

Stealth Of Nations – Well we all know the classic take on black marketeers during the war and so on – though this book gives an up to date reality check, in the sense of demonstrating that it does not have to be all criminal activities and behaviour so much as part of the real day to day landscape of international or local markets and so on.

How to build a time machine – I thought that was obvious write a book as a self fulfilling prophecy and then wait until you are resurrected in the fashion and manner of all those positive uplifting thoughts feelings and behaviours, attributes and values, you know of and have written about yourself.  Yes this was another Science Fiction indulgence.

 The Age Of Insight – Written by a Nobel Prize Winner, with good reviews.

Yes sometimes when you are bored and told to stay indoors it can seem that you have a little more reading time on your hands – especially if you want to maintain some shape and form of sanity through Media distancing as well as social distancing.


Dare To Lead was another of those Learning Strategy image books.

Treasure Hunt was cheap and from the author of The Simulation Hypothesis and it appears to me, that he follows and teaches many of the Meditation styled lessons and learning’s that I myself have been practising and encouraging albeit not as a Headline Act Guru of Meditators R US like all these famous folks and brands.

The Imagineers Of War – what first interested me was the cover – I grew up with early home computing and purchased assorted magazines and they were often given to have articles on how advanced research facilities had supercomputers that could run simulations and so on.  Or how Legends such-as Steve Jobs stole most of the ideas he claimed as his own from places such-as Xerox Park or Bell Labs.  This a topic that has always interested me, and of course I can never tire of saying I spent time in a University Robotics Lab where I saw not only various custom simulation software, though also the resultant physical product, and so on, as well as seeking to create my own. That Lab had been involved in Space Research prior & during my studies, although you do come to see that most Technologies, Theories and Research can be adapted for other realms once you have some grounding in engineering – where my layman’s growing up hands on knowledge of multiple life realm technologies was mostly as an end user obsessing about content rather than organisational frameworks and hierarchies and structures and engineering development and so on.

So what else – well I stated above regarding this idea of MEDIA DISTANCING – and I can only reiterate that whilst all of us might want to stay informed on some level – checking on family and friends and so on, as well as the news, most of us who grew up in the 1970’s might have seen a newspaper once a day, might have seen a news at ten styled programme for half an hour of our day, with no Social Media or News Media Platforms. The attention economies of Social Media & News Media potentially come with a cost that is not measured in pounds and pence, dollars and cents,  So much as health and well-being – I am given to believe that after a certain point of viewing, people are going to be induced into a level of neurotic psychosomatic hypochondria that is as potentially unhealthy and harmful for them as actually suffering any disease or ailment.

Yes I say I meditate though do I really – well in fact I have followed multiple Meditative Practices and teachings whilst utilising Holosync and whilst for some, the technology might make meditation itself irrelevant, I quite like learning some of the History and practices and rituals and breathing techniques and so on.

One thing that I have not yet seen though must surely be out there are video’s of people singing some I WASH MY HANDS song

The most memorable washing hands in storytelling was probably Lady Macbeth and her Out Damned Spot routine (I think – it has been many years) anyway I thought we all carry sufferings and so on that we could perhaps list whilst washing our hands – I wash my hands of this Government, I wash my hands of this guilt and shame from X many years ago that has haunted me for so long etc.  Imagine the list of variations among so very many diverse nations and peoples and come to realise how suffering can itself probably be listed among those lowest common denominator topics and subjects that I have often rallied against.  Whilst there is little any individual with a low profile can do for the wider World, on an individual or subjective personal level – we can all choose better choices and options, behaviours and actions within our own lives, that reduces our suffering and potentially also reduces the suffering of those who we come into contact with in our lives, especially when we live in such interesting times.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.

Characters? Plot Includes?Resolutions?

Hang on David, wait a minute, it appears to me and several other readers that you are simply outlining a James Bond Movie, or Mission Impossible Movie, or even a Zombie Apocalypse styled story.


There is of course a level of awareness in coming to that conclusion, though knowing that the same underlying theme, plot, characters, and so on are formulaic does not stop very many people enjoying such output and finding some level of comfort & certainty in these familiarity’s, or indeed the creatives behind them wanting to constantly push against the boundaries of script improvement, or spectacle improvement, and location improvement, and so on for the next cinematic experience.

An excellent example of a relatively successful Director who seemingly manages to surprise and delight in similar measure, whilst going off the seemingly well worn path  is Christopher Nolan, hence it perhaps an interesting activity to identify your story path structure & base points and then ask – how has Christopher Nolan done this differently, whilst still maintaining a quite popular following for his output etc.

So What Do I Mean By Resolution?


Well just as the Big Mind Big Heart book I showed earlier in another posting, is a Meditative Process of enquiry (asking questions), so as in many life realms you find questioning strategies and techniques are often within the minds of people within those life realms related to their favoured subject & topic or specialisation (if one exists), you find that asking questions about the motivation behind your characters, and overall story arc can lead you to uncover what you might regard as a motivation and or resolution for various elements within your characters lives, the plot, and overall satisfaction level for audience with regard to events and reveals, and so on, in a book or stage play that might be a group of chapters called part 1, part 2, part 3 etc. IE.  some information might be central to a plot, whilst other information might be red herring or irrelevant in the greater scheme of things.


So in the late 1980’s I studied topics such-as Psychology and Communication Studies at local colleges where people such-as Jung & Freud & Pavlov were referenced.  In the early 2000’s I completed a Myers Briggs Test whilst at University.  In each instance I probably believed to a certain extent the information and indeed feedback that I gained through such taught information, and yes a level of compliance is often required to successfully answer exam questions within Education anyway etc. Although since taking up Meditation technology, I have come to find that being in alignment or otherwise with these things, often boils down to asking the question Is this resourceful?  Rather than being a fully paid up member of overly identifying with any one given set of teachings or behavioural studies, character attributes and values etc.


In terms of Storytelling we can always make that question Is this resourceful? relevant to all that we turn our attention to in our creative constructs, you can think of your group of characters as members of an orchestra or band each with a differing complementary instrument or skill set that has its own rhythm within the overall story arc.


Yes, there really are many other methods of cross-realm-investigation that do not necessarily relate directly to the realm that you think your creative endeavour is for, though most realms have similarly compartmentalised systems, and questioning strategies, and it is often these invented boundaries between realms, that allows and enable exploitation or cross realm pollination of events, where no crime may have existed, conspiracy theorists and self promoters and story tellers and so on are always going to crawl out of the woodwork, and be on hand with their own version of expertise or story telling ability that makes everything seem so much more exciting.


Yes it can actually be useful to be able to fact check various elements of what you write about in terms of the type of relevant realm knowledge a character might be expected to know, or indeed the usage of any props and costumes and location or environments and so on.


These things do of course have relevance to stage, theatre, film and TV, though also in your own creativity within your day to day life in terms of what you yourself might have as utensils and decorative objects within your home or office or other locations you travel and visit and so on.  You can often find it easier to take inspiration for your storytelling with places and things you know, than seeking to completely imagine an all new World Environment and so on.

So What are the Motivations?  What are the possible Resolutions? Our lives are full of such scenes in day to day life, such as an interaction with a family member, or a shop worker or one colleague telling a joke to another colleague.  All these things can be utilised within your story telling with regard to underlying motivations, resolutions & exchanges, and indeed irrespective of whether you believe yourself intelligent or otherwise. Simply keeping a daily journal or diary is a form of story telling that could easily be retold with new names, and new props and in new environments with added spice, where you simply transition your routine shop for groceries into some treasure map hunt etc.


So having built up this book collection over a number of years, I would not recommend others do likewise without having perhaps first invested in a technology such-as Holosync that perhaps enables a greater level of separation of our respective, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, where from a far younger age we typically perhaps become overly saturated, confused and conflicted regarding what is truth or otherwise in the World, and what genuinely constitutes progress and knowledge, or awareness and enlightenment, or a raised Threshold, and what simply constitutes what we believe to be true about the World, because we have simply not discovered, or been shown  that their really are technologies that can change anyone’s life, at any age, and from any background.

Over many years of my own life, I can recollect having heard the term “common sense” applied during discussion, though it is often amazing when you ask folks to define common sense, how there own prioritisation or hierarchy of values differs from other peoples, as to what any given common sense is.

World Wide Global Markets plunged on the news of a Global Pandemic, where many people have placed Health above Wealth in terms of priority, and indeed perhaps demonstrated a common sense that they do not trust politicians or media experts, particularly when it comes to their own individual lives.  Interesting that the Political Propaganda Merchants that can mostly be regarded as Libertarian in there promotion of Small State, Low Taxes mindsets, are all now heavily calling for co-operation and big central Government budget spending – and at least in the United Kingdom’s case, these things have simply been transitioned from requirements of Brexit Politics to requirements for dealing with the Global Pandemic.


I spoke previously as to suggest all are actors and actresses, though all could refer to themselves in the sense of themselves being an individual realm, or indeed agent within computer science speak, though the problem with actor and actress is to be found in those buzzwords and phrases such-as be proactive and that person is so reactive. Many myself included have perhaps felt like pinball’s in these discussions between external individuals and experts and so on – where a Technology such-as Holosync enables you to slow down somewhat in your thinking, and perhaps transition to responsive or responsible – in the sense of – I did not create or intend for having to deal with these present day life circumstances, though I will endeavour to be more responsible, in how I go about in day to day life, and indeed communicate with others on these matters.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!






A Brief Sales Pitch On behalf Of..

So I interrupt the creative design process I have been thinking about to advertise some products from various affiliates.I will give a brief outline of my experience and then a web URL.


So the bottom right hand corner of this image has the book “The New Science Of Super Awareness” (by Bill Harris).  His Meditation & brain technology product is known as The Holosync Solution, and whilst the founder of the company is no longer with us, the product and many courses continue to be sold and distributed World wide.

I am given to belief that if you enter promo code CARE20 into a provided box at the online checkout, you can receive 20% discount on all Digital Products.

“Integral Life Practice” by Ken Wilbur, I have purchased multiple books from this author and whilst not a fully subscribed practitioner, do see a great deal of benefit in following many of the core lessons, teachings & practices.


Use your brain, to change your age  – One of my own favourite affiliates of Centerpointe is Dr Daniel Amen, mainly because he is a real life doctor and has a vast Imaging collection that demonstrates how changes to lifestyle can bring about changes to your brain, health and wellness, and these things can be improved via a wide range of possible dietary supplements, many of which you likely do not know you need until you try them (yes, I have) and often experience some quite rapid & positive changes to your Health and Wellbeing. Look for a Store link on his website.


Big Mind Big Heart from Genpo Roshi is a book I have enjoyed, and indeed I have practised some of the techniques & guidance during my own meditative journey.

Superhuman by Dave Asprey, Again another Health and Wellness guru whose range of products can be found at


Surround yourself with success, by Marie Diamond.  My own introduction to Marie Diamond products came via Learning Strategies Corporation, she creates courses that are often then enhanced via the paraliminal products of Paul R Scheele.  Many other affiliate courses can also be found within their product range.

As suggested on previous occasion, my own preference recommendation begins with Holosync Meditation, so whilst many of these companies are intertwined and constantly promoting cross-over products among each other. Holosync and probably Dr Daniel Amen supplements is where I would focus first, prior to then potentially seeing what else  many of the affiliates have to offer. In multiple instances some Learning Strategies courses that might appear bizarre or somewhat la-di-da, gain a greater level of traction and understanding IE. make sense, only when you have experienced the power of Holosync to shift your perspectives and possibly long held trauma or belief and so on at a deeper level than one might have believed possible at an earlier time of life.


What Details Might This Plot Include?

We have a deadly virus outbreak


That has lead to Economic Uncertainty


That also has a background in the political & journalistic realms of recent years deliberately inciting prejudices, among civilisation and society at all levels, mostly in the shape and form of what is referred to as “identity politics”.


Most of which has been debunked via brain scans and imaging and other legitimate sciences.


However the proliferation of Global Communication Systems, whether Social Media or News Media Platforms has led to an unhealthy imbalance within Society, in terms of what people believe to be true, or fact based information.  Where lowest common denominator, topics and subjects, that might have once dominated any given individuals life, at any point or stage within there own developmental growth,  has come to seemingly dominate many peoples lives, at all stages of there lives, through the constant obsessive dissemination of those topics & subjects via these communication medium.


So where once the progress of individuals and civilisations was potentially measured in some shape and form of upward growth on many a chart, the growth and acceleration of many social media websites, has outpaced peoples desire to unplug from such systems, where many a person has found themselves or their own individual data & narrative ignored, or having being dragged into a downward spiral through the dominant external narratives & data of the wider populations – OTHER PEOPLES STUFF – being projected onto yourself, through the obsessive need to categorise, connect and give meaning to what is often only associative data, and the fools gold of people suffering from “people like me syndrome” found in identity politics etc.

We now have some ideas about characters and we also now have some possible plot points to work into our particular creative storytelling endeavour.

I wonder what we can think about next!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well!

Character Development

So last Article I ended suggesting that I was going to be thinking about Characters.


Villain’s you might look to old school Media Empires, along with Financial Guru’s or indeed modern Internet Types if set in the present day.


If you are creating a historical fiction, then you would probably take your modern day characteristics and impose them on some ancient setting, maybe relabelling them as Religious, Royal or Political Figures. Likewise for Future based fiction, you would still probably take modern day characteristics and impose them on future settings.  Both instances allow for differing powers of attributes & values ancient allows for possible witchcraft & sorcery (for example) whilst future might allow for science and genetically superior beings or androids etc.

What of a hero? Superhero? Sports Star? Former Military?


Yes, in many ways you can simplify your efforts, by investigating current people as your sort of baseline, and then reinventing them for your fiction, whereby some grain of truth or familiarity (or otherwise) works its way into some shape & form of relatability, in the minds of your audience.

Sidekick: experts, pseudo-scientists, people seeking redemption?







So whilst I have selected mostly male characters here, I would do exactly the same research for females, and you simply transition the various traits, attributes, values and so on, for female characters and again, possibly transition to a historical or future time and place of your own choosing, depending on where & when you are setting your story.

There are of course other characters that you might want to consider such-as henchmen & love interests, though if you select some small group of primary protagonists, that you provide greater story & focus too, you can often find that secondary characters and background character requirements, make themselves obvious as you progress in your design.

The further you investigate such things, the more you might actually develop an appreciation for those every-man or every-woman idea’s I have written about on occasion, in the sense that many of us have shared history of having been entertained via similar historical storytelling mediums – whether books, stage plays, radio, film, TV and internet and so on.  Hence so many coming to the conclusion that it can be better to be the hero of your own story (within reason) than a background character in someone else’s – although of course when you think about these things, you come to see that everyone external to your own mind and body (inc. thoughts, feelings, behaviours etc.) is background to your own story, in the same way as you are background to theirs.

Conflict of course can arise, when people feel they are being miscast, though we all have the choice & option, as to whether to engage, become involved, debate etc. or where we prefer to focus our own thoughts feelings and attention.

So that is a basic set of Principle Characters to think further upon.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well!



The Story That Writes Itself

Did you hear the one about…


The individual who, inspired by some of their favourite Creatives


Decided that they were going to create, craft a Story pitch, only utilising Images from a kindle book collection


and present day World Affairs.


What’s that? what do you mean “when do we get to the good bit?” I merely laying out a synopsis, and it is all part of this IDEA as to identifying the money in communication, think of it as Narrative Economics, or Monetising Your Mind.


Anyway, this is probably going to go on for far to long, as one article so I shall seek to now think on the kinds of characters that can be utilised, prior to continuing.


Hmmn, this is going to rapidly become unwieldy and formula generic, (not necessarily a bad thing), unless I find ways and means to distinguish, differentiate and give uniqueness to my output, and my creative drafting (freedom of expression) prior to editing etc.

I think I shall stop at this point, for this particular article, and maybe continue with a pen and pad, before transferring to articles etc.  Along with characters, I will also be thinking on genre, and Themes, Environments, props, and assorted plot mechanisms that move the story forward, as well of course as thinking on how a script and interaction between various elements come into play.

All these disparate points will at some stage form a kind of process that I find works for me, though having read a great deal on many an other persons process for such activities, you do often find that although a certain level of self discipline exists, along with various shape and form of deadlines (as a motivation), so many diverse routines exist as to lead to conflict & confusion – if you simply do not dismiss, and develop your own routine etc. using what others suggest as flexible guidelines, rather than absolute rules.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!