One Flew Over The Chickens Nest

So as is often the case with the Learning Strategies courses a follow-up question and answer session was recently held for the all new spiritual codes course and in this instance-I found was self eagerly rushing to have a listen following my night shift.

These types of sessions have often occurred with Learning Strategy courses and indeed been included within Deluxe Edition type follow-up releases and so on-though to be fair this was for myself a freebie session as someone who purchased the Spiritual Codes course almost immediately  that it was offered.

So why do that?  Well you might say that many of these types of courses can take a little while to sink in so to speak and also that others may have thought of questions that you yourself had not considered-so it was for myself a scenario whereby although missing the live event by a few hours it was close enough for myself to feel as though I was part of the live session-complete with one or two technical difficulties that occurred and can happen with these international type teleconferences and so on.

So was the listening in session worth it?  Well obviously if you yourself have submitted any kind of question then first of you may have a vested interest in seeing if your own questioned is addressed within the session-I think they perhaps due to numbers-select questions that are most asked.

However even if your own question is not seemingly addressed within the event you can sometimes get a breakthrough or shift of some description-I did at one point feel as though some kind of MENTAL DETONATION occurred-obviously I am not well advanced enough to know the ins-and-outs as to how some of these things occur though something did and I have not fully come to terms as to the nature of that mental explosion.

So obviously some are now thinking what does he mean mental explosion-I do not want a mental explosion and so on.  Well I think everyone has mental explosions through out life all though some are perhaps dependent upon ones own life circumstances-if someone you loved dearly died tomorrow you might shed a tear and that could be regarded as one type of mental explosion.

The interesting thing for myself of course is that Marie Diamond in  using the Rainbow colours and so on was working with what might be regarded as the most common of frequency ranges-in the sense that the course was very much about listing attributes and values accordingly to particular colours and frequencies and we can all from that global set of values gain a deeper insight into our own common themes and stories and so on.  So I enjoyed the session and something did occur within the Q&A session that gave myself a “SHIFT” of some nature though as to actual RESULT I am uncertain.  You might say that if I had a stone on the brain then it may well have been vaporised.

What else well the common theme among many a course is this one of ENLIGHTENMENT and SOUL TEACHINGS versus what or where or how most of us start out from in being somewhat overly attached to ourselves as a PHYSICAL BODILY IDENTITY.  Hard to explain to anyone without them having had some experience of such matters for themselves of course and that can only occur through very often following some of these master type courses or indeed buying some of the associated courses and products.

So I mention that of course because these things do tend to be ongoing and I think that something detonated that was perhaps a bodily related system and something more spiritual was left in its place. So where there was pain there is now further enlightenment is perhaps how a guru type personality might put it.  I should also say that not all our so-called pains and so on are obvious to us until they are no longer there.  That I think is perhaps true for many a complaint whereby they can grow or creep up on you over time and seem as though they were forever-though as I say some of these Technologies do have an “In no uncertain terms” aspect to them whereby it would be very difficult for anyone to take some of them for a year or two and then claim that nothing happened-yes I am sure that could occur-though whether I would believe such individuals given my own experience and shift and so on is another matter-we all of course tending to judge others based upon our own experiences and so on.

So that is a little piece on the Spiritual Codes follow up that I listened to this morning. I think that I might write further after having a cup of coffee-I seemingly not sleeping all to well at present-that of course often the case for myself in the sense that I tend to go through assorted cyclic yearly patterns with the changing seasons and so on and I am now in that quarter where it can seem like I go to bed when its dark and wake up when its dark and that alone can have a detrimental effect-anyone else who works nights can probably relate to that to a certain extent and of course you may have to supplement diet for day time related vitamins and so on that you are not getting through your being a night owl or however one would prefer to describe such patterns.

So possibly more in a bit and yes the title is not related to the piece in any way shape or form though does it have to be?